Friday, May 1, 2015

Witcher World Ops 3-8, new friends, and apartment news!

Didn't think I'd be back before the move, did ya? Well lucky you, you get another post before then! Just a quick little FYI though, before I continue. If you're not my friend on social media, especially snapchat (phatlove), go do that right now (like pause the process of reading this and GO)! I will have so many fun new things going on in my life once I move, I can't wait to annoy my roommates Nathan and Josh with my snapchat pics, videos, etc. Not to mention the blog posts about them...hehe. I have a goal to make a collaboration of my snapchats someday and post that on social media for you guys who read my posts and aren't my friends. That way you get a small taste of how incredibly awesome I am (or think I am)!

OKAY! Apartment news! Nathan is the greatest best friend a guy could ask for, regardless of how much I complain, haha...I really do love the guy and can't live without him, but we've already had a couple big disagreements about things. First of which being my budgets. I make a new budget every month for my finances. That way I can properly assess what money goes towards bills and what extra I have.

For example: Today I got a third paycheck for the month. Since I'm use to getting two a month, I don't need to put this towards rent money, car insurance, phone bill, or anything else. Instead, I decided to pay off my Kohls card and give the hospital part of it's $500 I owe from Mikaela's bullshit false police call. I'm over it, just saying. So I am going to use my extra paycheck for that and pull back extra funds for savings since I spent EVERYTHING from my last paycheck to pay off a separate hospital bill of $765 (again, bullshit, but it had to get paid somehow). I'm just blessed I had enough! God was surely looking out for me there!

But anyway, I was just took this extra paycheck and I'm saving most of it (because apartment next month and priorities!), but I did go to Gamestop and put $45 towards The Witcher 3 and $5 towards Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, then went home and bought Rollers of the Realm on the Playstation eShop. I am now set for the month. No more games will be purchased until 2 paychecks from now. Well not true, I gotta finish the $60 for Witcher 3 before the 19th of May, but that's $15 and then not a penny more towards games for the time being.

I'll be dividing up Black Ops 3 over 12 weeks, so I'll have it paid off in 3 months (so, around July or August), which is great since it doesn't come out until November and I know in advance I'll buy this game. Games like Splatoon just rip me down the middle. Do I buy or no? It's just not enough to sell me. So I'm not buying it at release OR buying the Amiibo for it. At least not right now. Nintendo needs to really give a good E3 presentation this year, because I'm not seeing a big lineup of games I want to buy from them this year...I wanted Zelda Wii U and that got pushed so I'm now waiting to see what else they have up their sleeves.

I have a picture on my phone of the games I want right now. All of them are for the Playstation. If there is a LEGO game, I always buy it for Playstation now, because I get trophies and that's super cool to me, rather than just playing for fun, So when I buy LEGO Jurassic World, I'll be getting it for the Playstation, not the Wii U. Sad, but I have a really good lineup of games already for my Wii U, and I just got the newest DLC for Mario Kart 8 so I'm set and very happy right now, not to mention I still need to 100% beat Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker! I haven't done the bonus levels completely yet!

I didn't write this to ramble on about video games though, I promise, though I know how bad I can get with it when I'm really into the conversation! Now I was hoping to talk about my new friend Britny!

It's very rare that I make new friends, but when I do and I'm happy about it, I'll mention them briefly on here. Sometimes, I'll say more than other posts, but generally I just like to mention them so I remember how much I like em, haha.

So I was scrolling through the Craigslist posts one night at work (best intro sentence ever, I know) and came across an ad looking for a "strictly platonic" friend. It said to include a photo and she'd reply as she had a photo posted on the ad. Well I took a chance and replied with no photo since I was at work, though I explained that in the email. Lucky for me, she replied. We ended up talking back and forth until she felt comfortable moving to snapchatting, followed by texting each other. After a few weeks (if memory serves), we agreed to meet in person.

Let me tell you, Britny and I talked for I believe 7-9 hours just getting to know each other and had a great time! She was really fun and said I was too! We've got this kind of friendship where we just talk to each other about anything and it's nice. I haven't had something so good like this is a long time and I like it. I really don't ever want to lose the feeling I get knowing I have a friend like Britny.

Well that's all I can really say right now, since we've only hung out the one time, but we've made plans to hang out again soon or once I move, depending on how many boxes I have everywhere in my room next week.

Speaking of that, I'll move onto my apartment news (Did you notice how I said this earlier and then went WAY OFF on a tangent about my budgeting and how Nathan doesn't agree with it? Yeah, I do that in person and forget and it's awful, haha)! Anywho, I mentioned Nathan because he's dating the sweetest new girl, whom I won't blog about because that's weird (though I realize in high school, I posted wierder shit like crushes and stuff). Well Kay (I'll call her Kay for blog purposes) basically begged Nathan to let her help pay for our first months rent and the rest of our downpayment so after like a 40 minute conversation (I wasn't there, Nathan told me later), he accepted and now I won't have to worry about any money issue with my paycheck from today! I'm so happy!

I, yet again, say how I feel SO BLESSED right now! If you saw my snapchat from last Tuesday morning around 4am when I was on my last patrol at work, I stated how I had $2.00 in my checking account and had enough to put $15 in my gas tank before work and that held me until payday. though I went in the negative 18 bucks, I got paid still and I made it! My PSN renewed without telling me, my spotify pulled out 2 weeks late, and I had to pay the hospital that large $765 I mentioned.

I lived on around $25 for two weeks and survived. I was so proud and felt blessed at the end. Though I know I don't have the best spending habbits, not having ANY money, savings or checking, showed me how real life can get. I've always had money in the bank, until recently. Now I'm living from paycheck to paycheck. I need a new car still! I have other pressing issues...Yet life won't let up and I still come out with ENOUGH!

I just stop sometimes and thank God for everything and everyone in my life! Lastly, speaking of God, I'd like to point out something. As of late, I've really focused on who I am and what I want and I have come to the conclusion that I will never again live under the label of 'Christian'. There's to much negative. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this in a previous post or not, but just as a tiny little recap if I have, I am more comfortable now than ever to say that I'm thankful, praise God, and even trust God to lead me.

That last one is a doozy, but it's true. Or I'm trying to make it so. Have you heard "Fly" by Derek Minor? It's such a good song. I am trying to really broaden my perspective. Its a song I can raise my hands too or close my eyes and really focus on the lyrics to. I recommend you take a listen, religious or not. One day, I really hope Nathan asks me to pray with or for him. I pray for him every day and because of my beliefs, I worry about the friends in my life who are living without knowing the God I do.

They love me because I don't press God or religion on them, but it scares me at the same time. Does that make me a bad friend for not giving them the gift of God I have or a good friend for respectfully letting them believe in nothing? It's a hard question and I don't wanna stir anything wrong, but I am so thankful for Nathan.

Well there you have it guys! Another day, another post! I hope to have pictures of the new apartment next time you see a new post. As always, I love to hear from you guys, so drop comments below! Have a great day, night, and week! I'll see you great readers next time!