Monday, May 28, 2012


So this has been SUCH a great weekend. To say it was okay would be SUCH AN UNDERSTATEMENT!!! I went swimming, got a massage, cuddled with Jessica, ate funyuns, tickled Jessica, and MORE (Oh yeah...)!!!


OH MY GOD, YES!! I had to say it.

I got to see Jessica. BOOM! Instantly the perfect day. EVER! It sucks that my dads been here since Tuesday of LAST week, but I guess that's a SUCKY part of life. I'll get to that later. On Friday, I went over to Jessica's house, bringing my chicken nuggets, and we went swimming in her pool! It was so much fun to see her and to be able to swim was fun!

As we swam though, the dye in her swimsuit, or something in the fabric, bled out onto her skin and it was super weird. To make it worse, IT GAVE HER HIVES WHERE THE SWIMSUIT WAS!!! Her daddy gave her something and she rested and it felt better after awhile.

When Jessica felt better, we went out to corner cafe, because it was Jessica's fathers birthday!

Sidenote: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. WILLIS!! Hope it was a great birthday!! (:

While we ate, there was a balloon artist there who made Jessica's brother a balloon elephant and cow. She also made me a penguin!! But it looked more like a monkey without arms sadly... Nothing like a penguin at all... Sad day!!


MY PARTY WAS SATURDAY AND IT WAS FREAKIN', FREAKIN', FREAKIN' EPIC!!!!! Pretty much, here's how it went. We had a taco bar and it was GOOOOOOD!!!!!! It was more a "walking taco" bar, but that's because nobody wanted actual tacos.

Sidenote: For those of you weirdos who don't know what "walking taco's" are, they're bags of chips (the small individual bags), any kind. You crush the chips in the bag, put taco meat in the bag, add cheese and sour cream (or whatever taco favorites you have), and eat it with a spoon! HOO RAH! You have a walking taco!

We ate and soon had cake, but the conversation was the best part! I wish I could quote to you some of the things we said, but I can't, because I don't all remember (darn my doomed brain). I remember getting a back massage from Jessica outside on a blanket in the grass under the stars... The rest is foggy. It was a GREAT party though!!!


Sunday was fun. I got honored as a graduate at church, they called George and I up to the stage and gave us a bible and prayed for us. Jessica went to church with me and that was nice. I enjoyed her being there.

Sidenote: Though George and I are not yet able to be the kind of friends that hang out and make YouTube videos again, we can talk again and have a conversation at church. I appreciate that. I cherish it, to be honest. While I was at my party Saturday, Bethany punched me in the arm repeatedly, I don't remember what for, but it made me think of when Kyle would punch me, and I wished they had been there. Jessica got it out of me that night too, which is why she talked to George at church the following day.

To be honest, I don't care if Jessica and George talk, no big deal, I just don't know how George will take it. Jessica only has good intentions, she's trying to break the ice, help me find it easier to talk to George, but George might see it differently. I don't know, maybe I'm crazy. I just don't want to cause any problems. I've lived through enough of my own. Now, all I want is to find peace.

I figure that George will either go to college or I will and we'll get used to life without the other. It's a scary thought to me, but so is the thought of being on my own in life one day. At least I have Jessica, she's my happy place. God I love that woman.

Anyway, after church, Jessica and I both had to work so I took her home.


So Monday, I spent the day with Jessica again!! SO MANY DAYS WITH MY BABY!!! YAYA!!!! We went to all of her grandparents graves with her mommy, which took about 4 or 5 hours, I think, I'm awful with time. Jessica even got to drive part of the time!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!

When we were done, we went back to Jessica's home and ate dinner, which was SO YUMMY!! After that, we went swimming for the rest of the time and it was SO FUN!! Jessica and I talked a lot about William who only a few people will know about (those few being Jessica and me only) and it made me super hopeful for the future and the great things in it.

My future looks so hopeful and full of joy when I think of being with Jessica in it. No pain or bad things can happen when I think of her. Ever.

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I haven't driven since I got my license, but I'm sure I'll be able to drive again soon, I'm just not sure when. No worries.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This is your only warning fellow Missourians...

I'm going to warn you ahead of time, I'm going to warn you before I step outside my door. I want to warn you before I open that car door and slide into the seat! I WANT TO WARN YOU BEFORE I BACK OUT OF MY DRIVEWAY!!!

