Saturday, February 26, 2011

Online Biography (In Depth)

So today I decided it would be fun to create a, "right now in my life", biography. It's not a legit "fill in the required slots, revealing information about yourself" kind of biographies. I just wanted to make a really cool information download about me. I think everyone should do it. So when you talk to someone new online and they want to "know more about you", you can give em' the link to your biography.

Actually, I wouldn't really call it a biography. It's more of an "About me", like the tab I have on my blog here, only way more in depth! I talked about myself, hobbies, career ambitions, youtube, ect... It's pretty good, The site i used was, Weebly. It's a website where you can "Create your own free website". I really like Webs better for "Free website" related material. That's what I was using in addition to my blog, back when the URL was zachloveis22.blogspot (that brings back memories). Now I don't see a reason to have a website.

I have my MMO information website, which I think is super cool, only I don't think anyone is viewing it. I just want to help people find good MMO sites, where the content doesn't suck, haha. I don't know about you, personally, but I have tried some MMO's that really sucked! They were horrible and I don't know why so many people were logged on. I try to find some good MMO's and put together forums, videos, pictures, ect... So you can get the best possible online MMO experience posssible.

Let me know if you think the advanced "About Me" biography looks good. Did I add everything I should? This is probably the only post i'll have where I actually ask for comments, haha.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The eagle and the bird

The Bird entered the home of the Eagle moments ago, he was currently starring at living portion of the tree, where the nest was. He looked around, carefully surveying his surroundings for enemies, and walked into the nest. It was empty, mostly. He saw the remains of, what used to, mice, rats, and possibly fish, in some pellets scattered amongst the nest.

He slowly walked over to the edge of the nest and looked down, only to see the ground, the nest was on the edge of a branch. Under the tree, on the ground, was a baby eagle, dead. He remembered when he had first come to the tree, he saw the baby eagle  on the ground, barely moving and trying to get up, but unable. He thought that the only humane thing to do, at the time, was to kill the bird.

It was a strong branch, in a thick oak tree, and would certainly withstand and eagle and it's young. So he climbed up the tree to see if the eagle was home, to notify the eagle of this tragic news. He looked behind him to see a squirrel scurry up a tree. He smiled, if birds can, and continued to climb the tree, making up to the branch with the nest. Strange though, because usually an eagle won't leave there young defenseless and alone, we catch up to the story currently.

He left the nest and began to walk over to the other end of the nest, where the branch connected to the tree. He was about to fly away when he suddenly heard the scream of a large bird, an eagle. Fear stuck the very pit of his being. He knew how the eagle would view this, he was an intruder, he shoved the bird out of the tree, he was going to die.

He quickly dove out of the tree and grabbed the winds current to fly away. He looked back to see the eagle not giving up, he was in full pursuit. The bird, knowing how to end this, took a left and circled around the tree swooping down to where the ground held the large oak. He was so close to the ground, he could touch it as he flew around it. He flew past the baby eagle, hoping it would stop the eagle from pursuing this chase.

The eagle flew past the baby eagle and suddenly swooped around and landed on the ground, in front of his dead baby. The eagle began to sob and cry passionately and the bird suddenly felt bad for doing the home humane thing possible. He knew the baby eagle had no chance, he wanted to end the misery the poor child felt. The eagle suddenly looked up and turned towards the bird.

He began to walk toward the bird, slowly, until he was in front of the bird. The bird had no idea whether he should run and fly away or stay where we was and deal with the consequences. He decided, finally, to just stay where he was and deal with what happened.

"Did you kill my baby or find him dead?" Asked the eagle

I paused, then finally spoke, "I found your baby, alive."

"Then why is he dead?" asked the eagle, surprisingly calm

"Because I saw he was wounded and flinching and I--"

"So you killed my baby because you thought it was best?" He said, anger suddenly flaring in his voice.

"Yes, i killed your baby! I'm sorry! I was trying to help!"

"Well i only know of one way to right this wrong!"

"What..." I paused, fear filling the core of my being, "What's that?"

"If you kill someone, you should die!" He said, flinging forward and grabbing the bird with his claws, flying up the tree and past it.

He flew hundreds of feet above the tree and squeezed the bird with his claws, causing the bird to choke, losing the access to any air supply.

The bird let loose, slightly, before talking, "You chose to kill my child, my baby, even though it wasn't your choice to make." He paused, letting the fear of this situation intensify, "Now I'm going to do the same!" The eagle dug his huge claws into the birds stomach, causing blood to flow out, when he released his claws completely, the bired began dropping to his death.

While falling, to most certain death, the bird thought about why he killed that eagle. It was frail, injured, a wing could have been broken. The baby eagle was in pain, desperately crying out for death to soon wrap its warm arms around him. Maybe not physically, but through the painful shrieks, one has to assume.

The bird spun around to see the tree gaining ground, fast. He closed his eyes and took one last breath, thinking of the memories in his life. Suddenly he hit the tree at full force, and bounced off the side of the trunk, violently, and landing on a jagged limb, which pierced his chest all the way through. Still alive, he felt the blood rushing out of his body and flooding his chest, he could hear a swarming pool of blood form in his body. His weak body finally gave up, the blood too compact in his chest, killing the bird.

