Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Busy Week of Work n Such

So this past week has been pretty crazy. I mean, I have tried to keep you guys updated, but with no computer at home and no other way than the library to update you guys with a post (My mobile App is weird), it's been pretty difficult. Not to mention how much I've been working!

My God guys, I've worked the past week strait and I won't have ANY days off until this upcoming Sunday. I'm pretty excited to be working every day, but hold onto your butts, because I only have one shift where I'm working all day, the rest average between 3-6 hour shifts. It's legit though, I'm getting those hours I've been wanting and even if its an occasional short shift, the point is, I'm working every day, which pleases me.

I'll start my full time at the new job somewhere in the next week and a half, if everything I've been told falls into place. I don't exactly know when things will exactly fall into place, but I know it'll happen around mid August. All I can do is for now is work when I'm scheduled and keep making as much money as I can, which hopefully will add up to be more than The Tree was paying me.

Sorry, but that's all I honestly have and I really wanted to post.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Murphy hass spawned a return...

This past week has been pretty crazy, I'm not sure how to feel. It seems like when to many good things happen to me, something bad has to counter the action. Bizarre as it seems, but the past has been really amazing for me.

To explain why this week has been so good can be summed up in one word: Work. I have been working so much, when I got paid today, It showed in my paycheck. Again, I.grossed more than any of my co-workers, Sierra closing in with a very close second. I.grossed somewhere around $925 this month, but I think my manager messed up my hours because I only got around $750. Not impressive, at least to me. I only made around $155 at my new job, but hopefully that will pick up once I'm full time.

I think my biggest issue is how to balance my personal life when I'll be working so much. I'm probably going to be marrying work for a few months so I can build up my savings, but Nathan and Carolyn will have to find other forms of entertainment when I'm working all the time. My biggest concern is transportation.

Just a few days ago (3rd of August) as I was driving to work, around 3 o'clock, my power steering went out and I almost drove my car into a curb. I made it safely to a parking spot, but then had it towed to the auto place I use. My poor Freddy was probably scared to death that something popped and he also probably hated being towed. Getting all handled like that...

Sidenote: Yes, I love my car enough to be this silly. Get over it.

The worst part is, that same day, Nathans car had a issue too. His cars breaks exploaded while he was driving. Don't worry, he's safe, but he is without transportation now, unlike me. I still have my dads car as a back up vehicle. It's always there if I need it, but I just have to share it with my sister, which won't happen much since we both have our own cars. It's nice being secured that way.

Oh, not to mention that SAME night as all this car trouble, as I drove Nathan and Carolyn home in my DAD'S car...We run out of gas, because the gauge keeps going up and down above the E. I had to wake up my mom at 1am and have her bring me gas, which I felt HORRIBLE about. That was some day.

My new job has been keeping me extremely busy too, always having me work in the slots The Tree hasn't given me. Today is my first day off in over a week. I've been working between 5-13 hour days, depending, but I'm always scheduled. I even got offered a shift today, closing at The Tree, not our WOF location. I haven't responded yet, because I honestly don't want to work, yet I would really enjoy the money after finding out how much Freddy cost me to fix.

Turns out I needed a new Belt Tensioner and after the $68 tow about 2 miles, I was given the final bill of $278 to pay. I worked hard for my money this past month in July and I spent my largest majority paying to have my car fixed. I was NOT a happy camper. Oh well, I paid the man and drove my car home. It's good my new job pays me bi-weekly, because I'd be B-R-O-K-E all month otherwise. Though I still might be, I'm saving what I can out of my next check for my college payment next month. I'll owe $187 in September and $187 again in October. It's nice and easy. That's for 2 classes though. And I've already made my first payment.

So THAT was my fun week so far. Work, fix car, work, sleep, work, repeat...Except today I get to relax and enjoy a day off...If I don't work tonight. I haven't decided what I'll do yet. Most likely won't work though. I really just want to enjoy the day off and have some peace (AND STAY OFF MY FEET).

Still, out of all the bad this week has given me, I've still got a new job that gives me good hours and a way to succeed in my financial goals for 2013. I have A LOT I need to be SAVING for and this will help me out. A LOT.