Monday, November 29, 2010

Plain White T's / A's Anatomy

I was on YouTube watching a bunch of Muppet show videos, gotta love those muppets, and i ran across the Sesame Street videos. I popped on a few and thought they were pretty legit, only a few stuck out to me as incredible awesome so i thought i would post them on my most incredible blog!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Orson Scott Card

Ok, so im not much for reading but it turns out, when im at school, i really enjoy reading a good book. When i'm at home, theres not a  chance that i'll read a book. So when i picked up Orson Scott Card's book, Keeper of Dreams, i thought it was just a regular old book, Sci-Fi, of course, but just a regular book. So it was quite a suprise when i found out how good a book this was!

This book is basically just a collaboration of his short stories (not all of them, but a lot). I really liked reading some of his stories and a few others i skipped. So when i read my first short story in this book, it was called, The Elephants of Poznan, and boy was it wierd! You want a good Sci-Fi read, then pick this up. Basically, this woman gives birth to a half elephant-human. Now if that's not wierd enough, it can understand what elephants say and can speak with them. It was just wierd.

But luckily you dont have to read that if you don't want because the more i read this book, the better the stories got and the more i liked em'. Some of my favorite stories from this book would have to be, Atlantis, Space Boy, Dust, Homeless in HellIn the Dragon's House, and Waterbaby. Now i don't have links to all of those stories, because some of them aren't online. Orson didn't post them. But he was kind enough to post the 3 i have here online.

If you aren't a fan of Orson's work, thats fine. I don't like all his stories but i do like a few of them. Dust was one of my favorite stories from this book and i wish i could link you to a copy of the story, but i can't. But you can check out the book from your local library! That's a little bit of good news.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sci-Fi Romance

Ok, so i lost my flash drive. BIG DEAL!!! ALL of Vol. 3 is on that flash drive. i looked ALL OVER my room and the car and i cant find it. I have a early copy, 9 pages. Thats on my school H-Drive. I'm really mad at myself for being so irresponsible! I am 17 years old, not a todler! Why ... How ... When ... ??!!!! It's not a good feeling. That is 7 pages of the most intense action you will ever read... that i lost!!

It kinda sucks, but on the bright side, ii started writing a new story the other day (that was before i found out my flashdrive was lost). It's a Sci-Fi Romance story, kinda bridging the gap to the romace side of sci-fi. I can give you a rough sketch of my ideas but remember that i wont give you enough to be satisfied (as always) cuz i want you to explode with exitement when im done.

So the plot is simple, i dont expect this story to be more then 30 or 40 pages, It starts out with a Prologue, 2 characters (who remain nameless for now), are hiding in a janitors closet at school, they peak out to see if the coast is clear, they have a quick convo, humor is thrown in, you find out there running from zombies, there attacked, OH MY GOD! End Prologue.

Next, it starts out set with the main character on a school bus, heading to school, theres a small thingy, then you get another character, the main characters friend. They have a convo while riding to school when a 3rd character is introduced. Both of there friends, but a very popular dude at school. Like popular! (you dont even know till you read ....). Anyway, eventually after quick convo's, they arrive at school.

When they arrive at school, they get to the cafeteria where they chill in the mornings and get food. You realize that the main character (of course) has a HUGE HUGE crush on this girl and is to afraid to approach her cuz he doesn't wanna sound dumb or look stupid. So he gets some advice from his friend.


At least for now. I think. It will get better.

It is all i can really work on right now since i can't work on The Dove Master until i recover my flashdrive. I really think this is going to my greatest work. I'm not so sure though, it all depends on how much i develop each character, thats always the fun part, actually making you like the character! And on The Dove Master, you have so much insight that you can pick a favorite character, I like Oliver, Personally. But make your own favorites. Ehh, i gotta go.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Free Online Chess!

So i was just wondering the other day why Liberty North has NO CHESS TEAM but Liberty High does ... Then it occurred to me that maybe it's because nobody likes chess at the new high school (this being the first year and everything). I think I'm going to ask on Monday if there is a chess club and if not, why? But while i thought of all this, i decided to do a Google search practice my skillz a bit, see how bad or good i am.

Turns out i found this nifty little website that lets you play live against other players. All you do is choose a screen name (whatever you want) and you can play live with someone else. Its pretty cool. Each person gets a 15 minute clock and you got that time to make all your moves and see who wins. To my suprise, i won my first game. I was both shocked, suprised, and exited all at the same time!