That's right.



Monday as SUCH a drag mannn.... I think. I can't really remember. Ehh, WHO REALLY CARES? Not me. It was boring I think.

Anyway, the good news about Tuesday is that I got my DRIVERS LICENSE! I was SO VERY HAPPY to hear this news too! Well, when she told me I passed with a ... passing score, I was so very excited!!! THANK YOU OFFICER!!! I LOVES YOU FOREVER NOW!!! I doubt that officer reads my blog, but if she ever comes across my blogs path and see's this post, I am forever thankful for her awesomeness!

As far as Tuesday went, that's the most imporatant thing to mention! And really the only thing. Nothing else TOTALLY EPIC happened...

Post Content

I don't have anything to say about Wednesday because it was slow and boring and lame. I went to Subway for lunch and church at 6pm. That's it. My whole day in one sentence. Sad.

I wonder where I'll drive first... MAYBE TO MY FUTURE EMPLOYER!! I don't know, I feel like The Tree of Lemons is treating me poorly lately. I feel like I've been wronged.

All I know is that I'm getting a better job. Soon.

Sunday, May 20, 2012



It's pretty groovy.


Well I walked down that isle, got my diploma, and smiled, knowing that I had finally done it! I am so very super happy about it too!! This gives me so much time to do awesome things for this blog now!! Like have an adventure!! Get a job that pays me $1,000,000 so I can buy a cool camera and make awesome youtube videos and also post a few on this blog and have awesome fan bases around the world who see my life as cool and worth reading about and want to pay me another $1,000,000 to keep my blog awesome and updated and happy and epic and you make it even better with a neat professional layout and have a sexy wonderful girlfriend who's my biggest fan and worth blogging about(sorry Jordan).

*Ahem* Gosh, I can dream can't I?

But I do want a better job. This one has just bitten me in the ass for the last time. I want to make some money so I can buy a new camcorder (or at least a new battery for my current one) and make something to put on YouTube!

I feel like my creativity is being wasted when I'm not filming something! I must be seen! By people! Being awesome! Being MEEE!! GAHH!! I haven't done improv in so long... It's PATHETIC and SAD!! OH WHY CRUEL WORLD?!! I guess I need to make some groovy friends who want to do that. Or not. I like my friends. I like my life. I just need to convince *wink wink* my friends to make videos with me now that I can put on YouTube showing off my awesome improv powers!!!

Where am I going with this? Oh God, I totally side-tracked....


No, this isn't working. Ehhh, I should totally go back to talking about YouTube. Forget it. I'm done with both.

Post Content

I really am glad to have graduated High School though!! It's a one in a lifetime thing and I'm really proud of myself for making it this far. I'm also glad I can't get called into the office for depressing blog posts, ahaha! That was always funny.

"Yes, Mr. Principle, I'm depressed, glad to see you care."

"I don't really care." he'd reply, "I just got an anonymous concern from a fellow student."

"Yeah, thanks for the concern, but leave me alone."

That's obviously a fake conversation, but it may as well have gone that way. Freedom of speech online is SOOO VAGUE right now. It's not like they can take action over ONE bloggers thoughts or future actions. Please, that'll happen...

Anyway, now I'm free to post about WHATEVER I want without "The Man" staring at me with the stink eye. THANK GODS!!


I feel like singing now!! GAHH!! I'm so crazy...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Flippin' Pancakes and spittin' eggs!


So Friday I had to go back to school for a Senior Breakfast, get a senior picture (or two) in our cap in gowns, and rehearse for our graduation! I was stoked. And so was the guy flippin' pancakes at us!! 

Yes. A man flipped pancakes at us! FOR BREAKFAST!! And he enjoyed it!! Can anyone say EPIC?!

Yes. I can . EPIC!!

ANYWAY!!... So the pancakes were great, but the eggs were plain AWFUL!! I've never had worse eggs in my life!! GROSS ECK ECKKK BLECK!!! Sooo... Nasty.... TRAUMA!!!

Okay, they weren't THAT bad, but they were gross. Very gross indeed.

Well Everything went great Friday and I even got to spend the day with one of my bestie's, Carolyn! I STILL DON'T HAVE MY LICENSE... So I didn't have a way of driving there. But I got to spend the day with Carolyn, which equally rocked!! 


