Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Weekend Plus Two

This weekend has been so incredible! I can't believe how insanely great it's been and I'm excited, after this weekend, for my very bright future with Jessica! I know I haven't posted since Wednesday, but this week has been insanely crazy, as you'll soon find out!


First of all, my sister enjoyed her birthday, she got some neat presents (nothing I like, but thankfully because it's not my birthday) and I'm glad my mom could do something SEPARATE from Christmas this year. Usually my mom combined the both and my sister just got more presents than any of us on Christmas, but my sister always complained (because my Birthday is in July when everyone has money and her's, well... isn't!), so my mom made them separate this year, which she liked.

My week follow was just sleeping in late and doing practically nothing. I don't have anymore Wednesday  night services at church until January now, so that's what I didn't do. I pretty much became Sid the Sloth all week and did jack-squat. I didn't have a reason to do anything, so I didn't!

Though on Wednesday, my sister wanted to go to Thrift stores for her birthday and look for some cool stuff. She was trying to find a new, affordable dresser, which she didn't find, but she had an alright time, she said (though her face didn't agree).

Side note: my sister wanted to leave before her boyfriend got a chance to come over, but that didn't happen because everybody was being slow-pokes and squandered the time. Tommy got there and we had to deal with him. I don't have anything against Tommy these days, we are fine, but my sister seems to have a Love-Hate relationship with Tommy. She says she loves him, but always complains. With Jessica, I don't complain about anything. I want her to be with me, I love her, so much. I can't see my life any other way than with her.

So we left the house and I had wanted to go to Kohls, because I had gotten a $25 gift card from my friend Kelsey! I had given Kelsey a wicked nice scarf and hat that Jessica made, which Kelsey told me she loved! I also got this awesome card with a penguin on it! Man, I love penguins...

So we went to Kohls first, because my mom said that was fine. I didn't know Hannah didn't want to go or I would have gone later. I ended up upsetting Hannah, because she wanted to go to thrift stores and my mom went to Kohls. It was her birthday and I should have gone to Kohls later. On the plus, we went to thrift stores next. Though we only went to two, it was okay.

Side note: The thing about Tommy is that you can't take him places where there's lots of stuff. He will be stuck looking and oogling and begging to show off something "rare" or "collectible" that he's surprised costs so less. Tommy cool in my book, don't get me wrong, I don't mean this is the wrong way, but I'm not sure if Tommy has it all goin' on in the mailing room of his brain. No offense!

Well we finally left Kohls when Tommy made us go all around looking at stuff. The dude got ME DISTRACTED! I found some penguin Christmas ordainment's and went nuts with envy because I couldn't have them! I also saw this REALLY NICE camera that was on sale!! It was a SAH-WEET camera that was only 60 bucks, I even have a picture!!

It was a shame that I couldn't get the camera either! I mean, I had the money on me and I could have, but I made a rule with myself (being my first year Christmas shopping). I will NOT buy myself ANYTHING until I have bought ALL GIFTS for everyone else. When I'm done Christmas shopping, and if I have some extra money, then I can buy myself something nice. It ensures I get everything a gift that I plan to buy for.

Side note: I didn't buy for 3 people, which I feel terrible about. I won't say who because they read my blog and I don't want them to be all like, "What?! He was GOING TO buy for me but... FORGOT?!!" Yeah, not going to let that happen...

So after we left Kohls, we finally went to some thrift store across from the library and my sister didn't get the results she wanted. Being who I am, the only thing I did was scan the store for penguins. I don't care about anything but penguins. Thrift stores are great for finding good prices stuffed animals and ordainment's (like snow globes and figurines). I collect ANY KIND of penguins. I have a bunch of stuffed animals, but I also have snow globes and figurines in my room.

