Thursday, March 29, 2012

Projects I'm working on!

I guess I owe you a blog post, considering I won't be able to post this weekend. I don't really know what to post about though, it seems pointless to even try. But in an effort to post something, I can talk about the stories I'm working on!

I have a *ahem* secret blog post where I post stories I'm working on and plot outlines. No it's not my stories blog, but that is where I post short stories I've finished (The books never get released). I do love sharing my ideas with you guys, but I also don't want them stolen. All I can really tell you is that I am working on some great things and to add interest, here is a list of stories I'm working on, Titles only.

  • Twisted (A Novel)
  • Life is hell (Short Story)
  • Untitled song (Music)
  • Creature Series (Short Stories!)

That is hopefully going to keep you interested. I know it's not much though, but on the plus, you get to read my short stories, right? You have to be a personal friend to get my book plots though, just a rule I have. On the plus side though, I can say that I've finished the entire plot to Twisted and Life is hell, though I'm almost done with the Untitled song and I haven't even begun working on my Creature Series!

Gods, I'm so excited about all of this though and even though I have A LOT more projects in my hat, these are the ones filling my brain and begging me to work on. I will work on Life is hell next, I think.

Monday, March 26, 2012

No Laptop, No blog posts.

Oh my Gods, I'm so sorry! I have tried so hard to find an accessible computer around my house, only to find out my mom won't let me on hers. She has hers password protected and my latop just pooped out on Monday... Yeah, I'll get to that next.

Monday (3/19)

I was up until around 12:30am on my computer listening to music and contemplating posting a blog before I went to bed because Mon-Fri was my spring break. I opt out of blogging and go to bed. I wake up Monday morning and turn on my computer to post a blog because I'm freshly awake and can better process what I post. My computer turns on and a black screen comes up, I'm confused because I don't know what's happening. Only a small white line, in the top left corner, appears on the screen.

Nothing else. Nothing more.

I unplug my laptop and turn it back on to find the same thing happening again. God why?! It wouldn't pass that screen no matter what I did.

Side note: My computer has gotten so bad, it needs to be plugged in 24/7 to work. If it's not plugged it, it won't even turn on. Also, my computer keeps telling me that I need to change the battery and it's probably right, or was, until this happened.

Well I told my dad (regrettably he was home until Thursday, ruining my spring break) and he said it was trash now. GREAT! I hardly make 200 bucks a month income and my computer is trashed.

I looked it up and a new one, a decent one mind you, is around $300! Not to mention, I need to buy virus protection, Microsoft word, and a decent warranty! That's probably another 200 bucks! OH GOD WHY?!!

Nobody understands how badly I need a computer. I'm a writer. I'm a blogger. Its been driving me up the wall to not have a laptop for my entire spring break. My dad and sister say it's not necessary, but they only get on for Facebook and occasional yahoo articles. They're not a writer. They're not me.

So I might get a lucky break because I worked a HELLUVA lot of hours this month and it may just pay off. I'm planning on getting enough for the laptop and warranty. The one I'm looking at says it has Microsoft Word 2010 on it, but I think I still need a activation code, I'm not sure. before I buy anything, I'm talking to the store employees. I'm playing it safe and buying from Best Buy. They're a big name and they have the best quality electronics. I'm not letting this happen again.

OH YEAH! As an added bonus, my DirecTV went out Monday morning and I was unable to record and watch the SEASON FINALE of The River. I LOVE THAT SHOW TOO! But they don't have it on the show's site. I don't know why either...

Update: SCRATCH THAT!! They FINALLY posted it on the website. I'm gonna beg my mom to let me watch it when she get's home on her laptop before I work.

Well I just can't tell you enough of how sorry I am that this happened. I need a new laptop, but I can't afford it. My parents wouldn't live in a duplex and I wouldn't need to buy my own new laptop if  we had money. it sucks, it's a shame, and it's true. Sad day in the world when nobody has money. That's reality though, no worries.

Tuesday - Friday (3/20 - 3/23)

This week was the worst week of my life. Literally the entire week SUCKED! The only GOOD thing that happened was my dad FINALLY got Netflix and set it up on our Wii and I discovered how much I love "How I met your mother". That show is awesome! Thank you Netflix and thank you mom! haha.

Saturday was just mehh. Not worth mentioning.

Sunday (3/25)

Now I can mention Sunday. Out of every day this week, which being Sunday, doesn't really count, but who cares, I loved Sunday the best. I got to see Jessica AGAIN! YAYA!! Also, we got to see The Hunger Games, which rocked!! Lastly, Jessica and I went on a date and had a FANTASTIC time!!

