Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Visit from Northwest!

So I may not have mentioned it, but my came home last Friday and he left yesterday morning. I felt compelled to say that and now that I have, I feel better. I don't know why.


So Monday was a B day, so I had Tech Theatre, but I actually have something to talk about BEFORE that class (actually, I'm not talking about it at all)! At lunch (probably 30 minutes before Tech Theatre), I saw that Northwest was at my school that day during lunch. I had no idea prior to lunch, but I was like, "What great timing!" So I ate my lunch and after I finished I walked over to the table and got some very useful information!

I found out that there is a deadline for a few things, but this stupid booklet I have is confusing so I can't find it! I'm probably going to tell you in my next post about it, but right now I can't. Sorry about that.

In other news, I have been talking to Jessica a lot lately about our future. As we grow closer graduation, we can't help but think about our future together! We have a serious case of senoritis I'm guessing, BUT! That's okay, we know there are 110 days until I graduate and probably around the same for Jessica, but we are still going crazy and want to graduate NOW! It's crazy thinking about where my life will take me after I graduate.

I am sure that all my Sophomore and Junior friends will lose contact with me and some of my Senior friends will probably never talk to me again too, but thats okay, because I know that my truly real friends will stick around during the summer and hopefully the rest of my life! But I honestly hope that even if you only read this blog because you know of me, you'll keep reading as I go through my journey in college and life after!

Post Content

I think that my life is going to be a great one and I believe that college will open my eyes to a lot of things. I just hope that it turns out to be as successful as I plan it to be!

Tonight, I'm going to eat dinner with Jessica and her family, because she has her eye surgery tomorrow and she can't eat for 24 hours before the surgery. She wanted seafood so I already feel bad about ordering seafood, because I know it isn't cheap. I'm going to sit by Jessica and ask her what I should get, because I've never eaten at Red Lobster before IN MY LIFE!! I know, hold your gasps, but I can't say that after today.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Unpredictable pain

So I've been trying to figure out a few things in my head, but it just isn't working out for me. I get so confused when I can't find the answer and what makes it worse is when it's staring you in the face. Now I've taken the time to know it's not in front of me, but I just hope I get the answers I seek soon.


So I don't exactly remember anything that happened Wed - Friday (And I know I did SOMETHING on Wednesday...) so I'm going to just talk about Saturday. Basically Saturday morning was very boring. Nobody did squat and we had waffles for breakfast and Jessica is still in pain. WAIT! Have you been reading her blog? If you haven't, then you won't know what I mean, because I haven't mentioned it.

Yes, click on this link to read the full blog post(s), but basically (A quick summary) Jessica had her wisdom teeth removed last Wednesday (THAT'S WHAT IT WAS!) and she is in a ton of pain! It really sucks for her because she got it worse then I did. Mine were growing in sideways and I went to the dentist, they stuck a huge needle in my mouth and numbed me up and did the surgery while I was awake and Jessica was knocked out, but woke up during the middle of it and was in total pain! She also has not been able to eat anything but NOODLES since Wednesday! Let's just back up and go to Wednesday...


She also found out today that the stitches weren't in all the way and a stitch either popped or they didn't close it fully, but she was finally able to open her mouth enough today to see it in the back... The worse part is the doctor (She went to a dental school where students did the surgery) won't see her till tomorrow, which I think is BOGUS!!!

When I got my wisdom teeth taken out, it was terrible! I wasn't able to do jack-squat for 2 days. My mom made me go to school the day after too!! So Jessica is lucky she gets to miss school, I had to go to school with my cheeks swollen and everything!! Regardless of that, I made a YouTube video that shows my swollen cheeks too (A vlog)!!

Thursday (I remembered something)

Tracy also got her wisdom teeth taken out on Thursday, but Tracy's grew in strait and was a simple "Let's pull them out" surgery. Tracy was eating doughnuts the next day. On Friday, she was eating Chinese food. Tracy is one of my newest and best friends and I totally love having her around, because she is SO FUN and one hell of a great author, but I don't think she realizes how easily it is to offend Jessica.

Jessica is so upset that Tracy is able to eat food regularly again, while she is stuck eating noodles for 3 days strait (literally, for 3 whole days, she eaten nothing BUT NOODLES). I told Tracy that she needs to take the food convo and throw it out the window until next week when Jessica is fine again.

Lucky for Jessica, she was able to eat a egg sandwich today for the first time! I was so happy for her, because she said it tasted like heaven compared to the noodles, which I'd agree with! Ramon noodles get SO OLD, SO FAST!! I know I'm going to college, but Ramon Noodles are NOT on my menu, EVER!! I would rather starve, because that's gross! I will have money in my pocket and I'll spend that.

Saturday (again)

So Saturday evening, I was able to go see Jessica at her house, she had to ask her parents. I was doing nothing at home anyway (just messing around on the wii playing a Pokemon Rumble Demo) so when she asked and got a yes, she was SO HAPPY!! I told my parents, I got my socks and shoes on and we left the house!

My parents already wanted to leave to go see my uncle so it was fine with them. I got to Jessica's house and I didn't actually stand there like an awkward penguin! (that's a new joke from a facebook picture that Jessica and I share). I walked over to the couch.... Then I stood there like an awkward penguin!

Inside joke between Jessica and myself

Well Jessica and I watched some movies that her dad got from Redbox and I liked them all. I've never been one for "based on a true story" animal movies, but they're okay. After we finished watching the first 2 movies, Jessica's dad ordered a pizza and I went with him to pick them up. I talked to her dad about DVR and cable on the way to get the pizza (and he explained why they don't have any cable at all).

On the way back, we didn't really talk that much, but I carried the pizza in when we got back home. I brought the pizza in and ate a slice of pizza. Jessica sadly couldn't eat anything but the sausage and cheese so only ate the one and gave me the crust. After the 3rd movie was over, Jessica's dad took me home, which was about 11 o'clock or so.

After  I got home from Jessica's, I text Bethany to tell her that I wasn't going to church. She replied asking why and I told her I was tired and didn't want to go tomorrow. She told me that was the STUPIDEST reason she had EVER heard and she "hopes I straiten up..." WHAT THE HECK?! What kind of friend says that?!

I text her back telling her that she was RUDE and I was deeply offended. She told me that she WAS being a good friend and she's just being realistic (yeah... rigggght) and maybe I should take a break. FROM WHAT?! I asked her and she said that I obviously don't get it and won't for awhile, but "that's okay". I felt totally insulted at this point!! I told her she doesn't get bragging rights so she needs to stop acting better then me and that she still has faults herself! she said she wasn't bragging and "I said it, not her" and i was just confused at this point! and VERY angry.

Things got ugly after that and I told her she was a bad christian and horrible friend and other things I shouldn't have said (or thought for that matter). I just wish Bethany didn't take things so seriously and wasn't such a literal person. SHE DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO HAVE FUN!!!! Just because you're a hardcore christian doesn't mean you can't have fun!! GEESH!! I think Bethany is great, her advice is awesome and I always go to her first, but I just don't get why she has to get so upset with me. I can still be a strong christian and miss church once every now and then.

I'm not going to cry over what's happened, but I'm going to hope that she forgets this by Wednesday because I don't want to have to explain it to her again. Luckily she works today and won't bother me for now. I just feel bad is all.

Post Content

After Saturday night, I won't get to see Jessica again until February 12th. We're going to miss our 2 month anniversary, which really upsets Jessica, but I'll be happy as long as I know I can see her again after her eye surgery. Jessica's eye surgery is on February 1st at 1 o'clock  and has a 2 week recovery time. I am going to be able to see her for valentines day and her birthday at least!! Jessica told me already that it was okay to combine her birthday and valentines day into one event  (Jessica's birthday is February 19th), but I don't feel like that's right. Sure, I can see her on the 12th of February and I probably won't be able to see her again until February 19th (we can only see each other on Sundays, usually...) but I just don't feel right combining the 2 events.