It really shouldn't be a suprise, you don't know who your playing against or what there strategy is, so when this guy was on the defensive strategy, i put offense into gear and tried to kick some serious butt! It was an interesting match, i actually won by mistake. I was just trying to keep my last surviving rook from being taken and moved it all the way up (2 spaces) and check mate! my queen 2 spaces below the opposing queen blocked all exit strategies!

If you ever want to know if your playing against me, my screen name is always gonna be ChaosPeng. I love that screen name for some reason. As to why, its because penguins cause major chaos amongst the other arctic creatures because there crazy beasts! All fear them, except the Leopard Seal, whom i truly do hate with the fiery red passion of hell.

I have a theory about Leopard Seals. God created seals, yes, but the devil, in anger towards God, took the seals and created his own version. The Leopard Seal. Now they prey upon the beautiful penguins, and some win! The horror they must feel when a leopard seal grabs them by the tail and kills them with a single chomp! AHHH!!!! I can't even bear to think about it!!

Enough already! Lets get back to chess. So if your to lazy to click on the link i provided above, just go to and you will be able to play someone live. You can even connect to your facebook, but then you cant pick your screen name cuz it uses your facebook name, but i don't wanna give people my name ...

I'm hoping that I'll start to improve now that i found this website, that I'm definitely hoping is unblocked at school or i will be mad. Lets just hope we don't have to cross that bridge or i will have to use my fancy website bypass school blocker skills. Cuz i will .... if i have to.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Graphic Genius! 2

Heads up,  you can always click to enlarge the picture. I just wanted you to know that even though my teacher is a little rough around the edges, he's managable. I like his class and i'm learning a lot so i just roll with the punches and learn what i can along the way. I had to ask a lot of questions for my symmetrical picture. Making those 2 forks wasn't and easy task. But i must tell you that it was the most fun. I learned a lot about using Illistrator when i did this assignment.

Turns out though, we were only supposed to make one final product and i kinda made three ... I know, call me a bad listener, but i like to think of it as being an over achiever. Not that i am, trust me, i'm not, but it still makes me look (and feel) good. The final product i chose to use on this assignment was the Asymmetrical creation. When we turn it in on the wiki page, we have to answer all these challenging questions about our assignment, i guess you can call it the test at the end of our assignment, but the thing is, i'm finding them really easy to answer.

The assignment was simple. The 'test' we have on the assignment, if thats what you want to call it, is extremely easy so far! All we have to do is tell the story within our design. It's hillarious how easy it was. I am a writer, i like to write, so making a story for this design is very easy to me, it comes natural. I think my answer was clever. Here's what i put ...

This piece of beautiful artwork tells the story that these blocks are falling down a huge hill, falling downward, with nowhere to go but down. They keep rolling, rotating, and flipping until they finally reach the bottom. But when they reach the bottom, to there horror, there thrown into a large body of water! Floating amongst the other blocks, flipping and splashing, crashing into one another and bouncing off, they eventually find a spot amongst the water to settle until the next wave of blocks is thrown into the large pool of water, causing another wave of water and blocks to send them into unknown directions, the cycle never ending!

The group of blocks falling downward is, metaphorically, all the pieces of my life. The pieces of my life can include anything from family to friends to thoughts i have, and even things that i do (reflecting back upon them). The blocks falling down the 'huge hill' are the most recent pieces of my life sending me in the only direction i can go, down. The pieces at the bottom of the hill, floating silently until crashed into by more blocks, represent the pieces of my life unnoticed, untouched, or forgotten, probably forever, never to be noticed again.

I think that is an exceptable answer. At least, if it's not, i'll need a good explination why. Thats one heck of a creative answer. I took the time to think about what i was typing and making sure it flowed. But if i gotta be honest with you, i thought Graphic Design was going to  be about making animated videos ... not designs with Illistrator, not that i'm complaining, but animated videos is where i wanted to learn.

I want to be a Graphic Design Artist, yes, but i want to make animated videos. Now im not complaining about not learning that, this is OK for now but for future refrence, dont ask me to make you a banner or picture without being ready to pony up the dough. My services are going to cost you a small fee since i had to learn all this, no taking advantage of me this time (hehehe).


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Preview of my book.

Without further delay, here is an extremely rough draft of what i have thrown together from Volume 1 (Which, let me remind you, will be in chapters when I'm done).


