Sunday, January 30, 2011


Dancing Like Fools!

Enough said ...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Things are happening!

I don't know about you, but i think you better strap yourself in that seat your in because this post is a 20 outta 5 on the epicness scale! It is to incredible it could burn the eyes in your head right out of your socket! It will be the most awesome blog post in the world of incredible! You are going to jump like a bean filled with springs of joy when your done reading this blog, or possibly even during the post. Lets get started ...

On January 29th, 2011 past 4 o'clock in the evening. We met up with some buds from school for some ... entertainment, the likes of which could never be compared with any other entertainment, An epic snow ball fight! As you have clearly seen, i filmed so i was not in this video, but boy was it incredible! I think the best part was when Kyle complained about being cold, that made me laugh so hard when i watched the clips back.

Next, on our agenda was making more vids for our shared channel, thr33kings3, because, obviously, my friends and I made some incredibly awesome vids (for that channel) as you have seen. I posted around 4 or 5 new vids on the collab channel so you gotta go there to see em' all. This was just a sample of one video.

As you may of already noticed, my weekends are awesome when my friends come over. Plus, we brawl quite a bit. I know the video described it as 'My 3rd bits&pieces video' but in reality, we have only just found out how cool filming the brawls can be. We brawl all the time when the snows gone and its nice outside (and worth going out to our usual location). So it's not something new were doing, it's just something we hae decided to film. Plus, we always try to film in a new location each time.

So that was pretty much our amazing weekend. I hope it has been as entertaining as could be expected. If you think life is boring, keep reading my blog, it's only boring when you think of it that way. As i stated in my Bits&Pieces 3 video, Life is a challenge, new opponets face  you at each corner. Remember that.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kyle Muffin

Hello all you trolls and spammers in the online world, I'm Zachary Penguin, and this... is my blog! Ehh, i think it's time i discuss, Kyle Muffin. This guy is a lame bro who likes to enjoy potatoe chips on his couch as he watches a football game. He also likes Dirtbike riding and being cool beans (just read his profile). If you can find the time, be a follower on his blog, but read mine more! Thanks.

My Muffin Poem (Not mine)

I watch it as carefully as can be,

I watch it sitting next to my morning tea,

I do not blink, i do not stir,

Then in comes 'her',

She approaches the table, and slowly reaches out,

NO, don't touch that muffin! I shout

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

TobyMac got jamz

I didn't wanna post twice in one day, but this song is seriously epic! I heard it for the first time today and it was on my fav songs list in 36 seconds! It was seriously impressive ... You should agree with me if you've already listened to it.

This was another very catchy song by TobyMac that i totally loved. As you can tell, it's super catch as well and i was boppin' my head to the beat and tappin' my foot on the ground, it's hard not too, as i listened to this crazy awesome jam.

Hope you guys agree with me on my music selection today, i certainly loved these songs, regardless!

Clarifying things

Lets have a discussion about my last blog post. I did not intend to come across as harshly as i did. I think i came across with a false since of hatred and anger. I know my blog is called 'Random Vids and Rants' but my rant (In letter form) was slightly mistaken. I just wanted to clarify that.

Perhaps it was my analogies that threw you off, but i know that is no excuse. I am not appologizing, i mean, it's my blog, but i just wanted to clarify so you don't think i'm a lunatic, haha. And for the record, i'm not. Promise!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Parental Letter Post

Dear parents of the world,

Please remember that your children are, indeed, children. They are only going to be children once, do not ruin there childhood, making them grow up to resent you and forget your existence forever the day they turn 18. Please, be patient, and love them. Be kind and let them have that extra cookie before bed. Most importantly, do not fret when they want to invite more then one friend over to your house.

Let them invite over a few, maybe not too many, but a few. It is OK for your child to have an active social life. Let them play the gaming system in the living room. Don't worry about that silly TV show that will repeat again, probably in the following week. Love your children. Care for them. Show them they are special.

Don't make them grow up wishing you away and hoping you get in a car accident the rest of there lives. Don't let them grow up bitter individuals who are damaged and seriously messed up, both mentally and emotionally. Just make sure you show them that they are special. Give them some peanut butter cookies and let them eat in there room. It's not wrong, it's a sign of trust. It shows you love them. Really, it's good for the both of you.

I don't want to come across as being bold. I don't want you to blow this off, please, listen to what I'm telling you, you are an important individual! You child does care about you, let's not change that. These are the years you will Cherish when there gone. Don't have that day, when there gone, where you regret how you handled a situation. Take a breath, breathe, and be calm about the situation.

Please, don't over-react. It is good to show love, because you do love your child. More then most people can imagine. Please, just love your child. Love him like there isn't going to be a tomorrow. Spoil him, maybe, if he deserves it. If he does something wrong, don't punish him right away, making him cry and resent you. Show him love, compassion, and mercy. Show him the error in his way and help him to improve on those errors in the future.

You are a good parent, let them know that. Make them grow up loving you and, actually wanting there friends to come over, because there not embarrassed to tell people that you are there parent. That you raised them to be the person they are today, that you cared for them, helped them, and loved them, when they needed it.

