Friday, October 29, 2010

Football Games and other Junk!

My last post was forever ago so i told myself, "Gee Zach, if i put some more effort into blogs, i would have a more constantly updated blog." I laughed at myself though and then thought, "I might get more followers too!" That mad me roll on the floor and hee-haw like a possesed animal. No way i'll get more then 10 followers without fame. Its just not happening, it seems. But it all depends.

The last week has been exiting and tragic all at the same time. Do you want the Good or Bad news first? Good news? Well ok, but i like getting the bad out first so you end with good ... The Good news is that another school week has passed taking away 1 week from the never ending journey of school and education! That and I ate some really good Guys Original chips today. The Bad news is that i didnt get any orange soda all week until just yesterday! I sat in my room, blinds down, in the dark for hours  mumbling to myself, half crazy, about wanting some orange soda or the world would end, lives would be shattered, and the whole universe would split like an atom! Gone is mere seconds. Luckily that didn't happen and i'm quite happy, alive, and going to a football game tonight, i think.

Football, the second American game (in line behind baseball) that people love going to. Only in high school, its more of a social event since my team always loses. But were watching the Jays, not Eagles, tonight, so i think were gonna be fine. The Jays are really good and i think they'll win the game tonight, i'd almost bet on it! But thats not the point here, the point is social - talk to people - interact - have fun time! So obviously i have to invite my best buds to come along! Oh wait, one is in Chadwick, Missouri all weekend which kinda blows things up a bit. Why go with one person when you can go with 40? three's a crowd, fourty's a party! I know i don't have 40 friends, but i can still invite two people ... Hey, Ya You! I have a social life so don't judge me cuz i can only invite 3 peole. I could invite more people, yes, but i dont like some people OR i don't wann talk to some people ... Some people just annoy me, even though i know them.

The point of the matter is this, Why invite a ton of people if there just going to mooch off of you? Ya gotta think ahead, Don't invite company if you can't afford it. i'm broke so its up to my mom to get us from Point A to Point B (I will end up paying her back when i get a job). So its just simpler if i invite a few people, like 2 or 3, to the game tonight. It's just logical that way. Honestly, i am not going to the game tonight if nobody excepts my invite. It would just be boring siting there alone.

This weekend is going to be great (especially since it was early release Thursday and no school Friday)! I am going to my girlfriends house this weeked and thats always the best day of my week! I love my girlfriend and everything about her and i dont care who knows it! I think life gave me a decent hand in the 4th round, i got cruddy decks before, but when good people come in to your life, it makes the deck better and it just keeps getting better, the happer i am. So far, im decent, so my deck this round is pretty decent!

Well thats enough yappin' for me, thanks if you made it through this entire post, i hope it wasnt too boring, lol.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Clean House!

Before/After Kitchen Picture

Before/After Living Room
 Ok so i hope that your impressed with my amazing cleaning abilities, but it's just so easy to clean something when you have a general idea and motivation. The good thing about cleaning the house was that it gave me something to do, even though i was alone all day. I wish i had someone to hang out with when i'm alone at home, but i have wierd friends who  make up wierd excuses. No, Not You, Him ... lol.

So i was talking hoping to have the entire kitchen clean before my mom got home, since cleaning the house was a big suprise for her, but my mom got home early. She told me she would be home between 9:30 - 10:00 PM but she pulls in the driveway at 8:50 PM ... CRAP!! lol, it was crazy for about 3 minutes as i ran into the living room to put the stuff i found (of mine) in my room before she came in.

I wish i had my own TV show, that would be cool! I would love to get paid for being "silly" as some call it, but adults gotta have fun too and im not a childish boy being 'silly' but just having a good time and being 'happy'. Do adults live there lives bored, bringing home the paycheck and not having fun? NO! They laugh, have fun, and get cool prizes. But thats going off topic.

Anyway, i think that the house turned out pretty awesome. I didn't get a chance to load the dishwasher like i wanted but my mom was too tired to care anyway. I guess that's good. She was alert enough to drink the hot chocolate she bought, but after that she went to bed. I was hoping that she would show more exitement, but she didn't really show any sort of exitement, ... That's ok, i like living in a clean house and that's all that really matters to me. I didn't for her, but it benifits everyone in the long run!

