Friday, May 30, 2014

Better first impressions

So I hate doing this to you guys, but because I didn't have internet at the time of my first date with Mikaela, I'm going to skim through it so I can tell you about my Thursday this week. Hope you're alright with that.

So basically my first date with Mikaela was on Thursday, May 22nd, 2014. We met up and ate at an Italian restaurant called Zios, where things were very fancy. It was really fun and we talked and my jokes made her laugh (I'm not making that part up) and we had fun. After eating, we went to the park and just talked and had really fun conversations for a few hours until it was time to go. I even gave her a foot massage (which she loved)!

That's the summary I'll give you guys, which basically is the whole thing. I'd give more details about Zios or what we talked about, but I doubt you guys want every tiny detail. So moving on!

Sidenote: After our first date, Mikaela said she wanted to pray about how it went and see if it was a good idea to have a second date. I did the same and I got from God that if I can respect her body, I'll be blessed this summer. Pretty vague, but I get the point. I'm not pushing anything beyond where she's ready. That's my promise to God and Mikaela. So far, I've kept that and I plan to keep that up.

Sidenote: Just FYI, 6 people liked that status. Yeah, don't you wish you got that many likes? Haha.

Yesterday was Thursday May 29th, 2014 and I met up with Mikaela at 2pm and we hung out (went to stores, the mall, ect...) and talked and held hands and it was super fun. When it got closer to 4:30pm, we were leaving Gordmans and I got to read Mikaela the poem I wrote her. It was full of feelings and happiness and warmth. She said it was really sweet and that she liked it, so I let her keep it (I only had the one copy so I hope she takes care of it).

After it got to be around 5pm, we were meeting up with Ashley. The Indian joint we were going to eat at was closed for "family matters" so we had to think up a backup plan, which ended up being Mexican food.

We went to a really yummy mexican restaurant and I got shrimp enchiladas, which were FABULOUS! They also had really yummy guacamole too! After that, we went to Walmart and looked around and also a pet store in the mall. I GOT TO HOLD A HEDGEHOG!!

It was the cutest thing in the world, ever! I now have a new, fun memory. After that, Mikeala, Ashley, and I all drove to a church(?) (I think) and laid in the grass on a blanket for a bit and just talked about a lot of stuff and people and then slowly transitioned to a kids playground there as well. It was super fun and I didn't want to leave, but the time got closer to 11:30 and everyone had to go.

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It was fun, really and truly. I just wish the days I loved never had to end. I keep replaying the day over and over in my head and I wouldn't change anything. I got to hold Mikaela's hand, show affection, feel it returned to me. It was perfect. Ashley and I got off on the wrong foot and I am no longer seen as a rock to her and we even have plans to hang out now next Saturday.

If I could relive any day of my life in my almost 21 years, I wouldn't want to pick. There are so many days I've been blessed with. So many memories. Even before high school, I had good days. I just wish I could live them all over again, but I know I have to look to the future and make those the best days to come. Mikaela and I are seeing things in the same perspective right now and our friendship is growing. To see that grow to something bigger, better, with more purpose...Yeah, that'd be awesome.

I just know that not everyone moves at the same speed so I'm giving her time to see that I am a man of real interest. I have goals and dreams and desires too. I'm the kind of man to never push anything beyond what it should naturally become. If we become more than friends, that's great! I'll treat her as she should be, respect her, and give her memories she'll never forget.

I told her last night before I left how I felt about us, together, as an item (or couple, if you like that term better). She can see that I'm starting to trust her, let her in, and that's a big deal for me. She saw my vulnerability and how easily it could have been to cut me. Yet she looked into my eyes and smiled and understood everything I was saying. She has a kind heart, a gentle soul, and a caring attitude.

To say that she deserves a good man is an understatement. She deserves a great man, and she'll be blessed with that, I know it.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Just Maybe Mikaela...

So this is going to be a lot more fun than my last post, mostly because it will have nothing to do with Sierra and a lot more to do with Mikaela. That's probably the best opening sentence to a blog in forever, haha. ONWARD!

So i'll start off with this. I'm no longer the supervisor at The Tree. Sierra no longer works for The Tree, she quit. My friend Marissa is now supervisor of The Tree. I am now the Assistant Manager of The Tree. That's probably the best paragraph in a blog in forever, haha.

This really is fun to post! So basically to break everything down for you guys, my manager thought Sierra's accusations against me were bogus from the start. They had to take it seriously, of course, but they saw doubt in the truth that it was real. They took a breather and I let things settle down, but when Sierra found out nothing went her way, she got pissed off and put in her notice. Oh well, you reap what you sow in life and she was (In a nice way of saying it) a horrible bitch.

I don't get how you can let anger control you and your decisions.


Wait, isn't that what I DID when Bethany screwed me over? I let anger pull me away from church and God. That was a hypocritical thing to say then. Well, one thing I know is that these situations are NOT the same. However, I was raised not to judge others or be one to cast the first stone, so perhaps I can just let her decide what she wants to do with her anger. Yeah, lets go with that.