Remember, you child loves you, they really loves you. Don't forget that as you go through life. Life seems to slip away, you blink, and your child is grown up. Gone. Not with you anymore. Don't let that happen. Cherish the moments given to you each day. Feel blessed to have the child you've been given. You were given this child for a reason. Don't forget that every moment of there life is real, not an illusion, and you should probably carry a camera with you... just in case you do believe the moments of your child's life will be forgotten.

Thanks for listening to my vent,

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Path one Chooses

I'm not real big on making decisions so i usually only make small ones like, what kind of eggs i want with my toast? I try not to get in a situation where big decisions have to happen. Sadly, it becomes inevitable at certain points in your life. Your going to get a few big decisions and have to decide what to do. One will bring you happiness and  one will ... not.

If you really wanna know what I'm talking about, I'm talking about colleges. I already know i want to be a Graphic Design artist. I also know that it would be only a wild dream come true if i could work at, Artix Entertainment. I would flip out, spill the peanut butter, and scream, "Green beans"! You don't even know how serious i am ...

I like having my options open and that's all fine, in theory, but i have been putting off what college i want to go to for a long time because i figured, "I will just go to whatever college there is". That doesn't dice the tomatoes the way you want em'. You gotta pick up the knife and start choppin'! I know i want to go to a college close to home, so i don't have to worry about an extra financial bill.

What i have decided is, I want to get a Bachelors degree in Graphic Design and a minor in Advertising. In case things are pretty rough the first few years, i have a fall back. The graphic design i want to do is making animated videos/films. That is gonna be complex, i already know, but i will be dedicated and work hard. If i have a minor in Advertising, i can work for a magazine company and  make ads or whatever they want me to make. It would been a simple job until i get a confirmation from Artix Entertainment.

I know that you wonder why i would want to work for Artix Entertainment, and i can actually give you a reason why. I have played Artix Entertainment games since i was 14 years old. It has been a huge impact on my life. I started playing Adventure Quest Worlds when my friend told me about it (Schools unblocked things back then) and i absolutely loved it! I also learned, from that same friend that they had released a new game, Epic Duel, and i checked that out, i as about 16 at this point.

I know i sound like a weirdo wanting to work for them, but it's on my bucket list to meet the crew of characters in the games (who are just animated versions of the creators). If i can't get to California where a comic con convention is being held, i will have to get a job at Artix Entertainment so i won't have to worry about all that madness. Though, i will be making my own animated videos on the side, I will always focus on the task at hand.

I think it's important to choose a college wisely. I know I'm a Junior right now in HS but i will be graduating sooner then i know it and i already know i don't have the money or skills required to take care of myself. Plus, i can't mooch off my friends, that's just rude! I think what I'm going to end up doing is finding a job somewhere, as soon as possible, and saving money as soon as possible for as long as i can. Then, when i have enough in my savings, i will have a beautiful cushion of safety to fall back on in case financial errors occur.

I know, this sounds good in theory, but i have to test it out before i will know if it works, right? Well, as soon as i get the job, i will start saving my money. Part of it will go towards literal savings and part of it, probably 25% or less, will go to just cash money to spend on anything i want like clothes, food, microwaves, ect... I think i will try to spend on only the needs though. Then again, i have never been good with money.

The point is, to wrap up this post, i need to start planning for the future, keep a tab on what i want, how I'm going to get it, and when it will most likely happen. How i get it all starts with a thought. Thinking through the problem to find a solution. Let's all hope i can learn a little patience as I try that ...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

100 pieces of cheese

100 pieces of cheese sat on a cabinet Tuesday morning. Jim, the pool boy, came in the house after a long day of work, cleaning the pool, ect.., and ate a piece of cheese to reward himself. 99 pieces of cheese sat on the cabinet Tuesday morning. After Jim left, my cat, Wesley, jumped on the cabinet. He eyed the cheese and licked his lips as he got up to approach them. He swiftly picked up a piece of cheese and began to eat it on the cabinet.

My mom walked into the room, only to rush to the cabinet only to shoo the cat away. Wesley jumped off the cabinet and rushed out of the room. My mom picked up the plate of cheese from the cabinet and placed it neatly in the refrigerator. Over the next few days only a few more pieces of cheese were taken and by the end of the week 85 pieces of cheese remained in the fridge.

By the time Tommy, my brother, had discovered the cheese in the fridge, there were only 72 pieces of cheese remaining. He swiftly took a look around the room, making sure the coast was clear, before quickly grabbing the tray and setting it on the table. He starting feeding his face and ate about 24 pieces of cheese before he heard someone in the next room over. He quickly shoved the tray back in the fridge, pieces of cheese sliding off the tray and onto the shelf in the fridge, wiped the excess cheese off the cabinet and into the trash can, and quickly exited the room.

When my father heard noise in the kitchen, he put his coat in the coat closet (duh!) and then made his way into the kitchen, to see what the noise was. He walked in the room and, to his surprise, noticed the how the room was empty. My dad has just gotten home from a long, hard, tiresome day of work, and he was beginning to get hungry. He decided he would have a quick snack before my mom came home.

