Sunday, June 15, 2014

Date numero dos!

So This previous Thursday (June 12th, 2014) I went on my second date with Mikaela and it definitely went well. We met up around 11:20am to go see A Million Ways to Die in the West. I personally liked it, but it was more of an action movie than a comedy. Still good though.

After the movie, I had Indian food for the first time, Mikaela loves it, and I really liked it too! She was so happy that I liked it, because of how much she enjoys it herself. During our meal, the real questions and talking started happening though. I finally got to bring up how it bothers me when she tells me she's hanging with a "friend" and never tells me the gender specifics.

Sidenote: I'm not the jealous type, but I notice Mikaela talks to a lot of people online, of both genders, and I am a cautious man, plus I trust Mikaela, very much, so I should be able to talk to her, about any concern, if we end up dating.

Well she had no idea I felt this way and said it's good I told her about it, because she would have been fixing that, had I said something sooner. I told her I felt stupid bringing it up and that's why I didn't, but since then (3 days now), she's been saying the names of who she's with so I worry less (She's a very attractive woman, I don't want to lose her to some other man).

She told me that I'm the only man she's been going on dates with though so I don't need to worry so much. My friends made me worry originally because it sounded sketchy to them (can you blame them?) and so I worried because of that.

Truth is, she's a loyal woman to one man. I knew that before, but it felt good to hear in person. Other things we talked about included using the word "love" to describe how I feel towards her. I thought really hard about this one and told her that if its right, falling in love should be easy. If it's not easy...Well, it's not love.

She had to agree with me and since then, we've been using the word love a lot, not to loosely, but it gives me an optimistic look on life every day. I wake up and I immediately think of Mikaela and how she's doing and what she'll do today and when I'll see her beautiful face next. I can truly say that I love her and she loves me. It's beautiful, to fall in love and feel those warm feelings again.

She tells me that I make her feel special and she I hold her in my arms, she feels safe. That last bit, that made me want to just cry, I was so happy to hear it. I usually have a issue making woman feel safe, even though I try and I try...Someone gets hurt. WELL NOT TODAY! This time, I'm making sure I don't listen to false prophets telling me it's Gods will and trusting so much that I don't confirm that myself.

I have prayed about Mikaela and so I have to follow a few rules, but if I do that, then happiness and joy and peace and love, all those good things, will fall into place for me.

We talked about a few other things and then went to the mall, she likes the mall it seems, and walked around and we held hands (as we usually do). Really it was a fun, simple date. Sure, the big L.O.V.E word was brought up, but I asked if it was to soon and she said it wasn't, she was waiting for me to say it first. So now all I have to do is keep giving her reasons to love me. Show her that I'm the kind of man who does give 100% in a relationship.

I really hope it works out guys, because you'll have a lot of happy posts to read if it does. MAYBE EVEN PICTURES, EVENTUALLY!! You guys will be so jealous when you see how beautiful she is. I'm not even floating my own boat, she's literally gorgeous! You'll see soon enough...

Thanks for reading guys, until next time!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Nintendo at E3 2014!

First of all, I gotta say that Nintendo had an incredible digital presentation with great announcements and it reminded me of how broke I'll be the rest of the year and 2015. That being said, I'll give you guys the 45 minute video of their presentation.

Was that not a cool presentation? Especially that beginning with the awesome fighting scene that introduced the Smash announcement?! WAY COOL! I think I even embed a playlist of 31 videos from E3. If not, you can just go to their YouTube channel and see all the updates and videos for yourself.

So with that being said, I had to say I am super impressed. I hand picked 10(?) games that I want, 5 I want pretty badly. All together, it equals over $500 is gaming content, which I hope ends up being worth it. Thank goodness my job is doing well for me right now, I'll be saving money on the side so I can afford it all.

I'll post again soon, but had to show my Nintendo love by posting this. Thanks guys!