Sunday, April 29, 2012

True friend

I dedicate this poem to Jessica (you know who you are)!

True Friend
By: Zachary Love

My love for you,
Is nothing short of true,
I need your love,
It keeps my head above,

The dark waters below,
Waiting to make me woe,
Thanks Gods you’re here,
To take away the fear,

My purpose in life,
No longer brings me strife,
I can smile once more,
Able to finally open that door,

You’re a true friend,
You help my life amend,
Forever I’ll love you,
A permanent part of my crew

Senior Prom 2012

If the world honestly ends in 2012, I think I'll be okay with that. If you consider how awesome prom was, how amazing my girlfriend is, and how my life is so good, I can die knowing I did what I could to be happy in this world.


So I got to Jessica's house around 2pm and we took pics at there house until Shana and her mom arrived at 2:30 when we left to go to Keevan's (Shana's boyfriend) house. We picked him up and took pics at some waterfall. After that, we went back to Keevan's house and took MORE pictures.

Side note: He has a cute baby bunny. Nuff said.

The limo showed up shortly after and we got limo pics (We took A TON OF PICTURES) before we left for Applebee's. THE LIMO WAS SO FREAKIN' COOL!!!

Side note: I am the first person in my family to ride in a limo and it was AWESOME!!! I totally want a limo at my wedding!!! NO COURTHOUSE UNDER THE RADAR ELOPING!! I WANT AN ACTUAL WEDDING!!

*Ahem* Sorry about that. My bad. Applebee's was good too! it was so awesome to just sit there and talk to people, have a social interaction with people and enjoy the night! I know why Jessica is friends with Shana too because she's really cool. Though she looks different then her profile picture on Facebook, haha. But that's just me being a weirdo and noticing something that most people don't notice (I'm such a dork)!

Well after Applebee's, I got to know everyone else there pretty well. I was meeting Shana for the first time, along with her boyfriend Keevan and friend Adriana. They were cool and made the day even better!! 

So we got to prom a smidge early and I DANCED!! Jessica made me dance to a few, I got comfortable, I didn't know anyone because I went to Jessica's prom (which is not my school district, mind you) and I just let loose and jammed out! 

Dancing at prom was fun and cool, even though I didn't know any of the songs by lil wayne. I'm not really in to rap... But the pop songs or slow songs I knew fine. 


To be honest, at every other dance, I just sat around and listened to the music, but this dance was different, probably because I was with Jessica though. I love dancing with Jessica, it's so much fun!! Also, I never really viewed dances as fun until now. My last dance in high school and I finally think they're fun (oh well, hehe)!

Anyway, after the dance was over, we went to where afterprom was, but didn't want to go so we went home.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Am I actually excited?

I just want to say that I spent that last hour reading my blog. It can seriously take hours to read too. It's shocking how my life has gone up and down like a roller coaster as well, I would have posted about Wednesday (about what happened), but I decided to totally forget about that. I don't even want a written reminder in the form of a blog post with my opinions.

To be totally honest with you, I did post a blog (if you were lucky unlucky enough to read it the 20 minutes it was on my blog...). It was a very dark, nasty blog post and I'd rather forget about it all together because the crisis was averted and I'm totally happy now!


It's hard to believe that this kid, Zachary Penguin (hehe), used to hate school dances but now he's actually looking forward to one. I don't know about you, but I know that tomorrow will be fun. To be honest, I can't believe how happy I am either.

I honestly don't like school dances, but the memories are what I'm excited about! I'll have my BEAUTIFUL girlfriend and make BEAUTIFUL memories with her. I'm totally excited.

I don't really have anything to report until Sunday, possibly Monday except for how stoked I am ABOUT Saturday coming up. Let's find out how epic this is going to be, shall we!

See you after Prom!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Super Mario 3D Land (Up past Midnight)

So I have done a lot, seen a lot, bought a lot, and spent A LOT! Gods, I don't know why things are so expensive, but I'm not gonna fight the system. That'd be dumb.


Friday was supposed to be boring. I worked, I was going to get a haircut, which didn't happen, and I was to be bored some more. After work though, I got off at 7pm, I went to Gamestop and bought Super Mario 3D Land! IT IS SUCH A FREAKING AWESOME GAME!!! Luckily, to my advantage, mind you, I got to see Jessica too!! She came over and we had a great time, chilled in my room, did nothing and everything, and I was so happy to see her!! SHE ROCKS!!!


