Saturday, November 20, 2010

Orson Scott Card

Ok, so im not much for reading but it turns out, when im at school, i really enjoy reading a good book. When i'm at home, theres not a  chance that i'll read a book. So when i picked up Orson Scott Card's book, Keeper of Dreams, i thought it was just a regular old book, Sci-Fi, of course, but just a regular book. So it was quite a suprise when i found out how good a book this was!

This book is basically just a collaboration of his short stories (not all of them, but a lot). I really liked reading some of his stories and a few others i skipped. So when i read my first short story in this book, it was called, The Elephants of Poznan, and boy was it wierd! You want a good Sci-Fi read, then pick this up. Basically, this woman gives birth to a half elephant-human. Now if that's not wierd enough, it can understand what elephants say and can speak with them. It was just wierd.

But luckily you dont have to read that if you don't want because the more i read this book, the better the stories got and the more i liked em'. Some of my favorite stories from this book would have to be, Atlantis, Space Boy, Dust, Homeless in HellIn the Dragon's House, and Waterbaby. Now i don't have links to all of those stories, because some of them aren't online. Orson didn't post them. But he was kind enough to post the 3 i have here online.

If you aren't a fan of Orson's work, thats fine. I don't like all his stories but i do like a few of them. Dust was one of my favorite stories from this book and i wish i could link you to a copy of the story, but i can't. But you can check out the book from your local library! That's a little bit of good news.

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