The eagle, seeing his task was done, flew away, probably to find a new location. The eagle shortly after found a new nesting ground, 60 or 70 miles away, and stayed there for the majority of it's life, until it, too, finally died.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

All my walls have fallen

I've spent the recent part of my life trying to build up some security and find some happiness in my life. I find that the more I'm out of my house and hanging out with my friends, the happier i am. Now what I've found recently that my Bits&pieces videos are the best part of my life. I find joy in brawling with my friends and finding ways to defeat your enemy, plus it's fun to record the brawls.

So when I'm with my friends, I'm laughing, happy, and i feel secure. The walls I've build up, can easily swing open and let people in, but still stays strong and firm. Little do i know, all that's about to change. My dad seems like a great guy, right? You've heard the saying, "Don't judge a book by the cover", right? Well my dad has a fairly decent cover, and you might be intrigued to find more information, but trust me, you don't want to.

Just to clarify, this isn't going to be a blog post where i bash my dad for "mistreating me" and "making me feel like dirt my whole life". No, I'm just venting here, and don't care what opinion you form, your life isn't mine, and mine isn't yours. I think people tend to judge people when they rant about how horrible there home life is, well I'm not ranting, I'm venting. If i don't let it out, and release it, you wont see me in schools anymore, the park with my friends, or at a friends house playing wii. I will be behind bars, in a prison, because it will control me. I refuse to let that happen, i have ambitions in life, goals i want to accomplish. So form an opinion, i don't care, just don't leave a comment trying to justify your beliefs.

Back to the blog, my life is falling apart. I won't admit to ever having the best life, but i had a decent life, with enough love to move on. Recently, though, my life has been full of anger, sadness, disappointment, and resentment. All i can ever think about is, "When do i get to leave the house again?", because i hate being at home. Sure, you can complain that living with drugged up parents is worse, my dads not alcoholic, big whoop, or even that my condition is nothing compared to most. Well i don't care, my situation is what it is and i don't like it. Think what you want, but verbal abuse still hurts.

My dad's always angry, starting arguments, getting mad over little stuff, and very commanding lately. He's never gonna let up, he's gonna control my life until I move out. I afraid of what's gonna happen when I'm all alone. I'm afraid of being alone. I want my life to stop going up and down, forget the nosedives, i want my life to get better. I need my life to get better. You've probably heard people say they wished for a "restart button" so they could start over, well, I don't want one, i like who i am, as a person, i just want my situation to change. I like Internet access, i like updating my blog, i like watching my favorite shows on TV, i just don't like where i have to do it.

I know you don't care about any of this, and i don't blame you for ignoring this post, it's probably gonna get removed anyway, maybe. Back to the topic though, when you get in an argument with my dad, just stop, he's right, always has been and always will. He's got full authority in this house, he wears the pants with holes in the pockets, but there still the "big boy" pants. Don't worry, he can defend himself in a verbal brawl, trust me.

The start of this blog, i talked about a wall of security that I've built up, then i talked about how it's fallen, where i transitioned to my dad. I never explained that well enough, If you read my previous post, The park is a grand location, then you heard about my dad's crazy behavior then. That was the start of all this madness. This is the sequel. The real motivation for this post was because my dad told me after i got home from Tennis practice, that he had watched my Bits&pieces video (I posted it on Facebook).

You might think that's a good thing since he's my dad and he usually see's my stuff, right? Wrong. he never reads my blog, never watches my videos, doesn't give a crud about any of the stuff i do, post, create, ect... But he told me, "It's illegal to make these videos and i want you to stop or i won't let you go to the park with your camcorder." I was mad at this point, that was the biggest part of my life right now, and he just blew it out of my life with one sentence. He continued to say, "If i catch you making another video like that, i will revoke your computer access and your friends won't be coming over again." He already told me my friends can't come over again after last weekend. What's new?

Now i have to make my videos in secret, live my life a lie, i hate this. But I'm 17 years old, if i got arrested, i can go to jail, adult jail, making me an adult. I will take my chances and make the videos i want. Besides, its my life, and if i do go to jail for having a YouTube account, i won't have to see my dad for a long while, will I? Gosh, problem solved. Only now i can't pursue the career path i wanted. I'm now doomed to live in the low rent part of town, crime on your record isn't good. I never believed half the things my dad told me, why would i start now?

Please don't get all, "He's emo and probably depressed" on me, I'm just venting. If i let it out, release it, i will feel a lot better. I already feel better for typing it up. If your gonna leave me a comment, just be positive and tell it "It's gonna get better" and "Believe in yourself and the future will be bright" or something. Though, i don't usually receive a lot of comments. Anyway, enjoy your day and remember that, somewhere in the world, there is a tortured soul, just pray that they can find help. I find my help through writing, that's how i express myself, and thanks for making it all the way through my vent, if you did, your a great friend.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stylish blogger award?

So i got this super cool award from my friend HEM (acronym), I followed the award back to a blog from blondee, who gave me the official rules in her post....

~ Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
~ Share 7 things about yourself.
~ Award 7 recently discovered great bloggers.
~ Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

7 Things about myself

  1. I am a pretty good singer.
  2. I make the worlds best eggs (hehe).
  3. I like things being organized (mostly).
  4. I like little kids but they freak me out.
  5. I like the old CN and Nick because the new shows are so much worse today.
  6. I usually choose the easiest way to do something.
  7. I'm not really trying to lose weight for my weight loss blog, except for tennis practice (which sucks cuz i wanna try).
Considering I only have 10 followers and most of them are only following through email, i can't award 7 people blogger awards. I will, however, award my friend, Sabrina, the blogger award, because she's a really cool friend of mine and it's my infulence that caused her to start blogging. She is a really talented writer with an amazing gift, please take the time to check her out and leave happy comments on her blogs! (:

The park is a grand location!