He opened the fridge and noticed a tray of cheese, which instantly made his stomach growl with delight. He picked up the tray and noticed some cheese had fallen off the tray and sat on the shelf in the fridge. he picked up the cheese from the shelf and placed it on the tray before transporting the tray to the cabinet behind him. He grabbed some bread from the cabinet and pulled the mayonnaise from the fridge drawer.

He got a knife and spread the mayonnaise on the bread, then put a few pieces of cheese on the bread. After that, he snooped around in the cabinet and found some ham in the back of the fridge. He sniffed the ham, then decided it was fine to use; he placed a few slices of ham on the his sandwich. He made 3 sandwiches, put the extra food laying on the cabinet away, and walked to the kitchen table to eat his snack.

After eating one sandwich, he heard a wiggle on the door and a key jiggling the lock. He quickly opened the window next to him, took a big bite out of a sandwich, and threw his sandwiches, plate and all, out the window. He wiped the crumbs onto the floor with his hand and then ran out of the room towards the basement. As he was halfway down the stairs, he heard the front door close. He had successfully avoided his wife.

When my mom entered the house, she walked into the kitchen and saw how it was empty. This surprised her, since everyone liked to be in the kitchen, it was the heart of the house; it provided most of the entertainment. She walked over to the fridge and saw the tray of cheese she put in the fridge earlier last week. She counted the cheese and saw 39 pieces of cheese remained. She was shocked that it was disappearing so quickly but noticed how she was hungry (as she assumed her husband and child were). She walked out of the room and walked around the surrounding rooms only to find them empty.

She walked into the kitchen and took out the tray of cheese. She got some bread from the cabinet and pulled the butter from the fridge. She buttered the bread and then turned on the stove-top. She got her egg pan from the cabinet and started making grilled cheese. It was 5:12pm and it was close to dinner, she assumed that if she made grilled cheese, she would find her son and husband both in the kitchen before long.

She made 25 grilled cheese for dinner and decided that was enough. As soon as she had made the 25th, she placed it on a platter with the others and put that platter on the kitchen table. She walked over to her coat which was on the couch and pulled out her cell phone. She sent her husband and son a text message explaining how she made grilled cheese for dinner. After about 5 minutes, Tommy entered the room, grabbed a plate from the cabinet and put 5 grilled cheese on his plate. Tommy was leaving the room as his father entered. They nodded and kept walking.

My dad walked in the room and picked up 3 grilled cheese from the platter. He then walked over to the cabinets and pulled out a plate. He ate those three and had a few more. By the end of the night, only 4 grilled cheese remained, which mom tossed outside for the birds. Over the next few days, nobody ate much cheese, Tommy ate 4 pieces of cheese, My dad ate 6 pieces of cheese, and my mom used 2 pieces of cheese for her recipes.

Today, being the present, i walked out of my room and went downstairs to the kitchen, i opened the fridge and observed the selection. Crap, I thought, nothing was in my fridge. I saw a tray with 2 pieces of cheese on it and picked them both up. I ate one right then and took the other one to my room. I ate it later that day and regretted it when i used the restroom that night.

That was the last time we ate cheese. Cheese, my friends, is good. The point of this blog post, though, is not about cheese and how this fictional story told you how often cheese was used. No, this blog post was a salute to myself, for having posted 100 blog posts, as of this post your reading now. So take off your hat, hug the guy/gal next to you, and prey the cheese in your refrigerator. You never know ... when your cheese will be gone.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Why are you talking to me, fool?

Every now and then i like to promote myself and give you all an opportunity find the other stuff i'm doing when i'm online, that's mine. It seems easy enough but i might hit a few road blocks and never post this. Obviously if your reading this, it was posted, haha. Seriously, stop laughing and read the next paragraph.

"Why are you doing this?" Asked Xian, the other me, during a conversation with myself.

"Because it will help me out." I replied

"Are you sure about that?"

"Not 100% but i am most cert--"

"How sure are you?" Asked Xian, interupting me

"I am ..." I paused "I ..."

"How sure?" Asked Xian, repeating the quesiton

"I am 78% sure."

"That''s a laugh!" Said Xian, laughing at me, "You expect people to enjoy what you do on other blogs and Youtube channels when you can hardly get 10 views a week from people?"

"Yes, i believe there are a few people who enjoy what i write!" I said with a stern voice, "People may not leave comments, but i know people are reading my content and enjoy what there reading when it's coming from a decent writer."

"Yea ... Kinda like you think your short story, School Fight, was a good story?" He said mockingly.

"Shut up fool, that was a good story and it's one of my favorite stories."

"I'm sure it is" He said with a devilish grin, "You have always liked your own lame writings."

"Oh yea, you think you can write better content?"

"I don't think, i know!"

"Ok, this is obsurd, you are me, how can you write better then yourself?"

"Easy, i'm not going to be using the lame side of your brain that blocks out the genius."

"Ahaha!" I said with a good hearty laugh, "You seem to think you know everything, punk, but you don't know jack!"

"Actually, i know more about you then you know about yourself." He said with a hint of evil in his tone, "You best watch your back bro, cuz i might just be stabbin' it when you ain't lookin'."

"Why would i allow myself to stay me?"

"Cuz your a fool."

