Monday, May 30, 2011

Helicopter Game!


Leave me your best score in the comments!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

New banner!

These are all ideas I went through for my new banner, obviously you know which one I chose.

I would like to give a HUGE THANKS to my best buddy, Caleb Aguire for making my banner with me and being so patient with the whole process. I hope he has a sucessful career cuz he certainly has the skills!

My buddy Caleb would only send me a lame cell phone picture....

Friday, May 27, 2011

Last day of school!

Halle-freakin'-lujah! It's the last day of school. Haha, I'm thrilled about it (as you can tell), because were only gonna be here until 11:55am! We have 20 minute classes (give or take) and the best part is, were gonna do squat! Were just gonna say "bye" and "Here is your final grade, enjoy the summer!".... It is completely pointless but were making up a snow day so we gotta be here. I don't mind being here, I gotta get some yearbook signatures I missed last Friday (because of my wisdom teeth).

This may surprise you, but I asked Kyle to sign my yearbook and he said, No. I mean, if he can't sign it as a friend from 1st semester or even a teammate from tennis, then I guess he hasn't moved on yet. It takes time to heal, so people say. Yea, I understand that, but I moved on and I got burned more so then him. The more I think about it, the more childish it seems. Usually someone in HIGH SCHOOL can move on, especially since they called me a "bad friend" and "horrible person". Why would it affect him so much to lose me as a friend? Call me crazy but I keep going back to one word, Pride.

It really annoys me so I'm gonna move on. I have yet to ask George to sign my yearbook because I honestly think he would vandalise my yearbook and I don't want to cause a problem. I might end up asking today if I see him outside of class (I don't want a scene if he starts one). I just hope he has the decency to sign it and move on. I still respect George after all this, he's a great guy and I am not gonna say bad things, gossip, or do anything wrong because the guy isn't horrible, everyone makes mistakes, I forgave him a long time ago for allt he hurful things. Were in high school, people are supposed to be stupid, it's the last 4 years they get before thrown into the adult world where money rules. Let's just be thinkful we aren't 30 or things could have gotten out of hand....

I got my stiches out yesterday, after school. It was super amazing to know I no longer have to worry about my wisdom teeth. All I have now is braces and my teeth will be beautiful and perfect! If I can lose some weight and bulk up this summer, get my braces, and gain some more personality, I will be set for my senior year! I already got a girlfriend, I just need the body. Speaking of losing weight, I am gonna update the zacharypenguin-lw blog more often this summer because I'm gonna start jogging, walking, jumping rope, going to the gym, and do all that fun exercise stuff! I know I can get my sexy back this summer. I just gotta lift some weights, jog a bit, and play lots of tennis!

I posted a vlog just now on YouTube and it ended up being 12 minutes long, go figure, I think I should end the blog with a vlog, so that's what I'll do, Haha!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Groovy picture!

I like to post a good picture every now and then, I took this in graphic design when the teacher stepped out, I like how my glasses go perfectly through my eyes, giving me an, almost demonic, look. No, I'm not demonic, but I look creepy.

Wisdom or "wise doom"?

So this hasn't been told but theres a guy named Zachary who got his wisdom teeth pulled out last Thursday. Apparently, he was drugged, pulled, and sent on his way with a $400+ dental bill, which gave his mother a rather choleric attitude. Ehh, It wasn't to bad though, at least he didn't die. He was just swollen for a long time, had to take pain pills, and pink gunk for infection (I can't say what it's called cuz its long and I would have to enunciate (uh-mox-uh-silen)). The guys still alive today, still goes to school, he's actually getting ready to finish his junior year of high school!

That poor, sad guy though, if your wondering... Yes, that guy is me. It's truly a sad ordeal, having to endure this pain. Swelling in your cheek (or jaw, its something around there) sucks! I have been swollen for 6 days now (including today) and I am surprised. I guess its normal though, your regularly swollen for around a week and the ... pink stuff, is supposed to be taken for 10 days, twice a day. I have only been taking it when I wake up. it's actually tastes pretty good! I know I sound crazy but what do you want me to say , I have to take gross medicine for "infection"? I'd rather it taste good and thankfully, it does.