OMG THE HUNGER GAMES WAS FREAKING EPIC!!! I loved it, totally awesome and very close to the book as well. They missed a few things that irked me, but I can't complain, just hope they do Catching Fire right. I'm currently reading Catching Fire so I hope it's good!! I bought it online spur of the moment, so it better be. I don't doubt that though.

OH! The date was totally awesome!! Jessica is the love of my life FOR A REASON!! She is totally frosty and I can't believe how lucky I am!! SHE IS JUST THAT EPIC!!!


Sorry, had to do it.

Post Content

I have really missed blogging, my fingers on a keyboard, typing vigorously away at something I'm passionate about. If there's any one class I loved the most in high school, its the typing class I took in 9th grade. Now that I've got a high GWAM (I think that's the right term, that or WPM?), I can say what I want easier. I can look at the wall and still type. HAHA, I'm doing it now!

Anyway, try to be patient with me and know that I can't post on weekends until further notice. I can only blog in study hall at school from here on until I get my laptop. Unless you want to mail me a check (or cash money) which I don't see happening, your outta luck for now. On the plus, I did finish that plot line for my novel Twisted (not final title) and I'm working on a short story series that I plan to type up sometime in the future, if I can. Thanks again for the patience, It means a lot.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Love is more than a feeling

Love is more than a feeling or word to express how you feel, it's an expression. Love is something more than just a magical word to describe something wonderful and pure. I like to think love is an outward expression of your feelings towards another human being.

When I say, "I love you.", what am I really saying? Is it just words, laced with the emotion of the sender? Perhaps, depending on either the context of the phrasing or the person from who sends it/receives it. When I tell someone that I love them, I want them to know that I fully mean it with every breath I send there way.

When the words reach there ears, I want them to feel warm, inviting arms wrap around there heart and give it a kiss. I want them to know that, without a shadow of a doubt, that they are truly loved. The way that I feel towards them is not conditional, temporary, or for any personal gain. The love I feel is pure, real, and forever true.

Gods, I want them to know that love is not just something you see on the other side of a television screen, something fictional characters portray. LOVE IS REAL! I want to be the kind of man that can make someone smile with pure happiness or cry tears of joy when I tell them I love them, because they know that I mean it with every ounce of who I am.

In a relationship, I want my significant other to know that my soul longs for them and when I say that I love them, it means that every hour, minute, and second I'm away from them, My soul stretches out a desperate hand, hoping to again return to the one I love.

Jessica Willis is the one and true love of my life. Jessica makes me truly the happiest person alive. You hear the phrase "love changes you" but never fully know what it means or if it's true. You see others with someone they "love" and can't help but smile, because you think they've found that love, that they've changed for the better, only to know the true difference when it finds you.

When loves changes you, it doesn't mean you're changing for someone else, perhaps your significant other, it means your changing into a happier person. It doesn't come across strongly enough when you read it, but trust me when I say it's true! Cease the day fellow readers! Find love, become happy, and let the arrow of love pierce your heart, filling it with warmth!

They always say that you have a cold heart until love comes and melts away the ice. It's truly a cute metaphor until the actuality of it is revealed. Love doesn't do anything, yet another human being gives you feelings that stir within you, making the things you were once bitter against, the hate that once took shelter in your heart leave and go back to the world before now.

In a lighter metaphor, a new chapter of your life begins and you like it. You have a fresh understanding of what love really is and you take each step with a renewed confidence. No longer will you sit behind a desk, waiting for yesterday to catch up! Tomorrow will have to put on it's running shoes, because you'll take leaps forward and love truly gives you an feeling of true delight!

Love is not an inexpressible feeling nor emotion that baffles you for explanation. It is expressible and it's truly a magnificent feeling.

I can say with full confidence that I am indisputably and irrevocably in love with you Jessica Willis! You are the air in which I breath, the motivation for which keeps me moving (forward), the passion in which these words are so deeply laced with, and total and complete love of my life. I love you Jessica Willis. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, and every day in between, I love you!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Double Ligament Whammy!

Here's something new, I declined a shift at work to see my girlfriend.
Yes, way. As a bonus, I didn't regret any of it.
OH NO! No regret?
Hmmm... Guess you should stop talking to yourself again and tell everyone about it.
Good Idea. Zachary Out.
Copy that Zachary. Zachary Out.. too.


I'm skipping Monday because it's always "bleh-day" and nothing fun happens unless I say so and I don't say so because I lived it and yeah, Tuesday was better.