Bennet park has to be the best location, in the world. Why take a vacation to puerto rico or the hawaiin islands when you can go to missouri? I mean, seriously, you can go to a park thats super fun and amazing (with great scenery too)! I say book the trip for this upcoming summer ...

As you can probably guess, i was at bennet park recently. Actually, i was there this past Friday, went at around 3:30 and didn't get home until around 6 o'clock. I may seem like your average teenage boy, going to the park, hanging with my buds, whatevs, but actually, im not. Don't get me wrong, i would do anything to get outta my house, that's why im joining the tennis team, but i don't go to super full house parties or dance like a fool infront of peole ... ok, maybe that last one.

The point is, i do have a pretty swell life when i exit the home. So i guess you want me to discuss how incredible Bennet Park was and how i had loads of fun and did another bits&pieces video. I guess i can do that... It all started when i got to the park, i decided to bring my tennis stuff because the weather has gotten a lot better recently and i was not going to sit in the house and ignore it!

So once we played some tennis (footage not in one of my vids, but i do have some footage), we decided, why wait, lets make our brawl vid now! Oh wait, im getting ahead of myself. Before we got to the park, we had to pick up my buddy Lyna (for all blogging purposes, thats her real name) because i made her jealous all week in Comm. Arts that i gotta make super fun brawl vids and she wasn't involved. So we was like "Get me so i can kick some booty in a brawl!" and i wouldn't argue so i commanded the pick-up of my bud, though it wasn't a "command" but more of a "Mommy, please ... she super desprately wants to be in my awesomely amazing brawl youtube series!" ... Yea, i begged like sissy child, sue me.

So then my sister decided to come to the park because i wasn't gonna have Lyna be the only girl in my brawl vid (Gav would win, George would win, Kyle would try, I would win, ect...) but hannah seems like an even match for Lyna so i, uhh ... kinda begged her to come too (Whatever gets the job done, right? hehe). Now that your all caught up to the current situation, we can continue.

We like changing the scenery of each brawl video so we walked over to the baseball field and decided that would be a great location to brawl. So, with tennis stuff in hand, we walked over and prepared for an incredble brawl video!

I was glad to be in more then one brawl this time around, plus having 2 newcomers and being in a 2v2 battle, i was thrilled to make this video (even though it took multiple hours of editing). All said and done, it was totally worth making, and if you didn't show up because your nephew is too cute or you had a robotics tournement, you truly missed out!

So after the brawl videos, Kyle decided to make like a tree and leave, saying "My parents are going to eat and your not worth missing good food! I don't like you guys that much anyway and i wish i had better friends that didn't sit on me with 300 lbs of pressure during a brawl. Oh well, im leaivng. Adios, George, i kinda like you best though..." That's not an exact quote, but it's close, kinda. So after he left, Gaving had to leave so Kyle gave him a ride home, leaving George, Lyna, Hannah, and myself bored at the park. Not be johnny rain cloud, but Kyle and Gav are the coolest 2 people out of our group, that's my opinion. I don't contribute much but maybe, perhaps, a few laughs. Haha, i bet you don't think thats true, well you probably don't know me then.

So we had a few pointless conversations and decided to go to my house for the rest of our evening. Because we hadn't eaten anything all evening, at least, i hadn't, we decided to get some dinner on the way home and thought CiCi's pizza was the best option for 4 hungry teenagers, as long as they didn't pay. So we ate pizza and drank soda until we could no longer eat (that's an exaduration) and then went home.

Remember when i told you, "...i do have a pretty swell life when i exit the home..."? If not, its the 1st sentence on the 3rd paragraph of this post. Yea... keep that in mind. We get home and decided to watch Knight and Day, a movie my dad rented (that i picked out). It was pretty good, I got confused a lot and didn't really get the point, but it wasn't boring enough to turn off becuase there were guns and action, and you can't resist that, right? Haha, well shortly after that, my parents went to bed and we decided to play Smash bros. for awhile. I lost a lot, because George and Lyna are so good, and when we were all bored, George decided to make his YouTube video, because i had great footage of the day, both thr33kings3 and poetryzz vids, George had to make his own, like every other weekend. So we decided to watch and help George make the video.

Turned out great, right? I think George should consider buying video software, camcorder (of his own), and a laptop computer, so he can make videos all the time, they always turn out great! Plus, my sister wasn't trying to hide from the camera so that made the video even better! Though it took *ahem* forever to post the video due to *ahem* complications, it eventually got finished and posted.

Since were talking about videos and all that kinda junk, i finally had a few good thr33kings3 videos for the collab channel, it wouldn't be right to make you go all the way over to that youtube channel to watch them, right? Maybe i will show you one video but make you go to the actual channel to watch the rest (and all) of my videos, that seems fair.

Be sure to check out the actual collab channel if you want to see all the videos i have recently uploaded! Now onto the rest of the night, My friends pretty much formed the opinion that they "Hate my dad" now. He was all fun and cool guy until he woke up. Im not to far from forming that opinion, though i like using stronger words then "hate", that is such an understatement. If i tell you why my friends think this, you have to promise not to take it too seriously, some people over-react, though i wouldn't be suprised with what he did.

