Sunday, October 17, 2010

Clean House!

Before/After Kitchen Picture

Before/After Living Room
 Ok so i hope that your impressed with my amazing cleaning abilities, but it's just so easy to clean something when you have a general idea and motivation. The good thing about cleaning the house was that it gave me something to do, even though i was alone all day. I wish i had someone to hang out with when i'm alone at home, but i have wierd friends who  make up wierd excuses. No, Not You, Him ... lol.

So i was talking hoping to have the entire kitchen clean before my mom got home, since cleaning the house was a big suprise for her, but my mom got home early. She told me she would be home between 9:30 - 10:00 PM but she pulls in the driveway at 8:50 PM ... CRAP!! lol, it was crazy for about 3 minutes as i ran into the living room to put the stuff i found (of mine) in my room before she came in.

I wish i had my own TV show, that would be cool! I would love to get paid for being "silly" as some call it, but adults gotta have fun too and im not a childish boy being 'silly' but just having a good time and being 'happy'. Do adults live there lives bored, bringing home the paycheck and not having fun? NO! They laugh, have fun, and get cool prizes. But thats going off topic.

Anyway, i think that the house turned out pretty awesome. I didn't get a chance to load the dishwasher like i wanted but my mom was too tired to care anyway. I guess that's good. She was alert enough to drink the hot chocolate she bought, but after that she went to bed. I was hoping that she would show more exitement, but she didn't really show any sort of exitement, ... That's ok, i like living in a clean house and that's all that really matters to me. I didn't for her, but it benifits everyone in the long run!

I just wanted to make a quick post so you saw the Before/After effect. I know the Before was a night shot and the After was a day shot, but im not so sure that it matters. The effect is still there.

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