"I'm the fool, me---Hold on, your the lame brain in this situation. Go home, stupid, tell pappa i said hey."

"I'm not going anywhere ... i'm stuck with you, forever!" he said grining so wide it sent a shiver down my spine.

"Dude, calm down. What do you want from me?"

"I want you to never post a blog advertising your cruddy blogs and youtube videos, nobody likes you. Your not going to get any fans. ever."

"No, that's not true. I got 39 subs on my YouTube Channel and 7  public (8 total) followers on my regular blog, Random Videos and Rants! You can't say people don't like me cuz obviously someone does."

Xian let out a chuckle, "I sympethise bro, really, i do, but you can't count the other 39 accounts you have as 'other followers', it just ain't happening."

"Yo, i ain't following myself 39 times! Do i look stupid to you??"

"Well, actually--"

"Don't answer that, fool."

There was a long pause i looked myself in the eyes. I took a long stare into myself and smiled. I knew there was no way of winning an agrument, obviously, 'Xian', would win.

"You win man, i won't post a blog about the other blogs i have or the YouTube channels i contribute too."

"Thank you, your not as foolish i went to assume at first."

"You know, when you assume something, you make--"

"Yes, i'm not stupid, i know what happens when you assume. I wasn't born a year and 4 days ago."

"Good, cuz i was having my doubts on how smart you were."

"Keep questioning your own smarts, thats not mental." He said smirking.

"Just shut up, this convo is over!"



"What now? I gotta get to the courts by 4 or the guys won't let me play b-ball with em'."

"Hold your dang-snippit horses bro, i gotsta ask ya something."

"Hurry up, i can feel my hair turning grey and diving off my head like the fat kid who thinks he can use the high diving board on a Thursday."

"I can post a little widget to the side right?" I asked, only getting silence in return, "Ya know, with links to my stuff. That's not a blog advertisement!"

"Fine, but your not going to get any clicks on any of those links cuz, like i said, nobody cares!"

"haha, little do you know but--"

"And your clicks don't count!"

"I wan't going to say that!"

"Sure, look, i gotta go. Those guys aren't going to wait forever, bye."

"Wait, you can't leave me, I DO THE LEAVING AROUND HERE!!" I said, only to recieve silence in return, "Get back here ya 6'3'' freak!" No reply came. "I see how it is, the silent treatment, two can play this game pal..." And he stayed silent for over a half hour, until he finally realised he was playing the quiet game with himself. "I'm going to my room."

Sidenote: I didn't intend for a conversation with myself as the blog post, but it kinda happened. I really enjoy how i can start out a blog thinking one thing and do something totally different by the end of the blog post. Anyway, the widgets should be up shortly, be sure to check those out ... Unless you agree with Xian, who i think is an idiot.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Pumpkins on a freeway

So this is kind of a record for me since i usually don't post so many days in a row and yet, here i am, posting a new blog! I wanted to rant a bit about the obscure rules that float through peoples brains. Because obviously i know a few people with screws loose, marbles lost, two left feet, and multi-taskers.

So by decree of my insanely, i don't get this, weird mother, i cannot invite friends over this weekend because "two weeks in a row is overdoing things." I please the fifth and i hope that my mother really enjoys her clean house ... I did all that for nothing now. perhaps next week i can try to confirm plans more then 8 times during a 5 day period like i did last time or, perhaps, my mother would enjoy my attempts to communicate 12+ times.

My friends never come over besides on weekends, It's the only free time we can find. So how is that "over-doing it"? Please, if i wanted to over-do something, trust me, i would try to get my friends over a lot more. It's more fun when my friends are over at my house because we have more to do since Christmas (thanks dad!).

Sidenote: It sounds kind of weird reading this back and seeing "inviting friends over" and knowing i typed it. I wish there was a more "adult term" for friends because it makes me sound childish (maybe i read into things too much).

I think, if you really wanna have a good time, you should to go Bennett park. It's totally the best place in the world, no matter what you wanna do (as long as it doesn't involve plugging in a gaming system). I thank myself for buying my camcorder because it was the best decision i ever made with my money. The things you can do with a camcorder are, in plain words, incredible!

You can record some wicked sweet videos with your pals (does that sound more "adult"?) and then add some sweet effects with Windows Movie Maker, then post it online so you can have your fans view it. I, personally, enjoy making silent films. There simple, fun, and the topics you can choose from are endless! I've only made two silent films but, rest assured, you will see more in the future!

Back to topic, I'm rambling again (yay?), i think my mom should relax and let my friends come over once a week because that's the only time we can hang out after school, at least, until tennis starts in the spring (February). We will probably get to hang out more when tennis starts in February, because were  all joining and were obviously going to see each other.

So why does my mom flip out when i want a repeat of the weekend before? It's fun when my friends come over and i enjoy the videos (films, audio only movies), brawls, sparring, sleep talk (don't ask), and internet locations (where we go ...). So i don't see the big whoop in why we gotta do a "every other week" rule. Just saying ...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

This is obsurd!

I can't believe I'm saying this but our entire educational system is moronic. Yesterday wasn't as cold as today and we had no school yesterday due to "extreme cold temperatures". I don't know about you but it seems somebody has lost there marbles and needs to take a vacation so they can gather a few more ...

