Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Apartment/Roommate rant!

Alright so this is going to come across as more of a rant than anything, which is okay since the title of my blog is actually "Random videos and RANTS". Anyway, just remember, things are not as they seem nor as they appear at first glance (even second)!

So Nathan. The little bugger has gone and done it. Living with Nathan has opened my eyes, tremendously. I have learned that in this short time, he isn't who he was as my friend before living together. Let me explain. When Nathan talked me into the idea of looking for an apartment, I thought living with my best friend would be great! But you have to consider, worrying about money doesn't make you an asshole. In fact, quite the opposite. Let me explain THAT now.

So we moved in together and you already know what happened with Nathan not affording all his rent. Now this month, he's claiming he can't pay ANY rent, ANY internet, ANY grocery money, or ANY electric bill. All he can afford he said was his phone bill and gas money. THEN WHY THE FUCK DID HE MOVE INTO THIS APARTMENT?! Sorry for the language, but sometimes you gotta let it out and this is me doing that.

All Nathan has done since he's lived here and worked a little and played video games the rest of the time, while eating sandwiches from Josh and my grocery money and drinking soda Josh bough for us. Speaking of Josh, he's 100% on top of his bills like me. It's Nathan who's the unreliable bum in this scenario. Kinda a harsh statement, but progress isn't made with kindness and gentle nudges. I was told Nathan had an interview as some pizza place this week for an assistant manager position. I hope that works out.

On to the next surprise though.

unfortunately, my friend Amanda and her grandma had a fight, which by the end made Amanda homeless. She crashed on our couch twice, but then went to live with her parents again in Lathrop. Why am I saying this? Well our friend Caleb lived at her grandmas too, and he still could, but he thought it'd be weird or whatever and decided to move back to Gardner, where his parents are.

Sidenote: The same day Amanda was kicked out, Caleb lost HIS job.

Nathan, seeing an opportunity, talked Caleb OUT of moving to Gardner and INTO moving to our apartment, WITHOUT ASKING ME. So now I have Nathan, who barely works, and Caleb, who DOESN'T work...Caleb has paid me twice for groceries, but I don't know what he's going to do for rent and utilities, because I haven't once seen him look for a job or mention it. He just plays games with Nathan. ALL DAY.

Look, I'm as nice as anyone, and if anyone knows me, I'm the nicest guy you'll meet, but there's a point where I just won't accept being taken advantage of.

So what am I doing tomorrow (6/23/15)? I'll be washing dishes, cleaning the apartment, and taking out SEVEN pizza boxes to the trash (one of those being mine). I have been WORKING, I haven't had the TIME to make a mess or use THAT many dishes! I'm doing dishes now 5 days a week and bitching at them only worked for a week, and now...they tune me out and ignore it.

I love living on my own. I hate living with Nathan and Caleb. I enjoy living with Josh! I don't enjoy the shit I have to deal with because of Nathan and Caleb. Money is the root of all evil and now I see why. I'm straight pissed off about this. They need to help out. If they don't have a job, they need to pick up their trash and do dishes at least twice a week. If I'm working 32 hours a week OVERNIGHTS, sleeping during the day, and still doing dishes 5 DAYS a week...They can manage two.

I mean, I don't even think it's that hard. It's just some dishes. It takes me like 20 minutes when I do it. and taking trash out is easy as 1, 2, across the parking lot!! We're on the ground level. I say all this because it's been almost 2 months now with Nathan and my first with Caleb (who isn't even on the lease (yet)) and I'm drawing the line. Tomorrow (6/23), I'm calling them BOTH out. I'm going to, in their words, be an asshole. And I'm not going to care anymore. I'm calling Caleb out on his job search and I'm calling Nathan out on his too along with his money situation.

Honestly I'm more worried about Caleb than Nathan. Nathan and I had a talk, which pissed off Nathan and he hasn't talked to me in 2 days because of it, but I think he got the point. All I need to say to Nathan is to pick up his trash and do dishes like once a week so I'm not doing it every time. Caleb needs a full on intervention.  He needs to either do his part or go back to Gardner. Straight up. He says he doesn't have a car, but that shouldn't matter. He can walk anywhere in the area and he has a bike parked in our kitchen! He can find SOMETHING. Not to mention, I don't work and am awake 4pm-8am most days. Even still we have 3 other cars that can pick him up/take him to work!


Lastly, Josh. I fucking love Josh and his girlfriend. They're great and we're getting along great! He pays his rent, bills, and etc..while also having fun with his girlfriend, who comes over a lot, and that's great! I really appreciate getting to see Josh more because he's a cool dude and living with him has been fun!! Just thought I'd say something about Josh here too. We're doing great!

Well there you have it. That's the roommate rant. As for me? I've gained 15 pounds since moving in and my stress levels have doubled. I am angry all the time and it sucks. I'm trying to keep calm, but everything seems to be on me, as of late. I guess we'll just see what happens tomorrow.

Wish me luck...

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