Anyway, moving on, Sierra quit The Tree when she didn't get her way. I keep having to see her come into LT too, which is awkward, but I put on a fake smile and have (not so) lasting conversations with her, hahaha. Okay, i'm messing with you guys now. We talk about work and then she leaves, usually. She likes standing around awkwardly and making things weird. However I talked to her Wednesday (05/07) when she came in and slipped my Thursday (05/08) plans, which I wanted her to know NOTHING about. Oh well, she can be jealous. She actually had a look of surprise on her face. I didn't know what kind of surprise though, and I don't want to know.

So what were my Thursday plans? I'm so glad you asked guys!


I was so excited, and still am, about the whole thing! I went better than I had expected too!! You want me to dish out on the details? I actually am excited to share, hehe. Okay, here goes...

We agreed to meet at 1pm closer to where she lives, which is roughly 40 minutes from where I live, but it's more convenient for her and she's totally worth it. Anyway, we were originally going to meet and eat at Red Robin, but there was some crazy construction going on ON THE ROAD I NEEDED to get to Red Robin and my GPS was stupid and wouldn't find me an alternate route, so we decided on Applebee's, which was great still.

Best thing ever (of many best things), so I pull into Applbee's and I'm insanely nervous, like OH MY GOD, but I keep telling myself, "be cool, be cool man. You're just meeting a friend...who's crazy attractive..." and then I kept being nervous, but I stopped before going in and just shook my hands and took a deep breath before walking in. I was told where she was and all awesome like, she was facing against me so I just saw the beautiful short hair she had recently gotten. Boom! I slide into the booth and say hello (I'm smiling like a moron as I type this too, haha!) and we begin our first conversation in person.

I don't really know how, but we made it through an hour without stopping. We just had lots to talk about and really had a good time! After we ate and talked more, we decided to walk around a mall in the area and she showed me the places she goes and we just kept talking. We went to some clothing stores and she showed me her style and how she really loves dresses (which I'm okay with)! I think dresses are neat and fun so that was great!

On the way to the second store (or maybe it was the third, though I think it was the second and third), the best thing happened. I GOT MY FIRST HUG WITH MIKAELA!! It was SO GREAT! I LOVE HUGS GUYS, I NEVER GET TO HUG ANYONE AND THAT'S TRAGEDY!! So it was awesome! Also, as we started walking again, she put her arm in mine as we walked, which I didn't expect and I honestly loved it. It took some getting used to, but I did enjoy it. We walked around the ENTIRE mall before we left and it didn't have a lot, but I just enjoyed seeing Mikaela and talking/seeing her.

After we left the mall, we went to Target (idk, she picked it) and we looked around and then went to a clothing store and back to Target where I had insisted she let me buy her a pair of earrings and then to the Starbucks in the Target where I had my first Starbucks drink, ever. She couldn't believe that since she's obsessed, haha. Though I think it was good. We got some pomegranate tazo sweet tea.

After we got that, we went back to her car and went back to Applebee's where my car was (she knew the area, not me, that's why she drove. Otherwise I'd have drove). We just sat in her car and talked and I tried convincing her how beautiful she was and she kept laughing and smiling and making clever comebacks. It was absolutely fantastic. Well we had finally reached the point where are venture had to end and so she got out of her car and came around to mine and gave me another hug and I didn't let go but held her and looked at her and said I had a great time and she smiled and kissed my cheek and said, "There, you finally got your kiss." (I'll explain that in a second). I said thanks and she laughed and I told her this was fun and I wanted to do it again and she agreed.

So I drove home with the happiest smile on my face and ignoring the fact that my phone died half way back, having me guess how to get home with no GPS, I had a great time! Here is my proof.

So there you have it. Thursday, May 8th, 2014 was the best day of my year so far and I have to honestly agree with that. I doubt my 21st birthday will even be better this year. What am I gonna do, go get drunk? My dad is really strict on alcohol consumption and I don't want to tempt fate. Though who knows, I'm getting more rebellious as the years pass by. I'm learning to do things in a different way than my parents ever wanted me to, and they see that. I'd like to be living on my own in 2 years time, but we'll see how that goes, when it happens. Other than that..Yeah, this was your update.

I think this was a fabulous first meeting and as bad as I still feel about it, it went way better than with Ashley, Mikaela's friend, whom I went on that date with.

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So one thing I loved about when Mikaela and I met up was while we were at Applebee's. She brought up a class she took about the Love Languages, which is great! She basically told me, without probably meaning to, that she is looking for a serious relationship. Something that will last, because she's not looking for "just a good time" or "something temporary". I am looking for the same thing. I want nothing less than a serious relationship that works.

The fact that our personalities matched and we want the same things from a relationship shows promise. The funny thing is that I was told Mikaela wasn't looking for a relationship and yet, we're talking about it. I'm at the front of her list and she's at the front of mine! What does that tell you? I have hope and trust that whatever is Gods will, that's what will happen. This definitely showed me that I won't end up alone if I don't give up though. I was lost for awhile in my own dark place, but through time, I came out on top. It would have been a lot faster, had I just gone back to church though, haha.

Oh well, can't revel in the past, cause that's not changing! Until next time guys, thanks for reading.