I stood at my bus stop for 13 minutes today and waited for the bus to arrive. My fingers were going numb, and that's in my gloves. This just doesn't seem right to me. I know that some people enjoy the cold ... but there idiots, kinda. Who would truly enjoy the cold enough to just be in the cold for long amounts of time? It's not right!

I don't know about you but i wanted to send the office a very strongly worded message of how i was freezing my butt of at the bus stop when i was there at the appropriate time! Then my friend Daniel told me that bums live in the cold everyday and i felt depressed, so i bypassed the office ... today.

When you think about it, i think God made cold weather as punishment for eating all that fruit (and enjoying it). If we would have only said "heck nah boi, I'm followin' da lord fool!", we could have been in paradise! That's just my opinion on things.

But seriously, back to topic, school should have either been in session yesterday or out today. I mean seriously, who is that stupid? hopefully not anyone in my school district (especially people with power). I don't know you could make those kind of bone-headed decisions without thinking ... obviously, you can.

I want to end this on a possitive note, so please, watch this video, you'll like it (It's instrumental!).

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day? 2

I am definetly not going to talk about the snow in this post, i don't want to remind myself of the bordem i had found myself yesterday stuck at home again without seeing my friends .... Luckily i like to think about Friday when my friends are hopefully coming over again for a repeat of last weekend (sort of). We want to post new videos on our new youtube channel for the Audio only vids. not to mention, i think George said he going to make collage vids from each week only putting in the funniest stuff.

If your wondering what the pictures are for, that was my breakfast today. No i didn't eat popcorn and toast, i had Eggs (with cheese) and toast. And the muffins were chocolate chip. My sister doesn't like blueberry muffins and i think she's totally crazy but she does like chocolate chip and i won't complain if i get some.

Sadly, my sister didn't come down stairs today until 1:30pm and i made the mufffins at around 10am ... How would i know? She complained about them being cold and i told her she shouldn't of slept in so long but the microwave wasn't broken so she could use that.  She ate her muffins (and my 1 extra, grrr) and then fell asleep in the chair she was in ... Who sleeps that long?

When i decided to clean the kitchen for my mom, she got mad that i was making room and went back to her room (probably to sleep). She's nuts, totally nuts, for sleeping the snow day away, i was taking advantage and playing Epic Duel all day!! I was also Messaging my very best online friend, Mercynn (were going by screen name on my blog, sorry), who, by the way, you should chat with sometime.

I was kicking some serious nubs on Epic Duel, punching faces and zookin' people in the butt, it was a fun day. If you haven't already, get an Artix master account so you can play Epic Duel, it's totally free until you become addicted and want to buy varium for maximum pwn'ge.

Going back to topic, the only bad part about making muffins (i should make a how-to video, haha) is cleaning up after you make them ... i really enjoy making them, i mean c'mon, there easy to make ... but i don't like the mess they make. I also made the eggs in nothing flat. I know i'm gonna sound like a dope, but i just learned how to make eggs 2 weeks ago.

I love making eggs and it's super easy, like really, really easy, but i never knew how to make eggs before my dad showed me about 2 weeks ago. Ugh, i say food should come to your door with a friendly delivery guy whenever your hungry. We don't need to build stores, stock ingredients, ect ... we just need to pickup the phone and call for any meal you want.

That would work so easily and be awesome (as long as they don't overcharge)!  Then again, if 'The Man', tries to oppress us, they might limit the amount of calls you can make per day ... Grr, they would ruin that idea for everyone. I don't like that idea now, too many con's defeating pro's (though i was rooting for our side).

The point of this ramble is that i can make eggs now and breakfast was good. Also, go make an Epic Duel character and email me a picture of your awesome dude/chick!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day?

"Due to the slick road conditions, Liberty Public Schools will be closed on Monday, January 10, 2011. Be safe, stay warm, and have a great day!" Yes, 6 to 8 inches of snow are going to hit us and that means no school. I was exited and dancing for snow, i was tempted to run outside, dive in the snow (In my pajamas (which i have no shirt), and roll around in the snow out of happiness. Luckily, i opted out of that rediculous idea.

I really like how people freak out over a few inches of snow, i think we should have gone to school, i don't like making up snow days at the end of the  year but on the flip side, i was happy and dancing with myself *ahem* and almost kissed my cat .... That mighta given them issues to work out.

I don't know about you but i'm definetly taking advantage of this snow. I'm not sleeping in, too late for that nonsense, i'm not going outside, too cold for that nonsense, and i'm not microwaving popcorn and watching christmas movies, that would make things to depressing with this nonsense. I am going to get on Facebook, Blogger,, and  Facebook again so i can enjoy the day properly, with technology.

With all due respect, i wish a snow day would happen after Tuesday. I like Late Start Monday and Seminar Tuesdays so if Monday is interupted, so is Tuesday. Oh well, if the captin want's ice, get him a ice sculpture ... nevermind.

I just hope the snow doesn't delay the progress of my plans this week. I want to melt the snow by Friday so i can go to bennet park and get a  repeat of this Friday. My friends and i have decided that we want to hang out every Friday and stay the night at my house. I don't know if thats gonna work out every week but were certaintly gonna try. As for me, I just gotta clean the kitchen, sweet talk my momma, and do the tap dance of total brain control.

