Monday, February 7, 2011

I didn't realize I was...

I didn't realize how hard pre-season work-outs for tennis were going to be, but MY GOSH, they are hard....I need to lay off the soda and chill on the junk food. Why does life make it easy to get fat, but hard to get (and stay) skinny? Sure, its my fault, but foods shouldn't be so full of fat and grease and junk that my body doesn't need. It's like feeding a baby a plate full of spaghetti. Your not going to do that, your gonna give em' applesauce or that weird baby food that looks gross (as long as I'm not eating it) ...

I think the producer only cares about making cash and doesn't give a flip about the consumer, the buyer, the freaking customer!!

"Sure, your gonna blow up like a balloon if you eat that, sir." says the sales man

"Gee, thanks for the tip, your not nice, I'll take 5!" replies the customer.

"business is booming today, haha!" laughs the sales man

C'mon, there not gonna be that open with you ... There gonna con you with low prices and misguiding labels. Trust me, i can read. I read the packages and I can see there sneaky ways. It's all over the freaking Cheetos! Those aren't brownies, there B.R.O.W.N.I.E.S. Big Round Oval Walrus Noodles Inside Extreme saturation. You don't wanna eat that junk,  you wanna chuck the box and the producer and give em' your strongly worded 2 cents! I would really suck if America was an obese nation. Whoops, maybe i spoke to soon to state that.

The obvious man would say that it's because, like I said, the producer sucks. I think it's a hoax, really, we all know were willing to pay for the junk food or it wouldn't be so accessible. Geez, it just really upsets me to know that I got fat because all that junk was accessible and my parents bought it. Meaning i would eat it ... Why can't they just buy broccoli and carrots? They shouldn't of bought so much soda either, I should be addicted to water, not Dr. Pepper. Oh well, now I'm gonna pay for it in the following weeks. Ugh, life really, no exaggeration, sucks!


  1. I hope tennis goes good for you! I love that game. It's too bad they don't have it in my area or I would totally play.

    I completely agree with you. Junkfood should be outlawed! It doesn't matter who's eating it- someone fat, skinny, in between, it doesn't matter. It's STILL unhealthy and whatever your size is, unless you're starving and have nothing else to eat, you should NOT eat it.

    I tell myself this every day (why does it have to taste so much better than vegetables?).

    Aww, life doesn't's just the people who make junkfood that suck!

  2. Disagree. Most vehemently. We are stuffing G with six peanut butter and jelly sandwiches AND chips AND he drank almost a whole 2 liter of sugary Coke AND he has snacks - and I'm talking ONLY of the evening meal.

    AND he is still very thin. He would starve if you took junk food away from him.

    Like you, I just need to stop eating it because it is not good for me particularly.

  3. Sabrina, Thanks (: I am not going to give up on tennis just because the workouts are hard. I will keep on perservering!

    HEM (Shortening the name makes commenting easier), That is nuts! I just asked him and he said that was true ... I could probably only eat 2 sandwiches ... maybe. Ugh, I wish eating good food was easier...

  4. Wow. That would be enough to make me sick, lol. And yea I wish that too! I mean I don't have an extreme problem with junkfood, but it would be nice to feel healthier.

  5. If it helps any, Zach, G is sore today, too. Tonight he ate only five sandwiches, two large platefuls of chips and one ice cream sandwich. And a large glass mug of milk. Then he said he wasn't particularly hungry any more. I think we could rewrite the Very Hungry Caterpillar and make G the star of the new book. :)