Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Memories don't happen twice

I don’t exactly know how to start this post. I guess from the beginning is good. I was born in a hospital about 18 years ago. I was a cute little baby, one of the most attractive ones in the entire unit that night. Doctors said I would grow up to be a male model or successful actor, they knew I was destined for great things! They saw my father and asked my mother if she wanted a DNA test, he didn’t look at all like me because of—What?

Yes, I’m messing with you. That was kind of cruel to do to my father too, but I’m not going that far back. I also don’t really care about being cruel to my father. You’ll see why by the end. Let’s try a little closer to date, like… yesterday, perhaps? Yes. I will try that.

Yesterday was my last day of school before Thanksgiving break. Yes, I have 3 days off from school now, plus the weekend! I’m pretty excited about that. What excited me even more is the fact that I got to go see Breaking Dawn Part One AGAIN last night!

The plan was to go with Jessica, Tracy, and Dustee. I had never met Dustee until last night, but I’ll get to that in a second. Up until yesterday morning, the plan was all well, but Jessica had terrible pain in her back, it hurt so bad, she couldn’t lift her bag for school or HARDLY MOVE! I was terrified that something awful had happened and I never want that to happen.

Jessica ended up missing school but took a pain killer (I don’t know exactly, but it worked… ish, whatever it was). Jessica said her parents wouldn’t let her go because she missed school. GOSH, I’M SORRY! If my back hurt that bad too, I wouldn’t go either. Maybe she should just go to school in complete pain, where people can run into her in the hallway, making her pain worse! IS THAT THE SMART THING TO DO POPS? I wasn’t happy with her parents. That’s got to be the stupidest rule I’ve heard from a “parent”, if they can call themselves that. They’re not mine so I can’t change things.

Even with mine, I can’t change things. Anyway, I had to live with that as I went to school. On the plus, I had an easy day. I started the day with a “Reading Worshop” in Comm. Arts. I didn’t read the book I was supposed to though; instead I read my Percy Jackson book and text Jessica. My book beats reading this other book any day.

Side note: School have degraded to the point where they can’t assign good literature anymore. Apparently the only fiction we can read is when people have issues. I have enough of my own, I don’t want to read about other people and there’s. It’s terribly boring. Especially since I don’t smoke weed, drink alcohol, and get in fights with people at a party I came to crash. Sorry, I strive for the whole “Good person” thing.

2nd hour was the worst hour of my day. I had just came from a “take it easy” class and I assumed my day would run smoothly, considering my B Days always are. I walk into my Prob and Stats class, sit in my chair and prop my feet up on the desk as I wait for class to start, minding my own business. Mr. Jerk then tells me, “Get your feet down.” Which I do, but he starts going off on me about how I am only doing that, day after day, to disrespect him. He starts ranting like he’s the only person who matters in the world and the fact that I “disrespect him” makes him mad.

I don’t give a damn about pissing off Mr. Jerk. He can take a hike; he’s the worst teacher I’ve ever had. I’ve never failed so miserably in a math class before. This guy is a joke when it comes to teaching students. He even said himself that half the students in his class are failing. He was ONE Prob and Stats class, if he can’t get three-fourths of his class a passing grade, he needs to stop teaching, because he obviously cant.

Anyway, Mr. Jerk kind of pissed me off and I wanted to tell him off, but I held my tongue. I so badly wanted to get sent to the office so I can tell them he is a terrible teacher. The teacher at the other school (there are 2 high schools in my district… ish) who teaches statistics, who’s taught it for many years, was my Geometry teacher back in 10th grade.  He was my favorite math teacher out of everyone I had. I’m sorry to the rest, but he made learning easy and fun. He was a GOOD teacher and he DESERVES to teach, because he cares. And that was GEOMETRY! I suck at geometry!!

Anyway, that is TOTALLY the low for my week. Mehhh, I blew him off, took notes, and ignored the assignment. Really, if I’m going to fail, I’m not going to get one of those 2% from passing grades at the end. If I’m going to fail, it’s going to be a 20% from passing grade. Honestly, I’ve lost all interest in caring. I was done caring this week. I’ve ignored the last 4 assignments in his class, because of the way I’ve been treated. There is no respect, no concern or care, so why should I give any back? I give what I get.