Nonetheless, we have no school, i'm  still typing this blog, and i really have nothing more to say. Other then that i have nothing more to say, which i just said ... in the previous sentence, if you catch my drift.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Best Day of my life (Revised)!!

Friday could never described in words, though i will certainly try (as you may know by now). It was the most epic evening of my life since the day i posted my first blog (Oct. 26th, 2009). I really had a blast and can't even began to describe how (Though we all know .... i will)!

It all started after Algebra friday afternoon. skipping past that part (since i won't talk about it publicly), my mom picked us up after school (since Algebra is my last class of the school day) and we stopped by my house because she forgot to pick up my camcorder. After i grabbed the camcorder (and i few useless props) we went to my friends house. On the way to my friends, my mom suprised me by stopping by Subway and buying us some cookies. I was overwhelmed in joy and most certaintly excepted her offer.

Anyway, once she drove us to my friend, George's, house, we went in for about 10 minutes and relaxed, i kicked my shoes off. long story short (first part, anyway). we didn't do squat at Georges house besides just get some sandwiches (which were very delisious, so i heard). I didn't eat anything but the cookies because i really wasn't that hungry. I felt stupid and foolish for saying i wanted 2 sandwiches when i should of only asked for 1 sandwhich.

Forgeting that, we didn't get to do the YouTube video we had planned for (the bums we called crew didn't show up). Instead we chose to throw ideas around and went with my idea of a silent film. It was really cool, besides the last frame, because it was simple, easy, and quick (we were getting cold). I wasn't leaving there empty handed so i was filming something! Might make me sound dramatic but i don't care, i wanted footage of something.

Since i told you i would try to incorporate more videos to my blog posts, i will start with this post by letting you see the video, here, on my blog. The silent film turned out better then i expected so i hope you enjoy it!

(I want to thank Homaz for the music in the video (that i downloaded) because it made the video so much better! Plus, it was one of the first music vids i watched and i wanted something quick and easy, haha.)

So while we were making this, and afterwords, we made a whole bunch of random videos that were totally hillarious! I laughed so much on Friday it's not even funny (if that pun made since). I filmed most of the time during these videos, but George filmed a lot too. Between the both of us, we made some magically hillarious videos. I was seriously cracking up all day. Some people might think were crazy watching the vids we made, but honestly, i was just living in the moment and enjoying the life God gave me. I don't really care if people think i'm stupid, people hate, i get over it.

Some of the videos i made were silent, voice only, videos. What that means, for you easily-confused people, is that there is a black screen and your only hearing what were saying instead of seeing us as we talk. It's adds an effect to the video we discovered by accident (Thank you, Kyle)! We found out that it's so much funnier if your hearing what your saying without seeing a face to match it with. Your brain registers something totally different and, if your lucky, depending on what it is, you will laugh your head off to what you hear from a lot of people!

I seriously couldn't stop laughing about so many of the videos i made and because of this beautiful accident, i made a YouTube channel with George and Kyle where were going to post those videos for other people to watch (I hope the links are easy to see on my blog). I will, though, show you a video however from the channel, the rest you have to go watch yourself.

(remember to sub for more vids, support our new channel!)

As if that's not hillarious enough, we have more posted if you want to watch those. My plan is to make a Music Video eventually, but that's gonna take time, patience, editing, filming, ect.. and it will be horribly long and not as good as i expect. On the plus side, that won't be for awhile. If you didn't think it was that funny, you probably didn't get it like we did, since it was an honest accident. It came out so perfectly though and i was suprised that it came out so hillarious!

If you have ever heard me laugh, you've probably smiled. But if you've ever heard me really laughing hard about something (just ask George or Kyle), you sigh and shake your head. Apparently, after listening back to some of the silent, audio only, black-screen videos, you really hear yourself the way others do ... i'm so annoying! I have the worst laugh on the face of the planet; it makes me even more self contious, as if that's possible.

I was just confused.  My laugh doesn't really sound that way, does it? I mean, crap, that's horrible. If i had an example, i would show you, but i don't want to edit out only a part where i'm laughing just to post on my blog so you can hear how annoying my laugh is ... That would be pointless and kinda mean to myself. 

Anyway, i wanted to save the best part of this post for last but it would send things out of order, so i will just do what i'm thinking about possibly doing now ... uhh, now. What i am going to show you is kinda incriminating of myself and sorta embarassing in some aspects (one part where George put text). My friend George made this video and thought i would be funny to put that i didn't eat any PBJ and that i'm too nerverous to talk to this *ahem* hot chick in my Algebra class. I didn't think it was funny but it was his video ... and he did a really good job making it (besides the 3 spots where audio cuts out randomly).

I was kinda upset when the audio cut out on parts so when that happens, just hope you see that video on my channel or the collab channel were sharing. If that's not too much work for you of course!

(I hope you have the time to post a comment because it really deserves one!)