I worked, I watched TV, I went to bed. Nuff said.

WAIT! I have a story to tell you now. It's a good story so gather... never mind, just read it.

I was going to bed at 11:45pm because I had to get up at 7:30 am to be ready for church when Michael agreed to get me at 8am. I called Jessica, said I loved her, and went to bed. I wasn't laying in bed 5 minutes, when Bethany calls me. She wanted to know a few things about church tomorrow, which we had talked about earlier too, she was just asking other things too.

As we were done chatting about church, she started talking about what she was doing, which was going through the clothes in her closet, and asked me what she should wear tomorrow. We literally talked for 2 hours about what she should wear on Sunday to church. She had clean clothes hanging in her closet, boxes of clothes, and bags of clothes, but she didn't know what to wear. We eventually agreed on a blue and purple dress (which originally I thought was a top and jeans).

I will never understand how girls can take so long going through clothes, then again, Bethany and Jessica are the only two people I have ever been able to talk to on the phone for more than an hour (Bethany and I talked for 2 hours until 2am the next morning). Weird much? NO! Stop judging me. I have guy friends, but I just dominantly have friends that are girls. There is nothing wrong with that.

Yes there is.


I don't have too, you do.


Side note: I got to world 8 on Super Mario 3D Land on Saturday, it was that easy. But its a fun challenge to find the star coins, totally worth the $40 bucks it costs brand new.

Side note 2: And they're not girls, for the record, they are woman. Saying that I'm friends with girls makes me sound like a pedophile, which I'm not. I like the women in my life. They are so wonderful.


I woke up right at 8am, luckily just as Michael text me that he was at my house waiting for me. I threw on some clothes, ran downstairs, complained that my foot hurt so badly running down the stairs, and rushed out to there car. luckily I still had style when I got to church.

Though I was so tired, I had to drink some coffee when I got there. I NEVER drink coffee but I did on Sunday. Jessica was like, "OMG! ZACH DRANK COFFEE!! HELP!!" which basically makes since, Jessica and I don't drink coffee, we just don't like it that much. I can tolerate it, but from what Jessica tells me, she doesn't like it at all, NOT EVEN THE SMELL OF COFFEE!!

Anyway, after church on Sunday, which was awesome, we went to pick up Jessica and then got my haircut, FINALLY!! I needed a haircut SO BADLY, because it was getting long, rugged, and nasty. It was so perfect a time for a haircut too, because I have prom coming up and graduation shortly after. I HAVE 15 SCHOOL DAYS LEFT UNTIL I GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL FOREVER!!!!! 21 if you want to count weekends like a lame toad. I don't judge you, just think your a lame toad. Sue me.

The lady screwed up my haircut too, it looks awful and it's WAY TO SHORT NOW!! Ugh, now I'm gonna look totally dumb at prom. I'm going to Jessica's prom which is a different school district entirely. I won't know anybody and I'll be meeting Jessica's friends for the first time... I'm scared that they won't like me because I'm a loser or something.

To be totally honest, I'm afraid they'll think down on Jessica for dating me. It's all about image in high school and even though I'm the proudest man to call myself Jessica's boyfriend, I don't want Jessica to be looked down on. Don't get me wrong, I know she loves me with all her heart and wants to spend the rest of her life with me, as I do with her, I just don't want the last month of high school to be bad for her. I love her too much.

Besides, they probably know this is my first relationship and not hers. I'm not going to worry about it though, because I LOVE MY JESS WITH ALL MY HEART, SOUL, AND BODY!!!

Do you love the sappiness I display? I DO!!

Post Content

I partially per-ordered a new game that comes out on May 20th, Mario Tennis Open! It looks so freakin' awesome so I have to pick up a copy!! Other then that, I'm going to just enjoy my new Mario game and save my cash from here on out. Or at least try...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Memories, both good and bad...

Let's just keep wondering to ourselves why we have to worry about such things. Memories, why do they even matter? Memories are dumb, right? Well, to be perfectly honest, I think memories can be good. Though all memories aren't good, you have to admit that. I just wish it was easier to forget the painful memories from my past...