I think I'll go to some stores and try to find something I can do for Valentines day on the 12th of February and do her birthday on the 19th of February. I'll save up my January paycheck and try to figure something out. I have 2 weeks to figure it out, because I won't be able to see her, but I still want to make sure it's special.

I may not have had a serious relationship before, but I'm going to make sure I'm damn well prepared for this one! There are a few holidays you don't screw up when you have a significant other. Valentines day and birthdays are in that list. Jessica's birthday happens to be the weekend after valentines day so I'm playing it safe and separating the events.

If anyone was wondering if I found out who reported my blog was, the answer is no. They did a good job of covering there tracks. I have a hunch it's someone Tiffany knows, personally, but Tiffany won't tell me. Gods, I keep hearing from everyone that I need to drop it, but I don't want this to happen after I go to college. If my blog gets reported to a higher authority in college, I'm screwed!

I'm going to let it go as suggested. Tiffany and I are friends now, that's what matters! I don't know who I'd be ranting about now, so I think my my life (and this blog) will find some consistency for once and that's good!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Resolution and Growth

So I had an interesting chat yesterday with someone who's been frequently discussed on my blog in the past few posts. I think that it's finally coming out into the open whats going on. I also know now that someone is reading my blog with malicious intent... So any readers who know me at all, keep your eyes peeled... Someone is trying to shut down my blog...

Side note: We all remember last year, the controversy between George, Kyle, and myself, right? Well as of right now, almost a year later, George and I are fine again. We're not friends, but we've become acquaintances. We can talk and be civil and things are looking good. As for Kyle... I haven't talked to him much since the incident. I think I really offended him and it's my own fault. I'm living every day with the regret of losing a great friend who gave me great memories. Also, George and Gavin's mom still completely hates my guts. I just wish that it would have worked out better... Now that it's "blown over" and everyone has moved on (or so I thought), I was hoping I could rebuild the life I had, making improvements, and making a better life... Guess that won't be happening as long as that woman hates me. Until George and Gavin move out, I'm screwed.


I mentioned that incident (which you'd have to hit the archives to find, though A LOT of content was removed from my blog) because this is almost the same thing... almost. There is no negativity on both sides, just mine, as said by the principle. Apparently I'm the weak link. I'm the problem, and I need to fix it. Not really, but that's what Dr. Principle says. But I'm solving that in this post, I'm posting THE TRUTH. Because I've found it, well... I've taken a step in the right direction.

Here's what I'll do, I'll explain Tuesday's events in Tech Theatre and then ask you, my fellow reader, to help me out with something.

So in tech theatre, we pretty much stood around and did squat, yet again, because Oliver will be playing in 22 days. Well all i did was paint one thing black and I had the rest of the hour to myself. So 7th hour, we were sitting in the house (audience seats) and Tiffany was in the back middle of the front section working on homework and I was in the front left sitting my Lexie. I was trying to talk myself into talking to her, but I ended up freaking myself out more. So will one final shove, I threw myself out of the seat and walked to Tiffany.

I didn't sit next to her, but left one seat between us (I don't want to freak her out) and asked her, "Can we talk?" She replied with a, "Sure." but seemed nervous... I proceeded to tell her about my visit with the principle and asked her, "Why didn't you just talk to me? I could have solved the issue right away..." or something to that effect.

She told me that she DID NOT report me to the office and HAS NOT read my blog AT ALL recently. In fact, she hasn't been on my blog in MONTHS! She swears to me that she's telling the truth. Now knowing that she's in FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), I don't think she'd lie to me... I then asked her if anyone had talked to her or told her anything and she said that nobody had told her anything. I believe her too, I am 85% sure that she is being totally honest.

Now I talked to her in the last 15 minutes of class, so the bell rang shortly after our conversation and I left the room totally puzzled. A lot of people in my 6-7 Block class read my blog (Robin (I think), Casey, etc...) and they asked if I talked to her as they were leaving. I told them that I talked to her and she didn't report me.

I was so confused as I walked to the bus. Why would someone report my blog? If it wasn't Tiffany (who I was blogging about), then who in the hell was it?! You know that relief you feel when you find out the truth? It totally washes away the mystery of never knowing. Well I felt relief, but it became mixed with a deep confusion. I am so confused right now!! WHO REPORTED MY BLOG TO THE PRINCIPLE??!!!

Post Content

Here is where I need your help, as my reader. If you don't life anywhere near me or don't know me at all, then this won't affect you, but if you do... I need some help. Apparently the person who reported this actually reads my blog (and probably consistently). I can't seem to figure out who it was that reported it and the principle says it was "Anonymous", so if anyone hears anything or knows something, please find me and let me know, because it would mean A LOT TO ME!! If I could find out who reported my blog, I can talk to the person calmly and hear there side of the story (why it offended them enough that they reported it).


And now I'm going to talk DIRECTLY to the person who reported me:


I hope you are having a good day. If you could please find me and tell me that you are the one who reported my blog and tell me why, it will save me the time of having to find out on my own and trust me, I will find out who you are and flag you down. I promise you (anyone who knows me will tell you, I keep my promises) that I won't get mad or yell at you. I will just calmly ask you why you did this. Look man, this is not about you, it's about me. It wouldn't be on my blog if it wasn't going through my head. Let it go, you have nothign to do with anything in this situation.

Now I know you probably know Tiffany (or have an Idea of which "Tiffany" I'm referring too in my blog), but she told me herself that she wasn't mad at me, upset, or anything! So you obviously haven't gotten the right facts before taking action... and that's a critical part. Just come find me and explain your side of things. I'll listen and we'll both go about our separate ways, happy and renewed.

From a friend,


From my last post, I forgot to update the scores...

Monday, January 23rd, 2012
Zachary - 6 points
Tiffany - 1 point

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012
Zachary - 56 points (talking it through and resolving the issue)
Tiffany - 151 points ("almost" reporting me got 50 points and talking it through gave her 100 points)

Final Score: Tiffany Wins


In actuality, we both win, because we both ended up on level ground, and we both agreed that we can be friends, because we both know where things are at between us. I plan on being a great friend, but I don't think we'll become friends who hang out beyond school, but I can live with that, because as long as the relationships I have with people are at a healthy level, I won't complain. If I upset someone and that relationship becomes something bad, I don't like that happening, and I try to fix it.

I just want to apologize to the person who reported me, I didn't meant to offend you in any way. My thoughts and feelings are mine though and I won't keep that restricted to just myself, because I "might" offend someone. As Tiffany told me yesterday, you can choose to read my blog or you can never look at it, it's totally optional.

I just hope I don't have to find this person myself, because that's going to show poor judgement on the hands of the person when I find him or her...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Surprises around every corner!

Who ever said Craigslist isn't good? I don't believe that, I just believe you have to find the right people... Besides, If I didn't trust the internet, why would I have a Facebook? Lord knows I'm giving out more information then I should...


Sunday was a typical start, I go to church, I see Jessica, and I get to hang out with her all day until around 10pm! Well today was going to be a great day! After church, around 12:04pm, we left and went home to hang out. We ate waffles as I text the guy from Craigslist.

Side note: As I text The guy from Craigslist last night, He eventually told me his name was Grant. So because I was getting Pokemon, and for the future of my blog history, he will now be called Ace Trainer Grant!