Sidenote: at around 2:24 in the video, Gavin is seen chasing Kyle ... It sounds like he says (Don't gasp) 'Fucker' but he is really saying 'Focker'. We were just talking about movies and 'Meet the Parents' came up. We were joking around about his last name in the movie and thats why Gavin was seen chasing Kyle and he isn't swearing, i promise. Also, that scream was supposed to be Fred...

After we were done with the random vids and park vids were finished (silent film), we decided to go home, to my house. They all decided to stay over at my house (all night long) and i was thrilled ... i just had to ask my mom. So when i asked her, she really didn't care; i was so shocked. Usually my mom has a long list of complaints as to why i can't do this or how last minute requests should be void. No, she said it was fine without a second though, it seemed.

So we were on the way to my house when my mom decided to stop by McDonalds to buy a quick sandwich for my sister (for dinner) and asked anyone if they wanted something. I said i wanted something and (this is why i feel bad) know i should of said nothing cuz i was given PBJ sandwiches from a friendly person (who remains nameless for now *cough*). I only said to buy one sandwhich and get me a water. So that made it simple. So when we were in the drive-thru, i remembered my friend Anthony worked at this exact McDonalds and was hoping he was working.

(The following is just a very brief history on Anthony). Anthony has been my friend all of my Junior year, i don't remember being friends before then but i remember knowing him. He seems to think i'm weird but that's only because i like to mess with him and put my hand on his arm or look him in the eyes and smile as i talk to him. It really creeps me out and i get the 'gay jokes' a lot but i only do that to Anthony because it's an inside joke nobody would get besides my small circle of friends (Don't judge me ... not yet, anyway).

So that will lead us up to my next video. I know the following clip was in the end of the above video but im posting it again because its a seperate video i made. Besides, now it makes since!

(Hope this video was hillarious to you!)

After McDonalds we went home and took it easy. My mom made me vacuum the living room and kitchen before we could play wii which made me feel awkward but i didn't mind, vacuuming is easy. We stayed up till 1am playing wii and getting on the computer, to work on the vids we made. It was simply awesome.

The next day, being today, we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast and everyone left at 10am. But you didn't think they left without making sparring vids right? It has to happen everytime there over, its like a routine or soemthing.

(This is the brawl, err ... bits&pieces we did this morning, haha.) 

 My aunt came shortly afterwords around 10:40am and took me to best buy to get another wii remote, hallelujah, because i really needed one. After that i pretty much took it easy. Now, im just chillin' as i listen to music and am also on Facebook.

I know a lot happened in only one day (Friday, duh!) but lets hope it only gets better each week. One day every week always seems to be incredible, Friday was definetly that day this week!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New blog is live.

I finally found the time (mostly from harassment from my friend) to make that intro video for my 3rd blog.  I made sure it wasn't too long because i only want to post easy simply vlogs each week. I really don't like using YouTube for everything so that's why i made the blog. It was even easier since i already had a blogger account and love using all the features (I use Blogger Draft).

My favorite thing about using blogger is the ease of accessibility. You can so easy post a blog, change the location of widgets, and select a new background. Its just the most simple, easy to use process I've found for blog sites in a while. One mans opinion is another mans critique so make your own decisions.

If you didn't know about the new blog, i hope you take the time to at least watch the first few blog posts. I want people to actually take the time to realize that I'm trying to make a difference in myself, i want to be healthy, fit, and firm. i want to walk down the street and be that guy (since i already have the size in height) people fear just by getting one look. I know that's what most people don't want, to be scary, but i don't want to be scary either; I just want to look scary.

Maybe when i finally start to bulk up and turn some of this fat into muscle, i can win a sparring match with my friends. All i have going for myself now is weight (which i already know Kyle hates). I bet you watched that bits&pieces video i posted on here weeks back, that was not fun for my opponent, Kyle. He is so much stronger then me but he just wont use it. That makes me depressed. Think about it, your buff, not fat, kinda toned, but your refusing to let anyone know. I would let people know they should fear me. ahh, let come what may, i really doesn't matter to me. I just like being friends with the quality people (except Kyle) i know.

I get that your seeing all that 'Kyle this' and 'Kyle that' references but just remember, you haven't met him so you don't know the personality and your profiling is most definitely way off! Kyle is so ... not what you would expect. Though i respect him as a person, he's not gonna talk to new people (or he'll think it's awkward), make videos with my friends and myself (unless we force him, which i don't like doing), he won't leave his house when he gets home (unless i beg him to come out or he has to drive somewhere for his parents), and he definitely won't be seen at any after school events (expect when we made him join the tennis team). Kyle is a good person, but he's the guy you gotta wait around for if you want to see who he really is (which trust me, is either 'Horray, your funny dude!' or 'What a shallow jerk!').

Enough about Kyle, he doesn't like blogging and this is supposed to be a blog post about my new blog. I only called it a weight loss blog because that's how most people will view it. It's really a 'Buff up' blog. I want to get some muscles going on in my arms and legs, losing some belly fat in the process. I'm sure I'll lose enough with Tennis training coming up in February. I was looking through an old yearbook from a year ago and on the tennis interview, someone said, 'The worst part about tennis is all the jumproping'. Oh my, i think I'm gonna get real friendly with the jump rope this year, hope i have the endurance to withstand all that jumping. I figured we had exercises for pre-season training but I've never taken a sport so i wouldn't know what goes in the process of training.