So I got out of school and watched a movie and wait, this isn't important... After my mom got home, we went to pick up Jessica and went to Burlington coat factory! We went to look for Prom Jackets, shirts, and ties. I ended up finding something and buying them!! THEY LOOK SO GOOD!!! I'll have picks up next week when I go and  you'll all see how freakin' HOT I look. Well... My girlfriend says I'll look good, but I don't know, I don't like dressing up and going to dances. I hope prom rocks!! I'm excited to go now!

It was so awesome getting to see Jessica again though, it seems the more I see her, the more I love her! Just walking around the store holding her hand made me totally happy. She is my world and I will love her forever, that's my promise to her. Gods, I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!

*ahem* Anyway, we took some pretty epic pictures too of her in the cool hat I bought her! and of me trying on some sparkly girls hat. Hehe !

"Don't forget the cool sparkly hat Zach!!" I reminded myself quickly.

"OH! Thanks man!" I thanked myself, pulling up the computer off my desktop.

Man, I love these pics! They're so awesome!! hehe !


I was getting on the bus today and as I looked over I saw... You know what I just realized? This is better left off my blog. It's to personal. It hurts to much to talk about and I'd rather just leave it alone. Sorry... I just can't go through those memories again.

Post Content

I love my memories with Jessica, they're so wonderful and lovely and I can't wait till the day we can be together forever. I LOVE HER SO DAMN MUCH!!!! Hehe ! A little enthusiastic, I know, but totally  mean it with every ounce of passion in my soul!!


Saturday, April 14, 2012

American College Testing!

Let's just dive into things.


I GOT TO SEE MY AWESOME GIRLFRIEND!!! She is totally frosty and has been, oh, so lonely this week! I went to her house at 2:30 and waited till she was off the bus at 2:40ish and gave her a really big hug!! I LOVE HER HUGS!! We went inside and we had roughly and hour before her dad got home and 30 minutes past that at 4pm her brother gets home, so we just chilled and watched Netflix and talked.

It was totally a great night too! Her dad bought us pizza before he left to see Jessica's mom who is still in the hospital and Jessica, James (her brother), and I played Mario Party 8 for an hour and at that point it was 8:30pm and Jessica and I talked the last half hour. I also gave Jessica her Lemon Tree Application and she gave me an 'out of district' prom form so I can go to her prom. Only my school administrator has to sign and approve of me going, which seems dumb to me, but I'll get that signed on Monday.

I had to go home at 9am because on Saturday morning I was....


...taking the ACT!! I got up at a painful 6:20am on SATURDAY!! OH PAIN!!! OH HORROR!!! OH THE MUTINY!!! Okay, maybe less drama will help? Wait, it's me were talking about, I love being dramatic! THE PAINFULLY HORRIFYING MUTINY OF SATURDAY!!!! Hehe!

Anywho, I'm planning on buying my prom stuff soon. I really want to get it all figured out and bought before prom is on top of me (that'd suck). Here is what my girlfriend is wearing...A black halter top with a sweetheart neckline. The bottom has a shark bite design with black sparkle designs that look like flowers.  It reaches below her knees.


Even though I haven't gotten my clothes all together yet. Oh shucks, I just want this whole thing to hurry up. I'm nervous about screwing up somehow. Jessica's friend Shana got a limo and now I feel intimidated by her. Like she 1 up'd me. I know a parent driving you to prom is no fun, but a limo seems like a waste of money. As much as I respect Shana, I wish the limo hadn't happened.

Don't get me wrong, Prom is gonna be f*cking epic (pardon my language)!!! I just don't want it to cost a fortune, y'know?

Post Content

I'm totally loving my newest story (which is starting to become a novel) Life is Hell!! IT'S SO DARN GOOD!! I have 20 pages on a word document and I'M LOVING EVERY WORD IN EVERY SENTENCE IN EVERY PARAGRAPH ON EVERY PAGE!!!!

Sadly, for my Creative Writing class, our short stories have to be shorter then 10 pages, so this story is 10 pages exactly (an  opening) and we haven't even started the unit yet!! HAHA!! I love writing and was already writing in advance. So... I kinda already have... it finished. I'm so good at planning ahead! NOT!

In actuality, I don't plan ahead very well, but this was easy for me, I love writing! (if you didn't already know, hehe).

ALSO! I decided to start writing a Percy Jackson FanFiction! IT'S GOING TO BE EPIC!! My friend Tracy and I are always role playing Percy Jackson when we text and I'm going to turn that into a novel. It's FanFiction so I won't be able to publish it, but I will have a copy for all my friends and so on (that's going to be a lot of paper to print). I wonder if they have a good enough stapler for 100 pages... I'll have to look into that.