“Legends have been told about a boy, The Dove Master, who would send a swarm of doves to protect the people of all worlds. When there was an enemy coming to attack another world, the doves would take action. When the doves see the enemy, there is a ray of light that burst from the doves, like a huge, bright light bulb turned on inside of them. They would kill themselves and the enemy to protect their people. Legend says when one Dove master dies, another is born. When The Dove Master reaches the age of responsibility, he will have to take the stand and protect the people of all worlds. On your planet, that age is around 17 years old.” He looked at the ground.

There was silence for several minutes as he let this sink in.

“Wow” I said in a low whisper, “That is crazy.”

“Yes and its tr—“

“You want me to believe that” I cut off his last thought, growing louder with each word and turning red with anger, “I am not going to fall for that pathetic story about a Dove Master! You’re the most creative pervert I have ever met … The only one I’ve ever met. Now leave me alone!”

“Wait, you must believe me!”

“No, no I won’t. I’m going home.”


Please be sure to leave me your constructive criticism so i can improve as an author/writer.

Monday, November 8, 2010

I really do hate Algebra

Trust me, if anyone ever asks you if you can help, solve, or look at a algebra problem, JUST SAY NO! And keep saying that over and over until they stop. Algebra is the worst kind of math i have had to experience in my life! Were doing a kind of algebra called Parabolas right now and its the worst thing in the world, i'm fairly sure i'm gonna fail the test tomorrow, even though i stayed after a half hour and got help. It's biting me and the butt and won't let go. I just do not like it

We were doing review today and i skipped over half the problems, which is why i stayed after. If only i could magically know all the steps to the equations. I just don't get it, really hate it, and wish i could just stop existing for one day. No, i wont skip school for a test, i can't. And even if i could, i wouldn't. I like school and working on my story (Its not a book just yet) in study hall.

Speaking of that, i may as well update you on my book. As you already know, i'm writing the book in volumes. Then i'm going to go back and take out the 'Volume 1,2,3, ect..' and put in chapters. My friend George will probably help me with that. The chapters probably won't be that long, maybe 6 or 7 pages, but thats good, because it makes for good reading.

Anyway, I have fully completed and finished Volumes 1 & 2 as far as writing, we still have to edit them, and i'm working on Volume 3 right now. It's in the early stages since im only 8 pages in. I will give you a sneak peek of my story soon, but i need to talk to George and see what i should let you see, how much (sentence, paragragh, longer, ect..) i should reveal, and all that jazz. I will probably let you have the sneak peek tomorrow or later on in the week, but hope on tomorrow.

If your wondering if i am failing my Algebra class, the answer is NO! I have a solid C in that class, i'm just struggling with this one part and forgot how to ask for help. Ya, i know, stupid idea ... But you can't change the past so lets work on the future.

Speaking of the future, I think i'll play tennis this week. I have been more and more falling in love with the game of tennis and the reasons are obvious, its totally the most awesome-cool amazing sport ever!! I can play tennis forever and never get tired, but yet, when i run a mile, or try to; i can't, i get wipped out in no time! Maybe its just the fact that i'm doing something i enjoy and don't think about any physical attributes or maybe i just ignore the painful thoughts. Either way, i never feel any pain in my legs while im playing or afterwords.

I will probably play tennis when the weather is the best, i am going to check and write it down. Did i tell you my Aunt Sharon bought me a cool little planner book for $.50? Yea, well ... she did and i love it! I use it all the time, not for school, but for school and my personal life. I don't write any of my really personal things in there because i don't want people to think im a wierdo or pervert, which you will, don't deny it. But i won't get mad at you, because i accept who i am, even when though i know a lot of peole wouldn't.

If you ever find yourself wondering why, dont. I won't tell you, even if you pry for information. I am a very, keep to myself, kind of person so i dont talk to anyone about feelings and that kind of thing. I keep it all in my brain. Trust me, if i just let it all out and felt better about sharing all my problems with someone, you would regret me sharing it with you, im sure. So i just keep it to myself.

Enough about that, I am just going to end with this short note. I just checked and its raining on Thursday and Friday. Tomorrow is the highest temp. of the week but its windy. And the weekend is clear. So im probably gonna ask my buds to play tennis with me on either Wednesday, Saturday, and/or Sunday. I will discuss it with them tomorrow.