We were trying to finish George's video, right? But the computer is lagging so bad, we have to turn it off for and hour and work on the video an hour, ect... its really annoying. So my mom comes downstairs and leaves for work following my dad, he's all happy and "in a good mood" and mom tells him to make us muffins, so he waits and makes us muffins, which are ready an hour later. We eat the muffins and finally get to the poin in George's video where we publish it. It finishes and were uploading it to YouTube when my dad tells me to step outside, him following.

He says, "Go to bed and take your friends with you or your going to regret it!" At this point, you can tell he's angry, his eyes started to freak me out. So walk inside to the kitchen and tell my friends that they should go to bed, hinting that we need to leave, now. after i tell them that, George asks if he can wait until the video is uploaded to YouTube and my dad says, "Go to bed now or call someone to get you but leave now!" He screams at us, which i have never seen before, and fear strikes the wholeness of my heart. George replies, "Bed sounds good ..." and we all rush upstairs, bitter and angry.

That was the last time i saw George before he went home, I wish it had ended on better terms. Lyna waited until her mom came to get her when she woke up and then left. Guess i should have known it was to good to be true, what was supposed to be the best day of my life, got flipped in the other direction at the end ...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Half Day, Not Half Bad

So i was at school, right, and I was getting bored real fast in 4th hour until my Stagecraft teacher says theres free doughnuts in the hallway and runs outta the class. I jump up and dash for the door, fighting my way past all the other people in front of me to the door, leading into the hallway....

I'm just kidding, there were no doughnuts and 4th hour Stagecraft wasn't boring, but I wanted to start this blog with 5 hour Gov. We did Econ, thank God, and were on to Gov, which kinda sucks (but it's easier). Today, she was super cool, since today was a half day, and let us get pizza from Pizza Hut! I had to bring in 3 bucks today (i was sharing a pizza with my buddy Nate) so i could get some delish pizza but boy was it worth it!

I not only had some wonderful pizza today but  I had some fantastic powerade zero (it was blue!) which was awesome, never had the stuff before but had extra cash. Lucky for me, there was extra time at the end of pizza and I went to the lunch room and got my free lunch, so i ate twice .... (Probably not good for my weight loss blog).  So after Pizza, I took a test in 6th hour (comm. arts) and a quiz in 7th hour (Algebra 2), which sucked, but oh well. I seriously think the teachers should all talk more so I don't got a million tests in on day, might make it easier to study and prepare.

Lets get outta school and get to the part where I got home from school, that's more fun. So when I walk into my home, my dad happily welcomes me home and asks me to play golf with him, oh yaa! So we play 2 games of golf, joy, I lost both times ... and then we decide to go eat. My dad didn't have lunch so we head over to Red Robin to grab a burger (Seriously, where is my diet in this?) which I probably shouldn't of gotten.

Anywho, after the burger we decide to go see a movie. The movie we decided to see was True Grit, which I personally enjoyed! It was a super awesome movie and I recommend it to anyone who is even slightly interested in westerns. The only thing you might not like, but I loved, was there were a few violent parts which were kinda "graphic" ... I was laughing though and though it was cool (not in a sick way, but in a "sweeeeet!" kinda way). Seriously, go see that movie.

After the movie, we went to RedBox to rent some movies, which I was against, but oh well.... Lucky for me, my dad let me pick 2 movies cuz he wanted to see one. He picked Colored Girls and I picked Knight and Day and Despicable Me, which I haven't seen, haha.

I hope to goodness that I enjoy the movies I picked out, they better be worth the buck we spent. Other then that, I guess it all depends on when I actually watch them. I hope that the day keeps going, though I'm tired already as I'm posting this. It has been a long day, which is good, but its not even 9 o'clock yet! *Gasp*

I can't wait until tomorrow cuz I'm gonna hang with my pals at "da usual spot", haha, and if your not a stalker, your welcome to join us, if you know where our spot is.  Were gonna be making our 5th Bits&Pieces video, which I'm thrilled about! I think my favorite part about our weekends is the Bits&Pieces vids. There fun to make and be in. You don't gotta act cuz all you gotta do is wrestle! Hopefully, i get better at making them, the last video was my best because i used names for each person and placed the winners name after the battle.

Also, the music got better, i plan on finding lots of good music to put on my vids, most of them should be Instrumental so I can easily transition from one brawl to the next. That seems like the safest option. I just hope i don't fall asleep as I post this because I am really tired right now!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The number 6

Enjoy this wonderful video which i enjoyed that i hope you enjoy and if you haven't already watched, laughed about during and/or after, hope that made sense.

The Hungry Caterpillar

There was once a hungry caterpillar named Gav, he enjoyed eating sandwiches and drinking milk. His owner Woody would often sneak him bites of his sandwiches and share his milk. Gav loved his owner and thought he was the luckiest caterpillar alive!

One day, on a Thursday morning, Woody was eating a sandwich and saw Gav crawl onto the table; he smiled and put half his sandwich on the table for Gav. Gav thankfully ate the sandwich until it was all gone; he then crawled over to Woody’s milk glass and took a big drink of milk. He laid on the table and let out a groan. He had eaten his fill of sandwiches for now and was thrilled that he was lucky enough to have the coolest owner ever, his buddy, Woody.

After school every day, Woody would find Gav on the kitchen table with a big smile on his face, waiting patiently for his sandwich. Woody let out a small giggle and ran into the kitchen, put the bread on the table and got out the peanut butter. He spread peanut butter all over both sides of the bread and set the sandwich on the table. On that note, Gav crawled over to the sandwich and started to nibble on the sandwich. He loved all the flavors he tasted as he ate peanut butter sandwiches, they were his favorite.