I ALMOST FORGOT!! I'm going to go buy Super Mario 3D Land soon! And I'm also getting Paper Mario and Mario Tennis open in May!! I LOVE MARIO!! I'm gonna get Mario Kart 7 in June or July probably though... I love my 3DS so much!

P.S. Why does Katy Perry go from a cute christian girl to a nasty pop artist? Her dad must have prayed hard and saw his prayers failed to be answered. Sad when society consumes you like  fresh prey. It lures you in though and that's hard to escape. Lucky for me, I had little influence, not being part of the popular crowd, so I learned morals and won't let that happen to me.

Friday, April 13, 2012


To Tracy,

Tracy, You're totally the bomb!! Nobody else is so incredibly gifted at writing mystery or humor than you. You have a natural gift. Nobody else can make a text message conversation awkward like you either! HAHA! I love the way we're just randomly Percy Jackson role playing and suddenly Nico takes off his shirt or attacks me! It's the most random yet funny stuff I read on my phone!

In regards to your personality, MY GOD YOU ROCK! You are always able to add humor to EVERYTHING! No matter what, I seem to laugh at what you say. You also know what ticks me off and how to tease me with things I don't like in the perfect way as to where I can play along. It's always funny when you text in an attempt to get out of doing your college homework. Lately, I've caught on and made you work on it before we text though, so hahaha! Looks like I'm winning that one, hehe!

Tracy, even though you like to procrastinate (I do likewise), you still accomplish so much and you will be someone people will mention at the breakfast table or at there place of employment, because your a somebody to me and you will be a somebody to everyone in the world too one day, don't give up! I believe in you!

Your best friend (who always wakes you up and pisses off Nico, hehe)!!


To Bethany,

Bethany, I am truly blessed to have you as a friend. Truly and honestly, you are one of my closest and best friends, period. I can't get this across strong enough, but I wouldn't be who I am today without you and I truly and deeply have the utmost respect for you. You're my best friend forever and I hope we will stay in touch. I know we've had differences and, from the start, things weren't always on level ground between us, I'm glad to still have you in my life.

I am always smiling when I think of you, because I know you brought things in my life to be the way they are. You are the reason I got saved and invited the one and only Jesus Christ in to my life on August 3rd, 2011 and I will never forget that. You are the reason I met Jessica and Tracy in Creative Writing Club. You are also the reason I have a reason to live now.

Calm down, I mean that in the since that because you, along with Jessica, talked to me in my darker days of depression, I finally pulled through, thanks to your support. I wanted to just end things in my life, permanently, so many times last year, but you helped me pull through that and come out on the other side a stronger man. I truly mean that, you're a valued and true friend to me, no matter how it appears during an awkward conversation at church, text, or Facebook. You are a true friend and I will always know and believe that.

I only know great things are going to happen for you Bethany, I truly believe with everything in my heart that you are destined for greatness! You're going to meet some awesome dude who makes you happy as Jessica makes me and things will piece together. Nothing feels as perfect as love and when you feel that, you will be changed. It makes me smile to just think about it. The experience of finding someone to love makes every love song you hear come to life in a NEW AND DIFFERENT perspective!! It's crazy to hear a song one day and get a TOTALLY NEW MEANING the next day when you can TRULY RELATE to the lyrics. It's great Bethany, I know that much.

I've rambled on and on a lot already, but you know I do that, plus you think it's funny to see me talking to myself (Yes, I really do that when I'm alone too, it's a real habit of mine.)

Thank you for being a true friend to me Bethany.

Your buddy writer who rambles (hehe)!


To Jessica,

Jessica, my love, what can I say about you? So much! I've said so many times over how much I love you. It grows every day though and it can't seem to fill up my entire heart, for it grows every day too. I drive all my friends crazy talking about you each day and when I bring up stories as an alternative, they get annoyed. IT'S AWESOME! They know I'm a weirdo and we all embrace that. I'm a nice guy, that's the bottom line. Enough rambling! The point is that I love you! SO MUCH!!

I met you through Creative Writing Club, but that was our destiny. We didn't even know it, but, for me at least, I felt an instant connection between us. Baby, you are so awesome! SO FROSTY!! You know I love you with every ounce of my ever beating heart and words may escape me, but when I write, I'm free. For us both, writing is an escape. I love how we both loved writing. Fate was on our side the minute I found out you loved penguins too!