I got out of school early, around 2:30 and had a doctors appt. with a specialist about my foot. Turns out I have a torn ligament on both sides of my foot and a problem with my tendon (I think he said it was torn too) but my ankle is fine. No broken bone, no problems, but everything around it is jacked up. PERFECT!

Actually, they're surprised I didn't break anything, but also glad (if you know what I mean). Apparently though, broken bones heal faster then sprains and sprains heal faster then torn ligaments. This is my first injury, ever, so I guess if your going to do it once, go big, right? (Because I don't plan on doing this again, EVER!).

After the appt., I got to go to Jessica's house and we hung out. We played Wii with James (Jessica's younger brother), which James was so anxiously waiting to do. I'm not good at playing with kids, but I think James had a good time and likes me more. I hope so, I know that one day, when my relationship with Jessica evolves, James will be older (only being 10 now) and he'll have a stronger opinion in his teen years. Trust me, my sister has strong opinions and MAKES THEM KNOWN!

I'm not saying James will be like my sister, just that teens have STRONG opinions. I want him to like me now so there isn't any complication in the future, y'know? I am no good with kids, honestly, but I know that James likes me, Jessica's told me so, and I just hope it stays that way.

side note: I guess I'm an intense gamer, because I guess I'm more "intense" when playing. Meh, least I'm not the only one.

For dinner, I had this hamburger helper stuff and Jessica and I watched, The Warriors Way, which was an OK movie, but I would only give it 3 stars. It wasn't very good, but it was still enough of a good movie that I kept watching it. I don't honestly think Jessica cared if we watched it or not, because I held her in my arms and we quietly talked.

I went home around 10pm, after losing in a match of checkers (I'll win next time!) and was going to bed, when I decided to get on Facebook real quick first.

Turns out, A friend from school posted a Hunger Games interview on his page and it was really cool (it was with the actress who plays Effie Trinket). The related videos led me to some scenes from the movie WHICH WERE EPIC!!! I loved the interview with Rue!! IT CONFIRMED THAT I'LL PROBABLY CRY DURING THE MOVIE!!

I just hope I can keep it together... But probably not, since I absolutely love this book and almost every character, especially Rue!!

Post Content

I hope Catching Fire get here soon, I ordered it on Friday of last week and I don't want to wait anymore! I WANT TO READ IT NOW!! I'm not patient about this, if you couldn't tell...


Monday, March 12, 2012

He's not Virginia, he's John Carter!

All I can do is smile as I think about how my weekend went, mostly because Sunday was freakin' awesome! I'm glad to know that I had a good weekend and the happiness is great! OH! I gotta talk about Friday now! NEXT PARAGRAPH!!


I GOT TO WORK!!! HALLELUJAH!!!! I THREW MY CRUTCHES OUT THE WINDOW AND WENT TO THE TREE OF LEMONS WITH A SMILE!!! Gods, I hate missing work because of DUMB injury's that should have NEVER happened. It was working that made me happy on Friday. That is all.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot!! I finished The Hunger Games on Friday because I couldn't stop reading it and I bought Catching Fire and MockingJay online after school! SO FREAKIN' EPIC!!!

Side note: I had to work with one of our newest employees Toung, because he was lucky to have his FIRST CLOSINGS SHIFT with me. Ugh, it wasn't fun having to train him on cashier, but I was nice and I hope he learned something.

Side note 2: Kelsey came in to help us close because I couldn't really sweep or what-not in my crutches. I did machines and counted the drawer and by then we were almost done. I was glad Kelsey helped.


I worked AGAIN! YAY!!! I was happy to work too because I did nothing all day, but watch Big Bang Theory and go to the library. When we went to the library, I was only there to pick up some books, but I went to my last name and they weren't there so I was like, "Hmmm, I was #1... Wonder why they're not here."

I stopped to think and realized I used my SECOND library card, because my primary is blocked with $94 in fines. So I went to Washburn and my books were there!

Side note: Yes, I made my alternate self Zeke Washburn. It's only funny if you've seen the videos... get in the know, haha.

Actually, thinking about it now, those videos are awesome, and while they're the only videos I ever used profane language in openly, I may just add a tab with them embedded for viewer enjoyment. YEAH! Check the tabs in the next day or so, I'll add it soon!

Side note: TO LATE! I was so excited about it, I saved this post and created that new post! I was really excited about it, sorry! (But for your enjoyment, I briefly mentioned the third installment that was never filmed).