Let's just hope that all that pre-season training will help me lose the weight i want. 80 pounds, as i stated in the video i hope you still go watch from my new blog, is what i want to lose. As soon as i lose 80 pounds, i will be more then happy to keep exercising to keep the weight off but i then focus on the more, 'buff up' portion of my goals. I really want to have some muscles so when the ladies see me, they know 'That man is strong and i only wish i could be his girlfriend'. I would just laugh (possibly blush) and let them know, 'Baby, there's a line for this man, i got myself a gal who would stop crowds'. Enough with all the psycho-babble, I don't think that's happening, probably just a dream i had subconsciously last week.

But in all honesty, all i want out of this process is to find out if i have the self-discipline to stay of track. I've always been a slacker, I'll admit it, and i want to change that. I want to become a new person, one of honesty, integrity, self-discipline, ect.. I don't want to get through life with nothing to show. That's what I'm really looking for. I just hope i find it during this process, since this is my last year as a child.

I'm turning 18 years old this year, can you believe it? I'm finally an adult (almost), it's crazy to think that i have always been seen as a goofy kid who was very humerus but now I'm an adult, i have to grow up, be mature, 'act my age'... it's almost overwhelming. When i get a job, that will probably show more promise to my 18th birthday. Until then, i'm going to enjoy my life, friends, family, and hope for the best in 2011.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What happens after they leave?

So i was reading this blog post from a *ahem* friend of mine and it really made me feel horrible. As you might figure out if you read comments, that blog posts is talking about ME and MY FRIENDS (Awkard moment?). If you read my comment, you would know that i feel totally responsible for what happened. Why do people have to do that 'lets stand here and make things more awkward' moment when it can be avoided. If you have prior plans to coming over, get your butt out my front door!

When my friend Kyle comes over, he never stays for long. If he gets a text saying dinner is ready, he doesn't 'stall for more time', he says, 'bye' and leaves before he can dissconnect the wii remote! Talk about fast (was it something i said?). I don't know about you, but if i go to a friends house and if i happen to have plans after i leave, i am getting my butt out the door so i can avoid the complaints from my mom. I do what i'm told when im told (as a thanks for going over to a friends).

What i don't get is why my friends (some of my closest friends) didn't tell me they had to go at 7pm. They wanted to stay longer, past 7pm, and hang out. I can only assume that the reasons for that are because they didn't wanna go home (GASP) but that's a silly reason, i love my home (Im lying) and it's totally *ahem* my favorite place to be ... EVER!

After they left, things were quiet and i kept playing wii. I just took it easy and enjoyed the night until my mom and sister wanted to watch the Premier of Pretty Little Liars which was really good! Then i got on Facebook and went to bed.

I don't like complicating things, comunication will really help me out, i'm not rich,  your not rich, lets have a chat about ground rules. Mine might be different then yours but that's ok, we probably have common ground. Infact, i know there is! If there is a problem, lets solve it. But nothing is going to make things better if you smile, act fine, and pretend to drive away into the sunset, all sunsets fade as do all smiles! But i really am sorry. Truly, i really, truly, sincerly am!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Blog Goals 2011

I think its about time i make myself some blog goals for 2011. I know that the title of my blog is 'Random Videos and Rants' so your probably asking me why there aren't many videos but plenty of rants. Well i have the answer (luckily), I didn't make enough videos in 2010. It's really that simple.

I know your probably hoping i make more videos so you don't have to keep scrolling down to read my incredibly long blog posts. If you look back at my first month of posting (October 2009), you'll see that all i posted were videos i had made. Well if i went back to doing that,  you would get many updated blog posts. Besides, blog posts require reading. If i was only going to post videos, i would make a YouTube channel and go that route (Click Here).

I am going to try to post some more videos this year, if i can. I am going to see if anyone wants to make a collab video with me, that would be cool (George ... make a YouTube account). On the plus side of things, 2011 means the year i become awesome (for real this time, no joke).

In the year 2011 (I don't know why i didn't tell you sooner on my last post) so much will happen. Making a bulleted list makes things easier...

  • I turn 18
  • I will get my license
  • I will get a job (a real job)
  • I will be even closer to graduating high school
  • I will start shaving (Just shaved today for the first time!)
So as you can see, this is a huge year for me. I will finally become a 'quote on quote' man. Perhaps i will finally be able to get out of the house more, ehh? With a license, i would be able to stroll through town when i wanted (as long as i have a job for gasoline). I could play more tennis, i could workout at a gym, i could buy a taco when I'm hungry, the possibilities will become clear and open and (oh yaa) i will be the ultimate happy person ... ever!!! On a side note, shaving really sucks!

I plan on getting the job in January (this month) and the license by June. I turn 18 and January so be ready for a blog post of epic proportions! I will also post a blog in October for my blogs 3rd birthday (yes, its been that long). So I'm hoping your 2011 is as incredible as mine will be.

One last thing, if you really wanna help me out in 2011, get me some more followers. Followers who won't be invisible but will follow publicly, Thank ya very much!