Thursday, October 14, 2010

Crazy Late Shift Updating Mode!

Hey, I have spent the last hour or so updating my blog to its current hip and new look. I didn't like the design i had earlier, it wasn't very professional, didn't have an edge, and it takes a long time to load on my mom's computer. When i loaded the new design on this computer, it loaded a lot faster, and that i was thankful for.

My blogs new design is, in my opinion, very cool! I think that anyone (no matter how old) would like my design. I tried to make it a neutral design so more people would want to check it out. I like getting comments on my posts, but it seems only one posts on my blog and one posts on my Facebook links. That's not how followed blogs work. I thought that people posted comments, you replied, and everyone was happy. Guess i missed that memo ... my bad.

If you want to know how my book is coming along, i have been vigorously working on the story in my Study Hall class (1st hour). I have a really rough draft of my 1st Volume (not even close to being finished!!!) and my Volume 2 isn't even finished. I have over 35 pages of content combined though, that news makes me happy. If i had to give you a estimate of when the ENTIRE book will be 100% Finished, i would tell  you to ask me in April or May of 2011. I don't think that it will get finished at all before that time. I know that my editor is getting a copy and i might give a copy to a few other people.

I know that my facebook page has been getting a lot of updates recently from the Backyard Monsters App. I've been playing. It's probably the most amazing game I've played on Facebook since ... Ever! The graphics are insane-cool and i love the whole concept of creating a town, updating it, battling others, and so on and so forth. I think that it's worthwhile to check out if you find the time.

So i created a new blog a month or so back for school purposes only. I will only update it before school or in Study Hall. I will never update it outside of school. I think that posting blogs is a great way to just be crazy, vent out feelings, or give your opinion on something without judgement (mostly). I would feed you the link to the school blog, but i want you to find it on  your own. Let's make it a challenge! If you find the blog, comment on this post or my facebook post. Feed me the URL in the comment and i will let you know if your right or wrong! Trust me, you will know if it's mine or not.

To close this blog i wanted to make it special, i don't know how i was going to do that, but i felt like i should add a picture of me or something.

I hope that picture is satisfactory right now. I took it with my webcam. I also took the time to take a bunch of pictures and post them on facebook. I would give you the link but the album is 'friends only'. I like to give my friends a reward. My pictures are amazing, i hope, so i want my friends to look at them and see what I've done. That makes the ride more fun.


  1. everything is yellow colour nice hmm..symbolize of hmm

  2. I love yellow, its such an inviting color to me, makes me feel happy. The previous template, colors, wallpaper, ect... just didn't have what i was looking for! This really fits the bill! I love it! Yellow = Happy Me!