Saturday, November 13, 2010

Free Online Chess!

So i was just wondering the other day why Liberty North has NO CHESS TEAM but Liberty High does ... Then it occurred to me that maybe it's because nobody likes chess at the new high school (this being the first year and everything). I think I'm going to ask on Monday if there is a chess club and if not, why? But while i thought of all this, i decided to do a Google search practice my skillz a bit, see how bad or good i am.

Turns out i found this nifty little website that lets you play live against other players. All you do is choose a screen name (whatever you want) and you can play live with someone else. Its pretty cool. Each person gets a 15 minute clock and you got that time to make all your moves and see who wins. To my suprise, i won my first game. I was both shocked, suprised, and exited all at the same time!

It really shouldn't be a suprise, you don't know who your playing against or what there strategy is, so when this guy was on the defensive strategy, i put offense into gear and tried to kick some serious butt! It was an interesting match, i actually won by mistake. I was just trying to keep my last surviving rook from being taken and moved it all the way up (2 spaces) and check mate! my queen 2 spaces below the opposing queen blocked all exit strategies!

If you ever want to know if your playing against me, my screen name is always gonna be ChaosPeng. I love that screen name for some reason. As to why, its because penguins cause major chaos amongst the other arctic creatures because there crazy beasts! All fear them, except the Leopard Seal, whom i truly do hate with the fiery red passion of hell.

I have a theory about Leopard Seals. God created seals, yes, but the devil, in anger towards God, took the seals and created his own version. The Leopard Seal. Now they prey upon the beautiful penguins, and some win! The horror they must feel when a leopard seal grabs them by the tail and kills them with a single chomp! AHHH!!!! I can't even bear to think about it!!

Enough already! Lets get back to chess. So if your to lazy to click on the link i provided above, just go to and you will be able to play someone live. You can even connect to your facebook, but then you cant pick your screen name cuz it uses your facebook name, but i don't wanna give people my name ...

I'm hoping that I'll start to improve now that i found this website, that I'm definitely hoping is unblocked at school or i will be mad. Lets just hope we don't have to cross that bridge or i will have to use my fancy website bypass school blocker skills. Cuz i will .... if i have to.

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