I just wanted to make a quick post so you saw the Before/After effect. I know the Before was a night shot and the After was a day shot, but im not so sure that it matters. The effect is still there.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Let's do some chores!

I decided that i would be nice and clean up the house (technically it's a duplex ... nevermind) i live in because there are candy wrappers all over the place and the living room is a total mess! I don't like living in a mess and if i'm in a mess for a long enough time, i will feel obligated to clean it (if its a mess at the place I live). I enjoy eating food and drinking from a fast food cup, but if you leave it lying on the ground and show no respect for the trash can, then  you don't deserve to live in the house your in. It's called a TRASHcan for a reason ... some people are just that dumb to (Kinda an 'lol' moment but also a moment to mourn).

So i will start by cleaning the living room. The living room is my Exibit A (the pictures above). It is the messiest and the most time consuming place in this house mostly because of TV, but also thats just where you go when your bored. I wish i could find other places to go, but my room is boring and all i do in there is watch VHS movies and sleep. Hince, Living Room is easy to get dirty (mostly because people eat food and throw the wrapper on the floor). That's just wrong, i put in back in the bag and put that next to my mom for her. Can you tell we eat fast food (not often but ... more then 'occationally')? Oh well.

Now if thats not bad enough, i am probably going to have to clean the kitchen sometime in that time. Its an utter catastrophie! I am litterally living in a trash infested, cluttered dishes kitchen and i hate it with a passion so fire-hot, the fires of hell can't compare! I just really don't like the chaos in my house, it's like living in the house (duplex, lol) from hell! I mean, can't one room be clean (my room doesn't count because im naturally a 'clean freak' when it comes to MY room)?? My friends Kyle and George have clean houses! My friend George has a lot of younger brothers and a sister and do you see a mess there? Nope. That's one clean house too! If they had Clean-House awards, that house would get a golden post in there yard with big letters "CLEAN HOUSE AWARD 2010" on it. So why can't my kitchen be at least normal-clean? it's just madness.

Too top it all off, i will have to do laundry! ALL of the clothes that fit me are dirty. That's not a lot considering i have 5 or 6 shirts, 2 pairs of jeans (I have 3 but my 3rd is too big on me), and a lot of socks (I love the guy who invented socks)!! I don't like doing laundry because it just isn't my thing. My mom usually cleans the laundry, but if im desperate enough, i will do laundry (then i get yelled at for not putting enough laundry in the washer, go figure). But i don't think i will get yelled at this time, because my sister has a color gaurd competition tomorrow and i will have the house to myself (Can you spell party? lol). I will probably have to clean it tonight so it will be clean tomorrow for the party (I'm not having a party, but i like to think i am).

If i could fall into a large sum of cash, i would pay off all my parents debts, get new furniture and pay my sister weekly to leave me alone (I love my sister, but GOSH, didn't know how long someones day was until she opens her mouth ... *Hours later* "So then i got out of bed and walked to the bathroom so i wouldn't miss the bus."). I am a nice guy, trust me, but my sister is just ... gosh, i can't explain in text, just ask me in person (if you know me).

If those pictures aren't convincing enough for you, imagine 5 bags of holloween candy spread out ALL OVER that living room picture. I almost went postal earlier and picked up A TON OF CANDY from the living room. It was madness. I will show you how much of a 'clean freak' i am (If you don't believe me). After i clean the Living Room, Kitchen, and do laundry, i will post new pictures (kinda like a Before/After picture). So keep an open eye out for that post (probably gonna be a post tomorrow after i have cleaned it (cuz i wanna clean it while there gone) so its more of a suprise for my mom). Yes, I like seeing my mom suprised that i've actually done something she considers useful. It makes me like living a little more, lol.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Crazy Late Shift Updating Mode!

Hey, I have spent the last hour or so updating my blog to its current hip and new look. I didn't like the design i had earlier, it wasn't very professional, didn't have an edge, and it takes a long time to load on my mom's computer. When i loaded the new design on this computer, it loaded a lot faster, and that i was thankful for.

