Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sci-Fi Romance

Ok, so i lost my flash drive. BIG DEAL!!! ALL of Vol. 3 is on that flash drive. i looked ALL OVER my room and the car and i cant find it. I have a early copy, 9 pages. Thats on my school H-Drive. I'm really mad at myself for being so irresponsible! I am 17 years old, not a todler! Why ... How ... When ... ??!!!! It's not a good feeling. That is 7 pages of the most intense action you will ever read... that i lost!!

It kinda sucks, but on the bright side, ii started writing a new story the other day (that was before i found out my flashdrive was lost). It's a Sci-Fi Romance story, kinda bridging the gap to the romace side of sci-fi. I can give you a rough sketch of my ideas but remember that i wont give you enough to be satisfied (as always) cuz i want you to explode with exitement when im done.

So the plot is simple, i dont expect this story to be more then 30 or 40 pages, It starts out with a Prologue, 2 characters (who remain nameless for now), are hiding in a janitors closet at school, they peak out to see if the coast is clear, they have a quick convo, humor is thrown in, you find out there running from zombies, there attacked, OH MY GOD! End Prologue.

Next, it starts out set with the main character on a school bus, heading to school, theres a small thingy, then you get another character, the main characters friend. They have a convo while riding to school when a 3rd character is introduced. Both of there friends, but a very popular dude at school. Like popular! (you dont even know till you read ....). Anyway, eventually after quick convo's, they arrive at school.

When they arrive at school, they get to the cafeteria where they chill in the mornings and get food. You realize that the main character (of course) has a HUGE HUGE crush on this girl and is to afraid to approach her cuz he doesn't wanna sound dumb or look stupid. So he gets some advice from his friend.


At least for now. I think. It will get better.

It is all i can really work on right now since i can't work on The Dove Master until i recover my flashdrive. I really think this is going to my greatest work. I'm not so sure though, it all depends on how much i develop each character, thats always the fun part, actually making you like the character! And on The Dove Master, you have so much insight that you can pick a favorite character, I like Oliver, Personally. But make your own favorites. Ehh, i gotta go.

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