Side note: One day, because I'll be rich, instead of having a 'Trophy Room' (because I don't see myself being awesome at bowling or football anytime soon), I'll have a 'Penguin Room'. A room to put ALL my penguins in. I'm not just a nut job collector who won't get rid of junk. I collect as an actual hobby and lover of penguins! PENGUINS FREAKIN' ROCK!!!

So after that, Alexis showed up conveniently, because I had been texting her and she asked where we were (I can't believe I fell into that one). Well we all went to another thrift store that was bigger (and still open at 5:30pm) and had furniture! My sister looked for a dresser while I scanned the place for penguins! In that huge place, I only found 5 penguins in the whole place. I was disappointed. Very disappointed.

On the upside, I found this REALLY AWESOME COUCH!!! It was only 40 bucks and it would have looked PERFECT in my room, but NO! my mom said I couldn't buy it. I also had to follow my own Christmas rule, which sucked worse. Well we finally left the place when it was past 7pm, I think, and that was the only thing about my day worth remembering.

Side note: I did, however, get Taco Bell for dinner that night, which was good, because my mom got it for free. I was also texting Jessica ALL DAY during this and my phone was about to die. Luckily, I made it home on time thanks to Alexis!! So I quickly charged my phone and continued texting Jessica.


So Thursday was just another day without Jessica. I text her all day and got through the day. The only thing worth mentioning, honestly, was that Thursday night I was trying (but didn't get around to it) to work on my newest short story, No Curfew, and listening to music at the same time, but the music distracted me and I didn't write very much.

On the plus side, I rediscovered KJ-52 and Blake Lewis (which are totally different genres (christian rap and secular) and that's funny to me)! I totally forgot how much I loved Blake Lewis! I have his first album, Audio Daydream, and it totally rocks! I shared a few songs with Jessica and she totally loved them, the songs by Blake Lewis (I don't think Jessica will like rap very much, haha)! In fact, I can fancily add a playlist with the 3 songs she loved!

Keep in mind, this is a PLAYLIST, so there are 3 songs on here, not just the one...


I woke up on Friday and my house was quiet. I look at my phone to check the time and see that it's early. Too early. I groan and squeeze the pillow tighter, shutting out the light from my window, which ended with a big FAIL! I wiped the sleep from my eyes and sat up. I stand up and stretch, wishing I had slept longer. I sleepily walk down the hallway and stumble down the stairs.

I make my way to the couch and lay back, relaxing. Eventually, I get the computer and turn it on, ready to check my Facebook notifications. I open Google Chrome and pull up my Facebook---


Okay, I'm not going to write this is first person, but it's fun to read, right? Anyway, turns out my dad went to St. Louis to pick up my brother and my mom and sister didn't wake up until past 10:30am. I was chillin' on Facebook playin' a few of the apps I enjoy (I don't like playing a bunch, so I only pick a few and ignore the rest). I had cereal for the first time in MONTHS on Friday! IT WAS AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE!!! I had Frosted Flakes, almost choked to death, and overall enjoyed it! Fun...

In other news, when my dad finally got back, my mom talked to my brother Alex for about 20 minutes (it may have been 10 minutes, but I was distracted, which you'll find out why soon enough) before finally leaving the house. I was texting Jessica and she was allowed to come over! WOO HOO!! Well my brother Alex came along for the ride, so we went to pick up Jessica and then my mom had to go get her paycheck.

I didn't mind, I got to see Jessica, so HAHA! I was excited, stoked, and happy as a squirrel at a nut convention! Okay, maybe slightly dramatic but I'm allowed! I just held Jessica in my arms, on the way, as my mom went to get her paycheck, and on the way home.

On the way home, my mom stopped to get some pizza, which was TOTALLY DELICIOUS!! As an added bonus, when I got home, my brother Adam was home! So I now got to see my 2 brothers I never get to see these days! I mean, I never get to see ANY of my brothers EVER, but it was awesome seeing Adam and Alex. I loved that. Not to mention, Jessica got to meet them too!

