Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Working hard, playing hard, saving...not so much

Hey readers, sorry again for the inactivity. I seriously don't have the money for a new laptop yet, but I did have a great open discussion with some friends about if I should go MAC or stay Windows. Both sides were very convincing, but I still think MAC is worth the money. Though I might just take my current Windows 8 PC up to a computer store and get it fixed, whatever the cost. I need it to work again so I can keep you guys updated, but also so I can keep writing. I really hope I can get back into that before the Fall Semester starts.

Oh yeah, before I dive into what's happened lately, I thought I'd give you guys an update. I am probably going to be attending college in this upcoming Fall Semester. Mostly because I feel like a bum in the morning, but also because I need to get an education. I know I've been single for the past 2  years now and both my ex's have moved on to new men (rather quickly), which is fine, but they are both attending college. I want to be able to support my future spouse and even if I get a girlfriend this year (I'm feeling good), I need to have money to spoil her.

Moving on, I'll kinda just start. This won't really be in any order, just an update for you guys and what's going on. Well I am working two jobs right now. I don't think I told you guys this, because it hadn't happened yet, but I now have two jobs. I still have The Tree and it pays $8.00/hr but my new job is paying me $10.00/hr and I get paid every Thursday. I love that. So I work less at The Tree, but in all technicality, I am making a bit more than I would just working The Tree.

With Worlds of Fun this summer, The Tree is keeping their spot so I will be working there, just going to talk to my manager about a diverse schedule, because I'll probably get full time at my new job by the summer. I asked for it, they're handing it out, and so I just gotta work hard and prove I want it.

That's my work update, now onto other things. So I recently (a few days ago, actually) realized my Snapchat's weren't being sent to my friend Auds (that's what we'll call her for blogging purposes) so I sent her a text and asked about it. Apparently (I really didn't know) she is friends with Jessica and they're were talking recently and Jessica implied (that that she said it, it was only implied) that I was using false Facebook profiles to "creep" on her or "keep tabs".

Jessica will probably enjoy reading this, if she even still looks at my blog site. I do not deny that I had false profiles. I also do not deny that for a brief time, I was lonely, depressed, and missed Jessica. So I will confess that I tried keeping in touch with Jessica through a false profile, but that was a year ago. Auds wanted answers and said she'd only text me till she was sure, because she didn't want to be friends with someone who does that.

Now I was honest to Auds, because I value our friendship and I do care about her. I told her all of this, and the truth is that I stopped using those accounts (yes, plural) almost a year ago, if not longer. With what Bethany did, screwing me over and leaving Jessica there to suffer, I still wanted Jessica around after that, but she was to badly hurt. Hopefully Auds understands that and I hardly even remember the password to those accounts. I did however get into one of them, deactivate it, and send a picture to Auds. I asked if she got it, but no reply was sent to me. I hope we stay friends, I like Auds, and the friendship we have.

Oh! next is that I got my W2 and did my taxes this past weekend and I doubled what I made this year from last! I was so happy to see that I had really proved myself and worked hard. I claimed myself so my refund was smaller, but my paychecks are bigger and I like that, so it's fine.

So on Valentine's Day, I didn't actually spend it alone. I went on a date with my friend Marissa. It was a fun date. We were originally planning to see a movie and eat lunch, but her dad didn't know she'd made plans and kinda made her skip the movie with me, but we got lunch!

We went to Cheddars and it was amazing! It was our second time going (to the new location in our area), and we really enjoyed ourselves. Great conversation, great food, and a lot of fun. I met Marissa at work, because we're co-workers at The Tree. She got hired a while back and is one of the best workers I've gotten to work with recently. She's legit.

So the day after Valentine's Day, I spend the day with my sister and friend Courtney, which was awesome. We got breakfast at Waffle House, went and saw Ride Along at the movies, and got lunch at Applebee's. We kinda just chilled after that and had Taco's for dinner at home. It was a super fun day and I really enjoyed the quality time with my sister and friend Courtney (she's both our friends, so we like to hang out together).

As for other news, I could nerd it up and talk about games. I recently (Feb 9th, 2014) got a new game for my 3DS called Bravely Default and it's one of the best 3DS RPG games I've ever played. I mean, Fire Emblem: Awakening was amazing, but this blows the pants of that game! It's crazy hard after awhile, but you unlock 24 classes in the game and you play as 4 characters and the storyline, OH MAN THE STORYLINE! It's so emotional and the music is beautiful, everything about it is just, so clearly, amazing! I'm hyping it up, I know, but if you own a 3DS console, go buy this game! Who doesn't have a spare $40 lying around or in savings? I do. I have more than that! You will not regret it, I promise you that.

2014 has been really great to me. I needed the kindness, because 2013 was a slump in a rut in a dark hole. Kinda dark metaphor, but you can ask my friends and they'd probably agree with that. Not a lot of smiles to be seen. I think this is the year greatness happens guys. I can feel it, and that is always a good sign.

As far as going back to church...Well, not doing so hot. I won't lie to say it bothers me that Michael and Laura still talk to Bethany and even like her new boyfriend. That bothers me. I respect Michael, anyone can tell you that, so much more than anyone else, but it hurts me to see him liking this new boyfriend. I wish he'd have kept in touch when I walked away from church...From God. Even my accountability partner Lloyd didn't do anything. When I asked him, he said he was giving me space.

SPACE? Space to walk away and not come back? No. You're supposed to encourage your accountability partner and keep them on the right path. I would have understood. Did Lloyd or Michael not see me as an understanding guy? It hurts. I'm still hurting about it all, these days. I have an overly imbed anger towards Bethany now, I refuse to forgive her, I can't even go to Michael's church anymore, because of the 50/50 chance I'd see Bethany and her boyfriend Jonathon. It's like I have nowhere to go, except I do. Nobody to talk to, except I ignore I can find God anywhere.

I just want my old life back. Me, in church, Jessica not bitter and angry at me, Bethany my best friend (stuck in the friendzone). Life was good in 2011 and early 2012 for sure. Then everything went to hell after June.

I don't live in the past, and that's not why I'm bringing this up. All these things run through my head on occasion and I just assume I can find a solution by doing nothing. Ehh, I guess that won't happen. I do appreciate my sister letting me borrow her computer to post this. It means a lot to be able to update you guys for one, and also get it out for me.

I'll keep you updated. Thanks for listening.

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