So the rest of the day went smoothly, no hard classes, tests, or quizzes. I had simple classes. Tech Theatre was even fun and all I really did was paint a coffin and help move some boards. Speaking of Tech Theatre, its great how I’m starting to get more interactive! Pretty much everyone talks to me now. I told you that the fieldtrip was a step forward and I was right! HA! I’m so clever and smart! Ish.

So I went home and went immediately to my room to avoid my father. I don’t care what Bethany, Michael, or God have to say about it, I don’t like the man and that’s my opinion. I went to my room and tried to work on my short story, Mischievous Behavior 2. Yes, I’m writing a sequel, it’s going to be finished this week, I’m hoping, and I’ll post it to my short stories blog, which I will give you the URL to if you don’t have it yet. I worked on it until it was about 5:30 and I got ready to leave. I showed up at the movie around 6:17pm (I remember to the dot!) and got my ticket, popcorn, and went to the theatre to wait for the movie to start at 7pm.

While we waited, I met Dustee, who was nice. I didn’t really talk much, but it was a positive experience. Anyway, as we waited, Jessica called me and said that her back felt better and she wished she could go. I felt bad all day because she couldn’t go and I still felt bad, because Jessica makes everything fun! She ended up telling me that if her dad wasn’t asleep and her brother awake, she would have been able to go because her mom would have let her go. I wasn’t happy about that, but I couldn’t change it. I had to go eventually because the movie started.

The movie was even better a second time, for me, because I was able to focus on the minor details I didn’t notice the first time. I really enjoyed the movie. After the movie, I talked to Tracy and Dustee for about 5 or 10 minutes, until Dustee’s dad showed up. Tracy and Dustee jumped in, waved, and left. I felt kind of awkward at that point. Being, in a sense, left there. I text my mom to get me and waited. I text Bethany and Jessica as I waited, but I didn’t text Bethany long.

Turns out, my dad picked me up. This is the fun part. As soon as I got in the car, there was a hostel mood in the air. As expected, my father (sucks I have to call him that) started guilting me as soon as I got in the car until I got home. He said that my mother wanted to go to the movie too and I’m a terrible person for not letting her. He told me she is too nice to force her way into my plans and I should have let her go.

I’m sorry if I don’t want my mom hanging out with me and my friends, but I’m 18. I have friends who don’t want to hang out with my mom. My sister is 16 so if my mom hangs out with her and her friends, good for her, but I am not going to have a helicopter parent holding my hand as I go to the movies with my friends, who invited ME, not her.

I don’t sound selfish either, my mom is awesome, and I love her, but she can’t force her way into my plans, and my dad sure as hell won’t try to manipulate me or make me feel bad. I paid for MY OWN TICKET and I’m not going to make that a waste. Tracy and Dustee were awesome, I’m glad they invited me, but I should have text my mom sooner to get me (and hoped my mom wouldn’t let dad get me).

I ended up coming home that night really pissed off and when my mom asked what happened, as I was walking upstairs, strait from the car, I said that my dad being a – well, it wasn’t nice, and I slammed my door. I ended up talking to Jessica on the phone for 2hours though, until midnight. I don’t know what happened, but talking to Jessica made me feel better.

Jessica, as always, listened to me and helped. She knows that I never take anything offensively and I listen to her. She made me feel better and instead of feeling like crap and wanting to cry, I left the conversation smiling and happy. Trust me, when someone can do that, you have one hell of a good friend!

I went to bed that night happier than if I had not talked to Jessica. I am glad I have a friend like Jessica, because I’ve never had a friend like her before. Nobody has ever cared about me so much. To be perfectly honest, Jessica is the only reason why I’m alive today. She gave me hope that a better day will come. A day where I won’t be where I am in life. I know Bethany let me to Christ, which I’m glad for, that really changed my life too, but I met Jessica before I was saved and I don’t know if I would have made it to church August 3rd.

But I’m here today on November 23rd and that’s what matters, right?

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