As I continued to text Ace Trainer Grant, We decided to meet up at 4 o'clock in Independence, MO and make the transaction! Well as we got there, they were driving the Blue Escalade (as Ace Trainer Grant had told me) and I checked out the games before I gave him the cash (which was 50 bucks).

They all worked fine, but two were a little trippy on start up. It took me awhile to get 2 of them to recognize right away, so I was skeptical at first, but it all works out now, because they work fine (Well, that's still debatable right now...). I gave the man his money and he left happily (He needed the money for a laptop).

Well on the way home, I was with my mom and Jessica in the car, we stopped by Price Chopper to figure out what we wanted for dinner. On the way in, we stopped by Redbox and got Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and Water for Elephants. We ended up making Taquitos and Chocolate pudding pie (I requested the chocolate pudding).

We watched the movie until Alexis showed up with her sister. They stayed and totally took attention away from the movie, which I wouldn't have minded if Jessica would stay later. Jessica had a 9pm curfew (which is usually 11pm...) and we wouldn't have been able to finish the movie in the first place. They just prolonged the process of how much we COULDN'T SEE.

Well Jessica and I went upstairs to play domino's, since we couldn't finish the movie, until it was time to go. We took Tommy home first, followed by Jessica. Hannah had to stay with Tommy so he could finish his homework while we took Jessica home, so my mom allowed that, but didn't like that she had too, because Tommy should have done his homework sooner.

We took Jessica home and went back to Tommy's house and I text Hannah before hand that we were coming and we still ended up waiting in front for 20 minutes!! Gahhh, my sister can be so annoying at times. I was trying to get home so I could blog about my awesome day, but she delayed to much and I got home around 10:30pm and had to go strait to bed. Oh well. Nothing new to be expected, I can hardly ever post at night, so no biggie!


Monday was a fun day, I got to actually mess around with my new Pokemon games. I was texting Carolyn Sunday night and she told me to play Pearl or Diamond first, then Platinum, and lastly Soulsilver. So I brought Diamond and Pearl to school and I'm currently playing Diamond because I found out he played Pearl longer and has a lot of cheats! He put a bunch of legendary and shiny pokemon on the game and I want to look at them some more before I erase it all and use my own career file.

When I was in 1st hour, I got a note saying to go to the office to talk to the Principle. I immediately starting thinking about what I could possibly get called to the office about and all I could really think of was Tiffany or my blog. Turns out, it was both.

Apparently, according to an "anonymous" person, I am bullying Tiffany and manipulating her into talking to me, which I shouldn't do and I am not protected, so says the principle, by my 1st amendment rights. The first amendment protects my freedom of speech online, especially online, and in person too! It's not like I'm calling Tiffany some horrible person or evil witch. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, I'M ONLY ASKING FOR RESOLUTION!!!

You may need to click on this and enlarge the print

Anyway, I laughed when I heard the principle say that and told him it made my day, It's hilarious how some people will tell SOMEONE ELSE to avoid doing something themselves. Tiffany apparently doesn't have the courage to approach me. AM I REALLY THAT SCARY?? NO!!! Ask my friends, I'm the nicest person you'll ever meet!!! I'm care about others and I'm a true friend. Sure, I ramble too much or talk to myself, but people shrug and say, "Yepp, that's Zach!" It's expected and some people think it's funny.

Oh well, guess I have something to talk to Tiffany tomorrow...

When I got home from school, I figured I would transfer the Pokemon from Pearl to the Pokemon: White that I got from Ace Trainer Grant. Well when I put the game into my DS, it didn't recognize, so I took it out and made sure it was better and when I put it back in, the screen went black. I turned off my DS and turned it back on and all I got was a black screen. That's all I've been getting for over an hour now and I'M SO PISSED OFF!!! I spend $200 on my DS (well $170 to be exact) and I only have it for a few weeks when I  make a Craigslist purchase and have to screw it up. Story of my life.

In honesty, all the games work except for Pokemon: White. I already have my own copy of White so I didn't need it, but I just wanted to see what kind of pokemon he had for his and now I don't even have a usable DS at all AGAIN!!! I AM SO FREAKIN' PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! I thought things were going my way and now I just... I don't even know if that's true.

I got saved in August, I got a job at The Tree of Lemons in August, I got a really close friend in Bethany (whom I really trust) by November, I started dating Jessica in December, I bought my 3DS in January, and now... I just hope this doesn't start going in reverse... One thing will start a chain reaction, that I can already foresee, and it truly and honest to God scares me.

Post Content

Okay, Let me just sort something out. Tiffany is the kind of person that makes someone go insane! She will drive you crazy with the stone silence she gives you. When you're exiled as a freak in her book, she makes sure you know it! I wish my parents hadn't taught me morals AND I wish I wasn't a good little christian boy. If I wasn't either of those, I'd chew Tiffany out and give her a piece of my mind!! GOD SHE PISSES ME OFF!!!!

I called Gamestop and they have a 30 day defective guarantee, so I can go in and replace my 3DS, THANK GOD!! I just found this out too, so I'm really happy about that, just not so much that I have to start over on the Mii Plaza... UGH! I'll get over it, no biggie, for now... 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tsk Tsk Zach...

Tiffany is one tough cookie and I ramble to much. I totally made things awkward on Friday, but I'll get to that and also, I should read my work schedule more carefully next time...


Zachary - 6 points
Tiffany - 1 point

Yes, Tiffany finally got a point (according to my scoring rigged scoring system), but it's only because I talk to fast. Pretty much, I was trying help Alexis (My friend, not my Co-worker) figure out how to talk to this guy that she likes. Well she told me she didn't want to make it awkward. I laughed and said that it's supposed to be awkward. If it's too easy to talk to them and you're not all nervous and happy inside when you talk to them, it's not right.

Side note: Keep in mind, Tiffany and Kelly-Ann are at the table next to us (diagonal) and can hear us fine.

So I proceed to tell her, "Before I started dating Jessica, I was nervous as hell! I didn't know what to say...When I started dating Tiffany--I mean Jessica, I was still crazy nervous..." See the problem in there? Let me just say right now, I was talking at 90 mph to nothing so... I was just trying to help my friend and I slipped Tiffany instead of Jessica...

You should have seen the face on Tiffany's face, I don't know if it was shock, surprise, or anger. Maybe all three!! I just wish I hadn't slipped that though, Tiffany is getting in my head and she was right there and it messes with me. Mehhh, I just hope she doesn't read into this too much. Also, I am so sorry Jessica... I didn't mean to slip that, it was an accident.

Well I'm giving Tiffany 1 point for that, because that definitely gave her motive to talk to me and she also probably felt awkward after that, which is my fault. I wish I knew what she told Kelly-Ann about that too... I know friends talk, I just wonder... I'll never know what girls think or talk about... My brain probably couldn't handle it either, I'll just have to live in a forever wondering world where woman never share there secrets.

Anyway, That pretty much made school go by twice as slow, to make it worse, Mr. Y was doing lighting for our musical and I had to walk around the stage so they could get the lights right... So Tiffany stared at me as I did that.

After school I got to go to Jessica's house and hang out, which is always fun! Jessica was making dinner and when I got there, we ate the food! I love food, it is so yummy, and she makes REALLY GOOD FOOD!!!! We also watched Titanic and played domino's!! After that, I went home at 11:30pm and went to bed, but I had a really fun night at Jessica's house!!!!


So on Saturday my nephew, Tylor, and Sister in-law, Michelle, came over to my house and we all hung out. I played Wii with my nephew and my mom and Michelle talked and such. My Aunt came over too during the day and that was fun as well.