Saturday was a pretty awesome day too! I went to Tracy's house and I got to hang with her, chillax, eat Chinese for dinner, and work on her new book plot!! IT WAS EPIC!

Speaking of epic, HER NEW BOOK IS GOING TO BE FUCKING AWESOME!!!! I can't stop thinking about how jealous I am to have not thought it up myself!! We brainstormed and finally came up with something UNSTOPPABLE!!! It is going to be freaking EPIC!!

*Ahem* anyway, I think it's safe to say that it's a good plot we have come up with for her.

Post Content

I really look forward to the upcoming week. I plan to GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL TOMORROW and get my LICENSE on Monday!! It's going to be a freaking awesome week ahead!!  I'll keep you guys posted too!!



OH MY GOD HOW CAN I FORGET JESSICA'S GRADUATION?!!! IT WAS SO FUCKING EPIC!!!!! I went to Jessica's house around 12pm and we hung out and had T-BONE STEAKS THE SIZE OF A BABY CALF!!! THEY... WERE... HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!  I couldn't believe my eyes!!! Oh yeah, we also had sweet corn.

WHEN I SAW JESSICA CROSS THAT STAGE AND TAKE THAT DIPLOMA... GOD, THAT WAS A SPECIAL MOMENT!!! I AM SO PROUD OF JESSICA!!! SO SO SO SO PROUD OF HER!!! She is such a important person in my life and to see her accomplish something SO WONDERFUL makes me want to break down and cry! The happiness I felt for her was beyond describing. She did it, finally, she made it through high school! The challenges passed, the trials complete, the drama of life no longer available to torture her through the doors of that high school she attended. SHE IS DONE and I couldn't be more proud.

Afterwards, we went to Applebee's and she got fajita's, which she 100% deserved! I got the 2 for $24 with Tracy and we both got the Steak Pene Pasta! It was so GOOD!! I was SO SO FULL afterwards that it hurt to even drink anything and I was happy to sleep because I got to lay down.

Overall, SO GOOD!!! GREATEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!! At least for Jessica it is. I graduate Sunday and that's another story, which I'm SOOOO excited for!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Girls are so stupid.

Except for Jessica and Tracy, they're cool (:

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Yes, whatever. I'll post about the week later in a different post, but for right now, I need to vent. I don't understand why woman are so complicated!!! WHY THE HELL MUST THEY COMPLICATE EVERYTHING!!! They just seem to be complex.

Anyway, I think I need to be more specific, but I CAN'T!!! Every little God damn detail of my life is a secret to other people. Geesh, it's like people have secret lives and can't talk about the normal one because it'd raise suspicion. WHATEVER!!

I have written erotic literature, I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS!!! It's posted on a website for anyone to read too. God, people need to realize that I am a normal person with secrets too. But the only difference is that I don't hide it from anyone. I don't really conceal it on here, just phrase things so it's more... appropriate for readers (I don't want a bad rep in the eyes of my readers).

Seriously , Why do girls need to complicate every single God Damn detail?! They have to make drama out of nothing. So I originally met you online, who cares? Is that going to look bad in the eyes of your friends? So I had a crush on you but couldn't tell you, but just blogged about how scared I was. NOBODY REALLY GIVES A SHIT ENOUGH TO HARASS YOU ABOUT IT!!!

Life is going to bring you drama, how you deal with it will decide the after affects. I mean, I could phrase things in such a way as to make it embarassing for you OR make you LOOK or APPEAR as the bad guy, but I DON'T!!

I'M NOT A JERK WHO WANTS TO RUIN YOUR LIFE!!!! I am graduating high school on Sunday for Gods sake!!! WHY WOULD I WANT TO DO THAT?!! I'm finally ending all the drama with people after Sunday, I'm finally free!! So why would I even care, huh? Tell me.... I want to know!

And I can tell by how you block or ignore my friend request, you don't like me. HELLO?!! Am I talking to that shallow of a person?? I always thought girls had some deeper meaning behind them, but I guess some are really just as the cover portrays. Beautiful on the outside, maybe friendly AT SCHOOL (if you catch them on a good day), but really a conceited person on the inside.

