Monday, March 26, 2012

No Laptop, No blog posts.

Oh my Gods, I'm so sorry! I have tried so hard to find an accessible computer around my house, only to find out my mom won't let me on hers. She has hers password protected and my latop just pooped out on Monday... Yeah, I'll get to that next.

Monday (3/19)

I was up until around 12:30am on my computer listening to music and contemplating posting a blog before I went to bed because Mon-Fri was my spring break. I opt out of blogging and go to bed. I wake up Monday morning and turn on my computer to post a blog because I'm freshly awake and can better process what I post. My computer turns on and a black screen comes up, I'm confused because I don't know what's happening. Only a small white line, in the top left corner, appears on the screen.

Nothing else. Nothing more.

I unplug my laptop and turn it back on to find the same thing happening again. God why?! It wouldn't pass that screen no matter what I did.

Side note: My computer has gotten so bad, it needs to be plugged in 24/7 to work. If it's not plugged it, it won't even turn on. Also, my computer keeps telling me that I need to change the battery and it's probably right, or was, until this happened.

Well I told my dad (regrettably he was home until Thursday, ruining my spring break) and he said it was trash now. GREAT! I hardly make 200 bucks a month income and my computer is trashed.

I looked it up and a new one, a decent one mind you, is around $300! Not to mention, I need to buy virus protection, Microsoft word, and a decent warranty! That's probably another 200 bucks! OH GOD WHY?!!

Nobody understands how badly I need a computer. I'm a writer. I'm a blogger. Its been driving me up the wall to not have a laptop for my entire spring break. My dad and sister say it's not necessary, but they only get on for Facebook and occasional yahoo articles. They're not a writer. They're not me.

So I might get a lucky break because I worked a HELLUVA lot of hours this month and it may just pay off. I'm planning on getting enough for the laptop and warranty. The one I'm looking at says it has Microsoft Word 2010 on it, but I think I still need a activation code, I'm not sure. before I buy anything, I'm talking to the store employees. I'm playing it safe and buying from Best Buy. They're a big name and they have the best quality electronics. I'm not letting this happen again.

OH YEAH! As an added bonus, my DirecTV went out Monday morning and I was unable to record and watch the SEASON FINALE of The River. I LOVE THAT SHOW TOO! But they don't have it on the show's site. I don't know why either...

Update: SCRATCH THAT!! They FINALLY posted it on the website. I'm gonna beg my mom to let me watch it when she get's home on her laptop before I work.

Well I just can't tell you enough of how sorry I am that this happened. I need a new laptop, but I can't afford it. My parents wouldn't live in a duplex and I wouldn't need to buy my own new laptop if  we had money. it sucks, it's a shame, and it's true. Sad day in the world when nobody has money. That's reality though, no worries.

Tuesday - Friday (3/20 - 3/23)

This week was the worst week of my life. Literally the entire week SUCKED! The only GOOD thing that happened was my dad FINALLY got Netflix and set it up on our Wii and I discovered how much I love "How I met your mother". That show is awesome! Thank you Netflix and thank you mom! haha.

Saturday was just mehh. Not worth mentioning.

Sunday (3/25)

Now I can mention Sunday. Out of every day this week, which being Sunday, doesn't really count, but who cares, I loved Sunday the best. I got to see Jessica AGAIN! YAYA!! Also, we got to see The Hunger Games, which rocked!! Lastly, Jessica and I went on a date and had a FANTASTIC time!!

OMG THE HUNGER GAMES WAS FREAKING EPIC!!! I loved it, totally awesome and very close to the book as well. They missed a few things that irked me, but I can't complain, just hope they do Catching Fire right. I'm currently reading Catching Fire so I hope it's good!! I bought it online spur of the moment, so it better be. I don't doubt that though.

OH! The date was totally awesome!! Jessica is the love of my life FOR A REASON!! She is totally frosty and I can't believe how lucky I am!! SHE IS JUST THAT EPIC!!!


Sorry, had to do it.

Post Content

I have really missed blogging, my fingers on a keyboard, typing vigorously away at something I'm passionate about. If there's any one class I loved the most in high school, its the typing class I took in 9th grade. Now that I've got a high GWAM (I think that's the right term, that or WPM?), I can say what I want easier. I can look at the wall and still type. HAHA, I'm doing it now!

Anyway, try to be patient with me and know that I can't post on weekends until further notice. I can only blog in study hall at school from here on until I get my laptop. Unless you want to mail me a check (or cash money) which I don't see happening, your outta luck for now. On the plus, I did finish that plot line for my novel Twisted (not final title) and I'm working on a short story series that I plan to type up sometime in the future, if I can. Thanks again for the patience, It means a lot.

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