Well my Nephew and Sister in-law left at 9:30 ish and my aunt left too. Well exactly as they leave, Carolyn and her boyfriend, Nathan, show up! So we hang out and I get on the computer. While I was on the computer, I got on Craigslist to look up Pokemon games. Well I found a great deal on 6 Pokemon games for $40. So I sent the guy a text because he left his number and we talked.

The guy told me that someone had already offered him $45, so I threw $50 at him right away! He accepted my deal and locked it in and I had confirmed. He told me his name was Grant and that we would meet up for this transaction tomorrow. I agreed and left it at that.

Post Content

I just hope everything works out (Yes, that's all I'm posting here).

Thursday, January 19, 2012

At least I have some points, unlike you...

So I'm still being a complete jerk to Tiffany, which is turning out to be fun, yet displeasing at the same time. I just wish she would "Man up" (Or "Woman up") and talk to me. It's getting sort of annoying acting like a bitch when I'm really a nice person. It still feels like something I HAVE TO DO in order to get across to her, but I don't think she's realizing that. I think she's just starting to ignore me, which is great! Also, I still feel bad every time someone mentions last Friday. Yeah, I didn't go to the dang rally, but talking about it still sucks!


So we had an extended weekend (WOOT, WOOT!), but I still didn't do anything productive except work, which I guess counts. I worked a double shift on Monday (1-5pm and 7-10pm) and enjoyed myself up until the point when I cut my finger chopping strawberries. I was cutting the first strawberry and BAM! I cut my finger. Go figure. That sounds like me.

It wouldn't stop bleeding and I had to take immediate action so I didn't get the fruit infected with my blood. I took the food handlers course and I know what precautions to take, I moved away from the food and went strait to the sink. I sanitized my finger and put a band-aid on, making sure I was completely fine before finishing the strawberries. I'm a big boy and that situation proved it. Even though it stung like crazy. (I have low pain tolerance, I'll cry if I get poked (not really), but it's still pretty low).


So I only need to mention Tech Theatre (as usual) for Tuesday. I did my whole "I hate your existence and hope you get mad at me and call me out on my actions about it" routine again. Zachary, 2 points. Tiffany, 0 points. Looks like I'm winning, because she isn't doing squat. Every day I get to do this routine and she does nothing about it, is another point for me. So I'm gonna win this game unless she calls me out. Its 100 points to call me out... I can't get that 100 points, only she can. I can get this and that points, for things I do in an attempt to get her to call me out, but in the end, I see myself winning, which for once, I don't want.

OH WAIT! I have 4 points, not 2. I did something funny and mean on Tuesday. I was working with Alexis and Dennis (who isn't important right now, or really at all (I probably spelled his name wrong too, oops?) on a project and Dennis was asking a question and Mr. Y came over, Tiffany following (I guess she was getting assigned something new, who knows, I didn't care). As soon as Mr. Y was done and walked away, I whispered loudly, "Your presence is not welcome here, go away!"

Dennis and Alexis laughed, but I don't know if Tiffany heard me. Either way, 2 more points for me.

Zachary - 4 points (Boo Ya!)
Tiffany - 0 points

The game is freakin' rigged for her to win, yet she allows this to happen? Her choice...


So on Wednesday, school was annoying, PE almost killed me (not even joking), and I went home exhausted. Well I got home and did my usual routine and found out later on that Jessica was able to go to Youth with me Wednesday night. I was happily excited about it too!! Well, to my surprise, her dad took her up to church a half hour early. It wasn't really funny to me, because Bethany was there.

Side note: Yes, Bethany is my best friend. Yes, I'm saying that I would prefer Bethany not be around my girlfriend. I'm sorry, it's just, If Jessica starts becoming like Bethany (Because the saying "You become who your friends are" IS TRUE!!), I'm not going to be able to live up to that. I love Jessica because she is an individual, not because she is someone else. In saying that, NO, I didn't insult Bethany. Bethany IS an individual and I am so thankful she is my friend. I just know we never happened for a reason. I don't want Jessica to become someone she isn't. I hope that didn't come across rude... (because I know Bethany AND Jessica both read this)

So I got there around 6:25pm to avoid any problems (with myself). So we went downstairs and I was happy to finally be going to a Wednesday night service with Jessica! It was fun too, because we played a game I lost. Mehhh, I guess I'm not good at trivia. Either way, it was a good serivce.

The only thing that really bugged me was at the start, when Michael began talking about Friday night again. Whenever that's mentioned, a wave of guilt totally hits me and I drown in it, suffering the biggest mistake of my spiritual life. It totally sucks. To avoid details, we'll just say I wasn't happy to hear about it again.

At the end of service, I text my mom and Jessica and I went back to my house. This is where the night got interesting. My mom left to go get my sister (and all the other 5 or 6 people she picked up) and take everyone home (as if she has gas to do that, which I'll never understand). On the way home though, they found a piano on the side of the road.

(This whole story is from my mom). They... *ahem* Tommy saw a piano on the side of the road and yelled, "STOP, THERE'S A PIANO!!" Somewhere along the way of seeing that piano and getting it caused a huge delay in moms arrival home. My  mom was supposed to take Jessica home at 10pm, but she didn't get home until 10:40pm. Great, Jessica was in so much trouble now!

Side note: Jessica's dad called at 10pm and she said that my mom was taking Tommy home and coming to get us, which was supposed to be true, but my mom never told us they wanted a piano... WHICH NOBODY KNOWS HOW TO PLAY!!!

It's like they're mocking me!! The one and only instrument I ever REALLY wanted to play and they find one on the side of the road... I want to write music and songs... I DON'T WANT TO SING!! I just like writing, so I figured I could do that, but I don't know. Maybe I'll try to learn over the summer... I could ask Michael!! He is so great a piano player and role model that I could totally listen to him!! I don't know, I'd feel horrible if I wrote a song he didn't like and he taught me to play... We'll figure it out.

I just really want to play an instrument and have a talent people can see. A lot of people know I can write, but never take the time to read my short stories. My closer friends get to read the stuff I'm working on and they really like it, which I'm glad, it shows proof that I have a gift (which I'll use for good (like Spiderman), promise). I just hope I can read the music and such, I heard it was hard to read music... I guess I'll find out (or I can ask Bethany, she plays the Viola)!

Anyway, going back on topic, We quickly took Jessica home after a stop at Quick Trip (Jessica told me she had a late lunch, but didn't tell me it was at 3pm!! So I made her get something to eat) and she was returned home, safe and sound. I feel bad that she got home late and got in trouble (I don't know yet if she actually got in trouble, but I still feel bad about the idea that she did).

Tommy ruined my dad with Jessica ONCE AGAIN!! Because I yelled at Hannah, totally blew up at her, and she didn't "know why". I also got mad at my mom and told her I couldn't help carry it and yelled at her, right in front of Jessica. I felt so awful about it afterwords and I was so ashamed of my actions. I wish I had better control...Mehhh, I need to work on that.


Zachary - 5 points (BOO YAA (again)!!
Tiffany - 0 points (She's not even trying!)

So I was intentionally rude again and it totally sucked, again. I had to be rude 4th hour and 6-7th hour!! Why does she have to be in MY STUDY HALL and go to MY LIBRARY??!!! It makes no since!!

Last week, I was talking to the librarian and I got them to agree to let me come to the library EVERY DAY 4th hour to write my book. It was very nice of them, but they only let me do it, because I have a block study hall. I really need time to work on my book too (or start a blog post) so I was SO THANKFUL they let me do it. Besides, After 2nd hour, I have a dud HS day... I need .5 Comm Art Credits and I'll graduate, that's it. Why am I going all day? It makes no since to me, I'm not in athletics this year.

