Monday, November 8, 2010

I really do hate Algebra

Trust me, if anyone ever asks you if you can help, solve, or look at a algebra problem, JUST SAY NO! And keep saying that over and over until they stop. Algebra is the worst kind of math i have had to experience in my life! Were doing a kind of algebra called Parabolas right now and its the worst thing in the world, i'm fairly sure i'm gonna fail the test tomorrow, even though i stayed after a half hour and got help. It's biting me and the butt and won't let go. I just do not like it

We were doing review today and i skipped over half the problems, which is why i stayed after. If only i could magically know all the steps to the equations. I just don't get it, really hate it, and wish i could just stop existing for one day. No, i wont skip school for a test, i can't. And even if i could, i wouldn't. I like school and working on my story (Its not a book just yet) in study hall.

Speaking of that, i may as well update you on my book. As you already know, i'm writing the book in volumes. Then i'm going to go back and take out the 'Volume 1,2,3, ect..' and put in chapters. My friend George will probably help me with that. The chapters probably won't be that long, maybe 6 or 7 pages, but thats good, because it makes for good reading.

Anyway, I have fully completed and finished Volumes 1 & 2 as far as writing, we still have to edit them, and i'm working on Volume 3 right now. It's in the early stages since im only 8 pages in. I will give you a sneak peek of my story soon, but i need to talk to George and see what i should let you see, how much (sentence, paragragh, longer, ect..) i should reveal, and all that jazz. I will probably let you have the sneak peek tomorrow or later on in the week, but hope on tomorrow.

If your wondering if i am failing my Algebra class, the answer is NO! I have a solid C in that class, i'm just struggling with this one part and forgot how to ask for help. Ya, i know, stupid idea ... But you can't change the past so lets work on the future.

Speaking of the future, I think i'll play tennis this week. I have been more and more falling in love with the game of tennis and the reasons are obvious, its totally the most awesome-cool amazing sport ever!! I can play tennis forever and never get tired, but yet, when i run a mile, or try to; i can't, i get wipped out in no time! Maybe its just the fact that i'm doing something i enjoy and don't think about any physical attributes or maybe i just ignore the painful thoughts. Either way, i never feel any pain in my legs while im playing or afterwords.

I will probably play tennis when the weather is the best, i am going to check and write it down. Did i tell you my Aunt Sharon bought me a cool little planner book for $.50? Yea, well ... she did and i love it! I use it all the time, not for school, but for school and my personal life. I don't write any of my really personal things in there because i don't want people to think im a wierdo or pervert, which you will, don't deny it. But i won't get mad at you, because i accept who i am, even when though i know a lot of peole wouldn't.

If you ever find yourself wondering why, dont. I won't tell you, even if you pry for information. I am a very, keep to myself, kind of person so i dont talk to anyone about feelings and that kind of thing. I keep it all in my brain. Trust me, if i just let it all out and felt better about sharing all my problems with someone, you would regret me sharing it with you, im sure. So i just keep it to myself.

Enough about that, I am just going to end with this short note. I just checked and its raining on Thursday and Friday. Tomorrow is the highest temp. of the week but its windy. And the weekend is clear. So im probably gonna ask my buds to play tennis with me on either Wednesday, Saturday, and/or Sunday. I will discuss it with them tomorrow.


  1. hmm. oh well some ppl say, better you fail than you cheated,you cant good in math unless not try but if you try study hard, you will get right answer, think easy,try chew gum/candy/chocolate make mind alert! just like fb games anyway you need to concentrate to reach level :P

  2. Now that you have George on facebook, you need another goal! Will you type any of your book onto the blog? :)

  3. Rolly, thanks for the encoragement, but i got a 33/60 on the test ... so i didn't do so good, but i got enought lives so i still move up to the next level ... i just hope i get a power up! lol

    Mrs. C, I will post a short segment of my book on the blog or my 'Zachary Love's Writing' facebook group page ... i need to figure out how to make notes on a group .... But if its not on facebook in a few hours, its probably gonna be on my blog today. Well... Now, since im thinking of it.