Woody knew Gav like he knew the back of his hand, so he knew to make a peanut butter sandwich after school for Gav. They both laughed as they ate there sandwiches and make funny jokes. They were the perfect match. Woody and his caterpillar Gav, they did everything together, but their favorite thing to do together was eat sandwiches.

If they were out of bread, they would just have Woody’s mom go buy some so they could have their sandwiches, though that rarely happened. Woody’s mom knew that sandwiches were Woody’s favorite and he always made 4 sandwiches, 2 for him and 2 for his caterpillar. So every day, he would have bread and make sandwiches.

Woody and his caterpillar were going to be friends forever! They promised each other that they would never each a sandwich without each other, and they kept that promise for the rest of their lives. It was so perfect, never had a boy and caterpillar stayed friends for so long. They were friends when Woody was a 12, when he was 37, and they even stayed friends until Woody was 75 years old! They kept their promise and knew it was going to be for all eternity. And they were happier than anyone else in the world has ever been, and they loved it.

(Sidenote: Got this inspiration from a comment i didn't know i had and thought it would be a fun challenge)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Eggs - A Short Story

Chili has to be the most disguising food on the planet. If you’ve ever seen chili, then you already know how nasty that stuff is. This family I live with eats the stuff almost every week, its nasty when I find the left overs in the fridge, I won’t eat that. My brother might eat it, but he’s pretty … well, stupid.

C’mon … its common knowledge to know what good food is and what you should avoid. Some nights I’ll just skip a meal because I refuse to eat junk. Now if you want to eat something good, you need to eat some delicious eggs! I can make the best eggs, literally, and nobody can object. You want eggs, I’ll make some eggs.

I’ll whip up some eggs so good, you’ll want seconds. You know what my secret is? Well, I can’t tell you that, but I do put cheese in my eggs. Lots of cheese, seriously, if you don’t like cheese, or have an allergy, sucks to be you. You’re missing out on some of the best eggs life ever put in my possession.

I think my favorite part about making eggs is how simple it is. You can make eggs with almost any meal too! I love it when you crack 3 eggs and watch them drop into a bowl giving you that small, yet glorious sound of ‘great beginnings’. Mixing up the eggs so there nice and mixed up. Occasionally, I’ll throw in some cheese while im mixing up the eggs, just for an extra kick.

Oh, how glorious that feeling sound, when you pour the mixture of eggs and cheese into the egg pan. How glorious, indeed. Not only is that incredible, I love how you can throw in some ham, bacon, and, as crazy as it sounds, I’ve tried to make some pretty experimental eggs. Sure, you think I’m just talking about cooking longer or adding more or less cheese, but your totally wrong. I would throw in some M&Ms, snicker pieces, and parts of other candy bars, trying to make the perfect desert eggs. My favorite eggs to make are my “ChocoEggSuprise13”. My 13th experiment, proven successful! I was very excited when I made these most delicious eggs.

They were the best eggs I’ve eaten in a long time, I wish I had some now … Ha, you think I’m crazy for making delicious eggs? Well I haven’t even told you what was in my 13th creation. Inside my ChocoEggSuprise13 eggs, I made 3 eggs, scrambled them with cheese, and finished them up. After they were done and in a bowl, I prefer to eat my eggs in bowls, I got out some chocolate syrup and poured it all over the eggs. Not too much syrup but just enough that it’s scrumptious!

Man, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoy eating those eggs. It’s like an ‘everything delicious’ taste buds fair. I love the fact that you can combine all that delicious food together and find something delicious in the mix. It’s like a giant pot of gold, only … its eggs! You must think I’m crazy to talk about eggs this much, but you’re the one who’s crazy, if you haven’t even any of my eggs!

To sum this up, I wanted to offer you a chance to eat my eggs. If you can find me, you can pay me $3 and get some delicious eggs. It’s cheap, affordable, and, with this economy, fits your budget! G’day to all and enjoy your eggs.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Slick Snow Today

Well i wish i knew that the story about eggs could be posted but i hung out with my buds at an unknown location today and i made a few videos. There terrible videos, trust me, they are, but i thought i owed you guys some new vids, even if they are lame. Im kinda in them, im in one, but the other is mostly Gav and Kyle.

That was kinda funny cuz i can't really sing, well ... kinda (can i sing ok?). Haha, i liked the random lyrics i was making up ... and the ending was my favorite.

I wanted to make a bits&pieces video but i was just so busy that i didn't have time to make it, though i recorded a bunch of clips! I will post that tomorrow when i get it put together, but im not sure when that's gonna be ... I want to post the short story about eggs so i will probably post 2 blogs tomorrow. Ugh, i dont like posting more then one blog a day, it makes me feel like im posting too much. Though i didn't post this much in February last year.

Yes, this is what i was talking about when i told you that the videos this time were lame ... Kinda random and sorta funny, maybe, but not really that good ... It was just one of those weeks, ya'know? Haha, at least im not like Kyle, that would really suck. He came along today just to do nothing, practically, but be in the bits&pieces vids. Speaking of bits&pieces ...

Let me know what you think of the music, im curious to know if it worked well...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Grease (The Musical)

If your one of those people who think plays, musicals, and school productions suck, leave now. I don't want you to read my blog, ever. Because i am a very diverse individual and after seeing my first musical today (1st school anything, technically), i am blown away!

