Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Quick Rant and Sunday

So maybe I didn’t have such pleasant thoughts on Saturday, whatever. I really don’t care if you think I’m a terrible person, though I heard a mouthful from Bethany anyway. God, some people take things to literal. I’m not here to rant about my father though, even though I could go on forever, I am instead here to talk about, mostly, Sunday, the only day this week my father was tolerable.

Before I get to that, I want to explain what I meant with the comment about Bethany. Look, I don’t want to have a dispute with Bethany about who I should or shouldn’t hate, I know I’m only supposed to use the word ‘hate’ when I’m talking about the devil, I get that enough from my parents, but I am not, as Bethany put it, ‘killing there soul’, when I say I hate someone.

I was a little extreme in my emotions towards my father while posting last, but at least Bethany text me instead of leaving an ugly comment on the post. I deleted the messages, but it was an all out rant about why I shouldn’t say I hate my dad and why I should love him. I get that some people don’t have the ‘perfect life’, growing up with both parents, but even when you do, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. It gets ugly.

I have seen the ugly side of my father more in my life than I have seen the good side. Sorry if that means I have to view him as such, but you treat me like I’m trash and disrespect me, I’m going to think you’re a bad person and avoid you. I avoided my father this weekend for that reason and I was a little rude to him too, just to make a point. Though I was nice on Sunday, the one day this week he didn’t show his ugly side.

Sunday was awesome! I was flippin’ joy all day! I went to church as I usually do and had a great time, though I didn’t have any ‘highs’ for the week, which is just a think we do in the mornings (not worth explaining). When I got home, my parents were both gone (that’s not why I had a good day though), but they showed up about 20 minutes later. As I was at home, I worked on my story, the one of my many I’m working on, and tried to get some more done with that.

Side note: I haven’t written anymore of my erotic lit since I got saved last August, because I didn’t view it as worthy enough, but I got a great idea for a plot the last month and haven’t willed myself to work on it, because of the content it would have, not being worthy enough. I decided to write it though, regardless, because these stories are too great. After a talk with Jessica though, I decided I am DONE completely with my erotic lit. This is my last story, yes, I’ll finish it, but that’s it. I have 4 erotic lit stories, once this is finished, and I will be done. 3 are part of a trilogy and 1 is just a solo story. I never posted them on my story blog because I only post family friendly stories on there. Hope knowing this doesn’t ruin your image of me though, I’m a great guy who made the mistakes of taking my skills a different direction. I am no longer going to write that genre and all is fine.

When my parents arrived home, I turned off the computer and greeted them in the driveway, they wanted to have a fun evening so we were going to see a movie and eat dinner. They were talking about inviting my sister’s boyfriend, so I countered by saying if he was invited, I got to invite one of my friends. My dad sighed and said he knew that would happen. He asked what friend I would invite and, my mom didn’t even have to guess twice. My dad guessed I would invite Bethany, but she was bitching at me about hating my dad at the time so I wasn’t about to reward her like that. Besides, Bethany makes it a point to be conveniently busy when I want to do something anyway so I know she would have said no.

Side note: I am having a Christmas party on December 9th and Bethany isn’t going, she says. She told me that because I’m making it a sleepover and were going to hang out on the 10th as well, she can’t go. It’s like she suddenly has a rule about spending the night with me. She’s spent the night with me before, when I invited her and Jessica over for a sleep over back in July! We had a really fun time and I don’t regret that at all!! I just want my best friend back, which I’ve had recently, up until Sunday. I want the Bethany I used to know back, the one who thought I was worth talking to. Now, in order to stay friends, I can’t text her or see her outside of church? That’s bogus man, it’s like I got cheated.

I am not going to confront her or anything because it’s not a big enough deal right now, I have other things to worry about, like not failing High School now that I’m so close to the end. If Bethany wants to be friends, she has to know that being friendly is part of it. Yes, I agree that friends can disagree on some things, but if all you do in one week is argue about one thing, that’s not very healthy for the relationship, in my opinion.

I’m not here to complain about Bethany, I never am, and that was only a small detail in my weekend, besides my father, which is never a small detail, he makes sure of that. I was here to tell you about Sunday.

I invited Jessica. She was my number one pick! I didn’t even have to think twice about it. Jessica is so much fun to hang out with, because I am never bored while I’m with her. Other than Tracy, she is my best friend. But unlike Tracy, the one difference, I am closer to Jessica than I am with Tracy. I don’t know why, but we just don’t keep secrets between each other and we have a whole trust thing going on. I don’t keep anything from her, even if it reflects on me poorly and she does likewise.

I know she cares about me so even when I look at my worst, she won’t cast judgment, but instead try to help me pick myself up and improve. She is just a really awesome, well-rounded, fun, happy person. That definitely qualifies in my book as ‘best friend material’ in my book, I don’t know about you though.

We ended up going to see the movie Tower Heist, which was a really great movie, I’ll have you know. Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller were great together, not to mention the other incredible cast members. It was an awesome heist movie too, not many can be found these days. After the movie though, we decided to eat dinner.

On the way to eat, we stopped by Tommy’s house though. He couldn’t go see the movie because he was out of town. When we got to his house, Carolyn was also there. I didn’t care, because it’s not my business, but apparently my parents were upset. I don’t know what Hannah was thinking but I didn’t want to know, frankly. In the end, Tommy left with us though. So Hannah sat in the back with Tommy and I sat in the middle with Jessica, which I didn’t mind, I was comfy.

Dinner was great, I loved the food. It was awesome. Trust me, I could rant about food for a very long time, so I’m not going to talk much about dinner, other than how awesome it tasted! But that’s pretty much the rest of the night. We took Jessica home first, followed by Tommy, and then I went home and to bed.

That night was awesome and it was totally the highlight of my week! I am just really glad I had such a fun time, which usually only happens when I’m with my friends. I have lots of fun on Wednesday’s though, I love church, that’s always a fun night during my week, probably one of the best nights of my weekday.

Side note: I do not currently have internet at home right now, it got shut off earlier in the week, which is why I haven’t been able to post. Try to be patient because I can only post blogs from school now, meaning I have to type them up on a word doc and save them on my flash drive (to be more efficient) before I can post them. Don’t freak out or anything, because I can still post, but I don’t know when my service is getting turned back on.

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