In my opinion, personally, I don't know if it was too soon for Jessica to "meet my family" if you know what I mean. If you think about it though, I've known Jessica since July (or as Jessica says, middle school. Look, I don't remember knowing her in middle school, I don't even remember middle school PERIOD, haha. But I'll just take her word for it). Is that too soon to meet my family? Probably not, but ever since I've started dating Jessica, I worry about all kinds of stuff, which seems dumb to me and makes me feel stupid, but Jessica says it's cute and she likes that I worry so much.

Maybe I need to just calm down. I mean, c'mon... I'm not going to cause a problem out of nothing. I could, but that would be stupid! It was Christmas, it was going to happen regardless. So I didn't mind. Also, I brag about Jessica to everyone so meeting her is always fun for everyone, because they know I'm not exaggeration, but totally honest about how great she is!


I mean, I feel totally lucky. Anyway, we ate the pizza and had a good time, until Jessica and I decided to go watch Kung Fu Panda 2 (Jessica's DVD, not mine (God I wish though), I'm not THAT lucky). We watched the movie, mostly, and talked. I love watching movies with Jessica. She crawls into my arms and I hold her. She lays her head on my chest and her smile proves how totally and perfectly she is in that moment. It never gets old.

We eventually took Jessica home around Midnight, because that was her curfew, but I had the greatest time with her.


SATURDAY WAS A FREAKIN' BLAST!! I went to Jessica's house and had the greatest time EVER!! It was the first time I went to Jessica's house and STAYED there. Look, to be fair with you, I will be honest. I WAS NERVOUS AS HELL!! I mean, it was Christmas Eve so her dad wasn't home, he had to keep Jessica's younger brother out of the house, and Jessica's mom was sleeping. She told me I could pick out a movie to watch, but I was so nervous, I couldn't think strait.

I guess it's just a 'Zach thing'. I mean, Jessica had to get something out of her room while I picked out a movie, so I tried telling myself to calm down. I... Well, I slapped myself a couple of times and told myself to calm down, to stop being so nervous. Of course, Jessica heard me and saw me slapping myself. I stopped, turned to look, saw Jessica, and she busted out laughing.

Oh great, now I look like a weirdo in front of my girlfriend! I was blushing like crazy too! Good thing she thought it was funny and not creepy. That's a positive reaction. Anyway, she picked out a movie and we watched it on the couch. Jessica's dad and brother got home during the movie and then pretty soon, to speed things up, Jessica woke up her mom and her parents both went to the store to buy groceries for dinner. When they left, we put in another movie and James went to play in his room.

When Jessica's parents got home, I helped bring in groceries and they made lasagna. It was THE LEGENDARY LASAGNA! The lasagna Jessica brags about and I was like, "GAHH!! I MUST HAVE SOME!!!"

Well I offered to help, but I guess I was better off out of the kitchen, but for my first visit, I wanted to leave a positive reaction with her parents. I offered to help, I need to show that I'm a nice, good person, just in case they need some proof. Parents always watch out for there daughters. So I'm not going to screw things up. I played it safe.

On the plus, I watched the 2001 version of, Planet of the Apes! It was AWESOME TOO!! After that, I watched the new 2011 version of, Rise of the Planet of the Apes! IT FREAKIN' ROCKED!!!!

During the movie, the lasagna was finished and Jessica brought me some. I took a bite, I chewed, I tasted, I smiled, and finally swallowed.


I'm not even being dramatic, IT FREAKING ROCKED!!! I had to go back for seconds, it was INSANELY GOOD!! My God, Jessica knows how to make some TASTY GRUB!! (I think her mom helped make it too, so I have to give her credit too).

Well when the movie ended, I had to go home, which was fine. I already knew I would see her AGAIN on Sunday. So I went home around 9:30pm.


