Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Memories, both good and bad...

Let's just keep wondering to ourselves why we have to worry about such things. Memories, why do they even matter? Memories are dumb, right? Well, to be perfectly honest, I think memories can be good. Though all memories aren't good, you have to admit that. I just wish it was easier to forget the painful memories from my past...


So I got out of school and watched a movie and wait, this isn't important... After my mom got home, we went to pick up Jessica and went to Burlington coat factory! We went to look for Prom Jackets, shirts, and ties. I ended up finding something and buying them!! THEY LOOK SO GOOD!!! I'll have picks up next week when I go and  you'll all see how freakin' HOT I look. Well... My girlfriend says I'll look good, but I don't know, I don't like dressing up and going to dances. I hope prom rocks!! I'm excited to go now!

It was so awesome getting to see Jessica again though, it seems the more I see her, the more I love her! Just walking around the store holding her hand made me totally happy. She is my world and I will love her forever, that's my promise to her. Gods, I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!

*ahem* Anyway, we took some pretty epic pictures too of her in the cool hat I bought her! and of me trying on some sparkly girls hat. Hehe !

"Don't forget the cool sparkly hat Zach!!" I reminded myself quickly.

"OH! Thanks man!" I thanked myself, pulling up the computer off my desktop.

Man, I love these pics! They're so awesome!! hehe !


I was getting on the bus today and as I looked over I saw... You know what I just realized? This is better left off my blog. It's to personal. It hurts to much to talk about and I'd rather just leave it alone. Sorry... I just can't go through those memories again.

Post Content

I love my memories with Jessica, they're so wonderful and lovely and I can't wait till the day we can be together forever. I LOVE HER SO DAMN MUCH!!!! Hehe ! A little enthusiastic, I know, but totally  mean it with every ounce of passion in my soul!!


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