I don't WANT to bash on girls, especially since Jessica and Tracy are so AWESOME, but there are a few girls in my life who just PISS ME THE FUCK OFF!! Trust me, you know who you are.

I wish girls would just find a way to make peace but they never will, they find a way to make drama out of nothing, make it last forever, and kill any chances of friendships along the way. It's like they see me as a weed in there beautiful green grassy yard and they need to find the weed killer before I spread. I'm not a virus or, in any way, going to ruin there life. I just wanted to be friends, that's not to much to ask for.

Everyone deserves a friend, but I guess they thought I was going to "make a pass" at them or something. No thanks, I have a girlfriend and I hope they're not THAT stupid. Again, don't take this as a bashing at girls, but know that I am SO DONE with making friends with ANYONE for right now. I've graduated and whoever I see from now on is my real friend. I have Jessica. I have Tracy. I have my real friends, what more can I ask for?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day Weekend

So this past weekend has been nothing short of AWESOME! Mostly for the reason that next weekend, I'll be finished with High School and 1 day from Graduation!!


To be honest, I think it came SUPER FAST!! I don't know why it feels like a few weeks ago, it was semester one. Oh well, not like it matters. It happened fast and I'm thankful!!


I took Jessica out to Applebee's on Friday night on a date. We wanted to go see The Raven, but it only came on at 10pm and she had to work the following morning at 8am. We opted out for that reason alone. The good thing about it all is that I really can't believe how awesome the night was.

Applebee's wasn't very busy, but the waiter still did a pretty horrible job serving us. I was shocked. he had like 2 tables to wait on and still hardly came around to our table. I was disappointed. But other than that, i was pretty happy with our date.

WE PLAYED 20 QUESTIONS!!! I enjoyed that too, because just talking to Jessica and asking about our future was fun. Nobody understand it, but we our in love. Deeply real love. God would never let something so perfect fall apart, so he's leading Jessica and I in the path he wants, so we can be together one day. I don't know, maybe I'm crazy to you, but Jessica and I see it as destiny. I'm just some silly kid who fell in love like a fool.

If love is for fools, then I'm one damn foolish man, because I love Jessica with everything in my soul. It's beyond anything physical, it's purely who she is. She cares for others, loves with everything she has, and is so beautiful in her honesty towards others. I know, I've said all this before, right?  Well I guess when you said everything once, it's just all you can think about..



My sister and I agreed to take my mom and aunt (My aunt lives alone with 3 cats, because her son lives with his dad in Texas) out to Chili's after church (I went to church alone)! It was so much fun too! I love my aunt and I'm glad she could go. She's a bit crazy at times, but who isn't? She's my aunt and I love that woman, she's amazing. But one of her cats looks funny. Hehe, I don't know why either. 

*Ahem* Anyway, my sister had to work 5pm - 10:30pm so we had lunch together and my sister and I split the bill, knowing that in advance. We wanted to do something nice for them. My sister truly amazes me at times.

She can be a total bitch or the sweetest girl in the world, like a best friend. I never understand that, but I guess everyone can be like that, huh? It's just the side that dominates that people get to know. Trust me, I don't want to be seen as a total bitch, but a kind, sweet, loving, funny, amazing, compassionate, person. Now that's a tall order, but with God's help, I think I can accomplish that if I'm wise enough to take the challenge.

If you knock, God will open the door. Nuff said.

Post Content

I was going through the archives earlier and noticed that a lot of my earlier posts were amateur posts where I didn't break up paragraphs. Sorry about that, but remember that in 2009, I was only 14 years old. I have grown as a writer the past 4 years. Trust me, I can see it in my writing. Blog posts, etc...

TODAY IS MY LAST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL!!!! GAHHH!!! YEAH BUDDY!!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!! (I come back Friday for a Senior Breakfast and yearbook distribution)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's finally happened, I get to go out in the world and be who I was destined to be! HALLELUJAH!!! I'm going to miss all my school buddies too, because I know I'll lose contact with them after next Sunday when I graduate. it's sad, but maybe I can get phone numbers or something.

BE PREPARED FOR HAPPY POSTS OF EPICNESS IN THE FOLLOWING WEEKS!!!! Trust me, you're not going to want to miss the posts I have for you.

(Hint, hint: Videos...)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Officially Pre-ordered!

