Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Novel Update(s) and A terrible week!

Oh man, I have been so freakin' busy with stuff, I haven't been able to update my blog, which I apologize for. Let's all take a second to morn a week without knowing my life. On the plus, this post will inform you of everything that has happened (that I remember), but let's not forget, I do have short term memory loss (Not really, but its an on-going joke).

Let's go back to Friday (Because I have, literally, forgotten the rest of the week). The only thing I really want to tell you about Friday is that I have successfully finished my short story, Mischievous Behavior 2! I was so excited to finish it because I put a lot of hard work into it and the fact that I got such great comments back from Tracy and Kelsey made me happy. You'll never guess who loved it the most though, though you probably will, once you think about it (who haven't I mentioned yet?).

Side note: Click Here to read Mischievous Behavior 2 on my Stories blog!

Yes, Jessica LOVED IT! She was strait flippin' joy! She was really, super excited that I had finished it and said it was an awesome story and was even bold enough to tell me I needed to further the plot and make it a novel. I didn't really want to go far enough as to make it a novel, because it was only a short story. She had a point though, the characters were very well created and shown as people you could relate too.

Sunday night, while I was working my double shift at The Tree of Lemons, she talked me into it. I am going to turn Mischievous Behavior 2 into a Novel. I know, it's really exciting! In fact, it's probably the best thing that's happened to me since I lost my writing funk months ago. But I will let you in on a secret, which only you'll know. Next paragraph.

I am working on 4 Novels right now:

  • Twisted (Action/Adventure/Mystery/Humorous)
  • Gary and his disciple (Humorous/Emotional/Though-Provoking)
  • Mischievous Behavior NOVEL/BOOK (Romance/Humorous)
  • Dear Death (Sad/Emotional/Mystery)

They're all so good too! You already know about Twisted, because I've been working on that forever (though it won't have very long chapters, it'll be one heck of a good book!), but I may as well tell you about the other two, since I brought it up and all. I'm really excited about MB2 (which I call for short) the most though!

Gary and his disciple has been mentioned a couple of times on my blog, but a long time ago, you may have forgotten about it. Yeah, this has been put on hold for, coming up on, a year. I didn't have the motivation to write it for awhile, because of the background of the story, the under-lying themes. I made it all to obvious who I was referring to. But I think I have put all that behind me and want to write a really good, fiction story! The plot is basically about Gary and his best friend Carl. They do everything together, make videos, eat chips, and play video games. The conflict I put in the story though is that Carl is starting to have an internal struggle realizing that he is gay. He can't admit to himself that he has feelings for Gary. He eventually breaks down in the hallway when he talks to his friend Albert. Albert just reassures him that he won't care if Carl is gay and that he accepts him for who he is, a great guy! Carl has to figure out who he is and, possibly, confront Gary about the problem. I am currently on Chapter six.

MB2 is basically taking you before the first short story. It goes back to the ninth grade, when Zachary meets Jessica and grows from there (which is referenced in MB2) and it stretches beyond to past where MB2 ended, showing Zach and Jessica's first date (Oh, how embarrassing, but funny, that'll be!) and stretching to Zach and Jess after high school and into the college days (coed dorms, baby)! I won't tell you how it ends, but you're going to love it! The relationship between Zach and Jessica is intensely close, honest, and real. I want to capture love from all angles, both the good and bad, so I won't tell you the conflicts, problems, etc that they will face, but you just have to buy a copy when I finish it. I'm currently on Chapter one.

Dear Death is my first take on a truly dynamic and mentally messed up individual. I am starting every chapter with a poem at the beginning which then leads you into the chapter. Chapter one starts with an emotional and angry poem (which I actually wrote myself from a personal experience) that leads you to the main Character, Evan, who is alone, in his room, in the dark with a butcher knife. He is contemplating suicide and is on the edge with his life. That leads you into his life story. Evan is the narrator of the story, he tells you about how he got that way and the end of the book leads you full circle back to him on that bed, with the butcher knife! It's totally emotional and, if it all works out, it should make you feel for Evan, wishing the best, hoping he can let go of his resentment and let go of the knife, which he grips firmly in his hand. I'm also on Chapter one.

That is pretty much all of my Novels and the basic plot I have going for them. I really hope to be a diverse author and get a lot of fans, of all ages! I know that my books will be under 'Juvenile Fiction' but that doesn't mean its only for that age group, just placed there. Everyone, even your grandma, should read my books/novels! I encourage it. Though Pastor Mike says I'd be good at writing Christian Novels, I don't know that I would go into THAT genre, persay, but fiction for sure.

As for the rest of my week, Over Thanksgiving break, I worked 6 shifts at The Tree of Lemons:

  • Wed 3-7
  • Friday 3-7 and 7-10:30 (plus closing time) (A double Shift)
  • Saturday 11:00-3 and 7-10:30 (plus closing time) (A double Shift)
  • Sunday 7-9:30 (plus closing time)

I love working at The Tree of Lemons because it's really fun and a great job for me. It was a miracle I even got the job! Seriously, My manager is so cool, I get to make people happy because I'm selling what they want, and when I ring up an order, all I have to do is be friendly to the customer, which I totally am! I love the customers, they're great!

Honestly, I'm secretly hope they're hiring in December or January because Jessica really needs a job and if I could hook her up, she'd totally love me forever! Working with my best friend would make me happier than any other person on earth! I would probably have a cheery, happy blog banner to welcome you when you type in the URL. Sadly though, life is only livable most of the time right now. Or was after this hellish week, which I'm getting too.

My dad got home from his current trucking job on Friday, November 18th, as I may have mentioned, well he just left on the morning of Monday, November 28th. It was the worst 10 days of my life, not going to lie. My father, I hate the sound of that, really knows how to screw your life up. He is a psycho and doesn't understand why I don't like him, which also makes him pretty stupid. I hate insulting my dad, but just to make honest since of it all, I'll quickly tell you a conversation we had when he picked me up from church this past Sunday.

"Why don't you like me?" he asked

"I respect those who respect me." I said, almost as quickly as he asked

"Whatever, that makes no since."

We rode home in silence, mostly. He ranted about how he's my father and I should love him, but other than that, I got home in one piece. Life is better when he's gone. It's mean, hurtful, and bold to say about my father, but it's true. He doesn't make anyone happy when he's home. Maybe one day I can respect my father, but until that day, here is my opinion.

Also, my Prob and Stat teacher has been riding me about my failing grade recently, which is starting to piss me off. I don't really care anymore, I am done trying basically. Why else would I just sit in class and do nothing? He's a math teacher, he's supposed to be smart, FIGURE IT OUT DUDE! The only reason I did all my late homework and worked on the project, that's late, was because Jessica said I have to try and pass this class. Jessica is the only person who can get me to do anything. If I don't want to do anything, I won't. It's not going to happen.

Mr. Jerk, stop bugging me in class, I'm going to do my thing and your going to get over the beef you have with me. If you taught me correctly, I wouldn't have issues and be failing your class. Don't pass  blame on me dude! You said yourself half the class is failing. That's your fault.

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