My blogs new design is, in my opinion, very cool! I think that anyone (no matter how old) would like my design. I tried to make it a neutral design so more people would want to check it out. I like getting comments on my posts, but it seems only one posts on my blog and one posts on my Facebook links. That's not how followed blogs work. I thought that people posted comments, you replied, and everyone was happy. Guess i missed that memo ... my bad.

If you want to know how my book is coming along, i have been vigorously working on the story in my Study Hall class (1st hour). I have a really rough draft of my 1st Volume (not even close to being finished!!!) and my Volume 2 isn't even finished. I have over 35 pages of content combined though, that news makes me happy. If i had to give you a estimate of when the ENTIRE book will be 100% Finished, i would tell  you to ask me in April or May of 2011. I don't think that it will get finished at all before that time. I know that my editor is getting a copy and i might give a copy to a few other people.

I know that my facebook page has been getting a lot of updates recently from the Backyard Monsters App. I've been playing. It's probably the most amazing game I've played on Facebook since ... Ever! The graphics are insane-cool and i love the whole concept of creating a town, updating it, battling others, and so on and so forth. I think that it's worthwhile to check out if you find the time.

So i created a new blog a month or so back for school purposes only. I will only update it before school or in Study Hall. I will never update it outside of school. I think that posting blogs is a great way to just be crazy, vent out feelings, or give your opinion on something without judgement (mostly). I would feed you the link to the school blog, but i want you to find it on  your own. Let's make it a challenge! If you find the blog, comment on this post or my facebook post. Feed me the URL in the comment and i will let you know if your right or wrong! Trust me, you will know if it's mine or not.

To close this blog i wanted to make it special, i don't know how i was going to do that, but i felt like i should add a picture of me or something.

I hope that picture is satisfactory right now. I took it with my webcam. I also took the time to take a bunch of pictures and post them on facebook. I would give you the link but the album is 'friends only'. I like to give my friends a reward. My pictures are amazing, i hope, so i want my friends to look at them and see what I've done. That makes the ride more fun.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Popularity (And a few random thoughts at the bottom)

For the first time in, i don't know how long, i felt popular last night! I felt like i had actual friends who thought i was cool and liked hanging out with me. I liked how the day went and if i could, i would spend every day like i spent yesterday! So what happened yesterday? Oh wouldn't you like to know .... *evil laugh* .... *clears throat and coughs* ... Ok, i guess i will let you have the details of what happened.

So we all know yesterday was a Friday so i had to go to school. But when school got out at 2:50 and my mom picked me and my friends Kyle and George up, she headed over to George's house (well, technically its his parents house ... nevermind), we immediatly left the house and went to the park down the road. We decided to do a little sparring (battling) and i lost horribly. I decided to take the chips and hide and it took them 15 minutes to find me (Boy that was fun!). When they found me, i was by the baseball place where theres grass growing on the field (gee, not much upkeep going on ...) and we hung out there as they ate more chips (the chips were kinda spicy and im a gringo so i dont like spicy foods that are TOO spicy so i didn't eat but like 9 chips, lol). We decided to go over to the tennis courts and watch some people play tennis.

After about 10 minutes it made us wanna play tennis so i called my mom and she brought over my rackets and tennis balls (it took her an hour 1/2 to get em' but we still gotta play). When we had practiced for 9 or 10  minutes, we challenged (mostly George challenged) these other people at the courts. They were like, "Ok, If you want." They were really nice people too, since we played doubles, we switched out with the 3rd every set. We had to cut our game short since we had to be back at Georges house at 6:30 (we left the park at 6:34 ish ...), Nonetheless, it was awesome and reminded me of why i love tennis so much! When we got back to Georges house, we hung out and talked to Georges mom until my mom showed up to pick me and my friend up (actually, it wasn't the whole time, it was most of the time. I also pet her cat and talked to Georges brother part of the time).

When my mom showed up, it occured to everyone that not only do i wanna go to the Football game that night (Go Team Go!), but so did my 2 friends and my other friend (who needed a ride), Ashley. So we piled into the car full of junk (my mom cleaned the garage ... oh bother), she dropped my sister off at home (she didn't wanna see the game and the back was piled full of junk so we didn't have room anyway) and we picked up  my other friend Ashley. She took us to the Football game (we were slightly late, but it was still awesome). My girlfriend was going to the game so i met up with her and my possy followed (i like saying possy cuz 2 of the 3 wouldn't of gone without me). We found some great seating and talked most of the game (like regular teenagers, of course). Our team totally whooped the opposing team and i cheered, loudly (If you didn't know already, i love being loud). When the game was over my girlfriend had to leave immediatly (so she says cuz she borrowed her moms car (with approval)). So we all waited for my mom.

