Friday, October 29, 2010

Football Games and other Junk!

My last post was forever ago so i told myself, "Gee Zach, if i put some more effort into blogs, i would have a more constantly updated blog." I laughed at myself though and then thought, "I might get more followers too!" That mad me roll on the floor and hee-haw like a possesed animal. No way i'll get more then 10 followers without fame. Its just not happening, it seems. But it all depends.

The last week has been exiting and tragic all at the same time. Do you want the Good or Bad news first? Good news? Well ok, but i like getting the bad out first so you end with good ... The Good news is that another school week has passed taking away 1 week from the never ending journey of school and education! That and I ate some really good Guys Original chips today. The Bad news is that i didnt get any orange soda all week until just yesterday! I sat in my room, blinds down, in the dark for hours  mumbling to myself, half crazy, about wanting some orange soda or the world would end, lives would be shattered, and the whole universe would split like an atom! Gone is mere seconds. Luckily that didn't happen and i'm quite happy, alive, and going to a football game tonight, i think.

Football, the second American game (in line behind baseball) that people love going to. Only in high school, its more of a social event since my team always loses. But were watching the Jays, not Eagles, tonight, so i think were gonna be fine. The Jays are really good and i think they'll win the game tonight, i'd almost bet on it! But thats not the point here, the point is social - talk to people - interact - have fun time! So obviously i have to invite my best buds to come along! Oh wait, one is in Chadwick, Missouri all weekend which kinda blows things up a bit. Why go with one person when you can go with 40? three's a crowd, fourty's a party! I know i don't have 40 friends, but i can still invite two people ... Hey, Ya You! I have a social life so don't judge me cuz i can only invite 3 peole. I could invite more people, yes, but i dont like some people OR i don't wann talk to some people ... Some people just annoy me, even though i know them.

The point of the matter is this, Why invite a ton of people if there just going to mooch off of you? Ya gotta think ahead, Don't invite company if you can't afford it. i'm broke so its up to my mom to get us from Point A to Point B (I will end up paying her back when i get a job). So its just simpler if i invite a few people, like 2 or 3, to the game tonight. It's just logical that way. Honestly, i am not going to the game tonight if nobody excepts my invite. It would just be boring siting there alone.

This weekend is going to be great (especially since it was early release Thursday and no school Friday)! I am going to my girlfriends house this weeked and thats always the best day of my week! I love my girlfriend and everything about her and i dont care who knows it! I think life gave me a decent hand in the 4th round, i got cruddy decks before, but when good people come in to your life, it makes the deck better and it just keeps getting better, the happer i am. So far, im decent, so my deck this round is pretty decent!

Well thats enough yappin' for me, thanks if you made it through this entire post, i hope it wasnt too boring, lol.


  1. is your gf reading your blog too?

  2. Yes Rolly, my girlfriend reads my blog. why?

  3. hmm.but i never she leave comment in your blog i wonder why?

  4. she doesnt have account with blogger or Google ... so she can't leave comments, sorry :P