Thursday, March 29, 2012

Projects I'm working on!

I guess I owe you a blog post, considering I won't be able to post this weekend. I don't really know what to post about though, it seems pointless to even try. But in an effort to post something, I can talk about the stories I'm working on!

I have a *ahem* secret blog post where I post stories I'm working on and plot outlines. No it's not my stories blog, but that is where I post short stories I've finished (The books never get released). I do love sharing my ideas with you guys, but I also don't want them stolen. All I can really tell you is that I am working on some great things and to add interest, here is a list of stories I'm working on, Titles only.

  • Twisted (A Novel)
  • Life is hell (Short Story)
  • Untitled song (Music)
  • Creature Series (Short Stories!)

That is hopefully going to keep you interested. I know it's not much though, but on the plus, you get to read my short stories, right? You have to be a personal friend to get my book plots though, just a rule I have. On the plus side though, I can say that I've finished the entire plot to Twisted and Life is hell, though I'm almost done with the Untitled song and I haven't even begun working on my Creature Series!

Gods, I'm so excited about all of this though and even though I have A LOT more projects in my hat, these are the ones filling my brain and begging me to work on. I will work on Life is hell next, I think.

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