Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gotta find that cord ...

ok so i am going to have to spend today looking for some elecronics cords. i need to find the cord that connects to my camcorder and then connects to my computer so i can upload some vids i've recorded. My friends and I made some vids the other day and i want to edit some parts out of the video to make a funny video with just snippets of the original vids. It made more sense in my mind.

Anyway, i think thats its only fair to ask the permission from the people in the vid. They need to know there gonna be in an epic video. I think i'll ask after i made the video, perhaps while im uploading it? Haha, i'm just kidding. I just wont tell them until i see them at school. But first i have to find the cord cuz i can't even make the video until i find the cord to put them on the computer.

I think i'll just make a short blog and post again after i get the video uploaded, i will let you see the finished product when i fnish it ... If i find the cord. Wish me luck in finding it ...

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