Friday, November 12, 2010

Graphic Genius! 2

Heads up,  you can always click to enlarge the picture. I just wanted you to know that even though my teacher is a little rough around the edges, he's managable. I like his class and i'm learning a lot so i just roll with the punches and learn what i can along the way. I had to ask a lot of questions for my symmetrical picture. Making those 2 forks wasn't and easy task. But i must tell you that it was the most fun. I learned a lot about using Illistrator when i did this assignment.

Turns out though, we were only supposed to make one final product and i kinda made three ... I know, call me a bad listener, but i like to think of it as being an over achiever. Not that i am, trust me, i'm not, but it still makes me look (and feel) good. The final product i chose to use on this assignment was the Asymmetrical creation. When we turn it in on the wiki page, we have to answer all these challenging questions about our assignment, i guess you can call it the test at the end of our assignment, but the thing is, i'm finding them really easy to answer.

The assignment was simple. The 'test' we have on the assignment, if thats what you want to call it, is extremely easy so far! All we have to do is tell the story within our design. It's hillarious how easy it was. I am a writer, i like to write, so making a story for this design is very easy to me, it comes natural. I think my answer was clever. Here's what i put ...

This piece of beautiful artwork tells the story that these blocks are falling down a huge hill, falling downward, with nowhere to go but down. They keep rolling, rotating, and flipping until they finally reach the bottom. But when they reach the bottom, to there horror, there thrown into a large body of water! Floating amongst the other blocks, flipping and splashing, crashing into one another and bouncing off, they eventually find a spot amongst the water to settle until the next wave of blocks is thrown into the large pool of water, causing another wave of water and blocks to send them into unknown directions, the cycle never ending!

The group of blocks falling downward is, metaphorically, all the pieces of my life. The pieces of my life can include anything from family to friends to thoughts i have, and even things that i do (reflecting back upon them). The blocks falling down the 'huge hill' are the most recent pieces of my life sending me in the only direction i can go, down. The pieces at the bottom of the hill, floating silently until crashed into by more blocks, represent the pieces of my life unnoticed, untouched, or forgotten, probably forever, never to be noticed again.

I think that is an exceptable answer. At least, if it's not, i'll need a good explination why. Thats one heck of a creative answer. I took the time to think about what i was typing and making sure it flowed. But if i gotta be honest with you, i thought Graphic Design was going to  be about making animated videos ... not designs with Illistrator, not that i'm complaining, but animated videos is where i wanted to learn.

I want to be a Graphic Design Artist, yes, but i want to make animated videos. Now im not complaining about not learning that, this is OK for now but for future refrence, dont ask me to make you a banner or picture without being ready to pony up the dough. My services are going to cost you a small fee since i had to learn all this, no taking advantage of me this time (hehehe).



  1. hmm nice, where yu get that design?do you use powerpoint?

  2. As i stated in the post, i use a program call Illistrator. Its very expensive so i'm glad the school bought if for us to use. I would need a job and better computer before i even considered using this on my own computer. I hope that you like the designs though, because i find them quite catchy! lol

  3. illustrator, i do no if can be in