So i went to the musical today for many reasons.

  1. I'm in stagecraft (a class im taking in hs) and i get to watch the musical for free.
  2. It gets me out of Comm. Arts and Algebra 2 (for the day)
  3. My friends Steven, Carolyn, and Alyssa were in the play
You may think these reasons are good, you may not. The point is, i went to my first school production today and it was freaking incredible! I'm serious, they did a stunning performance, if i could have taken pics or recorded video, i wouldn't have, because i wouldn't want to hinder there performance. Besides, it was against the rules anyway.

I think i might start going to more school productions, there very intertaning, and if i build the set in stagecraft, like i did for Grease, then i would get in for free, which is a serious bonus! Plus, the next play is gonna be in Feb. 2012 and were gonna play Peter Pan, which is gonna be super awesome!!

I just wish i could go see it again, it was really that good! Gosh, im just baffled in amazment at how incredible it was!! I think im gonna stop typing now because i sound kinda crazy obsessed .... On my next blog, i hope, i'm gonna post a short story about eggs. It will be good because i've already got it typed up and there is only one character talking to the audience. I guess its more of an essay in a wierd version-way-kinda ... but i don't know, you decide ...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My webpage is loading, slow?

I have been noticing recently that it takes longer to load my blog, then it takes to load a lot of other blogs (that are longer with more content). I have tried to ignore it and say that "its just my computer", but i know that's completely crazy. It couldn't be my computer. That's like saying peanut butter slowed down your hand from spreading the jelly ... not gonna buy it, that myth is busted (haha, i love mythbusters references).

Perhaps, i am just crazy. Yes, that's it. I've figured it out, I'm a complete lunatic! Ahaha, we found out the problem, lets celebrate with a pizza! Wait, never mind, I'm not buying a pizza (and neither are you), because it would mess up our workout sessions. I gotta keep that in mind. Oh wait, i just drank 3 glasses of Dr. Pepper, crap! Now i gotta do 100 sit-ups and 4 minutes on the jump rope to make up for it. No, its 8 o'clock in the evening, I'm not gonna get all sweaty ... Granted, it might be smart, but just call me lazy, i don't care!

Guess what tomorrow is, Thursday (if you guessed that, your right). Know what that means? Of course not cuz you can't get in my brain (i hope ...), tomorrow is the day i get to skip 5th, 6th, and 7th hour at school. I get to see Grease after lunch tomorrow! My friends are in the play and because I'm in stagecraft (the coolest class ever), i get to see it for free, also because its required. I'm so exited! I wanna jump in bed, close my eyes, and wake up in the front row! Oh, you think that's wrong? well gosh, I'm just kidding ...

If it starts to warm up like its supposed to, then i might be able to do something after school on Friday! You know what that means ... more videos! I promised you more videos in 2011 and I'm not gonna disappoint you. I know i could post a bunch of YouTube vids that mean nothing to me on here, but c'mon, you wanna see cool videos. You want to see a video with action, adventure, and crappy directing (sorry)! You wanna see an Epic Win video and I'm here to deliver the goods.

I think I'm going to start posting some videos I've found on YouTube, because there are some really good videos on the web that i think should be seen! Also, I'm working on a story right now, its not gonna be an incredible story but it will be interesting. All I'm going to tell you, hehe.

Back to my topic of the night, can someone please explain to me why my blog takes so long to load? Do i need to remove a specific widget, is it in the html, perhaps its my banner (i hope not)... I just want an explanation for the delay in load time. How many licks does it take to get the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop, the world may never know...

Sidenote: I just got this book from the library that I've been waiting forever to get! Oh yea, the book is called, The Maze Runner, and its by James Dashner. I loved all his other books (haven't read all of them yet) and heard good things about this one. So I'm going to take the time and actually read the book in my free time, if i remember. I just hope its as good as it sounds, i want to read this book and the sequel while i wait for the next book in a different series (also by James Dashner) called, The 13th Reality Series. Gosh, have you noticed I'm into books by James Dashner? haha.

Monday, February 7, 2011

I didn't realize I was...

I didn't realize how hard pre-season work-outs for tennis were going to be, but MY GOSH, they are hard....I need to lay off the soda and chill on the junk food. Why does life make it easy to get fat, but hard to get (and stay) skinny? Sure, its my fault, but foods shouldn't be so full of fat and grease and junk that my body doesn't need. It's like feeding a baby a plate full of spaghetti. Your not going to do that, your gonna give em' applesauce or that weird baby food that looks gross (as long as I'm not eating it) ...

I think the producer only cares about making cash and doesn't give a flip about the consumer, the buyer, the freaking customer!!

"Sure, your gonna blow up like a balloon if you eat that, sir." says the sales man

"Gee, thanks for the tip, your not nice, I'll take 5!" replies the customer.

"business is booming today, haha!" laughs the sales man

C'mon, there not gonna be that open with you ... There gonna con you with low prices and misguiding labels. Trust me, i can read. I read the packages and I can see there sneaky ways. It's all over the freaking Cheetos! Those aren't brownies, there B.R.O.W.N.I.E.S. Big Round Oval Walrus Noodles Inside Extreme saturation. You don't wanna eat that junk,  you wanna chuck the box and the producer and give em' your strongly worded 2 cents! I would really suck if America was an obese nation. Whoops, maybe i spoke to soon to state that.