Anyway, Tiffany decided to go to the library today as well and I was not happy about it. Just being in the same room pisses me off, she needs to go back to study hall and read a book. She shouldn't be ruining things with her presence (and I don't want to be mean, but I HAVE TO BE MEAN or it won't come across as it should).

It really sucks that I have to stoop this low, but I do... I didn't have Tech Theatre today, but I had study hall and I was rude, which is why I got 5 points.

Post Content

I hope I can figure out this Tiffany problem! If you have any advice for me, please leave me a comment. I know a lot of my readers don't want to "Follow" me technically, but it would be super easy if you could, because you could interact and that makes my blog more fun!

I'm going to end up posting a video explaining how easy it is, until then, I'll just manually tell you. (The easiest way is to have a blogger account, but I know none of you want to do that so I'll go with the email option). You click on the follow button and give your email. DONE. You can also follow me through Facebook. Just use NetworkedBlogs on the side.

If you're reading this on Mobile, well... Remember to do it when your on a computer.

Seriously though, I want to give you all a sneak peak of my book, because It's killing me NOT TOO, but I have to wait. I promise to share some when I get more written, that's a promise I hope I don't forget.

Also, I wrote a song about my blog and I plan to record it (it's a rap) and post it on here for you to see, just try to give me positive feedback (or negative, I don't care), It's a work in progress... (My rapping, not writing).

Monday, January 16, 2012

Surprise date Sunday!

So Saturday evening I updated the App Poynt for my Blackberry (because it was being inaccurate and I don't like that AND there was an update!) and I decided to check the showtimes. It turns out, Happy Feet 2, was currently playing at the Independence Theatre, so I was like, "WOO HOO!!" and I made plans instantly with my mom (Had to make sure it was okay).

When my mom said it was okay, I told Jessica that I had a surprise for her on Sunday! She asked what it was but I told her it was called a surprise for a reason and she'd find out on Sunday at 4pm! She was really excited about it too, because I don't do surprises very often, but I KNEW she'd like it!

So Sunday came around and I went to church, like I always do, but I had to hear about Friday night, from EVERYONE! It made me SO MAD! I didn't need to hear that. It was just TOO MUCH! I was starting to feel horrible all over again.

Honestly, I felt like I shouldn't even be at church on Sunday morning. I felt like I didn't deserve to be there... If that even makes since. I felt like the God was ashamed of me and my actions, all for NOT going to a Youth Rally. It sounds dumb, I know, but it's just weird how I've felt ABOUT it and not going... I think something BIG was supposed to happen for me and my spiritual growth and I totally blew it...

From what I heard about it though, what I feared about it, actually happened. I've always been around church, my parents are both Christians too, but I just stopped going to church by my own choice since I was 15 or around that... Anyway, I've seen on TV where people pray for someone and suddenly that person being prayed for hits the ground and just lays there or shakes or something. Well that's always freaked me out, just because it made me scared.

God loves you, so why would you be shaking on the ground in his presence? It never made since to me. Well, from what I heard, that happened Friday night at the Rally. I both feel stupid and smart. Stupid, because I know I've wanted to experience God in a fresh, new way. Smart, because falling on the ground filled with the the holy spirit scares me to death! I know, it contradicts itself, but it's what I'm feeling...

Well during service, Bethany told Jessica she wanted to talk to us both about Friday night. That, in itself scared me, so we ended up leaving church ASAP because neither of us wanted to talk about Friday night. I went to Jessica's house because I was scared to go to the Youth Rally. Sure, I felt totally horrible about not going, but I didn't go for any other reason but being scared.

After church, Jessica and I hung out at home until around 2:50 or 3pm when we left for the surprise date. The movie started at 3:30 (so it wasn't a 4pm surprise like I previously told her) and when she found out it was Happy Feet 2, she was SO HAPPY!! I couldn't believe how happy she was, it made ME SMILE!! Well my mom drove us and watched it too, but she sat behind us a few rows by herself (which she didn't mind). We both enjoyed the movie and were having a great day, my surprise date was working out to be incredibly better then I had expected!!

Well after the movie, we got in the car and began driving back home, because we were eating at Red Robin.  That was my 2nd surprise for Jessica.

Side note: Jessica didn't know about anything until it actually happened. Until we walk in the theatre, she didn't know the movie we were seeing. Same with where we ate, it was all a surprise!

Well on the way home, I got another surprise from my sister (Which always happens when I'm with Jessica, go figure). Tommy freaked out at home again and was causing MORE problems. I swear to God, I hate Tommy so strongly, it hurts to hate him so much. If they guy could have ONE normal day, maybe I won't die before I finish college. It really pisses me off!!

Turns out, he was torturing the cats again. From what I got out of my sister (she didn't want to talk about it), Tommy was in the living room messing with the cat. He had electrical tape (it may be called something else, but it's the black tape) and it "got on the cat" and he had to "help the cat get it off". The cats ran to my room, hid under my bed and Tommy went IN MY ROOM and MOVED MY BED and TRIED TO TORTURE THEM SOME MORE!!!

It really bugs me when Tommy tried to KILL my cat. Sure, he's not trying to literally kill them, but torturing a cat is basically the same thing right? Aren't there laws to protect animal abuse? I'm just thinking out loud. I love my sister and she loves Tommy (and her patience and forgiveness is the only think keeping them together), but Tommy has got to stop torturing my cats or he will end up going into the system, AKA JAIL!

I'm sorry, maybe I'm just over thinking? I don't think I am, but maybe its alright to torture animals. Nevermind.

Either way, Hannah ended up getting really mad at Tommy (and still is), but she had to call his mom and she took them back to his house, where Tommy and his mom talked, until he went downstairs and played Xbox, leaving my sister to be bored.

I felt bad about leaving my sister at home, but my mom wanted to pick up Hannah and Tommy and take them to Red Robin where we were eating. NO WAY! I promised Jessica I would keep her away from Tommy. Tommy has had an episode while Jessica was over and it scared her, It scares everyone! Ever since, she made me promise to keep her away from him unless I was there to protect her, and I'm keeping that promise. Never going to break it.

Well the date went successful and we hung out at my house until 10:30pm when we took Jessica home. I went to bed shortly after I got home because I was just too tired to do anything else. I text Jessica for awhile (and Tracy) and then I went to bed.

Post Content

If I had known the day would have gone differently, thanks to Tommy, I would have better prepared myself. I had to go to the restroom at Red Robin and calm down. I was SO MAD at Tommy (when my mom wanted to bring them both to Red Robin with us) that I had to withdraw myself from the table and calm down. Tommy is the only person who had ever gotten me that mad except my dad before I got saved. It baffles me, truly baffles me, that he can be TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT PEOPLE. I don't understand.

The point is, I made Jess very happy Sunday night and she totally LOVED my surprise date, which is all I really wanted. I want to make my Jess happy as much as possible. I just love her so much... When she smiles, it just... God, It makes all the pain and sorrow in my life, that I have at the time, go away and perish. Its like shes can send it to the depths of hell, never to bother me again.

I will, in no way, compare her to God, but she is my angel. She is my gift from God and she truly cares about me. She loves me so much, that I know... I'm gonna lover her until tomorrow never comes, because I know God will bless me with her forever if I do.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

'What was' and 'what is'.

So whats new? I don't know, I survived another week, i successfully saw my girlfriend 3 out of 7 days this week, and I don't that'll ever happen again until late February. I know that in May - August 2012, those will be the best months of my life. I know that they will be totally awesome and downright SAH-WEET for one reason, I'll get to spend them with Jessica! If you go past the love between us and see the deep connection we share and how we're still very close best friends, it shows proof that our love is true, real, honest, and pure. I hope to keep Jessica around for awhile, so I want to be most  importantly, honest and true. I feel like honesty is the single-most important thing in a relationship, which is why I've opened up to Jessica so much...