Anyway, while I was at the library , I decided to check out the DVD's and saw so many, I ended up checking out 12 movies! WOOT!

I went home and watched one of my movies, Vampires Suck, and it was FUNNY!! I watched the Theatrical Version though, I'll probably go back and watched the unrated version later this week, but as for now, I'm at school and can't.


I woke up with a smile on my face, because I knew today would be grand! I had to go to church, I had no excuses for this week and it'd been over a month, so I got a ride from Michael and was there from 8am till 12pm.

8-9am - Praise and Worship Practice
9-10am - Sunday School
10-12am - Praise and Worship and Morning Service

I regretted going around 9:30, but truly felt it at 10:45am. I wanted to leave, find the exit, and go home. Sadly, I couldn't. You see, there is a law, once you enter church grounds, you can't leave until permitted. It's pretty ancient and I'm not messing with that. Besides, I'm afraid Michael and everyone would get offended or think I'm "back sliding" or whatever and I respect Michael enough not to do that, he's a great man.

Side note: I really hated Sunday School, because there were 3 new people and two of them were just... I don't  know, really annoying. I didn't like them, this one new girl even kicked me because I was "in her space". I don't like kids for a reason and my Sunday School is supposed to be for 16 year +, not for anyone younger, I was so confused as to why the annoying runts were in our group. It makes me never want to go again. I'm not joking either.

I think out of everyone in my life, Michael is the ONLY person, other than Jessica that I'm 100% comfortable talking too. He just has a aura of trust and his policy of "you be real with me and I'll be real with you" is totally perfect. I respect that and can't don't forget it. Though we haven't talked much, mostly because I haven't been to church, I still trust him.

Anyway, after service, my mom picked us up and Jessica and I hung out in my room for a few hours before leaving to go get some food from Price Chopper (for dinner that nigh and snacks for the movies). After that, we had a quick lunch before Tracy came over at 3pm.

When Tracy got there, we had a Creative Writing session and I talked about my book, Twisted. (which isn't the actual title, just a temp. title until further notice).  to let you great readers of my blog know, I'm on chapter 16 of the plot outline, but in what I've written in a word document, I've only got 8 chapters. I'VE ALMOST PLOTTED MY ENTIRE BOOK!! (which is actually a novella).

I think once I've plotted it out, I'll think of a book summary (like what goes on the back of the book) so I can share that with you guys. It's only fair that you know what I'm writing so before you buy my book, you have an idea of what it's about. Unless you just stalk me and don't really care about anything I'm doing, secretly sitting behind the computer screen and keeping tabs on me with a notepad...

NAH! I doubt anyone does that.

Anyway, Kelsey came over at 5pm and we hung out until 6:30pm talking about book ideas and such. ONWARD TO THE MOVIE!!

JOHN CARTER WAS SO FREAKIN' EPIC!!! I have no idea why it only got 30 million dollars at the box office!! IT WAS REALLY GOOD!! The plot was the best part!! I HAVE NEVER SEEN A MORE PLOT DEVELOPED MOVIE!! IT WAS SO EPIC!!! I love how the plot was STRONG and KEPT THE MOVIE GOING but DIDN'T GET BORING!! IT WAS FREAKIN' EPIC!!

*ahem* Umm, yes, well... uhhh, after the, uhh, movie, we decided to go back to my house, Kelsey went home, and we ate some ravioli and watched Once Upon A Time on TV.

Jessica wasn't feeling very well towards the end of the night, which is sad, because she said there was nothing I could do, because her eye hurt, but I just hope she feels better Monday morning...

Post Content

I think being able to work made me really happy, but getting to see Kelsey 3 days in a row was really awesome too! We never get to hang out anymore and to see her both at work and on Sunday to hang out with, was awesome!

I hate it when Jessica's eye hurts, because I can never do anything to help, because, honestly there is nothing to do. I mean, if she needed a massage or lost something, I could help, but I just... I hate it when I can't help her, y'know? Makes me feel like a lousy boyfriend (or best friend even)!

On the plus of the night, Tracy let me borrow Wii Sport Resort and I'm gonna play that AS MUCH AS I CAN!! I freakin' love that game!! IT'S FUN!!!

I see my specialist for my ankle on Tuesday, so I hope he says I won't need the boot long... I mean PE is getting SO BORING having to write papers on terms and such, mehhh.... I just want to get better is all.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Can anyone say, "OUCH"?!

Well I can't say the past week has been uneventful, because a hell of a lot has sure happened. I should just dive into this and find a way to tell you the news.

