Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tommow is the last day on earth!

BE WARNED !!! This post is highly religious and full of my point of view on life and creation!! If you are allergic to really religious people, you better get your medicine, because i'm going to put a waterfall of informaiton in your (insert body of water)!

Now that you know this information, i may continue. I may be wrong throwing opinions around, but i think the rapture is happening tomorrow because in isreal, there in the middle of The Feast of Trumpets and thats a religious thingy (September 16th - 20th) where the Jewish People feast and pray (I Think, im going from memory) and the head Priest listens to all these horns and when his spirit tells him which one is right, everyone will blow that trupmet and at exactly the same time God will blow his trumpet send all his people home (AKA - The Rapture)! So if i dont post another blog after today, then you now know why! Pick up a Holy Bible and read it! Now that you know that little piece of my brain, i can end this blog post.

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  1. i do believe time will come to end the world, but there is no specific time happened, i guess better to do is be prepared.why dont enjoy self for now hmmm...