Haha,  you know how silly I am. I am so thankful that you love me through everything! I was a totally different man when we met and I know you saw that. You took the time to care though and help me through things, even when things were hard for you. You always care. I'll never understand how or why, but you have the biggest heart I've ever seen and you care about others, anyone, if they come to you with a troubled heart/mind. You take the time to help others and you have unmeasured compassion and love towards others.

I will never know how you can truly care about someone, but I know it's a God-given gift. I'm so glad to see you helping others. Even in your writing, you create characters that are so fun and relatable. I can't believe how freakin' epic you are!!

I love you Jessica! I could say that every day and you know that. I just love holding your hand, feeling that warmth keeping us connected. The smallest touch makes me smile and I know how much you love my smile. I'm my biggest enemy and may hate my smile, but you seem to be mesmerized by the smile hidden behind my lips. I guess I can relate with the situation reversed.

Baby, Bethany and I may have our past, but because of that past, I was brought to you. I love you and with every ounce of love within me, I mean it when I say I AM TRULY AND DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH YOU JESSICA WILLIS!! I want to be your man every day, forever. I want to hold you on a bad day and wipe the tears from your eyes. I want to be that rock you find shelter with. I want to be the best friend you can share your secrets with, that you can seek advice from. I want to share the happiest moments our your life with you.

I'm going to watch you walk across that stage in May and graduate from High School. That's a huge accomplishment Jessica! I'm going to give you a hug and smile and know that you've finally made it a huge milestone in your life. Jessica, you're going to do awesome after high school. You have a game plan and you're ready to be an independent woman.

Don't worry about the past or even the future, but the present task ahead of you. You so badly want it to be us in our first place finally together as it should be, but know that as long as we accomplish the task in front of us, it will happen. I too have dreamed of the day we will finally be together, but I know it will happen as long as our love stays strong and we are open with each other. I am a honest and loyal man and you found me. I'm yours.

There is no reason to worry or fret, because every other pretty woman I see isn't getting me. She may be pretty, have the looks or body, maybe even have a nice personality, but she missed the "Zachary boat". The Zachary Boat sailed on December 3rd, 2011 when we revealed our feelings and this thing called dating happened.

I may have a hypocrite in some aspects of my life, but I will always be loyal to you. You are the one and only woman for me and I just can't picture how I made it through 17 years of my life without knowing you! YOU'RE THAT INCREDIBLE!!

YES! I MEAN IT TOO!!! I know as you read this, you're going to be all dramatic, saying, "Who, me?" and I say YES! You're so silly and make me wanna kiss your nose.

YOUR NOSE! YES! It's so cute!! (I just know you grabbed your nose dramatically too, I can picture it! You're silly!)

Baby, I love you yesterday, today, tomorrow, and every day in between. Never, ever, ever forget that. I love you Jessica Willis. My one and only Jess. Just remember the promise I made you of 6 or 7. I will keep that promise. It's our promise. Our commitment.

Thank you for loving me.

Your totally Frosty boyfriend!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Getting my childhood back, one activity at a time!


Sorry *coughs* I had to get that out of my system. Disregard that.

Anyway, I love Zac Brown Band! I also love Chris Young, Toby Kieth, The Band Perry, etc... But I probably totally love Zac Brown Band best! SO MANY GOOD SONGS!!! Colder Weather, keep me in mind, settle me down and As she's walking away are such good songs!! I listen to them and just can't help singing along (if I can)!


Well I think I tore a muscle in my inner thigh, because IT HURT LIKE HELL on Friday morning!! I had to get some medicine because it was throbbing so bad. I couldn't even lay in bed and sleep because the pain was a constant throbbing! GAHHH IT WAS PAINFUL!!

It took an hour for the meds to kick in, but it helped me out for a few hours.


Today Sucked. NEXT!

Saturday (YES!)

I FINALLY GOT TO DO SOMETHING!! The week seemed to take FOREVER!! GODS, I HAD A HEAVY CASE OF BOTH SENORITIS AND LOVE SICKNESS!! I HAD TO SEE MY JESS!!! Also, I made plans to hang with Tracy. Lucky for us both, Jessica got to hang out with us too and I ended the day at Jessica's house.


Gods, I never realized how deprived I was as a child! DISNEY FREAKING ROCKS!!!! YES, EPIC WIN DISNEY!!