The obvious man would say that it's because, like I said, the producer sucks. I think it's a hoax, really, we all know were willing to pay for the junk food or it wouldn't be so accessible. Geez, it just really upsets me to know that I got fat because all that junk was accessible and my parents bought it. Meaning i would eat it ... Why can't they just buy broccoli and carrots? They shouldn't of bought so much soda either, I should be addicted to water, not Dr. Pepper. Oh well, now I'm gonna pay for it in the following weeks. Ugh, life really, no exaggeration, sucks!

Super Bowl Sunday!

Steelers VS. Packers

Good luck to the both of you ... But I'll be rooting for the Steelers. We ate grub and screamed, obviously, so i hope your ready for that kind of action! Oh wait, too late. Sucks for them though, losing and all ... Ugh, They shouldn't of let that interception happen in the 4th quarter! Instead, NO! They decide to let the play go ... and not challenge it! Seriously?

I don't watch football, only the super bowl (and my school team) but i know enough to say that they Steelers weren't playing there best ... They should of kicked some serious butt! Instead they left me disappointed and full of junk. Junk being food that I shouldn't of eaten.

Oh well, congrats to the Packers (not really) and i hope for the best in the upcoming season... They should make a penguin football team because im not a fan of hockey...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I am a socially awkward nub ...

This is me all fancy for courtwarming, i didn't like the shoes. If you are a facebook friend reading this, then you probably already saw the other pics i took from courtwarming. I could have brought my camcorder to school, but who does that? I'm not risking it. Why did i dress up all fancy for this shindig? Well let me tell you, good friends.

The dress code for school dances is semi-formal, don't ask me why, so i had to look at fancy. I don't like wearing that stuff because it's not me and i feel so stiff in those clothes. Plus, to top the cake with more news, I don't dance. I was a complete fool and didn't dance. Granted, I went late and was only there for an hour, but still, c'mon. I don't feel comfortable dancing to music where other dates are "grinding" ... Nobody wants to watch some girl dance all over there date ... This is a school dance, not a club. Yeesh, get a room sister.

Not to mention, the music was terrible. I listen to a lot of music, but there was music playing i had never heard before... OK, i knew 3 songs, not like that mattered though, only one was decent. I just, ugh ... School  dances are a waste of time. People like me, like my friends, don't like dancing in clubs .... It's not our thing. We like going to Bennett park and making stupid videos for youtube that we laugh at later because we were stupid enough to record that. We don't dance for 3 hours at school.

Why would i pay the school district any money when they can't even fit in 1 snow day? I don't even know what the money goes towards ... Sure, they tell you it goes towards the schools this or that, but can you trust the schools word? I think not! You don't give money to a hobo on the side of the street when you think there gonna spend it on alcohol, right? You just roll up the window, lock the doors, and pray the light changes soon so they stop staring at you. Same thing with a schools funds. At least, that's how i see it.

In all honesty,  you have to agree, right? I mean, it makes perfect sense ... Hey, how did that new high school happen? Gosh, we had too much money so we had to spend some ... Riiight, i don't buy it. I guess that means every student should get a $5 gift card that goes towards school lunches ... That would work out, NOT! Oh man, i think the system is corrupt. I know, Ive said it before, and I'll say it again.

The system is fishing ... what for, I'm not sure, but there on the docks with hawk vision. Eyes to deeply staring into the water, it might capture the souls of poor, helpless fish. Gosh, that's a fun though. The point of this horrible rant is simple, don't go to school dances, they suck. For me, i feel .... hold that thought. Want to hear something funny? Sure ya do...

I was sitting at a table during the dance, minding my own business, while my girlfriend was talking to some other people. I was listening to the loud music i didn't know and slightly bobbing my head to the music. All of a sudden these 2 girls walk up to me and one was like, "Hey Zach, remember me ... from church?" Gosh, i hadn't gone to that church since i was 16, plus, we never talked in public. I didn't look the part, obviously. "Sure, how can i forget you?" i said. Ugh, i was so annoyed. I don't want to be your charity case. Don't feel all righteous because you talked to the lonely kid at the table ... I don't need your attention. She quickly said hi and asked if i was with someone. I proceeded to tell her i was with my girlfriend and she was like, "Cool". She then said, "See ya around" and left ... Wow, seriously?

I felt like the dumbest kid in the room for the rest of the time. Which made me nervous, Were people staring at me? Was she the only one... would other people feel sorry for me too? Man, I didn't want her attention. I haven't been "The lonely kid at lunch" Since my sophomore year in high school. I felt stupid and wanted to leave, that's what i do. I leave awkward situations. If i was alone at the dance, i would have. But because I'm a decent person, i just sat there and waited for my girlfriend to get back. Lucky for me, i split early and my mom picked me up.

I get why people like hanging out with friends, but at school funded activities? All you can do is dance ... and talk. Where is the punch and crackers? Oh wait, this isn't a club, remember? Oh well, i lived to see another day, so far. I just hope this whole "awkward situation" ends, i don't think i can stand another school dance. I've been to 3 now in my high school career. 3, that i know of, excluding prom, and i am done with night clubs, err ... school dances forever!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Back in the habbit

If i told you my school district was retarded, would you take offense to that? Well don't, I'm probably going to explain why through an annoying rant. Get over it, it's what i do (read the blog title). The fact that we just had a snow blizzard, oh i don't know ... 2 days ago, doesn't make you assume that school would be in session, does it? well it does. The fact that i have to sit in school for one day before my weekend, only to get homework, makes me think the school system is a joke.

