Wednesday, April 23, 2014

As relevant as anything else I'd post.

I figure that's about as relevant as anything else I'd be posting on here. Well I don't really have anything to post right now, but I might have a bit of a Mikaela update for you guys soon. FINGERS CROSSED GUYS (don't you love cliff hangers)!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Note to self: Don't piss off Sierra.

So work with Sierra didn't go to bad Friday. Though she did ignore me and when I tried to talk about the elephant in the room, she screamed at me in front of customers, causing a scene and probably startling customers too. That's not even the worst of it. When that happened, the rest of the night went quietly until she started to pretend nothing was wrong and acting all cheery around me. I thought she got over herself and grew up long enough to let go of our silly fight.

Turns out it was all an elaborate act, because the next day when I text her, she ignored me again. Not answering the phone, texts...Nothing. Until Saturday, the 29th of March. I'm working The Tree and I'm trying to get Sierra to reply to me, when suddenly an unknown number claiming to be Sierra's boyfriend texts me, threatening to come to The Tree if I don't stop. I explain to him, or try, that I only want to fix our friendship, I mean no harm, and I DO NOT WANT TO DATE SIERRA NOW OR EVER (Especially if she does stuff like this to people).

You want proof? I've got proof.

Is that enough proof? Talking to some guy she barely knows to fight her battles is pretty stupid. For both of them. Hes threatening to come physically harm me and expects me to be scared. All this time, I'm just assuming she doesn't have a boyfriend until my friend Courtney tells me she does and I just never got the information download.

I end up feeling like an asshole trying to steal another guys girlfriend, who happens to be my best friend and the whole time, I never wanted to date her, it was her who led me on. She told me we could have a life together and be happy and she was willing to try, but once I agree she becomes the bipolar poster child and flips out like I made all those suggestions.

Well I was done Saturday night after her boyfriend tried to threaten me and she was still ignoring me. I was walking away, but just had to hear it from Sierra that it's what she wanted. Sierra worked the following morning opening The Tree so I just needed to hear it from her and I'd walk away forever.

I tried calling Sierra, but she wouldn't answer the phone so I called the store phone and she picked up (she has to). She was all pissy with me and when I said I was coming in, she hung up on me. Well it wasn't off to a good start. I go into The Tree and she gives me a horribly disapproving look. I quickly jump into it and ask what I did wrong. She stays quiet and so I start to apologize for everything.

I told her nothing between us will ever happen anymore (regardless of what she led me on to believe). I was done trying and I told her that I only tried this hard because she led me on and Mikaela said to try with her first. Well Sierra really didn't say much and I was as nice as possible. I told her I'd give her as much space as she needed and that I'd stop texting and calling until she was ready.

Well I left feeling like it was a lost cause and like I'd lost a good friend, but I hadn't given up entirely. But that wasn't it. I found out Wednesday (April 2nd) that Sierra had reported me at The Tree for (said offense). I was so mad when I found out and I knew it was only because the one thing she told me Sunday morning was that she "could" report me for (said offense) because she doesn't want me to get promoted. I heard this from her mouth. She was pissed off I won't recommend her for her own promotion and so me earning another one...Well it pisses her off.

Well I had to call my manager the next day and sort the whole thing out. Lucky for me, I just got a warning, but I don't know if I've lost my promotion or not. My manager has been ignoring me since the situation. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

More has happened outside of Sierra, but I'll talk about that in my next post (if I remember).

Last thing. If anyone thinks that I'm actually capable of such horrible things like (said offense), they are full of crap. I'm the nicest guy you will ever meet and can never even think of doing things like I was reported for. It makes me sick to think about. I do my job, I earn what I have, and one day I'll have a wife that I'll provide for. All under God's blessing.

The chapter in my life where Sierra was my best friend closed on April 2nd for me, but even sooner for her. It's sad, how it ended, but it was sad how Bethany walked away. Sad how Jessica stopped talking to me. Sad how Clarissa ignored me. Lastly, it was sad the George and Kyle had taken different paths in life than mine. I've lost a lot of good friends and people in my life, but they all blame me and for some, it was me. This, by far was not me. It was Sierra punching my friendship in the face and allowing her own anger to control the situation.

I'll miss her, but I'll move on as well. I have before and I'm stronger now from the past.