So I got a few things to tell you, but not to much, but I'll have more to say after tonight, Oh yeah, that's right. It's Friday, date night, last Friday of my high career!


So I finished Pre-ordering Mario Tennis Open from my main man Chris at GameStop (I like him more than anyone else at GameStop, he knows me and actually talks to me like a valued customer). The actual price for Mario Tennis Open is still 40 bucks, but I pre-ordered so I figured I would get some sort of discount or bonus, but I don't. Oh well, at least I can put money towards it so much at a time when I pre-order opposed to all at once after it's release, y'know?

THIS GAME IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!! I love tennis games so this is probably gonna be super epic man, super epic!! I AM FREAKING STOKED!!

Also, I want to save up to buy a PSP Vita and PlayStation 3. No XBOX though, I don't see a point. Never have sadly. But I've always been a nintendo/sony fan! So having a Wii and 3DS was just destiny. Now I need the PSP Vita and PlayStation 3!

Post Content

Sorry folks, but that's honestly all I have as far as stable content to talk about. I mean, I could ramble on about how I went to church Friday and really felt as though I want to help people and make an impact on there lives in some aspect. I figure the biggest impact can be through my writing, because I love writing SO MUCH!!

I think I want to write books that have messages laced into the pages, so you leave knowing something you didn't know before reading it. Sure, that's going to be hard with all the bible stories, etc. BUT! I know I can do it, maybe I can make a modern version, only fiction, that gets the message across.

Take "Life is hell" (SPOILER ALERT!!!) for example. The message I'm trying to get across is that even if you never want to believe in something, it doesn't change that fact that it's there. Chesttine spent his whole life avoiding anything to do with Nasium since he lost his mother as a child. He rebelled and gave up on ever believing in a God being real. At the end, I want my readers to see the message that believing in what you can't see is the most powerful belief. God is real, regardless of what anyone wants to believe.

Personally, this message is for a friend of mine. I won't say who though, because I know how they feel about God and being religious. I just want to find a way to help them. I guess I just need to pray, finish this story, and hope for the best.

Maybe I'm crazy, but I don't care! As I began writing this, who I got from my friend Tracy, I had a different direction with the story, but as I kept writing it, I began to see a deeper potential with this plot. Something that I can use for a christian message.

Look, I know everyone at my church thinks I am going be a christian novelist, but sorry to smash that idea, but I am writing fiction! The actual fiction. Sci-fi, Action, Dram, Romance, etc... I don' mind writing a few that have Christian values/messages in them, as I am a Christian and not ashamed, but I just don't want to write strictly Christian books/Novels.

I do, however, want to write song lyrics for my church. I really do! I've recently been picking up writing song lyrics more than recently. My friend Bethany told me if I bring her some lyrics, she can write the music for it! I'M TOTALLY GOING TO TAKE HER UP ON THAT OFFER!!

Look, I'm a writer, yes, but I've grown to become a writer in EVERY aspect lately. I write stories, poetry, and song lyrics! Is that all aspects? Ehh, that's good enough, haha.

Anyway, I have a date with Jessica tonight and I'm hoping that she enjoys herself. She works so hard now that she's had a job the past week or so. She is such a hard worker and is going to make so much more money than me, but that doesn't matter, she deserves it! I love her so much, she is my angel, my happiness, I thank God for Jessica every day, tell him I'm thankful, praise his good name, and go through my day, knowing that no matter what happens, in the end, Jessica will be there to tell me it's alright, hold my hand, and walk with me through the bad days.

She is so amazing in every way, I am truly blessed. I love Jessica so much, it's like nothing I've ever felt before. I want to be with her forever. I see it happening, us, happy, finally past all the challenges of growing up.

I have all these dreams and ambitions, but it seems none of them seem worth accomplishing without Jessica in my life. Life is to short to live alone so why should I? I'm never letting Jessica go, I'm going to make a name for myself, be someone people remember! Jessica will know how greatly I love her when I make all her dreams come true. I'll buy her a nice house, in a nice neighborhood, give her a beautiful car, she'll have an awesome job, and most importantly, I'll give her all my love.

You have no idea how much I love Jessica. She is my everything. She is like an oxygen tank, without her I won't be able to breath, live in this life, or do anything. I need her. She is my greatest motivation. God has truly blessed me and I just want to share that blessing with her. She deserves it.

