Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend with My Jess

So you already know about the date I had on Friday, but you don't know about what happened on Saturday and Sunday, which is pretty much a really big highlight of my week. Yes, I will tell you, but no, you don't get to know everything in my life, personally, because I'm not sure how smart it is to put all my thoughts out here. Oh well, I'm going to give you A LOT of information though.


So Saturday was boring for the reason that I didn't do anything productive all day except clean out my closet and find a bunch of shirts that don't fit me (which I'll be giving to my nephew). I had a party I had to get ready for Saturday night, so I cleaned the closet to find something I could get rid of, for my white elephant gift.

I eventually found my old news paper bags and wrapped them, since I don't have anything else to get rid of except old shoes (which is too common for white elephant). It was so funny to see-- Wait, I'll get to that. Anyway, so i cleaned out my closet and put things back in organized. In the process, I found my MP3 player (that I thought I lost), all my books, and my shoes (my nice, sports shoes) that I've only worn once. It was a great day. I also found some headphones I didn't know were in my closet (That looked new), all I need are some triple A batteries and I'm set for music business!

Later that night, we left to go to the party. By 'we', I mean my parents drove me to the party and dropped me off. I went alone. No way I would let my parents go into that house. Bleck! Anyway, The party was great! Any party with a Taco Bar is excellent to me (I love tacos)!!! After the white elephant gift exchange (where I got this goofy flower thing in an ugly metal holder (I don't have a pic, sorry (I'm to lazy to do that)).

Anyway, we also played 'Apples to apples' and 'Taboo' and when Lloyd and Amanda showed up, we had dessert! (mostly because they brought it (I think) but it was great regardless. You give a fat guy dessert, he's gonna eat it! I loved all the food too! Chocolate for dessert and Tacos as a main course? HELL YEAH!!

So the party went great, I pretty much talked to Jessica after the party on the phone (or did we text?...), either way, we talked after the party until I went to bed. It was a fun night. Well except being squished in the car on the ride home (apparently Bethany had to take everyone home). That was fun regardless. For some reason, getting a ride home from a friend is awesome because there a friend. I mean, it doesn't matter that your squished in the back (which I technically wasn't, but I don't know how else to word it), because I love getting rides home from someone I like being around. Bethany is a great person and friend and I'm thankful I know her.


Sunday was freakin' awesome!! I finally got Jessica to go to church with  me (which took some serious persuasion, but now that I'm her boyfriend, I guess her dad agreed)!! I was so excited!! I have never known someone who has accepted ALL OF ME before. If you're only going to accept half of me, that won't be enough for me. I want you to love ALL OF ME or none at all... I'm sorry, but I don't need a part of my life alone and a part with 'whoever that person is'. Anyway, she liked the service and came back AGAIN Sunday night for the Candle light service!!

Side note: Jessica's father (Father sounds better than dad to me, I don't know why) came with her to service Sunday morning too and is a reason why she came again Sunday night. I was hoping that she would be allowed to go and I'm thankful she went.

It was funny though, everyone who talked to her already knew who she was, just because she was sitting next to me. Hey, I love bragging about my girlfriend. How perfect she is to me and how everyone will love her. It's great for a conversation.... In my opinion.

Jessica said she'd never been somewhere where the people already knew her before she came. It was a little weird. I understand. If I suddenly met 10 or 15 new people who already knew me and thought I was cool, it'd be weird for me. Sorry Jess... Didn't know it'd make you feel awkward.

After the Candle light service, Jessica's parents went to eat dinner and invited me to go along, which I accepted (mostly because Jessica mouthed the words 'Don't say no!' to me). I feel like I'm imposing on people when I eat with them, especially with Jessica's family. It was strange being on the other side of the table.

Usually it's my mom taking people everywhere and I never thought about how awkward that'd be, because my mom is so cool and friendly with everyone. I was so nervous and shaking and probably looked it too (which Jessica said I did). To top it all off, Jessica told her parents, in front of me, that I was incredibly nervous. Thanks Jess, that made me embarrassed too.

It all worked out though because her parents are super nice to me and like me. Her dad even invited me to her house Christmas Eve, which was really thoughtful (also I had prior already invited Jessica to my house for Christmas). I brag about Jessica to everyone (even before we were friends, but more so now that we are dating), so my sister in-law wants to meet her too because I've said nothing but awesome things about her and she is excited to meet her (hopefully) soon!

In my opinion, I give Jessica plenty of credit. She loves me more than I'll ever comprehend and I love her the same too, so it's only right to brag about each other. In a relationship, you're supposed to love the other person and that's what I'm doing, I'm going to love Jess and be with her until she orders me away (which she says will never happen, so I'm pretty happy).

Life is good, Life is so good. In fact, Live is completely and totally livable right now! With a love like this, I can fly to new heights and explore a world I've only dreamed of.

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