Sunday, April 29, 2012

Senior Prom 2012

If the world honestly ends in 2012, I think I'll be okay with that. If you consider how awesome prom was, how amazing my girlfriend is, and how my life is so good, I can die knowing I did what I could to be happy in this world.


So I got to Jessica's house around 2pm and we took pics at there house until Shana and her mom arrived at 2:30 when we left to go to Keevan's (Shana's boyfriend) house. We picked him up and took pics at some waterfall. After that, we went back to Keevan's house and took MORE pictures.

Side note: He has a cute baby bunny. Nuff said.

The limo showed up shortly after and we got limo pics (We took A TON OF PICTURES) before we left for Applebee's. THE LIMO WAS SO FREAKIN' COOL!!!

Side note: I am the first person in my family to ride in a limo and it was AWESOME!!! I totally want a limo at my wedding!!! NO COURTHOUSE UNDER THE RADAR ELOPING!! I WANT AN ACTUAL WEDDING!!

*Ahem* Sorry about that. My bad. Applebee's was good too! it was so awesome to just sit there and talk to people, have a social interaction with people and enjoy the night! I know why Jessica is friends with Shana too because she's really cool. Though she looks different then her profile picture on Facebook, haha. But that's just me being a weirdo and noticing something that most people don't notice (I'm such a dork)!

Well after Applebee's, I got to know everyone else there pretty well. I was meeting Shana for the first time, along with her boyfriend Keevan and friend Adriana. They were cool and made the day even better!! 

So we got to prom a smidge early and I DANCED!! Jessica made me dance to a few, I got comfortable, I didn't know anyone because I went to Jessica's prom (which is not my school district, mind you) and I just let loose and jammed out! 

Dancing at prom was fun and cool, even though I didn't know any of the songs by lil wayne. I'm not really in to rap... But the pop songs or slow songs I knew fine. 


To be honest, at every other dance, I just sat around and listened to the music, but this dance was different, probably because I was with Jessica though. I love dancing with Jessica, it's so much fun!! Also, I never really viewed dances as fun until now. My last dance in high school and I finally think they're fun (oh well, hehe)!

Anyway, after the dance was over, we went to where afterprom was, but didn't want to go so we went home.

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