I guess I've managed to ramble on about how I love Jessica, haven't I? Gosh, that's awful embarrassing.  Well I mean every word though, so I hope everyone reading this finds who they truly belong with in this world, I wish everyone happiness, to be honest. Nobody deserves to be alone. I feel as though God should be able to bless everyone, and if you truly believe in him and seek him out, he will bless you. You'll be amazed at what he can do.

I need to get over my personal fears and move forward with my belief. I've been scared that I'll lose friends, people who like me right now, and get negative opinions from people, but I need to realize that as long as I have God, I shouldn't matter about anyone else. people are always going to judge you, no matter what. Guess I never truly realized that. I'm a Christian, I believe in Jesus, and I know he is coming back to bring me to heaven one day. I'm not scared to admit it anymore.

I won't rant on and on any longer, but I'll post after the weekend and expect happy posts about my date and last day of high school!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

You're a good man Charlie Avengers!

Gods I'm so funny. AHAHAHA!!! I make myself giggle sometimes!

Nico: What the hell kind of man giggles?
Zach: Shut up Nicu! Nobody cares what you think!
Phillip: BURN! *snickers*
Zach: DUH! I was being rude you moron!
Nico: AUGGGHHH!!!!!!


So Friday was fantastic!! I went to go see "You're a good man Charlie Brown" at my school with Jessica, Bethany, Sam, and Sams boyfriend. I paid for everyone but Bethany. Just pointing that out. it was good too!! It was cute and funny, which I liked, but as far as long lasting value, it wasn't as good at Oliver was (the last musical at my school).

After the musical, we went back to my house, Sam and her boyfriend left, and decided to watch a movie. I bought Bethany and myself dinner, because Jessica wanted to pay for herself, at Quick Trip. After the movie, Jessica went home and I thought Bethany would leave while I was gone, but ended up wanting to spend the night.

Well I tried staying up with Bethany but called it quits at 5am.


I woke up at 9:30am, only getting 4 1/2 hours of sleep, tired as hell, but functioning okay. Bethany was gone when I woke up, so I don't even know if she went to bed at all. I assume she didn't. Oh well. Not my body.

Anyway, I went to work that night, which was great. I have 1 more shift in May. Which sucks. I hope I can pick up extra shifts. I really do. I need more hours. I need to get plenty of hours for plenty of money to come my way. I think I'll just apply at Walmart or a gas station, they make good money, right? I'll look into it.


Sunday, after church, I went to see Avengers at 2pm with Tracy, Jessica, Sam, and Bethany. IT WAS SO FUCKING AWESOME!!!! I WANT TO SEE IT AGAIN TOO!!!!! IT WAS THAT GOOD!!!! DAMN WELL WORTH THE MONEY TO SEE!!!! YES YES, HELL FUCKING YES!!!!

*Ahem* I apologize for the language dear readers, that was just a sudden outburst of my inner Marvel fan coming out...So sorry. Go see Avengers though. It was good.

Post Content


In other news, I'll be buying Mario Tennis Open soon, it comes out in 2 weeks, which means I'll be able to buy it and be all "boo ya! I got a cool new mario game!"

Speaking of Mario, I finally got Special world 8 unlocked and it is INTENSE! This game is SO WORTH the $40 bucks you pay for it. I mean, everything they added in, I'm surprised it's not worth $50 bucks! But Mario Kart 7 isn't worth $40 bucks. I played my friends copy and I will just buy that pre-owned eventually, but not now.

I am just so ready to be free, blog about being on my own! I WANT MY FREEDOM!!!

One day, you'll see me, free, happy, and maybe then I'll have the followers too, wishing me happiness in my happy life. I hope.

Lastly, I just want to say that sometimes the memories aren't worth the price you pay for them. That is all.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I have created a fan email for you guys and will check that daily. As part of something new I'll start soon (I promise to try), I will create videos and read off your emails on my blog and answer questions, read comments, anything at all you'd like!

I will even do challenges you send me (within reason of course)!! I have not yet decided if I'll email you back from my email or not, just that I will be able to get fan mail now.

Send me emails to:

That's not to hard, now is it? I want to hear from YOU! So send me emails!

Thanks guys, hope to be blogging again soon!