Saturday, December 17, 2011

My first date!

Last night was another best night of my life, again! I was so happy to see my Jess again. I know a lot of you don't know things before I post them (unless your my Facebook friend) and even then, you don't know everything unless you read this blog. Not to mention, I'm the goof brave (or stupid) enough to post my life for the entire world to read. That's millions of people, holding a microscope to my life. Granted, I don't post everything, but I do post an awful lot! Let's get started...

I went on my first date last night with Jessica. She's not "technically" my first girlfriend, but she is my first serious relationship. I have never had a serious relationship before and to be in love with that person at the same time... It makes everything all the better. Jessica knows I care about her an awful, awful lot, and I already told her about how I feel, and she feels the same. I'm glad that we're both in love and truly happy with each other. It made going on this date even better.

Side note: This is my first date, EVER. And it never goes as pictured, does it? No. It's embarrassing because your nervous. This is proof. Story of my life. Jessica said it was cute that I was so nervous, but I was just embarrassed.

We had agreed to go to the movies and see Happy Feet 2 again, because it's now Jessica's favorite movie! I agree, it's mine too (which used to be Inception)! We got to the movies to find out that they weren't playing Happy Feet 2 anymore. I asked one of the employees why it was gone and they had to make room for new movies just coming out. I understood, but it was totally embarrassing not having a game plan all of a sudden.

To keep from being a horrible boyfriend, I told Jessica she could pick the movie we saw. We ended up going to see Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. It was a REALLY GOOD MOVIE!!! I LOVED IT!! I mean, I didn't expect to like it so much. I mean, I loved the first one, it was great, but the second one was EVEN BETTER!!! I was really glad things worked out for us.

Side note: Before the movie, when we bought the popcorn and drinks and I was happy up until they asked what we wanted to drink. I turned to ask Jessica (who I thought was next to me, but ended up being behind me) and ended up elbowing her, which was totally embarrassing!! I felt awful and totally apologized, luckily I went slow and she played it off jokingly. It was still totally and completely embarrassing!

After the movie was over, we talked until my mom showed up to pick us up (Yes, my mom drove me to the movies with my girlfriend on my first date, don't remind me of how lame this already was in the big picture). I had a good time with Jessica because we were happy. On the way home, we stopped by Quick Trip and got some food.

YES, I KNOW IT SOUNDS LIKE A LAME DATE, BUT IT WASN'T AS BAD AS IT SOUNDS!! Jessica isn't the material girl who wants you to spend a lot to make her happy. She just wants to be loved and have memories to remember. Anyway, my mom bought everything at Quick Trip anyway so it worked out fine for us.

Side note: Funny story. When we were leaving Quick Trip and going to the car, Jessica walked to the wrong car and almost got in. We quickly told her, before she got to close to the car or got in, that it was the wrong car, and she quickly turned and walked to the right car. We drive a bright red durango, she almost got in a maroon mini van. That was one of the best highlights of my night.

We went home and Jessica and I went to my room to eat dinner and hang out. We ate the dinner, laughed at  the funny jokes we made, and had a good time. We cuddled for an hour, but then Jessica had to go home before midnight (which was her curfew).

I had a really good night. I truly enjoyed our first date. It was completely embarrassing for me, because so many things got flawed and I wasn't as prepared as I had originally planned, but by the end of the night, Jessica still loves me and I make her happy no matter what. For that, I'm very thankful.

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