BING BING: Breaking News!

I now have a girlfriend. Yes, I am no longer a single bachelor roaming the wild earth, prowling for my miss pretty. I have found one, snatched her up before she was taken by some buff guy. We tubby guys gotta find happiness too! I am just glad she picked me rather then the many other options out there. Ya know, a lot of guys are pervs and just want to use woman, well I think that's wrong. I think there's more to a person then perverted thoughts put into the minds of men by the enemy! I am gonna play this thing out till the end and see if I can have an actual relationship. This is my 2nd relationship but my first didn't go anywhere, kinda stood still and never took a step forward. I was glad we just decided to be friends again, that's all it really was in the first place.

Lastly, I get the stiches in my mouth removed this thursday. I got them on both my bottoms. I just hope they dont have to numb my mouth again, that sucked! I can still remember every second of that surgery (If that was what it was, more like a 'tooth removal'), the sound of the drill, the smell of burning teeth, that wierd thing over my nose I had to breath through (which made me loopy!). I'm leaving now....

Thursday, May 19, 2011

What are the signs?

Can you ever tell when someone is 'over the edge' or 'close to the end'? I don't think you really can. Professionals tell you that you can always see the signs in there behavior, attitude, ect.. but I don't buy it. When I was feeling suicidal earlier in the year, I made sure nobody knew it. Sure, people result to online activity as a way to vent and I admit, I thought about going online, but changed my mind.

You might see a disturbing 'tweet' or facebook post that seems sketchy, but honestly, I don't think you can tell if someone feels this way unless they specifically say it. I would assume, but that does no good without action and you might just make the person mad jumping on an assumption without hard, specific proof? Are you willing to take that risk? Maybe it will piss them off, but maybe you saved there life.

What if the person doesn't want to be saved? They legit wanna 'end all the pain' they have. They don't want to be here, dealing with this. It happens, and I've felt that way before, myself. No, you can't give in. I know there is a better future for me if I just hold on a little longer. Life isn't as pointless as it seems right now. I'm 17 years old, If i wanna be stressed, my parents are in debt and can't afford to pay bills occasionally, plus providing for 2 kids, GOSH! They should be depressed, stressed, upset with the balance of life, and screaming all the time.

My parents are amazing, they deal with so much of my crap and still choose to love me. I love my parents so much, they gave me the gift of existence so I'm returning the favor by making something of myself. I know I'm not the best in most categories, but I'm good at a few things. I'm a creative writer, I love creating things, expressing myself, writing stories, and poetry is a deep passion of mine. If I didn't have some of these things, didn't know I was gifted this way, I wouldn't see a point. I think everyone deserves a good friend that they can talk to, that includes EVERYONE.

If you look around your world, do you see anyone who could use a friend, someone you could reach out to? I think everyone can if they try. Maybe you won't even notice. I always kept to myself and never bugged anyone. Yes, I'm the quiet, secluded person who sits with 1 person at lunch. I don't associate with others unless they associate with me first. I keep to myself and I figure that's smart. I don't want 100 people to cry over me. I figure that's just sad, makes me want to keep living. I know people, regardless of request, are going to cry and mourn over me when I'm finally gone and off this beautiful earth, and that's ok with me. I know I will be remembered, and that's fine.

I know how it feels to not know anyone and feel like you are nothing. I know that it can seem like there's no exit from the pain and hurt you feel, so I don't judge anyone for doing anything, especially if there pushed into that situation. Nobody willingly walks into that situation, it's happens when a series of chain reactions occur. And I pray that they don't make a choice that will change there life, and many others, forever.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Reminising the good times....

Since I got my computer back, I had all my old files back. The police hadn't deleted anything, just looked at it, enjoyed my stories and videos, and returned it (or so it seems). I am glad, there just stupid for taking a family laptop thinking they would find anything (I'm not doing anything illegal). I was looking through my old videos and found some really good ones.