So remember when I said I wouldn't blog about Tiffany again and I instead lied, posting again about 4 times? Well we're about to make that five. Now to keep track what I want to say about her, I am going to have to separate Wednesday and Friday. Yeah, I'm mentioning her on both days.

Well I went into Tech Theatre on Wednesday (Nothing else before 6th hour is important right now, but I will mention something in the 'Post Content' about earlier on Monday) and it's like any other day, we go to the Theatre stage and build stuff, paint, etc... whatever Mr. Y (that's what we'll call him for blogging purposes, I don't usually like giving out a teachers name unless they don't care and I haven't asked) assigns us. Well I got stuck painting with Tiffany, Kelly-Ann, Photo Guy (Yes, from the field trip last semester), and a 3rd dude I don't know at all (I don't even know his name) (I don't know If I should be mentioning there names, but I guess since its not important, not really to this post, I can).

We painted all hour (after we fixed our stupid taping problem) until the bell rang. Well Kelly-Ann, Photo Guy, and 3rd dude (that's what I'm gonna call him from now on if ever mentioned) only have Tech Theatre 6th hour, while Tiffany and I have it blocked 6-7th hour. We went on break and when we got back, Tiffany immediately went to Mr. Young and got reassigned something different, while I painted alone. I didn't care about painting alone, it was only a small portion left that took me 5 minutes. The point is, Tiffany gave me the strong impression that she can't be around me. She's acting weird again!! IT IS MAKING ME SO DAMN CONFUSED!! And I'm starting to get a little peeved by it (Okay, so i'm basing this off Friday as well, bear with me). 

Well I just wish I could go up to her and ask what the hell her problem is, but NOOOO I can't do that, because in the rule book of Tiffany, she's ALWAYS RIGHT and nobody can question her actions. So I had to just suffer all hour. Or at least, that's what she thought. I, on the other hand, had plans of my own (which, looking back, seem stupid and childish, but mehh, fire and fire don't solve much, but it makes you feel better... at the time). I'll get back to Tiffany with Friday's post. Let the suspense of what I do simmer a bit. 

So after school on Wednesday, I got the surprising news that Jessica's dad was letting her come over to my house! I was really excited about it too! We had talked briefly about her coming over, but I didn't think it would happen. I had also planned on either watching a movie with Kayla (and some... guy I don't know that Kayla does) or go to Youth. Instead Jessica came over!! I WAS SO HAPPY!!

It was kind of a surprise, because I came home and began watching a movie (Fred 2, if you must know). Well she texts me at around 4:10ish that she's on her way over. I'm like, "WHAT??? YAY!!" or something, I don't have the exact texts. Well I keep watching my movie until she shows up, when I turn it off. We spend the day hanging out, talking, etc.... What normal people do when they hang out. 

Side note: So Jessica and I like to have balance in our relationship. We like going on dates, but we also like hanging out at home. So we'll go on a date ever other week or so and on alternating weeks, we will just hang out. I get that we haven't been on a date in 2012 yet, but I have something planned (Trust me, I just checked something today (being January 14th (Saturday), not January 11th (Wednesday)) and I have something up my sleeve that will make Jessica VERY happy.

The suspense is killing me too, I know! I want to just tell Jessica now, but I'll save it for January 15th when I see her. I have to ask my mom is she can drive us though... Hmm, I'm sure she'll be willing to help me out like she always is. I love my mommy (Yes, I said mommy, get over it)!

Well we took Jess home at around 9:50ish and I went home, where I text Jess until 10:30 or 11pm ish (I never remember every nights sleep schedule) when I went to bed.


I worked the closing shift at The Tree of Lemons and it was slow, yay, so I'm glad I brought my DS with me. It was so slow, I only had to refill one topping all night (Kayt was cashier (and I know you don't know her, but for blogging purposes, the only employees you need to know are Maya and Kelsey. The rest are just employees I either like or don't like. Though Andrew is funny... Wait, I can't ramble in parenthesis! New sentence!). 

Well we have new winter hours so we close at 9pm instead of 9:30pm. So I sent my mom a text to pick me up at 9:30 around 10 minutes prior, because we were almost done closing. My mom ends up not getting my text and I call her at 9:35pm asking where she is. She's at home watching TV. She said she never got my text. I believe her. Any mother willing to leave there child in the cold winter air for 20 minutes is just cruel. My mommy loves me and she's the farthest thing from cruel (unless you count her jokes... Those can be cruel at times, but in a different context).


So has the suspense of what I did to Tiffany finally drove you mad? Did you even read Thursday?! Well regardless (maybe you'll scroll back up or something after reading this), I will finally share with you the evil plan I thought up (and half regret now).

So I decided on Friday, during the end of 6th hour and all 7th (because the start of 6th, she was being weird again) that I would just give her the cold shoulder and when she looked at me, I would glare at her really bad and occasionally grunt or make a smug noise as I passed her, giving her the impression that her being there annoyed the living hell out of me. Which it kind of does at this point. I asked Alexis if it was a good idea and she sarcastically said yeah, but I know it was probably stupid.

On the plus, It appeared to me that she was either getting mad and/or upset with me or she she had an offended look when I did that, but more like she was shocked. Yeah, I'm not taking her crap in 2012. New resolution Tiffany, I'm going to be happy in the classes I CHOOSE TO TAKE. I wish Tiffany had dropped Tech Theatre, it really bugs me that she is always making me feel uncomfortable.

Don't think I'm going to stop with my whole act of glaring at her. I'm going to keep doing it all semester until it drives Tiffany  mad. The only way she can stop me is by confronting me (which she's never been good at). We all know that won't happen (and yes, by me saying that, it makes it a challenge. I dare her to confront me and tell me to stop, because I can finally give her a piece of my mind and hopefully she'll understand my side of the story).

Well, at least I have a solution for Tiffany. That's a step in the right direction.

Side note: When I first got to Tech Theatre, Robin (A guy in my block 6-7 Tech Theatre class) told me that he read my latest short story, If only for tonight. I asked him what he thought of it and he told me that he liked it! I didn't know if many guys would like reading a romance, but i was hoping a few guys would, considering I'm one and I wrote it. I honestly don't know who's read my stories, but I just hope they're being read by someone. I made my story blog 1 post per page, so you get One short story per page. I gave it a simple template and added a simple, custom banner. I wanted to make it simple and easy to read. I'm probably going to go update the font size too, just so it's easier to read.

Friday evening, I was at a crossroads. I could either go to a Youth Rally at my church or I could hang out with Jessica at her house. It was honestly one of the hardest decisions of my life, because I knew what I was supposed to do, but I didn't want to do it. The thought of a youth rally really scared me. I didn't know if I would feel comfortable, how many people would be there, WHO would be there... It scared the crud out of me.

I talked to Bethany Thursday night while I was at work (well, we text back and forth) and she explained that she's here for me and she wants to help me. It made me feel really good that I have such good friends. Bethany and I have been through so much since July 2011 and now that we've been through the darkest forests of our friendship, I'm glad we came out of that forest still friends, reaping the benefits of our growth.

Well I told Bethany Thursday night (after a seriously long conversation) that I would go to the Youth Rally. She really helped me figure out things in my head. I've always had to sit and think about things and over-analyze, making myself upset or confused. Well this wasn't that type of senerio. Bethany was the voice in my head telling me what I NEEDED TO HEAR, not the usual "Zach think this or Zach what about that?" that I usually tell myself. If any single person other then God could hear my thoughts when I'm thinking, they would make sure I had prescription drugs within 24 hours, but thankfully, only I know my thoughts and I try to keep them in check.

