Sunday, October 18, 2015

The End.

I'm done.

I just can't keep posting stuff to remind myself how shitty my life was and continues to be. It doesn't make me "want to be better" or motivate me in any way. I look back at my older posts and just see failure after failure in my life. I'm 22 years old, single, no college degree, and barely making it on my own with two roommates. On top of that, I'll probably be unemployed this time Monday, so nothing even matters anymore.

I don't see a point. I have 12 "followers" whom probably don't read this, and multiple other readers who only use it as a way to stalk and keep tabs on me. I don't need that in my life. I have a crush on a new girl right now but I to damn shy to bring it up because of my own insecurities and her being the most out of my league, ever. Life just keeps finding new ways to screw me over. Financially, mentally, emotionally, and on occasion, physically. I'm done!

This is officially the last blog post Zach Love will ever post on this site. Nobody comments, nobody shows concern for my issues, nobody tries. So why should I? I've only been pushing through because financially I'm doing great and I'm on that 116, if anyone gets that reference (christian rappers use it to represent Romans 1:16).

I'm sorry. I've lost a lot of my friends working this month and now I'll be unemployed next week probably. Life is a shit storm, but when is it now? And now you all think I'm a whiny bitch boy who doesn't know how to grow up and act my age. Yeah, I probably am too. Or I'm just depressed as shit right now and don't know what to do.

If I'm not losing, I'm still losing.

Goodbye forever.

PS If you know me in real life, you obviously know you can keep in touch that way, I'm just done posting these stupid blog posts which plague my life with negative reminders of things I already know.

Goodbye forever (again).


  1. hey man! just a random guy on the internet here... bumped into your blog while looking for "random videos" and got to read some of your posts. hope you're doing much better by now... i've been in a similar situation and state of mind a few years ago when i was exactly your age.. seems like you are super creative and warm hearted dude.. i'm sure you'll find your way soon enough! from my experience it's not always about the actual things that happen in our life or the situation we're in, it's about the way we choose to look at it.. i know it's one of those things which is easy to say and have no fucking meaning in certain moods, but just keep on and you'll get it. actually you already did and just forgot or lost focus at the moment, but feeling like shit is one of the nice contrasts that makes feeling amazing feel amazingggggg. hope you'll keep on doing whatever you do, there's lots of people who can really enjoy it including you and people that are not people like the universe and such ;)

  2. NO, please come back! Ive been reading this for years