Saturday, December 25, 2010

Your so close, yet so far away!

Now doesn't this just look lovely? A great video that would convince anyone that Super Smash Bros. Brawl  is an epic game that deserves to be in every house containing a Wii. But instead i got a sister who thinks the game is totally stupid and not worth the time of even reading the description. Wait, i think im getting ahead of myself. Let me explain it to you from an earlier point of view.

So for christmas you know what i got, right? Yes, its the blog before this one, haha, and my brother (2nd oldest) told me today that he was gonna buy us a game but didn't know what to get us. He decides that cash is the best gift since we will be able to pick our own game that way. Personally, the first thing i thought of was Super Smash Bros. because of how incredibley awesome it is, ive played it at friends houses. But my sister had other ideas.

She doesn't know what she wants for the Wii since she has never really thought about what games there are. I have looked into it and found a lot of great games, none of which she likes. I know that she will love Super Smash Bros. because its for everyone, its just a combat action game with lots of brawling, hince the name. She doesn't doesn't think it's good because i like it! I think that totally steals the fun out of it. If she would just open her mind and think that, maybe, we could both like something and it not ruin the world, she might actually like the game ... maybe love it!

Now i know that there are certain people in the world that don't like action games and the whole brawl or fighting based games but my sister was totally awesome at NBA Street Vol. 2 on the PlayStation 2 and we loved playing that together! So why wouldn't she like this? ... Maybe i just want the game so badly and i'm so close to actually getting it, that im tricking my mind into thinking she will like it.

We looked at games for the Wii and the only games she even looked at were sports games, They make way to many sports games and i'm really starting to get sick of all the sports games!! I like games with a story line or great multiplayer action! If your gonna buy a sports game, don't fall for the '10 games in 1' trick all those fancy game covers give you, buy a game that will make that sport super fun and go for it! But you can only play so many sports games before you get bored. When you play an action or multiplayer game, you can play that for hours before you get bored because nothing is positive, there could be a suprise around the next corner! I think i'm reading into this to much but i don't really care. I want this game so bad, i just don't know how to convince her that she'll like it if she was more open-minded.

On a topic change, I have decided that i will decide what i will do with a poll i put on the left of my blog! Please take a second and vote for either a blog or youtube channel. That will make the decision final.

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