Why couldn't i be born into a family with more income so i could be homeschooled and not have to go through the annoying school system's way of educating you? Oh please, tell me why ... why we had to sit in school for no reason. Tell me why you want to waste my time, my day, the hours of my life! No, you can't. Just shut up and listen.

Mr. Big boi in the office who makes all the choices, Dr. Bean Bag Brewer, decides that, we have been out of school far too long, it would halt our education if, after a snow storm, we miss school for, god forbid, 4+ days, Oh no, we need to get back to class and teach the juveniles of our world English and basic algebra. That foolish son of a nutcracker needs to grab a box of reality oates from store shelf and eat a bowl for breakfast, then maybe he would realize that -11 degree weather is really cold!

In all honesty, perhaps he is being a smart cookie and knows things we dont, or maybe, he just likes his paycheck and doesn't give a crap about any of the students he is making stand at the bus stop for, sometimes, 10-20 minutes. My friend, Kyle, said he was so cold this morning, his face was numb. I have to take his word for it and asked him how long he waited for the bus. He said he waited for 10 1/2 minutes, that's cruel. he was at the bus at the required time, only to watch the bus come late!

I feel sorry for the poor guy, he wasn't the only one who was miserable. Think of all the little people in 1st and 2nd grade, poor little fellas. I wish i could keep em' all warm, but i can't even keep myself warm, even with my cool hat. I just hope it's warmer next week when i start pre-season tennis training.

I guess i gotta roll with the punches and try to make the best of each and every situation. I hope this blog doesn't get flagged as rude or nasty towards Dr. Bean Bag ... Oh well, i don't regret anything i say on this blog, sue me :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Have i wronged you?

I was contemplating on if i should even post this blog or just let it sit in the archives of my mind forever. I finally decided it was best to put your cards on the table, no matter how bad your hand, and take what life slaps ya with. I think the weekends are great, my previous weekend was amazing, I had more fun then peanut butter being spread across a nice toasty piece of wheat bread.

That aside, i gotta let you know something. Snow days, suck. We hare having a hellatious snow storm where i'm at and i don't like it. It's taking away all chances of seeing my friends. I get stuck in a house all day, with my dad. That's fun... But that's not even the worst part. My mom is stuck at work so she has to stay in a hotel (or motel) or whatever its called. The point is, snow days, truly and really, suck!

Why can't it swow a little in December and leave for 12 months? No, that would make things way to easy! I think the world is going down in a horrible spiral towards death! We are the oppressed americans being denied are rights to an education, thanks to this horrible snow storm. Well i say, Forget You! Let's tell this snow to take a trip south, north, east, or west, i don't really care, just leave!

I truly hate snow this year because i'm being denied my natural rights as an american citizen and can't hang out with my buds. Ugh, that made me sound like a sapp who has no social life when im stuck at home, alone. Well, that's only true when my dad's home, which he is. He is always watching television in the living room, never leaves, unless he's hungry. I am being denied my natural rights from every direction.

You all know i can't play wii with my dad around because it's connected to the television downstairs, where he watches tv, all day. Not to mention, i can only play Golf when he lets me because that's all he ever wants to play. He told me that i'm not allowed to play Smash Bros. around him because it gives him a "bad vibe." I think he has a bad vibe, with himself. He needs to take a long look in the mirror and realize he doesn't fit in with the lifestyle my mom, sister, and I have. We have changed and aren't going to care if he approves or not. At least, I won't.

I think my dad is cool, he has his moments, but he doens't get me for who I am, or rather, doesn't except me for who I am. He wants to live in denial that i am, yes, 17 years old, growing up, and, sadly, turning into the man i will forever be. I don't like him trying to control who I am by limiting the things i can do at home. All i can do right now is, watch tv with him or get on the computer, if he let's me, until my sister needs on, then she gets priority over me.

This is bull crap, im sorry but i'm sick and tired of all the crud i've had to go through just to live in my parents house, err...My dad's house. I'm the kinda guy who picks favorites and chooses sides. Right now, im not favoring my dad. Not as a person, he's great, but as a whole individual. All of who he is, is a dictator who want's to throw the punches first, second, and last, metaphorically, of course. I'm more inspired now in my writing and poetry then ever before.

All this hate i have inside of me and pouring into all the works i've created recently. Sure, i've written one new story, and it's not so appropriate, but that's besides the point. I'm pissed, angry, i want to sit in the corner of my room, and cry. I hate being religious, if there was one thing my dad did right, it was making me live with all the religious crap he threw at me. I don't have it in myself now to end my life, i'm too afraid of ending up in hell forever. I want a chance at heaven, but i don't think that will happen until i'm old enough to get away from my dad.

I love my dad, i always will, but this is just too much pressure. That's why i'm joining sports, that's why i'm trying to avoid my dad, that's why i'm ranting all this crap. Because i'm trying to keep myself occupied. I need a survivors guide to horrible parents. I need better light on this situation. I need, serious help. I don't trust anyone, not even my closest friends, to vent too. I don't know how it feels like to live in a life with money, success, happiness... Guess God knew i didn't need that in my life. I guess he wanted me to live in a poverty stricken home.

I don't like ending my personal rants with sadness and 'Poor Zach' at the end, so here is an instrumental i really like that I found on YouTube today...