Saturday, October 9, 2010

Popularity (And a few random thoughts at the bottom)

For the first time in, i don't know how long, i felt popular last night! I felt like i had actual friends who thought i was cool and liked hanging out with me. I liked how the day went and if i could, i would spend every day like i spent yesterday! So what happened yesterday? Oh wouldn't you like to know .... *evil laugh* .... *clears throat and coughs* ... Ok, i guess i will let you have the details of what happened.

So we all know yesterday was a Friday so i had to go to school. But when school got out at 2:50 and my mom picked me and my friends Kyle and George up, she headed over to George's house (well, technically its his parents house ... nevermind), we immediatly left the house and went to the park down the road. We decided to do a little sparring (battling) and i lost horribly. I decided to take the chips and hide and it took them 15 minutes to find me (Boy that was fun!). When they found me, i was by the baseball place where theres grass growing on the field (gee, not much upkeep going on ...) and we hung out there as they ate more chips (the chips were kinda spicy and im a gringo so i dont like spicy foods that are TOO spicy so i didn't eat but like 9 chips, lol). We decided to go over to the tennis courts and watch some people play tennis.

After about 10 minutes it made us wanna play tennis so i called my mom and she brought over my rackets and tennis balls (it took her an hour 1/2 to get em' but we still gotta play). When we had practiced for 9 or 10  minutes, we challenged (mostly George challenged) these other people at the courts. They were like, "Ok, If you want." They were really nice people too, since we played doubles, we switched out with the 3rd every set. We had to cut our game short since we had to be back at Georges house at 6:30 (we left the park at 6:34 ish ...), Nonetheless, it was awesome and reminded me of why i love tennis so much! When we got back to Georges house, we hung out and talked to Georges mom until my mom showed up to pick me and my friend up (actually, it wasn't the whole time, it was most of the time. I also pet her cat and talked to Georges brother part of the time).

When my mom showed up, it occured to everyone that not only do i wanna go to the Football game that night (Go Team Go!), but so did my 2 friends and my other friend (who needed a ride), Ashley. So we piled into the car full of junk (my mom cleaned the garage ... oh bother), she dropped my sister off at home (she didn't wanna see the game and the back was piled full of junk so we didn't have room anyway) and we picked up  my other friend Ashley. She took us to the Football game (we were slightly late, but it was still awesome). My girlfriend was going to the game so i met up with her and my possy followed (i like saying possy cuz 2 of the 3 wouldn't of gone without me). We found some great seating and talked most of the game (like regular teenagers, of course). Our team totally whooped the opposing team and i cheered, loudly (If you didn't know already, i love being loud). When the game was over my girlfriend had to leave immediatly (so she says cuz she borrowed her moms car (with approval)). So we all waited for my mom.

My friend Ashley was already planning on going to the movies after the football game and she didn't wanna go alone to the movies (who ever does?) so we tagged along (I hope Kyle pays my mom back like he said ... hmmm). The movie she wanted to watch was already 20 minutes into it so we had to find the one that was closest to the beginning (that we wanted to watch) and zoomed into the cinema! My mom gave some cash for consessions and told me to spend the least possible. I bought 2 soda's. When the movie was over, we took Ashley home, took Kyle home and then went back to my house (After we bought some gas for the car).

We didn't get home until close to Midnight and then my mom went strait to bed. I got on the computer and George watched as i checked my facebook , updated my status and played some Mario Flash (George says some of the Apps. on Facebook actually look kind of cool which is making me wish he would just bypass the Facebook Group and join!). I ended my fun at 1:30AM when i finally went to bed (Usually i stay up later on Friday or Saturday (or both), but George was tired so i decided to hit the sack as well).

Sidenote: I left for school at 6:50am and didn't get home until close to 12:00am ... Thats around 18 hours i was out of my house. Not to mention i woke up at 6:10am and didn't go to bed until 1:30am (almost 19 hours i was awake).

So since i had a regular night of fun and exitement, i was thrilled to say that i thoroughly enjoyed my normal night of fun. I hope that more days like this are here to come. I know for a fact, i will have fun like that when i get a job, because my dad told me himself that when i get a job, everything will fall into place (kinda like a domino effect).

Job = Money,
Money = $ for insurance,
$ for insurance = Drivers liscence,
Drivers liscense = fun with my friends/dates with my girlfriend

So i gotta agree with my dad on this one, i need a job! I need to get my life going in full gear so i can get my life on with! I won't sit around and be a bum my whole life, i need to grow up and get a job before its too late and i die  under a bridge (not like that would happen). The fact that i had so much fun last night makes me wish i had a job even more, since i could do more things like that anytime i wanted!

Anyway, tonight i am going to the homecoming dance with my girlfriend and thats gonna be a lot of fun too! I can't wait to see her in her beautiful dress and, well ... i can't wait to see her period (gosh im lucky for having such an amazing girl)!

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