Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oliver Twist during intermission

I got to see Jessica on Thursday night. That made me quite happy. I was very pleased to see her, very pleased indeed. Wait, why am I speaking like a crazy person? GAHH!! Next paragraph!


So Jessica came over at 6pm and we hung out until the Musical at my school, Oliver Twist, was being played. I had to go for 100 points in my Tech Theatre and Stagecraft classes, but I also wanted to see it regardless. Jessica so kindly agreed to go see it with me, because I didn't want to go alone to see a musical, I didn't know how that'd make me look, but she likes musicals too so I was glad she agreed to go.

Well the musical was just fantastic and I absolutely loved it!! I can't believe how awesome it was either, just fantastic!! I could go on forever, but no matter how much I rant about it, it's always going to be truly a fantastic and one of my favorite musicals my school will probably EVER do!

During intermission, I was checking my texts and my friend Tracy had text me saying in all caps, "THE BOOK HAS BEEN PUBLISHED!!!!!" I flipped out and decided to show Jessica the text, which made her began to FLIP OUT!!! Jessica called Tracy and they freaked out together, then Jessica called her mom and THEY freaked out together and I WAS SO HAPPY FOR JESSICA!!!

Side note: I will post a seperate blog for you guys so you can know about the book, but this is an ACTUAL FICTION BOOK!! Jessica, my girlfriend, is now an official, real, author!! Like Rick Riordan, Stephenie Meyer, and J.K. Rowling, Jessica Willis has co-written a book with my friend Tracy and THEY HAVE OFFICIALLY PUBLISHED IT NOW!!!

*Ahem* anyway... After the musical was over, Jessica and I hung out at my house and watched the big bang theory for about an hour before we decided to take Jessica home because I get to see her on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday again! I usually only get to see Jessica once or twice a week, but to see her for 3 days in a week is truly a fantastic pleasure and it makes me super happy!

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I can't wait until Jessica and I get to college! It's going to be a truly fantastic experience that I know I'll remember forever! I'm sure Missouri Northwest doesn't have crazy parties, but even if they did, I probably wouldn't go, like the big bang theory on episode six of season one, I cannot socialize at parties. I am the quiet guy who sits on the couch and waits for someone to talk to him.  I can't can't bring myself to socialize. That's how I am at school dances too. Thanks Gods, I only have to go to prom at Jessica's school and mine. After that, no way I'll go to anymore!

As for the rest of my week, I plan on seeing Ghost Rider on Friday (that's today!) and celebrating Jessica's birthday on Saturday. Also, I'm going to see Journey 2 on Sunday with Jessica.

Speaking of Sunday, that's Jessica's 19th birthday! I can't wait to give her the gift I've picked out!! IT'S GONNA ROCK!!!

She's gonna love me forever... Oh wait, she already said she will. I win. She wins. WE BOTH WIN! That's my kinda love story.

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