Sunday, December 12, 2010

Finally found that cord ...

OK, so i feel really stupid because i was looking for the cord for my camcorder so i can upload that video i was going to make of the really cool bits&pieces of the night my friends *Kevin* and *Gregorie* stayed over (Names changed for there protection) and i couldn't find them, so i finally gave up and was sitting in front of my computer when i saw a plastic Price Chopper sack behind the laptop.
I decided to take a peek inside and, to my suprise, was the bag of cords i was looking for! I was so suprised because i didnt remember putting them there but i knew i put them in the kitchen, it didn't matter ... doesn't matter to me, i quickly found the cord and uploaded the videos and i was thrilled.

Now, do to lack of cash, i had to create the video with Windows Movie Maker and we all know thats the default computer movie maker. So the video makes the quality look kinda bad but i got to make the video and thats all i cared about. I promised *Kevin* and *Gregorie* that i wouldn't post our scrabble game so i only have the video of us talking and the brawling in the living room at 3 AM.

So without further to do, here is the video you've all been waiting for (I hope).


  1. hmm. nice, am lookin around the corner where the cat is there!!!lol

  2. very interesting. In the beginning were you wrestling or fighting? I can't really tell. Where's the battle between you and the other awesome wrestler?