Friday, October 15, 2010

Let's do some chores!

I decided that i would be nice and clean up the house (technically it's a duplex ... nevermind) i live in because there are candy wrappers all over the place and the living room is a total mess! I don't like living in a mess and if i'm in a mess for a long enough time, i will feel obligated to clean it (if its a mess at the place I live). I enjoy eating food and drinking from a fast food cup, but if you leave it lying on the ground and show no respect for the trash can, then  you don't deserve to live in the house your in. It's called a TRASHcan for a reason ... some people are just that dumb to (Kinda an 'lol' moment but also a moment to mourn).

So i will start by cleaning the living room. The living room is my Exibit A (the pictures above). It is the messiest and the most time consuming place in this house mostly because of TV, but also thats just where you go when your bored. I wish i could find other places to go, but my room is boring and all i do in there is watch VHS movies and sleep. Hince, Living Room is easy to get dirty (mostly because people eat food and throw the wrapper on the floor). That's just wrong, i put in back in the bag and put that next to my mom for her. Can you tell we eat fast food (not often but ... more then 'occationally')? Oh well.

Now if thats not bad enough, i am probably going to have to clean the kitchen sometime in that time. Its an utter catastrophie! I am litterally living in a trash infested, cluttered dishes kitchen and i hate it with a passion so fire-hot, the fires of hell can't compare! I just really don't like the chaos in my house, it's like living in the house (duplex, lol) from hell! I mean, can't one room be clean (my room doesn't count because im naturally a 'clean freak' when it comes to MY room)?? My friends Kyle and George have clean houses! My friend George has a lot of younger brothers and a sister and do you see a mess there? Nope. That's one clean house too! If they had Clean-House awards, that house would get a golden post in there yard with big letters "CLEAN HOUSE AWARD 2010" on it. So why can't my kitchen be at least normal-clean? it's just madness.

Too top it all off, i will have to do laundry! ALL of the clothes that fit me are dirty. That's not a lot considering i have 5 or 6 shirts, 2 pairs of jeans (I have 3 but my 3rd is too big on me), and a lot of socks (I love the guy who invented socks)!! I don't like doing laundry because it just isn't my thing. My mom usually cleans the laundry, but if im desperate enough, i will do laundry (then i get yelled at for not putting enough laundry in the washer, go figure). But i don't think i will get yelled at this time, because my sister has a color gaurd competition tomorrow and i will have the house to myself (Can you spell party? lol). I will probably have to clean it tonight so it will be clean tomorrow for the party (I'm not having a party, but i like to think i am).

If i could fall into a large sum of cash, i would pay off all my parents debts, get new furniture and pay my sister weekly to leave me alone (I love my sister, but GOSH, didn't know how long someones day was until she opens her mouth ... *Hours later* "So then i got out of bed and walked to the bathroom so i wouldn't miss the bus."). I am a nice guy, trust me, but my sister is just ... gosh, i can't explain in text, just ask me in person (if you know me).

If those pictures aren't convincing enough for you, imagine 5 bags of holloween candy spread out ALL OVER that living room picture. I almost went postal earlier and picked up A TON OF CANDY from the living room. It was madness. I will show you how much of a 'clean freak' i am (If you don't believe me). After i clean the Living Room, Kitchen, and do laundry, i will post new pictures (kinda like a Before/After picture). So keep an open eye out for that post (probably gonna be a post tomorrow after i have cleaned it (cuz i wanna clean it while there gone) so its more of a suprise for my mom). Yes, I like seeing my mom suprised that i've actually done something she considers useful. It makes me like living a little more, lol.

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