Saturday, February 21, 2015

Enjoy this free music!

I have a couple of playlists I listen to frequently on Spotify, if any of you are curious or interested, I'll post them here for you to follow and/or listen to! You could even bookmark this post and come back anytime to check for updates (I'm not sure how that works)! Anywho, here you go!

Playlist One:

Playlist Two:

Playlist Three:

I pay for premium so I don't have commercials, but if you don't have premium, you'll get a commercial every 10 minutes I think, I'm not sure. Just a heads up, thanks for reading/listening!

Snowing at applebee's after midnight!

So have I got an update for you! If any of you read the second blog site (go bookmark it if you haven't!), you had a tiny tidbit of information, but here is where I'll divulge in the whole scoop! Prepare for some kind of post!!

So after my last post, you were sent on a written journey of the shortest relationship of my life so far. Sucks for me that she decided to be a lesbian, but I hope she's happy, I really do! I haven't actually spoken to Alex since she (and her entire friend group) ended our friendship, Things just kinda...To put it nicely, I don't care to contact her right now, or at all. I'm totally done, ties cut.

Anywho! About the job, IT IS GOING GREAT!!! I worked my first 12-8 and it was easy peasy and the first 9-5 was even easier! I love the gig I've gotten! EEE!! So if any of you follow me on Snapchat, you see the crazy, cooky things I do while I'm at work, what I'm watching, and the beautiful sunrise on my 12-8 shifts! Let me tell you, the sunrise is so much more beautiful from that guard shack. 

Point is, I love it!! I patrol every other hour 9-5 and after 5 if I work until 8am, I watch the cameras to look for intruders or whatnot. It's that chill. The 8-4 is the hardest shift I think, that or the 4-12, I'm not sure exactly. I feel like 8-4 would have the most people coming in. I wouldn't know haha.

Also! I had a date this previous Thursday! Her name is Miranda and we met at Applebee's for our first date. We met online, hit it off right away, and after a couple of weeks, decided to meet, but we liked each other, so decided  to make it a date, and heres the best part!

We ended up talking for 5 hours when it felt like just a couple! IT WAS AWESOME!! I mean, I've had great conversations before, but very seldomly does a conversation pass hours like it did Thursday. I was mad impressed with our ability to keep chatting. Definitely a good sign. As a true gentleman does, I paid for the meal (it's a thing I do, always first date to be polite). We hugged and went our separate ways but she text me the following day saying she would love a second date, and I agreed!

So now we have a second date planned for this upcoming Wednesday! I'm feelin' good about this one. 2015 has been the best, so this has to follow suite, right? I mean, my luck is turning around (knock on wood)! I'm just super pumped about it.

I always get Tuesday through Thursday off unless HyVee schedules me, which they haven't. They completely cut me from the schedule next week (again)! Reasons why I got a new job...I can't live on crap money, I have bills to pay and, new to you guys knowing, but I'll be LIVING ON MY OWN IN APRIL!!!

Yeah!!! WHOOO!!! I did a victory dance!! 

I'm doing it guys, I'll be living on my own in two months! So I need to make as much money as I can, all the time! So its great that my new job does that for me! Anywho, that's all I can say about that right now, I'm still gonna have to look online for places and such. but I'll keep you guys posted! 

Well that's it for now! I'll post again soon about my second date with Miranda. Until next time!