Wednesday 2/29

I was in Weight Training class and we were on the last activity, where we jump over boxes, they go up just past your ankles, and I was running through like we were supposed too when my foot hit one half way through. I stumble through the rest and try to stop myself when I'm at the end, I slam my right foot down and the rest I can't honestly remember. I just know I landed on my ankle wrong and it began swelling up like a macy's day balloon before I could take 3 steps.

I tried walking, but the pain in my ankle totally immobilized me. I had done something to my ankle and I didn't know what. I had to get help going to the nurses office and when I got there, she put ice on it right away and called my mom because I had to leave school; my mom was taking me to the ER.

When I got to the ER, it took them 6 hours to tell me I had a sever sprain and needed a splint and crutches. 6 FREAKING HOURS!!! I hadn't eaten since 7:25am and it was around 6pm when we got out of the hospital, I WAS HUNGRY!!! Mehhh....

Thursday 3/1

It sucked terribly. I had to hobble around school, my arms were KILLING ME by the time I got home from school, and I had to sort screws in Stage Craft to get my points.

Side note: In Stage Craft, I noticed a book laying on the table where I was sorting screws so I decided to look at it. It was someone's copy of The Hunger Games. I decided to start reading it and got to about page 29 by the end of the block, I think Young was just being nice.

Well my mom pulled me out of school 10 minutes early to avoid all the people in the halls while I was on crutches and on the way out, my friend James (who delivered the note to me to leave early) let me borrow his copy of The Hunger Games. It was nice of him and gave me something to do over the extended weekend.

Friday 3/2

No school. I stayed in my room ALL DAY until around 8pm when I went downstairs to eat dinner. MY MOM BOUGHT CHINESE!!! I LOVE HER!!!

Saturday 3/3

I woke up and took a shower, which is SO HARD TO DO when you only get to use ONE FOOT to stand up, that foot NOT being your dominant one. MEHH! But oh well. around 2pm, my dad got home and we went pick up Jessica to go eat. We ate and I had so much fun with Jessica. Even though we went to a buffet and she had to get me plates of food, I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!

I was thinking she'd call me a whinny baby and make me get my own food, but she must really love me because she didn't complain once and only smiled and loved me still. I think we even may have bonded. I was glad for that.


After we ate, Hannah went to Tommy's and I went to my house with Jessica. Jessica and I hung out at my house. It was like any other time we hung out, we just chilled, talked, etc... the usual stuff we do!

Sunday 3/4

4 words should describe my whole day: I was with Jessica.

Side note: I love being with my girlfriend, Jessica is totally awesome!!

Monday 3/5

I was totally thinking today would go differently. Actually, I ended up having 4 appointments with a doctor.

First, 8:15am with my doc to check out my ankle.
Second, 12:30pm at the hospital to get an MRI
Third, 2pm at some doc office next to a different hospital to get my boot.


Side note: I hope nobody found that offensive, I didn't mean it that way... I SWEAR!! Just came out that way.

Tuesday - Thursday (3/6 - 3/8)

Mehhh, I went to school, used the elevator, people stared at me like I was a monkey doing something weird, and when I went in public, children always pointed and asked there "mommy's" how I got hurt.

"He got a boo boo" or "He got an ouchie" was there response.... When do I get pain for there amusement?

Post Content


Other than that, I'm still waiting for my free copy of Jessica and Tracy's book, Last of the Demigods: The Missing Symbols. I would buy one, but I'm already reading The Hunger Games and I TOTALLY LOVE IT!!!

The sucky part is that Catching Fire, the 2nd in the series, isn't available and I'm on a list... Mehhh!! I'll never get it.... Maybe I'll just buy it, who knows. It's 10 bucks online but 18 bucks at the store... It all depends if it fits in my budget...

OH YEAH!! On Tuesday I got my budget all figured out, thanks to my amazing girlfriend Jessica Willis!! BABY I WOULD BE LOST WITHOUT YOU!!! And to be honest, thats the truth!! OMG!!

DUDE!! GO PICK UP A COPY OF THE HUNGER GAMES TODAY!!! THERE IS A REASON WHY EVERYONE LOVES IT!!!! Also, give the movie justice! Read the book first, then get angry at what they screw up! I love doing that, as a real fan.

I did it with Percy Jackson and I'll do it with this. Twilight was pretty good, but That had a lot of detail so not much to screw up. And I never read Harry Potter because my parents wouldn't let me... Maybe I can pick up that next!!

Either way, I'm glad I've gotten back into reading, it helps me write better and keeps me motivated. That and being with Jess, but that's a different story.