Saturday, January 4, 2014

Been awhile, where did 2013 go?

Hey guys, I bet you're wondering where I've been lately. I still haven't sorted out the problem with my computer and I'm still always broke so I haven't been able to fix that and post for you guys. Not to mention I got my library card blocked because I am a slow reader (Also, I've been busy playing over 300+ hours of Pokemon Y, like a boss).

Well I thought I'd take the time I had today and borrow my sisters college laptop to post a new blog for you guys. It won't be long, by any means, as far as I know, but I thought I'd give a little update since I haven't posted since September. Wow, long time...

I guess the best way to start is to dive in. I failed this previous semester at college, again. In fact, I didn't even go the last two months of the semester because I dropped my math and already failed Psych once, guess not going does it again when I've began failing again. I hit a slump guys, a slump in my life that has me mad at myself. I blame myself though, I told my friends we could hang out instead of focusing on college and when I did focus on homework or studying, I got distracted by other things. Just not a successful semester for me, college wise.

On the plus side, I have a friend, Taylor, who has offered to be my editor for the stories and/books I'm writing. She's so nice and the fact that I have that kind of resource makes me happy. I'm definitely going to get back into my literature and use her for that. It's great to get feedback and the thing I had her edit last got A LOT of criticism, both good AND bad. I always look for ways to get better so I decided to use her offer and hopefully get something completed in 2014. That's one of my goals.

While I'm on the topic, I should talk about that. I know how everyone has 'New Year Resolutions'. Well I was thinking and I won't make any. Instead, I'll have a few goals I want to accomplish and then work on those to hopefully complete them. What are Zach's goals for 2014, you ask? I'd be glad to share them.

  1. (Obviously a large goal in the US) Lose 40 lbs.
  2. Get a completed song/rap, add beats/music, and get it out on my Phat Love page for my fans.
  3. Complete a novel, have Taylor do her thing and edit it, get feedback, complete changes, and hopefully find a way to get it published (No self publishing).
  4. Find a job that financially supports me and have the back (as a back up) to move out and live on my own (with a few room mates).
Those are my simple 4 goals for 2014. I don't complicate things or try to add any level of complexity. Plus they're in no exact order so I really have free reign over how I tackle them. I really appreciate the fact that 2013 wasn't complete crap, but just a steady slump of boring 'same old-same old'. I really didn't think I'd enjoy this first year single and alone, but come late summer, it'd have been what, 2 years? or something. I really don't know what Jessica or Bethany are doing, but I don't care either. For once, I've let go of caring and let life take it and do what it wants.

I did have an unfortunate run-in with Bethany  about a month or 2 ago, seeing her at the church Michael pastors now (HE BECAME A PASTOR FOR HIS OWN CHURCH, YAY!!). I ignored her and didn't even talk to her, but she decided to sit in the seats next to mine, like an asshole, WITH HER NEW BOYFRIEND. God, that woman has serious problems, but that's her new boyfriends problem, not mine.

Well I hope to get my laptop fixed here soon, I may have a solution in January or February, I really cant see a time frame to when I'll be able to post again, but we'll see what happens. I will never quit my blog or shut it down, it's here forever. I'll keep paying for the custom URL too, so you'll know how to find me. If I get that job here in the first half of 2014 (or this month, I HOPE), then I'll get my camcorder fixed (or replaced) too and post some vlogs. Unless you want those silly phone vlogs. I don't know how I'd feel about that. We'll see.

Until next time guys, thanks for not leaving me and I'll post again when I can.