I found the full version on Kung-fu snowball fight and Doc 3 videos. I also found the full, raw, unedited, In the suburbs and Pizza Delivery, files. I don't care what anyone says, that was the single best video series I ever posted on the YouTube. I got, If i can remember correctly, around 10 more followers based off those videos. I don't care who you are or how perverse those videos seem to you, people like videos with comedy and biblical puns aren't going to make them laugh. I know there are limits to when something is over the edge, well I saw that series as "riding the fence" because it had pretty excessive language and questionable content, but it was completely hillarious!

I wish George's mom hadn't made me remove them and stop making more because they were awesome! The 3rd video we were planning for the week that we were told to remove them WAS going to be AWESOME! We were getting even crazier with the ideas! Oh man, I was so mad when I found out we couldn't make it. I hope I can make a video just as excellent this summer! Be sure to follow my tweets to stay in with the latest updates. I can easily tweet opposed to finding a computer, logging on, opening blogger, loging in, writing a blog, making sure there aren't any typo's, and publishing the blog.

I deleted all the snow vidoes, bits&pieces, and extra videos I had (not yet, there sitting in my recycling bin) because I don't see a point in having them hold up space on my computer. If I could, I would keep all those files because I know how fun it was to make those and I don't regret making any of those videos with my friends. I think my favorite YouTube video (of mine) would have to be, Dancing like fools, because of how much fun I had that day....

I think, as I think back to all the vidoes I have made and the one's I haven't even made yet, everything happens for a reason. Perhaps my best videos to come are going to be this summer, when I make an incredible improv mystery series! I am going to talk to some people, see if there interested, and get some filiming done! Yupp, I have great plans for this summer and I'll be sure to include them in this blog!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Have you ever?...

Have you ever talked on the phone for an hour?
Ever eaten something sour?
Been in a phone booth by a tower?
I have done 2 and I know that gives me power

I have eaten beans,
I have gotten mean,
I know how to feign,
I like the color green,

If you ever see a bee,
squeeze the things little knee,
I think you will see,
how easily you can 'Jet Li',

I rhyme for a reason,
I'm gonna get you screamin',
You can love the readin',
I post on this screen an',

This is the last section,
of the super fly collection,
don't forget the celebration,
Subscribe to this station!

Thank You.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Coming Soon: Gary and his disciple

So I have been vigorously working on a new story, just for you guys, and I'm hoping the results turn out great. I'm kinda skeptical when I start a story because I'm unsure of what people will think but I'm sure that people will enjoy my story because of how much creativity I put into my stories. I know that I have something working for me int eh creativity department, I'm very skilled. I know that with my Graphic Design and ability to write a great story, Something amazing will happen when I can combine those two things and make pure magic.

The story I'm writing is pretty cool, I'm trying to branch out in all categories of writing to see what genre I'm best at. I know that I'm good at comedy and putting underlying themes in stories (that most people don't catch) so If I can branch off of that and put some drama in the story, that will be great. The story will be categorized as a comedy/drama story. I might change the title of the story but for right now it's called, Gary and his disciple. The main characters are Gary and Carl (great word play huh?) and there best friends, of course. I was thinking of making them mortal enemies and place the setting in an apocolyptical setting but that seems overplayed so I made it a casual school setting/neighborhood scenes.

I know it's a short story but it's gonna be a longer story because I really wanna perfet the story and make you like the characters and watch them unfold as characters. I am going to add moral delima's, home troubles, family issues, and even more crap that makes life suck. Though there will be troubles, you will see triumph and victory. Characters will fall and pick themselves back up. I am trying to develop my writing skills by making a tragedy 180 so you feel as though there is a good underlying theme, You can always overcome defeat! Pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and keep walking.

Most of you who read my blog continually and are hardcore fans of my blog/writings, I wanna let you know that I will post story updates on my twitter page if you wanna check that out. Don't forget, I wont post any more stories on this blog! I will tweet when it's posted but I won't let you know here, so before you forget, follow my stories blog or favorite it, bookmark, i don't care, just make sure your got the URL so you can read it when it's posted, I have a good feeling about this story.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Shoes, Brotha!

Oh man, was Friday night a fun night or what? Don't answer that. I was only expecting to get dragged along to get some new shoes, but I was in for a suprise! Did you know that shopping for shoes is actually a fun activity? Yea, I just said that. I know that I am going to sound nut-job by saying this but shopping for shoes was the highlight of my whole Friday!

