Sunday, July 8, 2012

Legit, I can write and/or sing?!

I have been working a lot lately. Literally, all I've done that past week is work. I've played a little PS2, but that's about it. I usually work all day or sleep. I'm not even kidding when I say that either.

July 3 - July 7th

I worked every day. No joke. Including 3 doubles (which is two 4 hour shifts). I am gonna make BANK!

July 8th

Alright, okay. I admit it, I worked a double today at 'The Tree', but that doesn't mean I'm a workaholic! It just means I'm a growing man who needs to make some cash so I'm not broke and in debt from college. Plus I need a new car. and a laptop. But mostly a car!

Moving on, I worked tonight with Chris and Alyssa (I called her Allison tonight... AWKWARD!) and it wasn't half bad. I worked the double with Alyssa, she also had the same double, which was awesome as can be. I hate it when I work a double (or even a single shift) with someone who won't talk to you or care about your existence being there. That get's annoying. I had a fantastic double with Alyssa though, I got mad respect for that woman now, she's on my list of good employee's.

Yes, I have a list. Be curious, but never know...

Now, I enjoyed 3-7pm, but 7-close got interesting today because Chris came in and had his charisma in high gear. This dude is a skinnier, older, more religiously smarter me. Okay, Chris isn't really like me, we're both just very "hyper" on this night. Full of... Well I probably had a sugar high from my Dr. Pepper (not drinking it in 3 weeks strait and suddenly drinking a bunch of it) and Chris was probably just in a good mood. Whatever the reason, it ended out a fun evening.

For some reason, around closing (and during), we came to the topic of my blog, opening up the topic of my life. It got interesting. We talked about Jessica and Bethany and where are relationships stand and what the definitions of "cheating" are and also about if you are "sinning" if you have a girl stay over at your house. A bunch of random relationship stuff.

Also, we talked about my friend Tammy, who is older than me, but that freaked them out. I think mostly because I met her on Craigslist, but I've known her for 3 months and she's such a sweet, wonderful person. She is legit who she says she is and I decided to Facebook friend her tonight. It was the right time.

Post Content

I have really enjoyed working lately. Flat out, I have enjoyed my life lately!!

OH! I didn't say what I did for 4th of July. Honestly, I worked and then hung out with Bethany. Not much else to say. It was a regular night for me.

Back to 'Post Content', Phyllis game me a good amount of shifts this month and I've also picked up a ton as well!! It's awesome!! I got a bunch of shifts now and I love it!! I'm gonna make some serious BANK at the end of the month!

Also, I have posted a love/rap song on my Facebook on June 7th (I wrote it a few weeks back, I think) and it got GREAT feedback!! Oh man, I was freakin' stoked!!

I was so happy that I wrote a parody to "O Christmas Tree!", but instead called it, "O Lemon Tree!" and it has only been on Facebook for about 36 minutes ago from now. I feel loved. I get such great feedback.

I was expecting stuff like, "Stop singing,  you're terrible!" or "LMFAO!! What a joke!", etc... The fact that this feedback is good means that I have a real gift and I'm very thankful to be blessed with it. I just hope God uses it for it's best purposes.

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