*Ahem* sorry. I just really love Disney movies.

Oh my Gosh, James was so cute Saturday night!! We saw a star in the sky and made a wish and he wanted it to be Christmas everyday but we knew that couldn't happen so we asked what the point of Christmas was and the cute little kid said it was about family and loving them! I told him that as long as he loves his family every day and gives them a hug and lets them know he loves them, that it'll be, in a since, Christmas every day!

He was so happy to hear that and gave me a hug! THIS KID ACTUALLY LOVES ME!!

Maybe I'm not so doomed after all... I mean, I'll have kids one day in 6 or 7 years, so I may as well embrace that this kid loves me!

Side note: I felt SOOO happy Saturday night, I felt my heart throbbing with love and happiness and it was too much for my heart to bear, I held onto my chest with one hand and when Jessica asked why and I told her, she smiled and looked like she was gonna cry! It was SO MOVING!!



Monday, April 2, 2012

Dress code violation?

Pardon the language, but I'm a little peeved about how some girls think they can wear any damn thing and get away with it. Well I usually don't care, but today, for some reason, it really pestered me. Here, let me better explain what happened today.

1st hour

I want into class, totally ready to kick this tests ass. I had a chapter 7 test and, all except for the graphing, I was ready to kick some butt! Turns out I got a 71%... Mehhh, at least it's not a failing grade, right? Oh whatever, that's not even the point!

There was this girl who I'm not even friends with, she's a Junior so I don't really know that many, but I know from being at school all year that she's one of "popular girls" among people in our school. Anyway, she came into class with a SERIOUSLY revealing shirt. Anymore cleavage and she may as well shouldn't have worn a shirt at all. Gods, it wasn't even appropriate at all!!

I guess now that I have a girlfriend, it bothers me more, because I wouldn't really care before. I mean, this girl had her breasts PRACTICALLY EXPOSED!! I felt violated and it wasn't at all appropriate. I know that's the world we live in, but I will NEVER let my child dress like that.

It's just sad that a parent doesn't care enough to wear clothing that covers there chest. I get that "booty jeans" are in style, I'm not going to complain about that, even though some people should NEVER wear those, but you should never, EVER have your chest so exposed it's that close to revealing. Even if you are popular, that's no excuse, and if that's WHY you're popular, it's not worth it. My friends don't care how I dress.

They won't make me wear anything I'm not comfortable in, in fact, they don't even dictate my clothing choices! I want to make it very clear that this disturbed me, I am thankful I had a test and we had to turn our desks, because she was VERY distracting to my education. I can't just approach some popular girl and tell her that the cleavage she has goin' on is offensive. She'd probably laugh and be like, "You know you like what you see." Well I got news sista, I got a girlfriend which means it's my obligation to not look at the breasts of another woman.

7th hour

This happened again 7th hour too. I have 6-7th hour blocked, but 7th hour, she had a shirt that went so low, it was WORSE then the shirt I saw the other girl wearing 1st hour!!


it's not that hard to keep your chest covered, I mean, seriously? You have to wear THAT to school? C'mon, you probably have a pretty big wardrobe, find something a little better fitting. If that doesn't work, go find a turtle neck sweater...

Post Content

I had to let that out, it really bugged the living crap out of me. I just wish I didn't have to deal with this everyday, but sadly, that girl from first hour does this a lot and the one is 7th hour doesn't mean too intentionally, it just happens, I think. But it isn't the first time she's done this either.

You have big breasts, great, now stop showing me your breasts and cover them up. Isn't there a dress code? It's getting warm, I'll admit that, but I wear shorts and a short sleeve shirt, not a low cut, chest exposing shirt.

What if I wore a button down shirt to school with only 3/4 of it buttoned, the top of my chest exposed. I would get comments, stares, and it would make me feel awkward, yet girls don't seem to give a damn if guy stare at them (or if they do, it's there own God damn fault)!!

What happened to morals? I am thankful that my parents gave me some, because I will NEVER let that happen with my children.

All I want to say is that if you're going to dress like slutty mistress, do it on your own time after school or on the weekends; I don't want to see you expose yourself like that.

Side note: That girl from first hour is great, in my opinion, she's very attractive and her personality is really bubbly and happy, which I find great, but if she doesn't keep the chest covered, she's gonna send the wrong message to, not only guys, but everyone.