Sunday was the freakin' bomb! I woke up at 9am, got out of bed 20 minutes later, took a shower, and got ready for church at 10am. Jessica is allowed to go to church with me now, which I'm SO THANKFUL FOR, but she thought church was 11 - 12pm, but it was 10am - 11am. Well she showed up around 10:30am, which made me giggle on the inside. I was happy that she came though, because I had invited my dad to go to church for once (it was a short service, I gave him a free pass, this week).

Okay, maybe I'm a little harsh on him, but it's okay, I love my dad now. I used to hate the guy, but I forgave him, and now I'm moving on, hopefully to a place where I'm in college, away from him, so this happiness can't change to anger or hate again, ever! I know how things work out between me and my father so I want to keep it peaceful. For the sake of balance.

Side note: In actuality, there is no happy balance for me. I mean, recently, there has been, but it's probably just being in love with Jessica. It's like Novocaine and Jessica numbed the pain of everything in my world. I didn't feel the hurt or sadness. The depression surrounding me, once my good friend, had been blocked out and I was in a new world. I started to fly and I was so high, nothing could catch me! Maybe that explains why I've been so forgiving to my father, I am a totally new person now.

I'm going to break things down in a list (bear with me), from my understanding.

  1. Bethany adds me to CW Club on Facebook
  2. I meet Jessica (and Tracy) on CW Club
  3. I meet Jessica (and Tracy) at a CW Meeting
  4. I "fall in love" with Bethany
  5. Bethany makes me go to church with her
  6. I get saved and became a Christian (an actual Christian)
  7. I get my heart broken by Bethany
  8. I get super depressed and hate life
  9. I get suicidal
  10. I deal with life, best I can
  11. I talk to Jessica more frequently
  12. I become close friends with Jessica (and Tracy, but more Jessica)
  13. I start to grow feelings for Jessica. 
  14. I keep them to myself because Jessica was already in a relationship
  15. Jessica is single
  16. I respect Jessica enough to keep my feelings enough
  17. I finally tell Jessica (who gets it out of me)
  18. I date Jessica
  19. All depression, sadness, anger, and resentment leave me
  20. I forgive my dad and no longer "hate him"
  21. Life is seemingly perfect

I hope you understand that as I do. It was a pretty long list. I just hope I can stay on solid ground with my father. I really do love him, I just have a hard time believing that at times. I'm going to work on that.

After church, Jessica went home with me and we spent the day together. Jessica got to meet the good side of my family (which I was happy about, because I have some sketchy family members, as does everyone). So I don't confuse you, I'm going to just tell you flat out who was there so you can hopefully make better since of it.

  • Brian - 28 years old (brother)
  • Adam - 24 years old (brother)
  • Alex - 21 years old (brother)
  • Zachary (that's me!) - 18 years old
  • Hannah (Sister)
  • Sharon (aunt)
  • Michelle (Sister in-law)
  • Tylor (Nephew)
  • My Mom
  • My Dad

Well there you have it, we had a full house in my small duplex. My family and Jessica. It was a good Christmas for me. I absolutely loved it! Pretty much, I got some movies, penguins stuff, and clothes. I was happy. I didn't even expect that much either, so I was surprised. I still need to give Tracy her 2 gifts. I'll do that for New Years probably though!

Anyway, I got Sherlock Holmes (the first one) for Christmas and Jessica and I went up to my room to watch it later that night (the rest was crazy photo pictures my mom wanted to take, mehh!). Well we went up to watch the movie and had a really good night! It was fun to watch a movie with Jessica (again), because it NEVER gets old! It's fun every time! I love it.

Well Jessica went home around 10:15pm Sunday night and I miss her today, so much. It's so weird not seeing her today. I got to see her 3 days in a row! That's totally rare, I know, and for it to be on Christmas weekend, was even MORE RARE!

God, I love Jessica so much! I love her more than anyone could understand. Holding her in my arms, feeling her heartbeat, knowing she feels as passionately in love with me as I do her... Nothing is better than that. Ever.

Christmas was great, but Jessica made it worth getting through. 

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