Sunday, October 3, 2010

Book Update!

Hello my fellow readers, i just wanted to post an update while im awake (Half asleep, but awake). I have been vigorously working on my story and i am glad that i can finally confirm that (I think) i am 95% done with the editing proccess of Volume One. I am working on Volume two as my editor works things out. I should have Volume One 100% Done and ready by the end of next week which will give me more time to work on Volume two. I have 6 pages on Volume two (As Microsoft Word 2007 tells me) and i'm quite pleased with the outcome of my story so far. I invited my editor to have dinner with me so we could discuss some issues containing the book, plot, characters futures, ect ... stuff i'm not, at this time, able to reveal to you (All in good time)! I am going to work extremely hard over the next few months to bring this book to life and hopefully have a book that sells on the shelves by the end of 2011. I know that sounds far away, but all things come eventually and i dont know when the book will be done. I have school ya know ..... I need to balance my writing with my education! I wish that i could give you a sneak-peek of what im writing, but for copywright purposes only, i can't risk it! This blog is open to the world and i don't like taking chances with my ... better writings. My low class writing isn't worth stealing cuz its not one of a kind or genius, just ... regular, like all the other stort writings in the world. So if your truly a fan of my work, i know that you'll be patient and wait for the book to be released on the shelves. I hope that my blog can go proffesional if i get this book published, cuz its kinda amatuer right now .... I need a proffessional look that people would like to see when reading my blog ... a little color and design would be nice! Right now i just think it's too flashy. I dont like flash on my blog. Back to the point, my book. It will be done when i finish it and i hope that your patient enough to wait. I will created a facebook group for my writing so you can stay in the loop.

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