I didn't know so many brands of shoes existed! Yet alone be limited to 2 pairs of shoes! Ugh, it was a very tough decision... I know that I had to like the shoes AND feel comfortable in them as well. I was down to a pair of Airwalks and American Eagle's. The Airwalks were comfy and felt like I was walking on clouds. The American Eagle shoes were snug but made out of leather which led me to believe they would be durable (but make my feet sweaty).

Trust me, it was a tough choice. I didn't know what I was going to do. I had so many shoes and so little time. My sister was in the car, hungry. I had to make some tough choices and really stick to my brain to make the mathmatically logical decision. The best decision was to go with my gut. So I chose to pick the shoes that made me feel happier, more secure, and feel as though my feet are safe as well as i walk down the brutal school hallways on high school.

I decided to go with the Airwalks. They were more comfortable and I knew I would feel safe with these shoes on my feet, the laces tied securly. I felt lke the armor around my grey socks kept me safe.

Oh yea, I also got some Champion  ACTIVELITE shoes for tennis. I will only be wearing them for tennis, nothing else. So they will stay safe in my room during the summer until I go to the Tennis courts. Trust me, they are great shoes! I might style them in future posts, but only if they get reminded to me from fans (hint, hint)...

In other news, I went to IHOP for breakfast. Just thought you should know. For no reason. If you want to send me a text message saying that I'm lucky, just ask my friend Caleb for the number, I give him permission. But find out WHO HE IS first. Haha, You never will.....

Yes, those are cell phone pics, get over it...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Found a way!

So I have successfully found a way to put the picture on my phone on this blog. I sent a text of my picture to my school email and opened it up that way, i'm so sneaky. Please enjoy the beautiful image of my amazing face but don't be jealous, I'm still the cool, laid back, "take it easy", kinda guy I was before I got my glasses. So please, Just enjoy this picture and let me know what you think of my glasses, I want feedback!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Glasses make you cool.

Glasses seem to the depicted differently then it was many, many years ago. Ever notice how, when watching older TV programs, people got picked on for wearing glasses? Well now days, you get praised. OK, not really "Praised" as in, super popular and suddenly on the "in crowd", but glasses can seriously change your life.

On an episode of Little house on the prairie, Laura (I think) got glasses and was harassed about it all the time since she got them, it got her so upset, she left them in the woods and she cried about being picked on. It ended up showing you a positive message about how you should love who you are and not care about others. Well thank god we don't have that kind of harassment towards silly things like glasses anymore. The world is already messed up as it is, why add any more problems...

I wish the school would let me open my email, because I have a picture I took on my phone (which I sent to my email) that is showing off how incredible I look in these glasses. Yes, I don't just have reading glasses, I have permanent eye glasses. I'm not blind, but I'm just enough to need glasses for all-the-time use. Ehh, I look sexy.

I have wondered if I am more approachable by others in these glasses, maybe I look more intelligent or something, but most of the people I ask say there's not much of a "approachable" difference. Oh well, I feel more confident in approaching others, that's what matters.

In Graphic Design, were working on a logo competition that is really sweet. We are designing the logo for our school cafe, or more specifically, the coffee brand logo. I have a superb design and so far the "customer" (who is the school librarian) likes some of the ideas I've thrown at her. We have a doc set up for communicating for her, but I chose to use the school email for our communication, because I don't want my ideas to be stolen (anyone from the Graphic Design classes can see what you have said, the pics you uploaded (AKA sketches) and ultimately, could steal my ideas...Not happening.

I feel confident that I can win if my logo goes over well and I really communicate what is the real interest of the "customer". The only thing I am going to say about it is that circles are awesome. And if I win, you will find out why. Though, for your sake, If I lose, I might just post my final design up here (but keep the sketches to myself). I don't think I'm posting enough of my Graphic Design art on the blog and that makes me sad, considering I want to show people what I have done and how skilled I am, maybe some awesome Graphic Design guy will hire me fore advertising or a logo, ect... You never know.

I will look into that.