Friday, July 25, 2014

My better tomorrow starts today!

So I'll try to post as much as possible guys, as I've said before, but the weeks are just really boring for me. I get to see Mikaela every other Thursday or so, and those are really fun dates, but I don't really thinking posting every little detail and date is important. It's great and they're always the super fun highlights of my week, but I will post about every other date. Like our date yesterday!

We decided that, as food lovers, it's mandatory to have a cake date! SO WE DID! We went to The Cheesecake Factory and had a fabulous (and affordable) date! I had a most excellent time and we had fun and made more memories! We had some carrot cake cheesecake and the 30th anniversary cheesecake, which were grand!

Have I mentioned yet that I love Mikaela yet? No? (Shame on me!) Well I totally love her!! I am so happy that everything is lining up and my life is turning around. Wait, you don't know the news (Ooohh...It's good)!

So I had an interview at HV (you see my cleverness continue? I like it.) and it seemingly went great and they said they'd call me by the falling Thursday and I waited anxiously for a call, but when no phone call came, I was sad and was about to give up, but my dad suggested calling Friday morning to hear that I didn't get the job and know.

Well Friday came and I called and, to my surprise, the lady who interviewed me said Thursday was really busy and she didn't have time to call anyone, but wanted me to come in for a drug test! Needless to say, I went in and was officially offered a job!! My interview is this Saturday morning before my party!

I WAS FLOATING ON AIR!! I finally found something. ME! I WAS AND STILL AM SO HAPPY!!

So back on topic, I can see my life turning around! I like the church I'm attending, my girlfriend loves me, as I love her, and I got a 2nd job to help build my income! LIFE IS GOOD. I know some of you don't really believe in a higher power, but you can't deny that God exists after reading my posts about loss and hurt and love and power and growth! I mean, you could, but how could you knowing what I've been through?!

I have seen the face of pain, I have been to the bottom, even thought about ending everything, but something kept me alive, heart beating, and the smallest speck of hope still lit inside my heart, has brought me back! So I know it's hard to believe in something like a God as powerful and big as the one I believe in, but really look at what has kept me going. It wasn't my friends, my family, or even the things as material as my job or electronics.

It was the deepest feeling inside that this is wrong. It's not over.

So I believe that it's God who holds my future, and always shall, and who am I to take my life and tell God he can't have it? I've had my walk in sin and lived with no purpose, living in the shadow of others and sleeping in the most literal darkness you can imagine.

I'm done. I'm back on the right path, and I'm starting over, but this time I'm not going to stop. I'm going to fully give myself again and never pull back. I have this deeper purpose inside of me that I'm sitting on, but no longer shall I suppress the gifts I've been given, the purpose I'm meant to live, and the blessings I've refused to accept! I have a beautiful Christian woman who loves me and builds me up, wants to see me grow, and loves that I want that too.

I'm really trying to pick things up, both mentally and literally (my room is a bit messy, ha!) and I can see that it's not as easy as I'd hoped, but it doesn't mean I'll give up. NO SIR! I'm going the extra mile. Just don't expect to see posts about some extreme progress, but a slow build.

Well, I guess those are the big highlights. I'd hate to leave you without a really cheesy song, so enjoy the song below. Just remember, I'm going to grow, and things will be great on the other side, in fact, they already are.

(PS. Told ya it'd be cheesy)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Officially official for real!

Do you guys want to see something cool, like really neat? Are you sure, because I don't have to show you...Okay, okay, stop complaining, here it is!

That is the about me section of my Facebook page and it clearly shows that I am in a relationship with Mikaela! SHE IS OFFICIALLY MY GIRLFRIEND!! I personally couldn't be happier. I love her and will be the best man possible for her. So our anniversary will be June 12th, which next year isn't on a Thursday, but that's fine.

I bet you're wondering what I've been up to since my last post over 2 weeks ago. Well I went up to visit Mikaela while she was house sitting in Carthage and spent the night so I could help her brother the next day with moving into his new place. Her brother didn't say anything bad about me, but he didn't say anything good about me either, so hopefully he likes me or at least thinks I'm a good person.

The first day I was down there though, I met Mikaela's friends Rachel and Steve (they're dating) and went to the precious moments chapel and they liked me! That's good because her friends are like my Nathan and Carolyn (also dating) and it'd be a shame if they didn't like me. They just want Mikaela to be happy though, which I agree with. As long as she's happy, that's what matters!

While at the Precious Moments Chapel...

So when I got back from Carthage, I just kinda worked and that's why I don't post very frequently. I don't have much to say on the days/weeks I work more than anything. So when something fun and/or big happens, like seeing Mikaela or something, that's when I choose to post.

I went on my fourth date with Mikaela today and it was our shortest yet. It was a lunch date and we saw each other for around 4 hours, but that's fine. I was really happy to see Mikaela and I was originally scheduled to work but my wonderful sister worked for me so I could see Mikaela.

Post Content

I am really looking forward to my summer party 2014 that I'll be having this year. If things work out as I hope, all my friends will get to meet Mikaela and Ashley and vice versa. I'm really hoping Nathan likes Mikaela, which he probably will, but she has a lot of the fun tendencies I have that Nathan doesn't like. Such as being super hyper and occasionally random, I stopped being so random, but can't control how hyper I get. Nathan thinks I can get way to happy also. WE SHALL SEE!!

I'm having my party on July 26th this year so expect a post that following week sometime. I'll try to get pictures for you guys, but no promises. Until next time!