Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lets talk about educational books

So far in my Zombie Science Fiction book, i have been putting a lot of detail into the characters and developing them while the plot kinda simmers on the pot for awhile. I got a complex gang of characters too. Over 10 characters in the book and each one i have carefully tried to give a unique personality. If i fail at that, please let me know, i dont wanna look dumb come time to publish. I think that the best part about my story is that i'm giving it chapters.

I'm starting with the Prologue, obviously, and i am currently on Chapter 5 (Page 30ish in the book). If you wanna sneak previous, well i'm terribly sorry (no im not) but you gotta wait until another post at another time. I thik that if you are patient enough, something good will come and you will jump for joy. I must warn you though, this blog title is DECIEVING! My book has questionalable language and some adult content coming up in further chapters.

I hope you don't frown upon me because of what is in my book, i am an individual and choose my own path in life, wherever it takes me. I think that this book is a fun hobby and it's not going affect my life anymore then anything else except when i'm talking about it. But if you wanna sneak peak now, i wont give you one but i will give you a nice little character sneak peak.

So starting on Chapter 1 (Skiping the prologue), you see the main character, Robert (Last name never said), on the bus with his friends Kevin and Gregorie. They are going to school to have a fun educational day (not really). But when they get to school you meet some more characters. Bob shows up and he's a friend of all three (Rob, Kevin, and Gregorie) and talks to them. Next, Olivia comes into play, the crush of my life who i'm to afraid to talk to!

So Gregorie does something i wont tell you and it freaks me out and then Kevin gives me a pep talk that cheers me up. I then give you a bio on Kevin (brief) and then we move onto the next topic, Bob. I give you some perverted details about Bob (which i think are more hillarious then perverted) and that leads us close to Chapter 2, I think (Im going from memory). Once i get to class, i skip to the more important plot line which takes place in Econ. and Gov. My teacher is upset that im not focusing in class and my grade isn't at its best. So she wants me to stay after school but i ask if we can discuss things after lunch (I have lunch after that class).

We move to the lunch room scene (Oh boy) and at my lunch shift are Bob, Kevin, and Gregorie (of course). We talk about random crap until i see Olivia, who obviously has my lunch shift. Kevin starts ranting about how fat people are nasty and you want a skinny woman, even if she's dumb. He talks about how fat people are not attractive and won't be until they lose all that weight. I obviously disagree (cuz im not a shallow *ahem* doofus) because i find Olivia to be the sexiest woman alive so im still to afraid to talk to her.

When lunch is over, we move to the scene where (the real action starts) Steve is introduced.

ERROR!! .... ENDING EDIT MODE *Beep Beep Boop Bop Beeeeeeeeeeep*

Sorry folks, there must of been an error. I will get right on that ASAP. But i hope you liked what you read so far. I will keep you updated. Thanks.

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