Well Friday came around and it was after school. My sister and mom were going somewhere and it was in the direction of Jessica's house. I had to make a quick decision. I was still scared to go to the youth rally. I was so scared that I would, honestly, have to change things in my life. I only know that because it's what I felt inside. I knew that it was better for me to go to the Youth Rally, but I was scared so I opted out of it. I felt so bad and awful and terrible for the next hour or two, but I kept it to myself. I was so scared that I had disappointed God, the one who got me a job and girlfriend and such good friends. I was afraid God would punish me for my disobedience. Honestly, I still am. I could see God taking Jessica from me or making something I care about, like my Laptop or DS, suddenly stop working. I was so scared that I had made such a big mistake that God would have to take action on mine.

I know God is one full of love and compassion, but I can't see how disobedience of this kind could go unpunished. I felt it in my spirit, I needed to go to that youth rally and I didn't, all because I was scared. I text Michael after Bethany didn't reply and I told him I wasn't going. He said it would be good for me and I should bring Jessica too. Well my mom and sister had plans in the direction of Jessica's house and Jessica's parents didn't want to take us anywhere because they were at the store getting groceries until around 6 or 7pm when they decided to eat out. I know I should have gone, but I told myself (and Jessica) that my mom wasn't going to be able to take me anyway, because she'd be out with Hannah doing who-knows-what!

Now I know for a fact that Bethany would come get me in a heartbeat because when she found out I wasn't going, she flipped out. In the best, 'I'm still your friend so don't get mad when I tell you this' voice, she told me that "she can only help me if I help myself" and "Jessica needs to understand that there are somethings more important than her (meaning God)" and "I need to cancel my plans and go to church".

After hearing that, already feeling like crap, I felt even worse. I knew she was right, and I'm glad she can be so honest with me, but I just don't understand why it's been so complicated for me to... honestly, experience God in a refreshing way. I mean, sure, I feel his presence every Sunday morning, but do I do anything about it? Not typically. I can FEEL myself pulling away from God and it's truly scaring the crap out of me.

I know that if you haven't experienced God before, it won't make since reading this, but the presence of God is truly the greatest feeling in the world. God alone can do things for you that you'd think impossible before they happened. I'm not even joking when I tell you the following story.


A few weeks after I got saved (August 3rd, 2011), I called Kelsey's mom asking for her okay if I do my whole "Vector Marketing" thing (Yeah, it was that long ago). She didn't want me to give her a sales pitch, but instead offered me a job at The Tree of Lemons OVER THE PHONE! She said she knew I was a good worker and would be great. So she hired me over the phone, all I had to do was fill out an application that day and she would make sure I got trained.

The following day, being a Sunday, she called me around 8:30am, while I was listening to Michael practice for worship (He is the Praise and Worship AND Youth pastor). I told her I could go in at 1pm if I had a ride (I would never say that if it wasn't my best friends mom). She agreed to pick me up, because she was going to The Tree of Lemons too. All I needed were tan khaki pants and a white shirt. I managed that and was ready when she showed up.

On the phone in the church parking lot though, I praised God for the opportunity of this magnitude. I had finally gotten a job after many long months of trying and trying again. Failures coming back at me and my parents riding me about it like never before. God pulled through and got me a job. I know it was really Phyllis who got me the job, but in my mind, God used Phyllis to get me a job, because I needed it and he wanted to bless me.


That's just one of the great things God did for me. I could go on, now that I'm thinking about it, in the way's I've been blessed. I won't, because this post is already freakin' huge! The point is, I felt like I had disappointed God after all he'd done for me. I love Jessica so much, and I don't regret seeing Jessica Friday night at all, not one bit, ever minute I spend with her is a minute spend better than elsewhere, but I just know that it would have been better for me to have gone to the Youth Rally. I feel as though I missed the opportunity to truly feel Gods presence. When you feel that, you know you screwed up.

I just know that in the future, I need to be smarter in my decisions. I need to put my priorities first. does anyone know what JOY means other then me?

J- Jesus First
O- Others Second
Y- Yourself last

I know that Jesus should have been first, but he was replaced with Jessica Friday night. I need to be stronger. I even told Bethany I wasn't a strong Christian like her or Michael and I wasn't going to be regardless. She told me that was a lie from the devil and I know it (which I did before I sent it), but in the words of Bethany, The Devil won the fight Friday night, but God will win the war. I just hope Bethany doesn't have to remind me on Sunday of what I did. I really know she cares, but I don't need to feel any worse all over again.

Seeing Jessica Friday will be a highlight of my week, but not going to the Youth Rally Friday night will be a down for my week as well...

Monday, January 9, 2012

High hopes for 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Who's ready to read another year of my life?! YES! This is going to be so much fun! Maybe I'll even give you more details about what I do in my life as an added bonus in 2012, just in case the world actual ends on December 21st, which happens to be my sisters 18th birthday (sorry sis, guess it wasn't meant to be)... Alright, let's do this thingy!

So I have been spending a lot of my time with Jessica, when I can. We have agreed that since we're both going to church on Sunday (I'm so glad she is allowed to go to church with me now, I know God will keep us together and if she didn't go to church, that would be a problem already, I'm glad we don't have to worry about that), we may as well hang out, right? DUH! So we'll be hanging out on Sundays (unless she can't go to church) every week and we'll try to fit in sometime in the middle of the week to hang out, if we can. We don't want school to stop us from seeing each other. We are deeply in love and this love can't be contained. We have to be together because it's... It's... IT'S DESTINY!!

Okay. Maybe a little dramatic, but whatever. The point is, we love each other and when we're around each other, both of our lives are just... so much better.

In a typical post (or just what I've been doing lately), I would boldly put the day of the week, underline it, and tell you what happened on that day. Now I haven't posted in so long, I can't exactly remember whats happened (Don't blame me, blame my brain. I used all my  memory trying to remember every pokemon ever created. It didn't work. I only know around 20 pokemon). Now If I were to be honest (the pokemon excuse was fake, I don't have a reason to remember them all), I would just tell you that I forgot, so I'll tell you that.

Sorry folks, I forgot what I've done in the past 9 days.

But don't be upset, I remember what I did yesterday, So I'll just share that (and probably rant and/or ramble a little, but you all know me well enough by now that I'll do that regardless).


On Sunday, I woke up at 8am, took a wonderful, refreshing shower, and combed my beautiful silky locks of hair. I then proceeded to get dressed and go downstairs where I decided to play Tetris on... WAIT A DARN-STINKIN' MINUTE!! I REMEMBER WHAT I DID ON SATURDAY NOW... AND FRIDAY!! Man, thinking back, the chain effect of the day before happens! THIS IS GREAT! Let's go back to Friday (just for a minute) now so I can share that.


I had school, which was boring. I took a stupid quiz in Algebra (which I got a D on, because it was only the 3rd day of the semester). After school (because nothing else about that day matters right now), I went to work at 7pm and worked the closing shift. During my shift, my great co-worker (and I consider her a friend now, at this point) Maya, offered me her Saturday shift (3-7pm), which I gladly accepted. She then proceeded to ask if I wanted to work her 3-7pm shifts on the 20th and 27th (both on Fridays). I was really glad to have been offered so I took them!