My friend Ashley was already planning on going to the movies after the football game and she didn't wanna go alone to the movies (who ever does?) so we tagged along (I hope Kyle pays my mom back like he said ... hmmm). The movie she wanted to watch was already 20 minutes into it so we had to find the one that was closest to the beginning (that we wanted to watch) and zoomed into the cinema! My mom gave some cash for consessions and told me to spend the least possible. I bought 2 soda's. When the movie was over, we took Ashley home, took Kyle home and then went back to my house (After we bought some gas for the car).

We didn't get home until close to Midnight and then my mom went strait to bed. I got on the computer and George watched as i checked my facebook , updated my status and played some Mario Flash (George says some of the Apps. on Facebook actually look kind of cool which is making me wish he would just bypass the Facebook Group and join!). I ended my fun at 1:30AM when i finally went to bed (Usually i stay up later on Friday or Saturday (or both), but George was tired so i decided to hit the sack as well).

Sidenote: I left for school at 6:50am and didn't get home until close to 12:00am ... Thats around 18 hours i was out of my house. Not to mention i woke up at 6:10am and didn't go to bed until 1:30am (almost 19 hours i was awake).

So since i had a regular night of fun and exitement, i was thrilled to say that i thoroughly enjoyed my normal night of fun. I hope that more days like this are here to come. I know for a fact, i will have fun like that when i get a job, because my dad told me himself that when i get a job, everything will fall into place (kinda like a domino effect).

Job = Money,
Money = $ for insurance,
$ for insurance = Drivers liscence,
Drivers liscense = fun with my friends/dates with my girlfriend

So i gotta agree with my dad on this one, i need a job! I need to get my life going in full gear so i can get my life on with! I won't sit around and be a bum my whole life, i need to grow up and get a job before its too late and i die  under a bridge (not like that would happen). The fact that i had so much fun last night makes me wish i had a job even more, since i could do more things like that anytime i wanted!

Anyway, tonight i am going to the homecoming dance with my girlfriend and thats gonna be a lot of fun too! I can't wait to see her in her beautiful dress and, well ... i can't wait to see her period (gosh im lucky for having such an amazing girl)!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Book Update!

Hello my fellow readers, i just wanted to post an update while im awake (Half asleep, but awake). I have been vigorously working on my story and i am glad that i can finally confirm that (I think) i am 95% done with the editing proccess of Volume One. I am working on Volume two as my editor works things out. I should have Volume One 100% Done and ready by the end of next week which will give me more time to work on Volume two. I have 6 pages on Volume two (As Microsoft Word 2007 tells me) and i'm quite pleased with the outcome of my story so far. I invited my editor to have dinner with me so we could discuss some issues containing the book, plot, characters futures, ect ... stuff i'm not, at this time, able to reveal to you (All in good time)! I am going to work extremely hard over the next few months to bring this book to life and hopefully have a book that sells on the shelves by the end of 2011. I know that sounds far away, but all things come eventually and i dont know when the book will be done. I have school ya know ..... I need to balance my writing with my education! I wish that i could give you a sneak-peek of what im writing, but for copywright purposes only, i can't risk it! This blog is open to the world and i don't like taking chances with my ... better writings. My low class writing isn't worth stealing cuz its not one of a kind or genius, just ... regular, like all the other stort writings in the world. So if your truly a fan of my work, i know that you'll be patient and wait for the book to be released on the shelves. I hope that my blog can go proffesional if i get this book published, cuz its kinda amatuer right now .... I need a proffessional look that people would like to see when reading my blog ... a little color and design would be nice! Right now i just think it's too flashy. I dont like flash on my blog. Back to the point, my book. It will be done when i finish it and i hope that your patient enough to wait. I will created a facebook group for my writing so you can stay in the loop.