Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Visit from Northwest!

So I may not have mentioned it, but my came home last Friday and he left yesterday morning. I felt compelled to say that and now that I have, I feel better. I don't know why.


So Monday was a B day, so I had Tech Theatre, but I actually have something to talk about BEFORE that class (actually, I'm not talking about it at all)! At lunch (probably 30 minutes before Tech Theatre), I saw that Northwest was at my school that day during lunch. I had no idea prior to lunch, but I was like, "What great timing!" So I ate my lunch and after I finished I walked over to the table and got some very useful information!

I found out that there is a deadline for a few things, but this stupid booklet I have is confusing so I can't find it! I'm probably going to tell you in my next post about it, but right now I can't. Sorry about that.

In other news, I have been talking to Jessica a lot lately about our future. As we grow closer graduation, we can't help but think about our future together! We have a serious case of senoritis I'm guessing, BUT! That's okay, we know there are 110 days until I graduate and probably around the same for Jessica, but we are still going crazy and want to graduate NOW! It's crazy thinking about where my life will take me after I graduate.

I am sure that all my Sophomore and Junior friends will lose contact with me and some of my Senior friends will probably never talk to me again too, but thats okay, because I know that my truly real friends will stick around during the summer and hopefully the rest of my life! But I honestly hope that even if you only read this blog because you know of me, you'll keep reading as I go through my journey in college and life after!

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I think that my life is going to be a great one and I believe that college will open my eyes to a lot of things. I just hope that it turns out to be as successful as I plan it to be!

Tonight, I'm going to eat dinner with Jessica and her family, because she has her eye surgery tomorrow and she can't eat for 24 hours before the surgery. She wanted seafood so I already feel bad about ordering seafood, because I know it isn't cheap. I'm going to sit by Jessica and ask her what I should get, because I've never eaten at Red Lobster before IN MY LIFE!! I know, hold your gasps, but I can't say that after today.

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  1. You never know we might go somewhere else... Now my mom is telling me she does not feel too great... Hopefully she will get better as the day goes on....