Sidenote: It was really generous of her, because Maya only got 4 shifts in January and she gave me 3 of the shifts she got. She isn't going to make any money this month but I really am. I got 4 extra shifts in January, so far, giving me 14 shifts all together. I have more shifts than anyone else this month, even before I got the 4 extra shifts. I guess people just like me and know I'm dependable (I was actually offered a 15th shift, but I saw Jessica that night so I said I couldn't work).

So I was glad to have gotten that shift.



... And then I woke up.

Turns out, my sister rushed my  mom out the door after I woke up, made her spend ALL DAY (up until 2:30) at Savers and Thrift Stores and my mom completely ignored me. I had to work at 3pm and my mom promised to take me to Gamestop before work so I can spend my paycheck on a 3DS. Well she pulled in the driveway at 2:30pm. I wasn't happy. I had to go to gamestop in my work clothes. I had to take my 3DS to work with me, and I had to be mad at my mom.

Look, I'll be honest with you. I wasn't mad at my mom for making me wait all day to buy my 3DS, I was mad because she made the plans with me over a week before and she ended up lying to me and spending the entire day with my sister (and it turns out Tommy and his mom showed up too, JOY...)

Sidenote: Tracy went to Jessica's house on Saturday, so I didn't even get to talk to Jessica on Saturday. At least, not very much. Life sucks when your stuck at home alone, not inspired to write anything. If I were inspired to write, I wouldn't mind being alone, I prefer being alone, actually, but it's just when I have nothing to do, I don't like being alone, I want to have a friend be there or go somewhere. I don't see that as too much.

So I went to work, worked my shift, and my 3DS was fully charged by the end of my shift. I was glad too, because that meant I could start playing with it.

Side note: while I was at Gamestop, I also bought Tetris: Axis for the 3DS in addition (which was $35). While the game itself is awesome, I just wonder if I made a good investment. I think I did, because it's super fun, but people kept questioning my motives.

Let me give it to you strait. I bought Tetris because it's one my favorite classic games! In my opinion, Tetris is an ageless classic. I just love how great it is. Anyone who hasn't heard of tetris before needs to Google it and slap themselves very hard for having to actually Google it. Just sayin'... It's been around for a long while.

Just to give you something funny to think about (which isn't really funny to me), I got paid $209 in December and I spend $220 after going to Gamestop. I spend over my entire paycheck on my 3DS and Tetris: Axis. OH YEAH! For those of you who don't know what Tetris: Axis is, here's a trailer from YouTube explaining the game I bought (And yes, it's even better then it looks, if you can believe that)!

So that's all that really happened on Saturday. I went home after work and I honestly don't remember what I did. I know I bought a taquito from QT sometime that week, I just don't remember if it was Saturday. Either way, I loved it. Yummm....

Great, now I want one. (even though I get homemade Mac & Cheese tonight). Wait. Nevermind, I'll stick with that Macaroni.

Sunday... Again

So back to Sunday, as I was waiting for my dad to get out of the shower and get ready to take me to church at 9am, I decided to play some Tetris. Great idea right? I could have probably prayed and had a clear mind for church and I decided to play a game instead. I am so going to hell... wait, I don't wanna go to hell! Maybe I should just stay on the path of the strait and narrow... To avoid conflict...

I played until he came downstairs and he decided to take me. I took my 3DS to church because I wanted to show it off and make sure everyone knew I had a fancy, new, and shiny toy! All I got was some kid from Sunday school wanting to watch me play my 3DS.

Sidenote: One thing people should know about me, I don't care who knows, is that I am terrible with kids. It's not that I don't like them, they just don't like me, and I don't know how to act around them. It's not them, it's me. And that's actually true this time.

Surprisingly, this kid really liked me. He was staring at the 3DS like it was a million bucks and had a smile on his face. I wasn't even thinking twice about it, I told him about it and what it can do, etc... but all he really wanted to do was watch me. Well he had to leave because the lady instructing Sunday school made him go, but I was just glad that he liked me. If a kid can like me, that I don't even know, or that doesn't know me, then maybe I'm not doomed in the end like I thought.

Well Jessica went to service with me on Sunday morning and then after service, we hung out at my house until 2pm when my parents left (with my aunt as well) to go see my uncle. Well we didn't leave at 2pm with them, but we went to get Chinese food for lunch. Only... We left for the Chinese food at 3pm. We got  to talking and just didn't end up leaving for an hour. 

When we got the Chinese, we decided to eat it and watch a movie. Eventually, my parents and aunt showed up again at 8pm and we had to take Jessica home. That was the highlight of my week, seeing Jessica. I just love being able to hang out with her, it's always so great to see her! 

Post content

I'm going to start doing 'Post content', which is basically anything I want to say, not related to the day I mention (so in this case, it's anything I want to say not related to Sunday). 

So pretty much I have been playing my 3DS a lot, trying to figure it out and playing my games. It turns out, you can play DS games on the 3DS, which is awesome! You can even use 'Download Play' and play DS games with your friends who don't own a DS yet, but have the same DS game as you.

For Example: If you and your friend own Mario Kart (the 6th one for the Nintendo DS), but only you have a 3DS, you could use download play and still play Mario Kart with your friend. It's great! 

It works the same way for 3DS games too, just use 'Download Play'. I'm quite excited about it myself. I just makes me really happy to know I got something for myself after so long of having nothing. I mean, all I really got for Christmas was clothes and a few movies, which I was okay with, but my  mom felt terrible about it. She is glad that I bought something for myself. She said I deserve to have something I really want. That's ironically what Jessica said the day before too. So I guess I won't worry about it.

In addition to that, I am going to mention that it's weird that Tiffany is still treating me weird. She tried dropping Tech Theatre but couldn't, so she was stuck in the class  again. It had nothing to do with me, just the fact that the people are so annoying, which I'll agree with. It's just that she acts as though I greatly offended her by having a crush on her. Newsflash, I'm probably not the first person to have a crush on her, so she needs to stop acting like I am.

Something that amuses me is that I told Bethany that I liked her and had a crush on her and was interested in a relationship, to her face, and we moved past that, and are still friends. Tiffany is acting like I told her I wanted to marry her and create memories every day that we'll cherish as we walk down a beach, holding hands, watching the sunset. THAT'S TOTALLY FALSE! Besides, she knows I'm in a serious relationship with Jessica, why can't she be friendly with me. 

For all I know, she is being friendly, but that's just not the vibe I'm getting. I know that recently she's been nice to me, but since the semester, it's just been weird is all... She's been weird. I am in love with Jessica, so its no longer a big deal to me, I just wish I could give us some even ground to walk, instead of all the potholes covering the ground. It's an obstacle to try talking to her.

I'm even breaking the rules right now by blogging about her. I told her I wouldn't blog about her anymore, which I intended to keep, but this just came to my mind and I decided to share it. Whoever reads this blog and knows Tiffany, don't cause any trouble by telling her I posted. I'm not being mean, rude, negative, or bad in any way, shape, or form. I just blog about things in my life I did/am doing/thoughts I'm thinking. It's probably stupid to share so much with you, but it's just what I'm thinking so I don't see why not.

This week is going to be long and boring, but at least I'll finally have some entertainment. My friend Lexie is in my B day 4, 5, 6-7 block classes! and my friend Melita is in my B day 3-4 class!! I'm glad that I get some friends in my classes, that rocks! OH! and my friend Carolyn is in my 2nd hour!

So I hope that this first post of 2012 has been satisfactory! I think I'm going to start some new things in 2012 with my blog, so bear with me, I'm probably going to update the template sometime and make a new background image (which will hopefully be more professional). Speaking of which, if anyone knows how to make a professional background, please leave me a comment. I just want the RVR to be more organized and have some Red and yellow stripes. If I could get that, I would be happy. Thanks.